Melody Turner

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Melody Turner
Player: Lomari

Age:  27

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot

Secondary Occupation:  Security

Appearance:  Standing at a moderate 5'7'', Mel is a strong and wiry woman. Built with the lean muscles that military training provides, she's the right mixture of feminine and crazy. Her almond brown hair is typically left down around her shoulders or tied half way back with some intricate braiding. She has bright baby blue eyes and a button nose.

Face Claim:  Cara Delevigne

Initial Personality:  Melody is a vindictive, spiteful, violent, temperamental sort of person. She is quick to find fault in others, and always willing to turn a heated argument into a bloody row. In fact, she's almost always on the lookout for some opportunity to fight someone else. Mel has trouble with authority, with taking orders from those she doesn't think deserve that power, and although talented, she has been accused of 'winging it' too often.

Underlying Personality:Although it takes her some time to warm up to people, she is fiercely loyal once she does. Mel only has a very small handful of friends, and all though many of them were lost in the war, the ones she still has have her full and undying respect and allegiance.

Known History:  Search: Melody Turner

Results: Melody Lilian Turner
Born: Osiris, October 31st, 2490
Mother / Father: Harrow, Lilian / Turner, Anthony
Military Service: Alliance >> Enlisted 2508 >> Piloted Foxbat Class Bomber and Alliance Fast Attack Ship >> Marked as AWOL
Government Service: None
Wanted by the Union of Allied Planets

Other History:  Mel grew up on Osiris. Most think that means pretty dresses, fancy parties, and a gaggle of rich boys coming to call. However, the Alliance wasn't as attentive to the urban sprawl of the cities as it was to the wealthy suburbs. Her father was a gambler and her mother an addict. As a child, Melody was relied on to fetch drugs for her mother and beg sharks to leave her father alone. Having had enough of such a life, Melody enlisted the moment she was able, thinking a life in the military would beat a life of crime. She just hadn't been aware that she was trading one group of criminals to another, although this group had enough power to get away with their crimes.

During training, Melody found that she enjoyed and excelled at piloting the smaller bomber vessels the Alliance had developed to deal with the Independent's gunboats. As such, when it was her time to fight, she was assigned to an AFAS during the Battle of Sturges. It was at this battle that her disillusionment with the Alliance began. Fighting over a hoard of money seemed too familiar an activity to her. Over time, she began to see that the Alliance was a pack of pirates, relying on their government to make the piracy legal. So, if they could do it, why couldn't she? It was here that she met and formed a bond with one Isa Mendoza, who was smuggling right under the Alliance's nose.

After the Miranda Broadcast, many of her companions went AWOL, finding their loyalty to their government torn asunder by the revelations of the message. But Melody stayed. It was much easier to do damage when one had inside information, she thought. So she waited, played the good little soldier, followed orders and did as she was told.

Finally, the time came, the moment she'd been waiting for. The ship her friend Isa had Captained was left much less guarded than it typically was. It was only natural, then, for a friend to help out another friend and send a wave informing her of just how open the ship was going to be. And it was only polite to send all the documentation she could get her hands on along with said wave.

Skills and Strengths:  Proficiency with guns, Piloting, Hand to hand combat, Knitting, Small amount of swordplay.

Weaknesses:  Taking orders, being sexy, mechanical skills, cooking, working with computers past basic uses, patience, empathy.



Standard issue Alliance pistol and long gun. Plethora of ammunitions. Throwing knives and smaller, more practical blades. Several trench coats. Military uniform and supplies. Basic medical kit. Clothing. Data Pad.
Dialogue Color: Brown


Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
Dialogue Color: Brown

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