Akhsar King

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Akhsar King
Player: Axe

Age:  37
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Acquisition Specialist
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gunhand/General Hand

Appearance:  King is 6 feet tall with light brown hair and green eyes. He has the build of a Special Ops man, lean and wiry, strong and fast. His clothing varies, but during downtime you will usually find him wearing combat boots, cargo pants, and a plain T-shirt.

Faceclaim:  Sharlto Copley

Initial Personality:  At first meeting King is polite and friendly, but sometimes a little distant. If it is clear that he is going to be working with you than he warms up somewhat. He has an air of wildness and unpredictability about him.
Underlying Personality:  After you get to know him, King is a very warm, genuine person who will happily talk to you about... well, just about anything. He is also just as happy to listen, especially if the subject is a topic he finds interesting.

The wildness and unpredictability doesn't go away, if anything it becomes more pronounced. King is... a bit odd. Probably a side effect of all the drugs he did, not to mention his time with AIA. His actions can sometimes seem a little bit... crazy? I mean you have to be a little crazy to jump down a trash shoot that leads to a sealed dumpster that an automated drone takes straight to an incinerate, blow a hole in the dumpster, damaging the drone, and riding the whole thing down to the ground, right?

Conversely he can kill a man or ten and sleep soundly that night. Not that he enjoys killing, if the situation allows he will usually attempt to disable over kill, but he has no qualms about ending a life.

Quirks:  He habitually either shortens peoples names as much as possible, or, if the shortened name doesn't make sense he will call them by a nickname that is easier for him to say.

Known History:  Search: Akhsar King

Results: Akhsar King
Born: January 8th, 2482: Persephone
Mother / Father: Janet King  / Duncan King
Military Service: Alliance >> Enlisted early 2504 at age 22 >> Transferred to AIA in 2505 >> Classified >> Honorably Discharged in year 2514
Government Service: None
Occupation: Private Security 2514-2515. Freelance "Acquisition Specialist" 2515-Present.
Criminal Record: Juvenile-Sealed.

Other History:  Akhsar was born to moderately wealthy parents on Persephone. His early years were largely unremarkable; the only thing of note was that he started falling in with a bad crowd in high school, and eventually was arrested in possession of drugs. Lucky for him, his father had enough money and political clout to get the records sealed since King was still a minor... on the condition that King clean up his act and attend college. King agreed, and was a model student for the remainder of his time in high school.

His good behavior lasted nearly a full month into his time at college before he slipped back into light recreational drug use. He did alright for the first two years, but in his third year he went off the deep in. His use went from light to heavy in a very short amount of time. He started blowing off classes, missing tests, and spending most of his time with his more shady friends. He started failing most of his classes as well. Not because he wasn't smart enough, even high as a kite he was wildly intelligent, but because he simply seemed not to care anymore.

He was heading in a very bad direction to say the least.

Naturally, his parents eventually got word of his sudden (to them at least) apathy towards school, and hired a private investigator. The PI confirmed their fears, and worse. He had personally witnessed King purchasing drugs, as well as committing mild vandalism, and other crimes such as pick pocketing, theft, and burglary.

His parents argued over what the best course of action was, and eventually decided to confront their son. It went about as well as you might expect, there was lots of yelling and shouting, and in the end King stormed off. Later that same night King suffered a nearly fatal drug overdose.

When he finally woke up in the hospital, his father was there. His father told him that the authorities had searched King's apartment, found his stashes, and were deliberating on charges. Then he told his son that he could make it all go away. He had called in favors from some of his more powerful friends, and that they could make the whole situation ago away. The one condition was that after a short stay in rehab, King would join the military.

King agreed, and spent quite a lot of time over the next few days tearfully apologizing to, and begging forgiveness from his parent. When his parents finally left him and returned home, King had a very strong desire to earn back their trust and respect. He had never been a patriot, and serving didn't change that in the least, but it was an opportunity to buy some degree of redemption in their eyes.

He recovered almost fully from his overdose, but was never quite the same mentally. He was still as sharp as ever in most areas, and his personality didn't suffer any major changes, but he developed some... eccentricities.

Once he finished his stay in rehab he was sent off to basic training. He threw himself into it with a will. He went the extra mile in almost every aspect of his training. His 110% approach continued to his time in active service. He caught the eye of Alliance Intelligence, due to his exemplary performance, and his criminal record. both the sealed juvenile one and the one from his college days the didn't technically exist anymore.

He was recruited shortly thereafter, sent to special operations training, and deployed. Initially he was strictly used in a support/backup role, but after a year they gave him a crash course in field craft and started utilizing him directly in intelligence operations. All of it highly classified, very shady stuff. He remained assigned to AIA operations until a year before his discharge, after which he was rotated through a series of light duty stations before his honorable discharge.

Afterwards, he did what many former military did, and joined a private security firm. This went well for about a year, then there was an... incident. King was assigned to guard a wealthy man at his estate. On the night in question a man appeared on the grounds. King followed procedure, he notified the authorities and then went out to confront the man. After a brief standoff the man pulled a gun, and King defended himself, shooting the man twice and then restraining him until the authorities arrived. Both of King's shots had been flesh wounds, non life threatening, and would heal perfectly well. Especially with the medical care the man would receive, as it turned out that he was the son of another wealthy man, a member of his protectee's social circle in fact.

The young man had come there that night to apply pressure to King's protectee in regards to a business deal being haggled over by the protectee and the young mans father. The young mans parents were furious, bringing the full measure of their political power and wealth to bare against King and the firm he worked for. They were claiming that King used excessive force, and wanted him arrested. Unfortunately for the, the firm went to bat for King, as he had followed procedure and reacted to a threat to his person and his protectee according to their policies.

After several weeks of political shouting matches the family gave up on having King arrested, and instead changed tactics. They went after the firms contracts. Threatening to bleed them dry if they did not fire King. The firm held out for another few weeks on principle, but when it became clear that they would be taking a huge hit, King resigned. The firm had been more than good to him, and he didn't want to cause them more trouble than he already had. He looked for work at other private security and PMC firms, but the family had done their very best tog get him blacklisted in that particular field. Feeling more than a little defeated, he returned home to Persephone.

After a few months his mother directed him to one of her friends who had had some items of value stolen from her estate, and the local police were having no luck, claiming to have lost the trail off world. She contracted him to find and return her things. His special operations and intelligence training made him more than qualified for the task. Due to their head start it took him the better part of 3 months to track down the items. During which time he worked his way through the thieves, their fence, and two different buyers to reacquire all the stolen items.

His mothers friend was so ecstatic to have her things all returned that she paid King more than twice what they had agreed upon. Afterwards a light bulb came on inside his head. This was something he could do. He was clearly good at it, and there must be plenty of potential clients who would pay well to have things acquired or reacquired for them. And King the "Acquisitions Specialist" came into being.

Skills and Strengths:  Military training: King is quite proficient in hand to hand combat, marksmanship, stealth, tactics, and situational awareness. He also has a decently high pain tolerance.

Intelligence training and field craft: His time with Alliance Intelligence taught him many skills. How to look like you belong in almost any social environment. How to look inconspicuous and anonymous. How find people. How to tail someone effectively. Psychology. How to effectively gather useful intel. How to effectively deny an enemy useful intel. Etc. It also honed his skills in some areas that he was already proficient in, such as pick pocketing, breaking and entering, dealing with security and surveillance systems, retrieving/ripping data from a physical server, etc.

Physical conditioning: King keeps in excellent physical shape thanks to a good diet and lots of exercise. He has a special operators build. Lean, wiry, strong, and fast.

Waves hand "Magic!": King is quite proficient with sleight of hand and misdirection. From card tricks, to making small items vanish. There is a lot of downtime in military life, and he spent quite a bit of it practicing to pass the time.

Underworld knowledge: His time with AIA and his years spent in and around the criminal world has given King a strong grasp of how things work there. He knows the types to ask questions of to and who to avoid. Who can be intimidated and who to play nice with. How to find a fence, and how to find a good fence. Etc.

Many masks: King is a bit of a social chameleon, and has a knack for undercover work and really becoming who he is pretending to be.

Gift of tongues: King is a natural speaker of English and Chinese, is fluent in French and Spanish, can get by in Russian and Gaelic, and knows cuss words from a half dozen other languages.

Piloting: King is a passable shuttle pilot. He can get from A to B with heavy assistance from automated systems. Just don't expect any fancy maneuvers.

Weaknesses:  Flying: While King is a passable shuttle pilot if there is no one else available, he has no experience or desire to fly anything larger.
Medical: Aside from combat dressings, King has about as much medical knowledge as the average person.
Mechanical: If you want your ships engine to die, or explode, then King is the man you want in the engine room.
Problem with Drugs: King gets very uncomfortable around narcotics, both legal and illegal. And will usually stay as far away from them as the situation allows.

Akhsar King

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King doesn't really carry much, a few knives, a sidearm, a cortex pad, some lock picks (manual and electronic), a backpack, and a duffel bag of various clothes. He knows how to get anything else he might need, be it clothes, firepower, or just about anything else.

Notable items for current job:
Set of lightweight modular body armor, capable of being worn under clothing
Older model AK style rifle, short barrel, folding stock, foregrip, suppressor, red dot sight, extra magazines, cleaning kit, ammo
A suit appropriate for a fancy party

Akhsar King

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