Olo Rashtivien "Rashy Pete" Petrov

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"Rashy Pete"
Player: RUNE

Age:  thirty-one
Gender:  male

Primary Occupation:  mechanic
Secondary Occupation (optional):  bait

Appearance:  Rashy Pete is in his early 30's and has terrible facial hair; tries to comb his hair into a pompadour because he saw a pilot wearing one once and thought it looked cool, but the grease he uses was meant to lubing space engines and continued exposure to air and sweat reduces the chemical compound to a flaky crust not unlike excessive dandruff; often wears typical mechanic's coveralls with built-in knee and elbow pads and steel toed boots, and sometimes even washes them; when not working on the engines and relaxing between work details, dresses extremely casual in whatever mess he's managed to put together; always manages to spill his food when eating and continues to collect quite an interesting display of various stains on his shirts and pants; over time while serving as Bosun aboard The Revenge, often wears a rotating display of effects including bandannas, gaudy jewelry, eye patches, and buccaneer's boots as he tries to 'fit in' aboard the pirate ship;
Faceclaim:  Jake Johnson

Initial Personality:  Lovable idiot with emphasis on the idiot; always around for an awkward joke in an attempt to lighten the mood; really great at faking confidence and always wants to assure the crew that he has everything under control
Underlying Personality:  He doesn't have anything under control; he's a half-trained nitwit whose charm is that of a dumb ugly dog you just can't seem to ignore; he likes being on a crew more than he likes being on a boat; can't fight and doesn't want to; attracted to women far more adventurous and competent than himself

Known History:  Olo's life is remarkably unremarkable. He grew up on Salisbury to a low income, blue collar household. His father wandered in and out of steady employment as a jack of all trades and a master of self-sabotage. His mother worked as a waitress or bartender as the need arised. During his father's off times, Olo spent most of his after school hours in the family's slowly crumbling garage learning how to tune engines and hold a can of beer.

In school, Olo's level of aptitude declined the older he got. By the time he reached the threshold of higher education, one look at his records resulted in the door of opportunity slamming in his face. Taking what skills he learned under his father's tutelage, Olo found work in a local repair shop. Somehow defying the odds and managing to garner an overblown reputation for competence, Olo accepted an invitation to apprentice at Salisbury's most notable spaceport, the Salisbury Spaceport in Salisbury City.

While working in the spaceport, Olo found himself performing his ceremonial duties as an apprentice by cleaning oil spills, scrubbing exhausts, and emptying waste processing units. After one particularly late shift, Olo managed to fall into a garbage chute and his absence went unnoticed for three days. While stranded in the trash heap, Olo made the acquaintance of the angriest animal he ever met. The cat's hair matted from exposure to the elements, it carried the gleam of unbridled madness in its wild, golden eyes. Frightened at first, Olo resisted his natural response to meeting anyone for the first time and attempted to befriend the cat by offering it the remains of a discarded corndog and complimenting it's handsome moustache. Mistaking the cat's contentment and general laziness for acceptance and interest, Olo recounted his life's history to the animal and continued to provide it food under the threat of rabid assault. He named the cat Rasputin for the feline's numerous scars and missing appendages, likely the most clever idea to enter his brain at that point in his life.

Olo eventually escaped the garbage container after revealing an emergency callbox while rummaging through the trash in an attempt to construct a means of egress. Shortly after this incident, Olo disappeared from the port while performing a routine sanitary inspection aboard the ship that would become The Revenge.
Other History:  Olo always fantasized of traveling out in the Black and meeting fascinating, adventurous women. Unfortunately he remained too afraid to leave home until random happenstance placed him on board the future Revenge. Losing consciousness due to overexposure to scouring chemicals while scrubbing the ship's waste processing unit. By the time he awoke, Isa's Revenge was well underway and Olo found himself in the most frightening situation he could imagine: his ideal life. Exuding an idiot's charm, Olo convinced Isa of whatever value he possessed and found himself in the position of Bosun.

Olo misses completely the actual intent of Isa's 'pirate' crew, and regularly mistakes himself as an adventurous buccaneer. Deriving the nickname "Rashy Pete" from his own name, Olo often sports a bandana, wears an eye patch at the least opportune moments, and slips in and out of an accent mimicking what he thinks an Earth-That-Was pirate spoke like.

Somehow, Rasputin managed to find his way on board as well. In a twist, the cat meant to abandon Olo in the spaceport. He is currently resisting Olo's insistance that he perch upon the human's shoulder.

Skills and Strengths:  Perfect dumb luck - He doesn't fix engines with paper cups and duct tape because he's a great mechanic. He does it because some divine force out in the 'Verse wills it to be so.
Weaknesses:  Life in general.

Rashy Pete


Engineer's vest and greasy coveralls; a change of clothes or two in need of a wash; Rudimentary assemblage of tools, some of which are even useful for repairing ship engines; a bunch of junk he keeps in the engine room that he claims to be useful salvage but appears to be the byproduct of a hoarder mentality; cortex pad, mostly for gaming and searching for questionable repair advice
"You better squeeze all the Charmin you can, While Mr. Whipple's not around;
Put your head in the microwave, and get yourself a tan"

- "Dare To Be Stupid", 'Weird Al' Yankovic

Rashy Pete

Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
"You better squeeze all the Charmin you can, While Mr. Whipple's not around;
Put your head in the microwave, and get yourself a tan"

- "Dare To Be Stupid", 'Weird Al' Yankovic

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