Briar Williams

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Age:  25
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot
Secondary Occupation:  Mechanic
Equipment:  • Toolbox
• A deck of playing cards
• A PDA (an out-dated model, but gets the job done)
• A 9mm pistol
• An acoustic guitar
• An old brass locket with an engraving of a rose in the front and a picture of her mother inside (this is her most valued possession and God help you if you touch it without her permission)

Appearance:  Briar is of an average height (5'6"), with a slender build and colt-like limbs. She has a cute, delicate face, with big green eyes and a very genuine smile that can light up the room. Her (somewhat deceptively) innocent appeareance has gotten her out of trouble more than once, but that's rarely due to the purposeful employment of feminine wiles. In fact, Briar hardly ever puts any thought into the way she presents herself. Her wardrobe consists mainly of t-shirts and cargo pants in various stages of falling apart. Her dirty-blonde mane of hair is frequently tangled, and never quite under control. She wouldn't mind dolling herself up every now and then, it's just that most of the time she has other things on her mind. The fact that she's perpetually broke doesn't exactly help with the situation.
Faceclaim:  Elizabeth Olsen

Initial Personality:  Some would label Briar as a ditz upon first impression, but if you spend any time with her it becomes clear she's not stupid by any means, just scatter-brained. She's laid-back, responding to life's minor-to-moderate setbacks with a shrug and a wisecrack. She's very friendly and sociable, but has a knack for letting her mouth run away with her and blurt out things she's not supposed to. It's evident she's not very good at long-term-planning: she leaps before she looks, money burns holes in her pockets, and she has a gambler's blind faith in good luck eventually saving her when she needs it the most -- no matter how long the losing streak behind her.
Underlying Personality:  Briar has a heart of gold. While she's no stranger to criminal activity, she draws the line at anything that would actively hurt 'the little guy'. Breaking stupid Alliance regulations and stealing from thieves are fine; ruining the livelihood of a poor farmer struggling to get by is out of the question.

Despite being a kind and extroverted person, Briar struggles with forming close bonds with other people. The way she sees it, her life is in a perpetual state of flux, and even if she wanted to build something permanent she wouldn't know where to begin. Her devil-may-care attitude is part genuine thoughtlessness, part deep denial. She has brief moments of clarity when she realizes she should make more of an effort to build a future for herself, but those moments pass and it's back to the same old shenanigans. These moments are getting more frequent now that she's entering her late twenties.

Known History:  Born on 6/21/2493 on Hera. Her mother, Suzanna Williams, was a prostitute. Her father's identity is unknown.

No military record.

Somewhere around 2504 she was supposedly adopted by a Captain Alais Bailey, owner of a Shu Fu class transport called Juneau. No official paperwork for this adoption exits, however.

In 2512, the crew of Juneau were arrested for smuggling. Briar received a relatively easy sentence due to her young age, low position in the chain of command, and the shady circumstances under which she ended up in captain Bailey's care. She spent about a year on a penal colony on Muir and was released in 2513.
Other History: 
Briar spent her childhood in a whorehouse, raised by her mother, never knowing her father. As a child she would make up stories about him, imagining herself as the child of a scandalous magistrate, or a dangerous bounty hunter, maybe a con artist with a heart of gold. The truth was probably something a lot less exciting.

The brothel wasn't the greatest place to grow up in, but it wasn't the worst. Sure, she was exposed to some ugly sides of humanity at a very early age, but on the other hand, there was a strong sense of kinship among the workers, and her mother showered her with love on a daily basis. Still, as Briar neared puberty, it became clear to Suzanna that she didn't want her daughter to be forced to lead the same life she'd become trapped in; she wanted her to have options, a chance to make her own destiny. She made a painful decision and gave Briar up to a space faring friend of hers in an unofficial adoption deal. Briar was eleven years old at the time, and completely devastated by having to leave her home and family behind.

At first, Briar was mostly used as a distraction or a cover story by the crew; as it turns out, certain business dealings go over a lot more smoothly if you have a cute little girl around to endear your clients. However, Briar was a clever and curious child, and as the initial shock over the change of scenery gave way to intrigue, she started to study the trade of the people around her as an apprentice. By her late teens she was trusted to take the wheel every now and then, and could fix the occasional hiccup in the ship's engines.

War made life harder. The crew didn't want to actively pick sides in the conflict, although they suspected an Alliance victory would complicate their job in the long run. This turned out to be true: Juneau was eventually caught by the feds in the middle of a smuggling job. The ship was decommissioned and the crew was arrested. Briar got the shortest sentence out of the lot, which meant that once she walked free, she had no friends to reunite with. Rather than get in touch with the others and wait out their sentences, she decided to move on.

Never having had to look out for herself before, Briar had a difficult time finding a steady position on a ship. She took on a few shady jobs to get quick cash, and when some of those jobs went south and resulted in her not getting paid, she had to resort to borrowing money from various small-time crooks in order to make ends meet.

And then she discovered gambling. What she failed to discover was that gambling hardly ever solves financial problems. Quite the opposite, in fact.

So started the spiral that would define Briar's adult life: scattered jobs here and there, bad investments, gambling, owing money to the kinds of people you really didn't want to owe money to. Despite all this, she still sends some credits to her mother whenever she has the chance. She's excited about her new job abroad the Brass Ferrett and sees it as an opportunity to turn over a new leaf, do something more on the up-and-up for a change.

Skills and Strengths:  • Spent her teenage years on a ship and is in her element in the black
• Can pilot small-sized ships and understands what makes them tick
• Can play the guitar and has a pleasant singing voice
• Knows how to shoot a gun
Weaknesses:  • Does not know how to shoot a gun very accurately
• First aid skills are limited to "apply pressure and pray for the bleeding to stop"
• Not good at hand-to-hand combat
• No formal education
• Disorganized, lacks foresight, does not stop to think the long-term consequences of her actions
• Bad with money and knee-deep in debt to some very shady figures she's bound to run into at some point

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