Octavia Wynn

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Octavia Wynn

Age:  26
Gender: Female 

Primary Occupation:  none - traveler/main skills: archery, eidetic memory, dancer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  TYPE HERE
Equipment:  collapsible bow and arrows
ankle sheath with combat knife
leather wrist cuff
travel bag with spare clothes/personal sundries etc

Appearance:  Tall slim woman with fair skin and lots of freckles. Carries around a collapsible bow and arrows.  Always wears a leather wrist cuff on her right wrist. Usually wears combat boots with long pant, suspenders and a short sleeved tshirt - very practical. However, she will dress well when the occasion calls for it.
Faceclaim:  Bonnie Wright

Initial Personality:  A well-to-do woman who comes off as spacey and perhaps a bit entitled. An obvious traveler. Does not like talking about herself. Quick to act, runs on impulses mostly. She has a problem of forgetting the niceties like hello, goodbye, please and thank you and can be very blunt.
Underlying Personality:  A slightly crazy, orphan with a passion for archery and sense of adventure who is extraordinarily loyal to those who earn it. She is plagued by an eidetic memory and a tragic past.

Known History:  Height: 5'6"
Eye color: Bright Blue   
Hair: Shoulder Length Red Hair   
Age: 26
POB: [Location Data Missing]
DOB: 8/27/2493
Parents: Phillip Wynn [deceased] & Constance (Hulen)  Wynn [deceased]

Octavia Wynn was born on [Location Data Missing] on 8/27/2493. In her earlier years she excelled in school and was put in the gifted classes.  Her school records show her as constantly in trouble for petty theft and and being distracted and occasionally delusional. She was sent to Osiris at the age of 11 to study.  She returned to [Location Data Missing] for a few weeks during the off terms, but most of her time was spent on Osiris.
She was orphaned at 13, due to a terraforming catastrophe.
She continued to live at the academy until she was 17 studying, specializing in dance and in her later years, archery. Her mother, Constance, also studied dance at the academy briefly but was forced to quit after she broke her leg at her ranch when she was young.
After her parents passed she inherited their money as well as their property on [Location Data Missing]. However, the land has been tied up in legal/federal issues since the inheritance.
Octavia's travel records show she stays on mostly well-to-do planets, though not necessarily Alliance-controlled. There are records of time Octavia spent on poorer planets, but they are few and far in-between.
Before venturing off on her own she traveled for some time with her only two friends from the academy, the Rosey twins, Alice Rosenthall (Rosey I) and Alex Rosenthall (Rosey II). They are the pilot and mechanic of their ship The Rosary.
Other History: 
Constance always told her that she probably could do better in school if she wasn't so distractable and troublesome. Despite their reservations about their daughter's focus - or lack thereof - Constance and Phillip were always proud of her. Her mother thought sending her to the academy on Osiris might give Octavia the boost she needed to be more than just the top of the "regular" classes, as she called them.
Though she pushed dance Octavia's great passion is for archery. Most people would consider it very outdated, but Octavia loves archery. She enjoys the almost cathartic feeling of the bow in her hands - feeling the creaking alloy of the bow and loosing an arrow to the target. Her parents pushed her to learn to dance from a young age and sent her to the academy not only to get the best education but to get the best dancing tutor our money could afford.  Octavia always assumed it was because her mother always wanted to dance but couldn't as she broke her leg on a ranch at a young age.
At the age of 13, during the middle of school term she was told her parents had died in the terraforming tragedy, but she was never able to go identify their bodies.
She secretly trained under the best archer she could *afford* on her rather gracious allowance, between the ages of 11 and 13. After her parents death, she continued to study dance in the memory of her mother, but now outwardly studied archery under the best archer she could *find*.
After the academy she worked odd jobs and set out to explore a bit more of the 'verse than Osiris. During her travels she met a few less than savoury characters, who she did not want to trust her real name with. On a whim she decided to use a pseudonym -  Joan Wright. Even though she had promised herself she would explore more of the 'verse she frequent richer planets because they made her feel safer while traveling alone.
During her travels she heard the Serenity broadcast and therefore found out what really happened to her parents. She's been plagued with nightmares (more than usual) since. As she was never able to go back to Miranda to identify her parents' bodies she is now terrified that if she ever *does* run into Reavers she will find her parents among their number.

Skills and Strengths:  Fantastic Dancer, good with crossbows, crack shot with bow & arrows. Her dancing is slightly helpfull in melee/dodging, but it is unintentional
Weaknesses:  Can be easily distracted at times/leaky brainpan (prone occasional delusions which can distract her and outbursts of random statements/nonsense - this makes her unable to pilot, for sure), steals mostly small inexpensive items on compulsion, is pretty memorable as it is obvious she comes from money


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