26 Jan - Shanty town

Started by Jerilyn Gordon, May 03, 2018, 11:02:15 pm

Jerilyn Gordon

Jerilyn had left the Nocturne to visit some shops along the market way while Bayne closed up shop. He had some job pending and she needed to take some time for herself. She wore her long denim skirt, knee high boots and a frilly white blouse. Her hair was tied back and held with a butterfly clip. She walked with a purpose, paying little attention to those around her.

She had been here before, many times. The weirdness of some of the parts of town called to her again and she headed out to Shanty Town to see what tidbits she might gather. She felt like exploring.

One of the things she was looking for was some better defensive gear. Body armor might be nice. She grinned to herself. Seems like, with a cook that handles her gun like it were attached perminantly to her hand, and the lot that the Nocturne had run into last trip, some effective prevention would be required.

She read the various shingles hanging out above the store fronts, considering  what might be more appropriate.


1810 hrs

Jerilyn stood outside a beaten wooden shelter, apraising the glittery charms and trinkets there. To one side was a small mirror hung on a hook where one could admire one's charms held up and placed about the face or neck.

She was especially attracted to the filigred choker and matching earlobe danglers. There were two such sets that she was contemplating: one was pearl encrusted, the other sporting soft, baby blue jewels.

The blue accent my eyes, I'm thinkin' -- yes, these would be fine!

She turned to the vendor and dropped an appropriate number of coinage in his waiting palm, taking the time to fasten the ear charms on and then sliding the links for the choker around behind her neck, under her pony tailed hair.

Quote" Here, can I help?"

She jumped a little at the sound of a voice behind her. She turned and gazed up at the tall, dark stranger holding one hand out for the jewelry.

Jerilyn Gordon

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" Thank you, stranger. Sometimes it's a mite of a strain to do this all by myself."

She handed the tail of the chain to him and pulled her hair to one side so he could affix the lock at the back of her neck. When finished, she brushed her hair back and smiled at him.

" My, how handy it is to have a gentleman when one is needed."

Quote" Oh, surely my honor. Would you mind my joining you while you shop? I do enjoy a lady primping."

" If you like. I have a few other things that I am in the mood for, if you want to walk with me, I don't mind."

Together they set off shopping.

Jerilyn and the tall, dark, and handsome stranger hit several stores, not to mention seemed to be hitting it off.  They were laughing, and generally enjoying themselves when the stranger, who identified himself as William, stopped her.

Quote"  You know...There is a great store a couple of blocks from here that I think you would absolutely love."

Jerilyn studied him for a moment, then she nodded.

"It's always good to get help from a local."

and with that, they set off.  They made there way through winding alleyways, laughing and joking the whole way.

Jerilyn Gordon

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Quote"Here we are..."

He gestured to an alley.

Quote"After you...You're going to love this."

Smiling, she started down the alley.  She walked a few feet then noticed that it was a dead end.  She turned, her smile still plastered on her face.

"Hey, I think we took a wrong...."

Jeri saw that William had been joined by two more men.  Two dangerous looking men, and all three of them were holding guns.


William flashed her that wining smile.

Quote"You sure did, babe.  You sure did."

Jerilyn's expression turned dark, his smile did little to alieve her sudden fear.

" You don't need to do this..."

She stepped back further into the dead end, crouching as she did so. She cursed her failure to have at least a minor weapon on her when she left the ship. This could really turn to gou shi and fast.

Jerilyn Gordon

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She studied the movements of the two thugs, yet knowing well that her bigger concern would be for the charismatic leader.

William smiled.  There was nothing warm about that smile now and it gave Jerilyn the feeling that she was being studied like a side of beef in a butcher's shop window.

Quote"But, love...you don't even know what we intend to do yet."

He glanced at the other two.

Quote"Get the door open."

He turned back to Jerilyn.

Quote"Come with us quietly, dear...I would hate to get blood on that pretty outfit of yours."

He smiled at her again.  The two thugs opened a door in the alley and gestured for her to go inside.

Jerilyn was backed into a corner. Bad spot for her or them. She stood defiantly in front of William.

" Not so bad if it's your blood."

He reached to grab her arm to pull her into the doorway, but she twirled around and kicked at his knee, hoping to break it. One of the thugs pulled a sap from behind his back and tried to get behind her. She moved to one side so she could keep an eye on as many of them as possible, but one remained in between her and the street, so there was no exit there.

William feigned a side step and she fell for it. Suddently, the lights went out. She collapsed on the rough pavement.

Jerilyn Gordon

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William cursed silently, clutching the side of his knee.  The woman's purse had spilled over when she fell and now her goods were strewn around the alley.

Quote"Hurry up and get her inside before someone comes along..."

he stood up, having quite a bit of trouble putting weight on his right leg.  William started gathering up her things while the other twom men started picking up the unconscious girl.

This is not going like I'd wanted....


The crash of gunfire and the foot in her gut triggered Jerilyn alert. A habit from military training. Even though her head was still ringing, she came awake enough to realize her situation. One of the thugs had stumbled backward, tripping over her as she lay there. Someone else had taken a shot and William seemed doublely crippled.

She rolled onto her back, seeing the one thug behind her watching someone in the distance. He didn't expect her leg sweep, taking him down. She rolled past him, away from William and the second thug, who were heading toward a partially open door in one of the walls. William was definately limping; his right knee seemed twisted.

Jeri drove a fist into the throat of the thug next to her, and relieved him of his gun. She came up into a shooter's kneeling position and surveyed the scene, aiming at the two men going through the doorway. Movement caught her eye from the front of the alley.


Quote from: Bobby" {shouting} They just went throught there!"

She came up running and followed as Bobby tore open the door in pursuit.

Jerilyn stopped just short of the doorway and turned toward the mouth of the street.

Better to go around. Bobby should be able to handle the inside; he looks capable.

She ran hard for the front of the building, grabbing up a length of rebar that was laying at the corner. She came around the corner and took up position at the side of the store's front entry, dropping the pistol at her feet so she could wrap both hands around the steel rod.

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