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Amorru Reyes

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You and me, Bǎobǎo. How about it?

Dull red light from Zhu Que washed over New Melbourne, staining the salt desert of the  Outback Flats a rosey pink. At the near center of the treacherous yet mineral rich barrens, casting a long, ominous shadow in the late afternoon light, rested a Komodo Class Mid-Bulk Transport registered as Journey Into Mystery. Inside the ship's bridge, casting a shadow almost as monstrous as his ego, the ship's pilot eyed the blades he'd laid out in a ritualistic fashion. A lightly soiled kerchief bearing the monogrammed initials "MXG" spread a sparse coating of treated engine lubricant across the pindaggers, knives, stilettos, and throwing blades. As each blade passed inspection, it was wrapped in a length of brightly colored cloth. Those bearing damage from use or, worse yet, signs of corrosion from misuse, were subjected to a tedious process of filing and scrubbing. Luckily, the brazen pilot made easy use of the resident gunman's own cleaning files and the mechanic's heavy duty exhaust scrubs. Sterilizing pads from the infirmary's supplies picked up leftover metal dust. A fluorescent orange pocket square removed any left over chemicals before the repaired blade made its way to the growing bundle of re-wrapped blades.

"Figure Cap'n Graves won't miss his kerchief none, and the tinkerer's head is half-full of spoiled meat. And surely ol' Doc ain't peelin' her peepers away from her books any time soon. Wonder what she's always reading, anyhow. Doctor stuff, probably. Learning new ways to go about cuttin, into fellas. Hell, figure it's my kinda stuff after all." Amorru Reyes held a hand to his growling stomach. "Suppertime. Hmm. But not yet." Crossing the bridge floor, Amorru pulled the taut cargo net free of its anchors and fetched the hard case almost as tall as himself. Pulling on silver chain hanging around his neck, Amorru fished up a skeleton key-sized device with a scankey afixed to the end. Slipping the scan key into the security reader popped the four heavy locks with a soft hiss as the environmental seal released. The case lifted, reflecting a rosey glow across Amorru's punchable face. Procuring them from the case, Reyes slipped on a pair of illustrious white gloves and went to work.

[...THE GALLEY...]

Soon, Amorru sauntered toward the galley. Custom crafted boots with lifts in the heels echoed across the grating in the floor as he approached. A short raid of the foodstores yielded little: potted "meat", freeze-dried rice, and dehydrated spring mix. Amorru rolled his eyes, wondering when the Captain's latest "expedition" would come to a close and he could get to a sky plex that served actual food. As it was, Amorru sometimes missed the old Good Dogs stand in Eavesdown.

Setting out the cooking utensils, Amorru found himself unable to resist a sudden impulse born in the toddler Galileo Duschane as he tormented the kitchen staff. Assuming most of the crew out on their latest mission and not caring if he unsettled the rest, the rake took a pair of mixing sticks in hand. The resulting racket of Amorru's erratic kitchen drumming carried through the otherwise quiet boat.
It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone
Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, Ooh, From you

Metric, "Black Sheep"

Grace Halladay

It had only been a few weeks since Grace had taken the position and boarded Journey Into Mystery, she found the name a mouthful and most of the crew just called it Jim.  Another curiosity since ships were predominantly named female which of course was preposterous in the gendering of inanimate objects but then again she didn't have the same intimate relationship with spacecraft as did most.  She did however have a yearning to get some real experience outside of her parents docile office and with some convincing she left the safe confines of walls and regulations for the rugged world of space-faring... where she proceeded to sit in a cold steel walled room buried in books with very little to do.  At least the pay was terrible.

Today was an exciting day though, she was about to get to the heart disease chapter of her textbook -her third read through of it- and before that it was inventory day.  She kept meticulous count of each and every supply, one because they were limited and she had to ration and two because she had to pay for it out of her cut.  She did however gain a slight allowance for extra meds when the captain was shot and she only prescribed one dose of morphine.

Grace pulled out her corpad and pulled up the inventory list she'd created and began to cross-reference the sheet where she made the crew sign if they used supplies.

"Okay... so, bandages fifty... one, two, three, four, five.  Good all accounted for.  Trioxisulfa, five bottles, seals in tact so 250 tablets.  Propoxin, two bottles...  She twisted lightly at the lids, one fitting tight and the other coming open quite easily.  She rolled her eyes.

"We'll count how many the mechanic took later."  She scribbled a note to remind herself of that.  She moved to the next cabinet where she noticed an empty slot on the shelf.

"Where's the sterilizing pads?"  She opened a few other cabinets wondering if they'd been misplaced but no sign.  She looked to the sign out sheet, nothing written.  A sigh of defeat she decided to take a break and go get a tea to calm down her impending nerd rage.  Making her way to the kitchen Grace heard a commotion coming from the galley, her pace slowed as she peered in to see what was going on.  She should have guessed that she'd find the pilot behind it.  Andrew, Amhad or something was his name.  She hadn't done much to socialize preferring to just be visible when needed and keep to herself otherwise.  It was clear he'd been at the rations again.

"I thought the Captain said to stop taking rations from the foodstores."  She spoke meekly as she moved into the galley, by-passing him as she moved to the kettle and turned it on, pulling a mug and a bag of tea from cupboard.

"Also I was doing my inventory and I'm missing some sterilizing pads.  You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?"  She asked also fairly quietly, avoiding eye contact but with her gaze to the floor she constantly had to push her thick-rimmed reading glasses back up the bridge of her nose.  Stupid gravity.

Amorru Reyes

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Amorru stalled his drumming with a start when he recognized the meek and mousy sawbones standing beside him. After mumbling something about the Captain and the food stores, Amorru offered Haddaway a smirk and a snort. "Cap'n's not here to order the rice to cook, baobei, and I'm staaaaarving!" Amorru tilted his head toward the doc, adding a combintion of pupp dog eyes and a pouty bottom lip. "C'mon Doc, I'm practically wasting away here!"

He gripped the mixing sticks, and every time Grace began to speak Amorru would cut her off as he resumed his offbeat drumming. Finally, he let the medic speak. Despite her inability to meet his gaze, something about the way she pushed up her glasses struck Amorru's fancy. It reminded him of a librarian from the Academy near Eavesdown and the bitter aftertaste of missed opportunity.

"Wouldn't know anything about that. Figure you ought to ask another lady if it's your week." Amorru hoped the doctor was as put off by the idea of discussing her private biological functions as himself and moved to change the subject before she realized his ploy. "So I'm a tzao gao cook, but I figure it's better than the dried out protein strips the Cap'n fancies as fair rations. You hungry?"
It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone
Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, Ooh, From you

Metric, "Black Sheep"

Grace Halladay

She could tell already she didn't like the man.  He was brash and rude and either was completely ignorant as to what a sterilizing pad was or just trying to put her off talking about it.  She watched every drip of tea pour into her mug hoping it would hurry up so she could leave and never talk to the man again.

"So I'm a tzao gao cook, but I figure it's better than the dried out protein strips the Cap'n fancies as fair rations. You hungry?"

She for the first time met eyes with him, she was shocked a dandy like him could even stomach the food on the ship.  Just the way he carried himself she knew where he came from, the same place she once did.  Thankfully her parents had the sense to distance themselves from that society and learn how to live like normal people.

"No.  Thank you."  She thought about throwing another snipe in at him but didn't want to risk getting too hostile with the man flying the ship.  Finally her tea was ready and she turned to leave the room.

"Oh and I've already conducted my physicals with the rest of the crew.  You still haven't booked one, I also need your medical records.  When you have time."  Again she had to press her glasses up her nose as she tried to be assertive while avoiding eye contact.

Amorru Reyes

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Amorru's eyebrows shot up as the doctor made eye contact with him for the first time. The way she adjusted her glasses kept taking him back to a more carefree time before he ever worried about things as trivial as physicals and feeding himself. Amorru's eyes narrowed as she politely decliner his offer. Not that he invested much actual interest in dining with her, but he didn't like the way she wasn't showing interest in him.

The little doctor attempted to show some backbone, which nearly gave Amorru a hysterical laughing fit but she looked so adorable all proper and stern and anxious to do her job. Amorru tried to see how stitchin' people up could be so gorram interesting that you'd skip dinner with a man so handsome and charming just to get back to the textbooks, but in the end it mattered little. Amorru held the stars, and he supposed she held her scalpel in much the same esteem.

She made for the door once her tea fiished dripping, which Amorru found more than a little insulting. Whatever background drove her to becoming a doctor must have somehow been completely devoid of proper manners. Amorru watched her as she walked, wondered if a woman's shape truly waited to be found beneath the frumpy layers of utilitarian clothing. By the time she turned back he pretended to be reading the instructions on the back of a bag of rice devoid of any printed instructions.

Quote from: Grace'Blah blah blah check up blah blah blah you blah blah blah."

An impish grin spead across Amorru's face. Maintaining eye contact with Grace, he stepped around the island table and approached. Once he was sure he had her attention, he unbuttoned his shirt and vest, then lay open his bare torso for the doctor to see. "Kind of you doc, but you see I'm already here. And you're already here. So how's 'bout you go ahead and get it over with now so I can finish making dinner?"
It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone
Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, Ooh, From you

Metric, "Black Sheep"

Grace Halladay

When she turned to remind him of the physical she caught his eyes move from her to the rice, she'd seen that rice before it had no instructions on it and the ingredients were simple.  Rice.  Suddenly feeling self-conscious that her pants were ripped or there was a sign on her back telling one to kick her she fought the urge to reach back and check.  He however seemingly wasn't listening as he closed the distance, a devilish grin adorned on his striking features.

"Kind of you doc, but you see I'm already here. And you're already here. So how's 'bout you go ahead and get it over with now so I can finish making dinner."

The doctor had to hold her breath and swallow hard not to let out a gasp.  Her eyes fighting to stay looking at his despite the inclination to look everywhere else and down.  Stomaching her hormones she stepped closer to him and drew a finger up his chest to the first button, slowly she began to slip the button through it's slot until it was properly buttoned, leaving the vest for him to figure out.  It was all she could do as she felt her stomach turn, her knees on the verge of shaking and the unprofessional need to swoon.

"You come see me after you're finished eating.  It's more effective for the procedure when the blood is flowing up."  She kept her tone even but turned and scurried out of the room back to the safe confines of her infirmary.  Sterile and lacking stimuli.  She sighed deeply, that breathy gasp finally coming out.

"Oh.  My.  God."  She breathed out, setting her tea out of her shaking hands and onto the counter.  She picked up her clipboard so she'd have something to hug.  Separation from him gave her more clarity.  She knew his type, what he was after.  He had no interest in her he wanted control, if she let her guard down with him he would take advantage and recalling her youth.  He would humiliate her.  She pulled her kerchief out of her pocket and wiped it across her brow.  The embroidered CV in the corner wearing a little.  He was just playing her, all of those types did.  She had to tell herself again to make sure she believed it.

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