Elena Marseille

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Elena Marseille
Player: Lomari

Age:  27
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Companion
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Companion House Mother

Appearance:  Dark hair frames a pale face in perfectly prepared and maintained waves. Vivid blue eyes look out through eyes heavily lashed and shaped like almonds. Standing a nonimposing 5'4'', her figure is trim and artfully covered in dresses and outfits of the highest quality and the rarest make.
Faceclaim:  Marion Cotillard

Initial Personality:  Elena is a woman of poise and grace. All the training of her youth led to a neigh perfect demeanor and attractive personality. She is quite skilled at reading others and nurturing the people around her both physically and emotionally. Elena has often times been referred to as a motherly sort of person, lavishing those she loves with affection and possessions. She is very intelligent and extremely clever, and is able to get along well with almost everyone, regardless of social status. She likes things to be neat, tidy, and orderly.
Underlying Personality:  Miss Marseille is often times lonely. While she is quite skilled at meeting others and dances through social situations easily, she has a hard time with not being able to make lasting friends outside of her work. She is thus very protective over any she does make and would love to meet someone who would know her for her, and see past her profession.

Known History:  Born to Abraham and Jasmin Marseille, a government official and a renowed painter, respectively.
Elena trained at the Companion House Madrassa on Sihnon at a very young age.
Excelled in her training and established residency on Londinium.
Was given the opportunity to captain a Guild Sponsored vessel called The Allure.
No known criminal dealings.
Other History:  Academics and refinement have always been important to Elena and her family. From a young age she was destined for greatness, or so her father had informed her. Her training began at a young age and she took to her studies almost religiously. With a family such as hers, being neat, orderly, and good at whatever she set out to do was extremely important to her. Up until the age of 11, she had private tutors and a governess to help her meet the standards her parents had set for her. Once she turned 12, she began her training at the Companion House. When she'd finished her training, Elena had stayed close to home, hopping over to create a home base for herself on Londinium. She stayed there until word from the House brought news of a Guild Sponsored ship setting out in need of a captain. They'd recommended her for the position and she found no reason to turn it down.

After some complications in the Maiden Voyage, Elena found herself opening a small Companion House on SS Iscariot instead.

Skills and Strengths:  Academic Knowledge, Singing, Dancing, Basic Companion Skills, Mild Hand to Hand combat, Mild training in archery, Leadership training.
Weaknesses:  No gun training. Not physically strong. No mechanical know how. Cooking beyond basics and sweet treats is nonexistent.



Standard Companion's Equipment, both medical and work related. This might include several tea sets and various forms of communication and time telling. Her wardrobe, some personal belongings, a vial in an ornate cherry wood box, a bow locked up from view, and several preserved desserts.


Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):

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