Gemma Pierce

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Helena Cain

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Gemma Pierce

Age:  28
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gunhand
Equipment:  Gemma doesn't carry much, she has a duffel bag of clothing, a few small hand guns, a PDA, and a large knife.

Appearance:  Gemma has long dark brown wavy hair, and hazel eyes. She's about 5'7" and usually stands with a hand or two on her hips. As if to say , I am incredibly official. Listen to me.  She has a bright wide smile, that can quickly change into a stare that could bore holes through someone's skull.
Faceclaim:  Emilia Clarke

Initial Personality:  Most find Gemma a little...abrupt, and perhaps a little sassy upon meeting her for the first time. She's not afraid to push boundaries. She also knows what she wants, and how to go for it.   She can usually be found in a somewhat jovial mood, however her temper is quick to rise dependent on her mood and the situation.
Underlying Personality:  With most people she knows, Gem is quite sweet, while retaining her sassiness. She's extremely loyal to the people she cares about, sometimes to a fault. It's evident that she can go from 0 to 100 within a matter of seconds, her hand perhaps always a little too close to that dagger on her belt.  Gemma will do what she can for her friends and family, pulling as many strings necessary, if she has any in that instance. She wears her heart on her sleeve and loves selectively, but when she does , she loves them fiercely. 

Known History:  Gemma was born on Persephone to Jimmy and Makenzie Pierce. Her father was a delivery pilot and her mother was a waitress at a local establishment. Her parents worked hard to ensure she got the education she needed, to move beyond their class. She worked when she had time for her father's company as a pilot as well, attempting to save money for school. This got her eventually to medical school on Osiris where she started to study to become a medical professional. When the war started she found her self more sympathetic to the Independent's cause, eventually finding her self in an underground group of sympathizers. They did what they could to help the independents, protests, petitions, etc. However Gemma wanted to do more, so she started to use her piloting skills.  The group began to smuggle medical supplies to various independent groups across the 'verse.  Gemma would acquire medical supplies from her school and would make runs with the newly formed smuggling group. She eventually dropped out of school to make it a full time gig.   
Other History:  Smuggling became Gemma's full time job and life style.  She sent updates when she could to her parents but the location of her and her crew needed to remain secret, especially during the war.  Unfortunately, while their efforts were valiant, the Alliance eventually won.  After the war, there wasn't much need to help the Independents, as they were all dead, or underground.  She made her way back to Persephone and took over her father's job as he retired and smuggled goods to and from the planet on the side.

Skills and Strengths:  Pilot:  Gemma is an expert pilot, can fly pretty much anything that has a set of wings on it. 
Medical: Some medical training but not enough to keep someone alive, only one year of medical school training.
Gun Skills and Combat Training:  No formal training but Gemma got into enough skirmishes during the war. She had to learn to defend her self and her cargo
Weaknesses:  Mechanical skills: Don't count on her to fix your bird, if it comes down to Gemma fixing the thing or letting if fall out of the sky, the latter might save your life...or be less painful in the end.

Cooking: She cannot, and will not cook. She might try to boil water....but chances are it'll just sit there, staying cold.

Comp tech: Gemma's ability to use any kind of technology pretty much went out the window the day she was born. It might be genetic, her parents are also pretty terrible with technology, usually it breaks as soon as she touches it.

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