Jesse "Rogue" Walker

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Helena Cain

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Jesse Walker
Player: Celena Hain

Age:  25
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Comptech
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gunhand

Appearance:  5'7", dark brown hair, brown eyes. Jesse looks petite but she packs a decent punch. She wears dark skinny jeans and whatever shirt he has on hand.  She usually has a small pouch (not a fanny pack) attached to her hip carrying her PDA and other tools she usually needs to break into your everyday local network or alliance facility.
Faceclaim:  Chloe Bennet

Initial Personality:  Jesse is friendly but a bit of smartass.  She's quick to respond with the first thing that comes to her mind, and was never great at filtering.  She can be charming and a little bit of a flirt, depending on how she's feeling that day.  She's quick to try and talk herself out of trouble, though her efforts are rarely successful, as it's hard to tell when she's being serious.
Underlying Personality:  Jesse is willing to be friends with just about anyone, provided they're not trying to kill her. She doesn't trust easily persay but she's not one to quickly pass judgement. It's an unspoken rule of her's, she wouldn't want anybody to judge her upon appearance or first meet so she gives people time to prove themselves. Unless it is glaringly obvious they are out to get her, she's willing to give anyone a shot.  She is known to be a bit of a flirt, not so much looking of looking for mr. right, but she loves the thrill off the chase. A pretty face has certainly gotten her into trouble more than a few times.  Speaking of trouble, it's her second greatest love, after technology.

Known History:  Jesse grew up on Ariel.  Her Aunt and Uncle took care of her after her parents died in the Battle of Serenity. Jesse wasn't a brown coat by choice, she found the whole argument a little boring but then again she didn't understand why anyone would want to leave the core. Not till her parents died anyway, and until she became much older. Her father was a doctor and her mother a teacher.  They paid their taxes, they were good citizens, but they didn't agree with the way the boarder planets were treated.  Her Aunt and Uncle felt the same way.

While in school Jesse found she was more adept in technology than her other courses, primarily history, english, art, really anything that wasn't related to computers. Jesse got a job to work on the weekends and after school as a computer technician at a local company.  Technology became her primary focus and she began to skip her other classes.
 Jesse dropped out of school and started working full time at the shop.  Her life was fine, until she met a very attractive young man, and fell into a group of hackers. Jesse's skill set and love of the boy and technology began to grow, until he was arrested and the group disbanded.

This life style continued, as did her skill set.  Eventually Jesse was arrested for hacking into an alliance system, trying to erase a parking ticket of all things, and spent two years in prison, making friends in some very seedy groups.  Since then Jesse has made a name for her self in the hackers community, nowadays she goes by Rogue (R06U3).  The authorities have kept tabs on her but she has yet to be caught for anything concrete, outside of that one measly parking ticket. Now she's just looking for a steady job and a way to survive.
Other History:  After her first love went to prison, Jesse put together her own group and found away to break him out by submitting 'release papers' to the Alliance facility he was being held.  Of course as soon as he was released she found out he had been cheating on her with every other girl in the group.  The group disbanded and Jesse's parents passed away during the war.  It was at this point that her targets began to change. Her Aunt and Uncle cheering her on,  Jesse (Rogue), began to target Alliance facilities, rerouting survival items like food and medicine from the Core planets to others in need. She became an activist and started to attack local Ariel facilities, shutting down government agencies, until they caught on to her.  It was at that point that Jesse chose to leave Ariel and travel the 'Verse, laying low for the time being, until the Alliance loses her scent.  Most don't know her by Rogue, and she tends to only relay her 'real' resume to those she truly trusts.

Skills and Strengths:  She's a decent shot and can hold her own in a fight, she learned from a few of her old prison buddies and associates after she was released. Hacking is her biggest strength, flirting and charm are second.
Weaknesses:  Attractive men, they usually get her into trouble, and people in need are her greatest weakness.  Jesse has a bleeding heart, and will do what she can with what skills she has. Most of all though, you do not want her piloting you anywhere, she will fly you into the ground, and will probably kill you or in the best case scenario, you'll lose a limb...or four.

Helena Cain

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Personal items - mainly clothing, some for the field, some for fun. A pistol, nothing fancy, just something for protection. Cortex pad built from spare and stolen parts, only one like it in the 'verse. A personal network adapter, some extra cables, a small tool set to make repairs on her Cortex if need me.  A PDA, small but powerful enough in a pinch.

Helena Cain

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Medical Records


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