Charity Vornbach

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Charity Vornbach
Player: Lomari

Age:  25
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Public Relations
Secondary Occupation:  An overabundance of Private schooling and THEORETICAL medical knowledge
Requested Ship:  Wushu
Appearance:  Charity Vornbach posses all the grace, smooth skin, and flawlessly elegant appearance that a life on Ariel can assure. Having never felt the pangs of hunger or worked a grueling day of labor, she is a healthy weight and her curves are soft and supple, devoid of hardened muscle and toughened skin. Her dark hair changes with the times, the length and styling following the latest trends in fashion and her clothing is always en vogue. Her eyes are dark, but glimmer with intelligence and thinly veiled mischief. Her lips are full and pink and although not considered very tall, she enjoys a rather average and dainty height of five feet, four inches.
Face Claim:  Janet Montgomery

Initial Personality:  A vision in lace and gold, Charity is the epitome of grace, charm, and poise. She is soft spoken and smiles often, laughs easily and flatters effortlessly. Her world is made up of petite cakes, fancy dinner parties, and excessive decadence. She is smart, but not intimidating in her intelligence, candid but not too opinionated. Charity is the perfect middle ground that makes talking with her easy and comfortable.
Underlying Personality:  Underneath the disguise she wears for the public, Charity is a little more disorderly than one would have surmised and she values silence. Her skills as a medical researcher are able to translate off world, however she was not trained as a doctor, per say, and most of her knowledge is theoretical. While she doesn't dislike learning new skills, she finds it tiresome and maddening and would much rather focus on painting.

Known History:  Charity Vornbach attended Shinei University in Ariel City after graduating a Private K-12 Academy.
Obtained a degree with a major in Medical Research, and a minor in Art.
Her father was granted the Medal of Societal Advancement for his work (also based in Medical Research). 
A warrant was issued for the arrest of Charity Vornbach in relation to the apparent arson of her family's home in Ariel City which led to the unfortunate death of her mother and father. She is wanted for questioning.
After withdrawing money from her family's banks, Charity's paper trail ran cold.

Other History:  Growing up was a breeze. No one had to scrounge and fight for food or money, all of life's requirements and desires were filled and then some. She learned to be cordial and pleasant from her mother and was taught how interesting medicine could be from her father. She'd been sent to the finest K-12 Private Academy and had been afforded every luxury and educational benefit of growing up on a Central Planet. She'd been on an Equestrian team, had won a few awards for her artwork, and had no brothers or sisters to have to share her parent's affection with. As a child she'd been allowed to play with the neighbor boys and climb trees, have mock sword fights, and toss rocks. At a certain age, however, she'd been encouraged by her mother to abandon such things and focus on her schooling and on refinement.

When she'd graduated from University, she'd been set to marry Reubin Tommy Boyers, a wealthy man her age who had also graduated from Shinei University, although where she'd chosen Medical Research, he'd become a real, honest to goodness Doctor. It was unclear if this marriage was arranged by their parents or a real love story, but it wasn't soon after that Charity's home burned down, her parents passed on, and she left Ariel City.

Skills and Strengths:  Theoretical Medical Knowledge.
Quite good at most popular dances.
Fashion knowledge that would make anyone sick.
Adept at painting, preferring oil and watercolors.
Basic Working Medical Knowledge (she knows /how/ to do most things but has never actually done them.
Weaknesses:  Don't ask Charity to fight, use a blade, or shoot a gun unless you want to lose the battle.
She knows the theories of how to pilot, or how piloting works, but obviously cannot do it herself.
No working or theoretical knowledge of mechanics or advanced computers.


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Typically On Her Person:
1 Overly decorated silver dagger for 'self defense' tucked into a garter or in her corset.
A gilded silver locket containing photos of her mother and father.

One expertly crafted luggage containing a plethora of* 6 exquisitely made dresses.
One smaller but equally expensive hand bag filled with her favorite jewelry.

*Lost on Bellerophon
Dialogue Color: AntiqueWhite


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Medical Records


Iscariot Medical Files: Cherry [No Last Name On File]:
INJURY Patient suffered gunshot wound to right arm; injuries to the brachial artery, the brachial vein, and the radial nerve. Triage performed by Dr. Grace Halladay. Recovery aided by infirmary intern Eiber.
Dialogue Color: AntiqueWhite

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