Chance meeting: A fox and a pixie

Started by Jolene Blaylocke, June 14, 2018, 11:44:28 am

Jolene Blaylocke

Jo was still surveying her success when he suggested her taking a few of his blades to keep up her practice. The surprise on her face registered first and then she turned a bit more sharply than she intended. Her were wide, studying him even as he handed her another blade. She hesitated to take it at first, going over his offer in her mind.

"Well, aren't you just full of surprises..." Slowly, a different smile spread across her face. The blade was taken, but inspected instead of thrown. When she looked up, she held the blade up between them. "I think I'd like that, actually. Least I can do is try to keep up the practice if you're willing to part with a few of them."


"Surprises are something I excel at." he offered with cheek, "adds to th' mystery, an' helps to keep me fit and able, sure."

His hand moved in a smooth blur and he appeared to drop a small grey pebble which burst into a thick cloud of smoke that enveloped them in an instant.  Without a sound or any noticeable extra swirling of the brief billow of fumes, which dispersed rather quickly he was sitting on one of the crates, holding the knives that she'd scored with in the wood, waving them at her.


"An' their my knives t' part with. Can't hurt for ye to practice when you're able. Once ye're past the awkward frustratin' as hell stage...not gonna lie, takes a while, it's pretty relaxin'."

Jolene Blaylocke

Jo looked around at his disappearance only to be surprised by his voice from the crates. Lowering the knife he'd only just given her, she put her free hand on her hip attempting to hide her further surprise. "And here I thought I was the only one with those kind of moves," she laughed.

Pulling her cloak forward over her shoulders, she ambled over to the crates. Instead of taking the knives, she hopped up on the crates as well, taking a seat beside him. "You know, I'm still not entirely sure how I spotted you. But I will say this," she looked over at him with a quiet look on her face. "I can't say that I'm disappointed with the outcome." As she finished, she held out a hand for him to lay the knives into, assuming he hadn't changed his mind about giving her a few.


He let out a heavy, rueful sign and hand her three knives then fished out three caltrops, thought about it and laid three smoke bomb capsules in her hand as well.

"Well, to be honest, and not tryin' to make excuses but I was just," he lowered his voice a lot so she could barely here, "aquirin' certain items out of boredom and need of practice"

The thief then let his voice raise to a normal but quiet level.

"Got a bit bored toward the end and I was stupid and sloppy about it. Can't let that happen again...complacency kills."

He raised his eyebrows and changed his self scolding tone.

"The grey bits there...those are the smoke bombs I jest used.  I figure if you're aim is te be kippin' out and needin' a distraction this is what ye'll be needin' most." he offered.

"First three seconds ye've got a cloud as thick as ye please, it's got particles of aluminum and liquid nitrogen in it...the the nitrogen isn't in enough quantity to hurt ye.  What they do is keep infra read and thermographic equipment and visual from seein' anything at all.  It starts to thin out quick so make your first get away in the first three seconds, the next seven seconds you have decent cover but things will start to get sketchy, after that it'll almost all be gone."

He smiled with practical knowledge and experience.

"Works a wonder it does.  Trust an' ol' kipper'"

Jolene Blaylocke

"Old, hm? You don't look much older than I am." Her grin returned as she peered at the items he handed her. The smoke bombs might prove useful, though probably not as useful for her as they seemed to be for him. Clearly he was used to using them, as he'd shown her. When she did finally look up, she leaned back and brought the items into her lap, resting her hands against her legs.

"Or were you referring to being used to running from things?" His earlier cheek was returned with a touch of her own.


"Not very often, but sometimes...let's jest say in my sometimes make folk fènnù at ye and ye might have to be someplace else in a bit of a rush." he explained using his hands to pantomime things she probably couldn't guess at.

"Of course, as they're not fond of you at this point, ye might not want them to see where ye're kippin' off too, or maybe ye need to slow 'em down, or mayhap they're really unhappy with ye and they mean for ye to not go anywhere else at all...ever.  That's when ye might need to have somethin' sharp for their soft spots.  That's only happened twice thank Shén."

"Though knees and hands have happened a time or two more."

He finished with a wink.

"The bombs are dead useful though, one day ye might jest see."

Jolene Blaylocke

An easy laugh slipped from her lips and she relaxed a little more, leaning against the crates. "Well, if your demonstration is anything to go by, I can see that they would be." Here she leaned towards him in an almost conspiratorial fashion and lowered her voice. "Not sure they'll be dead useful to a dancer, but they could prove to be a bit of fun at the very least."

Her impish grin returned as she sat back up. She was rather pleased with how the evening turned out. "So have you always called this rock home? Can't seem to see you putting down roots to be honest. You don't seem the type." He seemed a bit like her, someone who tended to be on the move.


"Shèngjié de gǒu shǐno!" he blurted out with a laugh, "I'm only on this fish bowl long enough for die down a bit then find a ship willin' t' take on a passenger and get the hell offa here."  he groused.

"No action around here. Fish, fishermen, fishmongers.  Yeah there are rich folk and mansions about, but no action, no players, no movement that makes it easier for me to to me job, see?" he explained, "Nah, this is just a hidy hole for a bit, then I'm  off and workin' on gettin' this tā mā de smell off me."

He pointedly did not offer where he actually was from.

Jolene Blaylocke

His outburst of laughter was nice to see. He seemed far more relaxed, even given the conversation about hiding out. She watched him as he spoke, listening quietly with a smile before resting her head against the crate. A snicker started at the mention of the smell of fish. "I wasn't going to say anything. Though I assumed it was just the planet in general and not you."

Her eyes turned away, looking up at the sky for a minute. "Traveler, like me then. Too much out there to see, but that hasn't stopped me from trying."


"Ah, well I assure ye it's not jest me." he answered blithely, "Stick around this place long enough everyone get's te smellin' of 'em. I'm worse off as I'm workin' the docks.  Ye won't catch me on one o' them boats I can tell ye, sure."

He started collecting up his weapons and sliding them back in the sheathes and hiding slits where they belonged.

"So lass, I think it may be time for me to call this a night.  Been in one place too long, and out in th' open to boot.  Especially so soon after, 'em takin' in the local color as ye know." he winked.

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