Jackson Violet

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Jackson Violet

Age:  42
Gender:  MAle

Primary Occupation:  Explosive Expert {PrimaryOccupation}
Secondary Occupation:  Computer Tech {SecondaryOccupation}
Requested Ship:  {Ship}
Equipment:  A Slide action poorly maintained light pistol, with a clip capable of holding 10 rounds he usually has about  4 in it.
A Blue start Corp 40K Interface terminal with what appears to be a tangled squid of wire connectors coming out of the bottom of it
A One peace flight jumper in gray with missing patches with obvious mending made as needed.
Yellowed and rusty old pocket knife with what Jackson says is a picture of a Mounty on it, the Mounty seems to have giant round black ears and a stupid smile on its face.
Fancy new Mag boots with the heal-clip option to engage and disengage the in-soul magnetic force device.
Id badges from several mega corps and core plant governments, each one with a name on it of John Smith or some variation of.

Appearance:  The thick unnaturally black curly hair hangs below his shoulders and looks a bit too greasy to want too touch.  the lines on his face betray his age to be over 40 but not as old as 50, maybe it is the puffy cheek and double chin that hide his age.  Standing at a might 5 feet and 2 and a half inches tall and 325 lbs his rounded physic earned him the nick name of penguin.  (shortly after the war when he was working with a core world government funded space zoo, some of his other co-workers just found it amazing how much he walked and looked like the fine dressed flightless birds and as things go the name has stuck with him against his personal desire to leave it behind him).  He walks with a slight limp in his left hip and knee.  He keeps a full beard that covers his face and too much of his neck, the beard is not colored  as black as his hair though.  His eyes at a glance look dark brown but closer examination shows cheap contacts with a bright glue ring that peeps out around them.  Somehow with his size he has managed to find an old Brown coat that is about twice the size even his large frame needs to be covered.
Face Claim:  Jorge Garcia

Initial Personality:  First impressions are not always the best, he comes off as secretive and grumpy.  He is not rude nor does he  try to push you away he just is not the guy meeting you with open arms.  His smile feels genuine but a bit empty.  The hand shake when offered is genuine.  He tries to blend quietly into the background as often as he can it is best to see then be seen.  All this changes if you catch him feeding feral cats somewhere, he just is happy and talkative with the cats around him.
Underlying Personality:  He simply says what he means, it may sound rude but it is not meant too, he just calls a spade a spade.  His fascination with feral cats is as interesting as it is confusing; it just seems to make him a different person with them being near however the same is not true with house cats.  He cares about those around him and smiles warming when he catches you smiling too.  He will tell you almost anything you want to know about him from before the war but is quiet when folks talk about the war and after the war.  Just for the love of peace don't get him going about this message from Mr. Universe.  When he has an opinion he is not likely to share it unless pressed, but once you get it out of him good luck getting that Genie back into the damn bottle.  He will also just forgive folks, people that shouldn't be forgiven he is likely to just say it is done and move forward with, this has been a problem for him before.

Known History:  Birth place Londinium
Formal training in electronics and Structural engineering before leaving school early join the Alliance defence force.
Trained in Weapons control and support with additional training in munition and explosives by the alliance, listed as AWOL by the alliance during the 3nd year of the unification War, on this matter the Alliance has not filed or requested extradition to stand court-martial for this.
During the 5th year of the unification War he signed up with the Independent Plants Force.
Records can be found of a person named Jackson Violet having served with the Independent command forces, no details available on duties or role.
Last listed official sighting of Jackson Violet was onboard the Independent command ship before the surrender at Serenity.
An Alliance reward is offered for the live capture and return of Jackson Violet to Ariel with no available description on his appearance the amount is not listed but a note that reads there will be no reimbursements for any additional cost.
Since the Unification war he has taken many odd jobs often under assumed IDs.
One Jackson Violet is wanted on a corporation order for breach of contract relating to the theft of 8 Lions, 5 Tigers and the release of a dozen Panthers from the Zoological society of Education for the Alliance Travelling Zoo Ship the A.S.S. Zootopia.
Jackson Violet is forbidden to own or purchase explosive materials or mass amounts of materials commonly used in the construction of commercial explosives.
Last two years he has been working on the Mining Moon of Silverhold contracted as work hand.
The Silverhold Alliance depository was robbed by means of explosive entry and access to the rear wall of the vault.  Shortly thereafter the Silverhold veterans association purchased several thousand acres of free hold land in a cash deal for future settlement by displaced families, Jackson was reported leaving Silverhold the day after the purchase.
Has a personal stash and buys high calorie pills off the gray market, for medical supplies.

Other History:  The Violet Family on Londinium is an upper middle class but well served large family with their position in society and associated careers.  Jackson was the third of the 9 children and one of 4 of whom also enlisted.  Jackson was officially dis-owned by the family when he was reported AWOL.  Jackson never got along with his family growing up nor did he try to keep in touch with them.  Being a middle kid in a herd of 9 he never stood out.   Jackson lost contact with his family by choice after enlisting and has been happy to keep it that way since then.
AT the start of the unification war the alliance identified and actively recruited Jackson to serve as an intelligence officer with training provided for the first 3 years of the war, during the 4th year his cover was built and he was moved out of the core to build up an Identify with the Independent worlds.  For his first two years of service with the Independent forces he actively provided intel to the Alliance and orchestrated several supply chain accidents that slowed down and hampered the Independent's.
During his time with the Independents he saw the truth of the Alliance and he could not stomach the intentional targeting of civilians out of spite by the Alliance on the outer worlds and moons.  It was while inspecting the remains of a town of 300 that he stopped to picked up a toy stuffed cat and his world changed. IT was only later he would learn his Brother Watson had been the officer in charge of the operation.  He stopped reporting back to the Alliance and turned himself over to the Independent Intelligence officer, what happened over the next after 32 hours was a series of questions coming from a mirrored wall and being left to sit in a bright room with that stuffed toy cat he had picked up and never let go.  When the door opened they gave him news of two of his brothers and how the Alliance had had them killed for failing complete their orders.  The Independent officer did not trust or even like Jackson but he saw a good tool to use against the Alliance.  Jackson was able to act as a information source for tactics, targets and communication routing on the Alliance spy network, his contributions did help slow down the Alliance forces.
At the battle of Serenity Jackson was on the Command ship, in an informal brig. Shortly after Serenity was surrendered Jackson was loaded into an escape pod and jettisoned towards the planet, they had determined his usefulness was at an end and had assumed the Alliance would catch him there.  During the short time he had he was able to set the pod into maintenance test mode and used a test firing sequence of the pod's rockets to steer into a debris field and hid in there for a few days till the Alliance forces had left the area in search of better hunting grounds.
About  5 years ago Jackson Violet was issued an order to appear before the magistrate of Greenleaf regarding dealings with the guild of companions.   Jackson had bought what he thought was a hotel aka former brothel, he bought it unknowing that the price included its denizens and assumption of title ship for them.  Learning of this mistake he thought he did the right thing and gave them the brothel and left them ideal to be free.  He now stands accused of abandonment of property and failure to maintain a reasonable living environment for indentured servers, failure to pay taxes, failure to register with the guild of companions and keeping untrained providers, failure to provide for indentured servers, and failure to register as a host for services, oh file a business license on Greenleaf.

Skills and Strengths:  Explosives, he has a passion for things going boom
Guidance and location systems
Barn shooter - has the ability at a close enough rage to probably hit the barn
Charming, gifted with a silver tongue for saying just the right thing sometimes at other times his sense of timing is a bit off.
Alliance officer trained
Computer and programming  - Moderate
Electronic repair -Moderate
Document Forgery - Advanced
Explosive operation, creation, handling - Advanced
Firearms - poor
Survival - Poor
Knowledge - alliance military - good
Mechanical Engineering - moderate on small devices
Technical engineering - moderate
Planetary Vehicle - good
Animal handling - very very bad except with cats

Weaknesses:  A pretty face will sucker him in every damn time, he is not a good looking guy and he knows that but when a pretty faced girl smiles at him he is so hopeless it can be very sad to watch.
He is overconfident, as soon as he says eh has this people who know him cringe.
Complete fear of drowning, number one reason he loves being in the black is you have never heard of anyone drowning in the black.
Piloting skill, has none, is not even sure why the sip needs a radar when you can just look outside and see stuff.

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