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Viktor Söderberg
AKA "Father Viktor"
Player: KateBarton

Age:  37
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Minister/Chaplain (previously Military Chaplain, Unification War 2507 to 2511)
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Counselor, Medic, Cook

Appearance:  Tall and slightly lanky with lean muscles (he works out but isn't built). Blonde/Blue eyed. Classic Nordic look. Very slight scruff of a beard.
Faceclaim:  Alexander Skarsgard (

Initial Personality:  Even if he wasn't identified as a minister by his clothing choices, he exudes an air of piety and does not attempt to hide his spirituality. He is naturally inspirational, uplifting and motivating. His faith, both personally and academically, resides well in the protestant division of Christianity. However, after his time in the war he has embraced many forms of God and has been known to attend Buddhist ceremonies and services. He is generally non-violent excepting rare cases in battle when he was forced to either take up arms or die.
Underlying Personality:  He doesn't show it, but he has been wrestling with the concept of God for a number of years. His service as a military chaplain left him uncertain of God and even more uncertain of man. He does not consider this a crisis of faith, but rather an opportunity to expand his horizons and embrace a new understanding of the Creator. The war also left Viktor untrusting of the Alliance and Alliance supporters. He attempts to live by the "judge not lest ye be judged" credo but finds this hard when it comes to Alliance types.

Known History:  Height: 6"5"
Eye color: Blue
Hair: sandy blonde
Age: 37
POB: St Albans
DOB: 01/18/2482
Parents: Eiler & Julia Söderberg
Siblings: Three sisters - Saga, Tori & Leo
Viktor was born on St. Albans in 2482 into a mining family. The first of four siblings, he is the only member of his family on record to leave the planet. His other family members are deeply invested in the mining efforts there - whether as mine workers or wives of miners. His travel records show he returns every few years when able to visit his family.
As a young boy Viktor showed a keen interest in God and studied theology and Christianity at the feet of a local preacher. Unfortunately, this preacher served by faith alone and could not read nor write – leaving Viktor somewhat unfulfilled in his studies. In Viktor's mid 20's, the town founder's son began recruiting for a Browncoat regiment, signing up every young man and woman who wanted to fight. As well as many who didn't. The regiment, first known as "Alban's Boys" then as the "Hungry Seventh," left St. Albans in 2507 to join the larger war, Viktor with them.
The military put him through seminary and he was officially ordained at 28 (2510). However, he was instated as the chaplain of his unit in late 2508 when the current chaplain was KIA. Along with chaplain, his duties included counselor, cook and field medic. He performed his duties as best he was able but did not excel at any but chaplain and counselling. Since the end of the war, he has been an assistant minister at Holy Church of the Sacrament on Persephone. He received a calling at 35 to bring the Bible out to the Black and has been a travelling preacher ever since.

Many people erroneously call him "Father" Viktor – it's even listed as an alias in the Cortex – even though he has never been affiliated with the Catholic Church.
Other History:  Though not a member of the Order of the Shepard, Viktor believes in a mission to bring the Good Word to those who need it across the 'Verse. He studied the Word while home on St. Albans. He taught himself to read in his pre-teens in order to further his theological studies past what the town preacher could teach him. However, his difficult time leaving the planet meant that he did not attend or graduate from seminary until later in life. For many years, he has frequented his own counselor in efforts to combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. These show up in the Cortex as counselor's training sessions.

Skills and Strengths:  --likable/trustworthy - people open up to him
--decent cook by war standards (acceptable by other other standards)
--good public speaker
--has field medic knowledge (learned on the job) and can perform basic first aid/triage
Weaknesses:  --pacifist – nonviolent
--naive to most "underworld" type things
--refuses to use firearms since the war (though will defend himself if necessary by other means)
Additional Trivial Information:  + Alban's Boys were not all "boys." Many women joined as a way to leave a planet where their only option appeared to be becoming miner's wives. However, the founder's son who started the regiment liked to pretend they were all men. (He was very sexist and an all-around awful type person.)
+ After joining the larger war effort Alban's Boys were renamed The Hungry Seventh. They were named such because they constantly talked about food, especially sweets from St. Albans. They were drastically under-staffed and everyone in the regiment had many roles.
+ Viktor can be prone to stuttering when stressed, thanks to his PTSD.
+ He was not baptized as a child by his parents and refused baptism until his early teens when he learned to read. He wanted to be sure in what he was joining since he considered it a life-time commitment.
+ Viktor is the only member of his family who follows a Christian religion. His father, mother and two of his sisters – Tori and Leo don't openly reject religion, but they don't embrace it either. Saga is pantheistic and follows a combination of Pagan/Old Norse beliefs and Vaishnavism.
+ Viktor has not taken a vow of celibacy, but he also is not particularly interested in romantic or sexual relationships. He could possibly be aromatic/asexual.

Viktor Söderberg

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Bible, Cross, Cassock/Collar/Vestments, various ministerial accouterments

Viktor Söderberg

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