Briar Williams

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Age:  26

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot

Secondary Occupation:  Mechanic

Appearance:  Briar is what you might call a hot mess: her demeanor is coltish, her wardrobe consists mainly of t-shirts in various stages of falling apart, and her dirty-blonde mane of hair is never quite under control, yet what she lacks in elegance she makes up for in natural down-to-earth charm. She has cute, delicate features, with big green eyes and a smile that lights up the room. Her (somewhat deceptively) innocent appearance has gotten her out of trouble more than once, but that's rarely due to the purposeful employment of feminine wiles. She just has one of those faces, y'know?

Faceclaim:  Elizabeth Olsen

Initial Personality:  Briar seems like a very laid-back individual, responding to life's setbacks with a shrug and a wisecrack. Some would label her as a ditz based on first impressions, since in addition to her fun-loving personality she can be quite scatterbrained. She's smart when it comes to flight controls and engines, but lacking in life management skills and, on occasion, common sense. She leads a freewheeling lifestyle and most of her paychecks go towards scratching her gambling itch or buying some form of instant gratification.

Underlying Personality:  Briar isn't good at making long-term plans of any kind; she's moved around so much that despite her sociable disposition, she hasn't formed many lasting, meaningful relationships, and the financial troubles she acts so casual about are actually a vicious cycle she's stuck in. Every now and then she decides to pull herself together and makes some grandiose plan to fix her life, but these plans always fall apart, usually sooner rather than later. Despite this, she has a gambler's blind faith in good luck eventually bailing her out of trouble. She appears to have retained an admiringly optimistic outlook on life despite the long rough patch that has been her twenties so far, but people who get close enough may discover there's a hint of denial mixed in her devil-may-care attitude.

Known History:  Born in a brothel on Hera on June 21, 2493. Mother's name Suzanna Williams. Father's name left blank. Somewhere around 2504 Briar was supposedly adopted by a Captain Alais Bailey, owner of a Shu Fu class transport called Juneau. No official paperwork for this adoption exits, however.

In 2512, the crew of Juneau were arrested for smuggling. Briar received a relatively easy sentence due to her young age, low position in the chain of command, and the shady circumstances under which she ended up in captain Bailey's care. She spent a year on a low security penal colony on Muir and was released in 2513.

Other History:  Briar spent her formative years in a whorehouse, raised by her mother, never knowing her father. As a child she would make up stories about him, imagining herself as the child of a scandalous magistrate, or a dangerous bounty hunter, or perhaps a dashing con artist with a secret heart of gold. The truth was probably something a lot less exciting.

The brothel wasn't the greatest place to grow up in, but it wasn't the worst. Sure, she was exposed to some ugly sides of humanity at a very early age, but on the other hand, there was a strong sense of kinship among the workers, and her mother showered her with love on a daily basis. Still, as Briar neared puberty, it became clear to Suzanna that she didn't want her daughter to be stuck where she was; she wanted her to have options, a chance at making her own destiny. She made a painful decision and gave Briar up to an old space faring friend of hers in an unofficial adoption deal. Briar was eleven years old at the time, and completely devastated by having to leave her home and family behind.

Juneau was a ship of generally honest folks running the odd cargo transportation jobs around the 'Verse. Captain Bailey took her promise to take good care of Suzanna's daughter seriously -- perhaps too seriously, as it would later turn out. Briar grew up as coddled as one could be in such an environment. She was a clever and curious child, and as the initial shock gave way to intrigue, the pilot and mechanic begun showing her the ropes of keeping the ship flying. By her late teens she was trusted to take the wheel every now and then and could fix the occasional hiccup in the engines.

When the war broke out, things started going downhill for the crew of Juneau. Honest work dried up, and they were forced to take on jobs of more questionable legality. Things didn't improve after Unification, and the crew was eventually caught by the feds in the middle of a smuggling job. The ship was decommissioned and the crew members arrested. Briar got the shortest sentence of the lot, which meant that when she walked free, she had no friends to reunite with. She couldn't exactly put her life on hold while she waited out their sentences, and so she saw no choice but to try to pick up the pieces on her own.

Fresh out of prison with no safety net to fall back on and no experience looking after herself, it's no big surprise that Briar went on something of a downward spiral. She had a difficult time finding a steady position on a ship and had to take on a few shady jobs to get quick cash. When some of those jobs went south and resulted in her not getting paid, she had to resort to borrowing money from a few shady figures to make ends meet. As the debt piled up she would skip town and start the cycle all over again in some other corner of the 'Verse. To make matters worse, somewhere along the way she discovered gambling...

Skills and Strengths:  Briar spent her teenage years on a small transport ship and is in her element in the black. She's a pilot first and foremost, but also knows her way around the engine room and can perform maintenance work and fix basic malfunctions. She plays the guitar and has a pleasant singing voice, though not on the level of someone who has taken proper lessons. She knows how to shoot a gun, technically.

Weaknesses:  Briar's firearm skills are rudimentary, and she does not fare much better in a fistfight. Her first aid skills are limited to "apply pressure and pray for the bleeding to stop". She is disorganized and impulsive, always leaping before looking. Money burns holes in her pocket. She is not a full-blown gambling addict, but it's definitely a problem.

Briar Williams

A toolbox
A deck of playing cards
A .44 magnum revolver with a worn wooden grip
An acoustic guitar
An old brass locket with an engraving of a rose in the front and a picture of her mother inside
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Briar Williams

Medical Records

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Briar Williams

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