Ian Dugan

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Ian Dugan

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Name: Ian Dugan
Age:  34 (2485)
Gender:  Male
Occupation:  Gun Hand / Cortex Guru
Secondary:  Former Ship's Captain
Appearance:  Ian is 33 years old but looks older. He stands at 5' 6.5" in height and weighs in at a 150 lbs.  He usually wears black jeans and a white shirt with a black leather vest.  When he is off the ship he'll wear an all black leather ensemble including pants vest and Duster.  He has two pistols from the war that he uses.  One on each hip.  He has named them "Ghost" and "Ryder"

Ian has several scars that cross his back and chest.  He has a "t" shaped scar on the right side of his face, from the hairline to his cheekbone.  It passes over his right eye.  No damage was done to his eye.  Scars crisscross most of his body.

Ian finally has somewhat of a muscular build but still looks thin.  He is stronger than he looks. He has short "salt and pepper" hair, mustache and goatee.

Avatar Name:Colin Farrell

Equipment:  Standard clothing, two old Alliance Mk III 50 caliber pistols from the war (Ghost & Ryder), a boot knife and belt knife.  He also has equipment for hacking in a small pouch he carries.  PDA CorPAD, two small rocks

Initial Personality:  A hard but quiet man.  His regular motions, like turning his head or reaching for something, has been described as bird like, in that each motion is quick and just long enough.  Seen from the outside, Ian may seem to be a womanizer in that he is always seen touching or hugging his female crew.   

Underlying Personality:  The truth of the matter is that Ian is too trusting.  He hides it behind his gruff scarred exterior.  Ian will hold his judgment on a person until they do something against him or one of his friends.  Once Ian makes a friend, it a friend for life.  Ian loves women.  He respects their ability and candor.  He is often seen with his hand on their shoulder or back, sometimes hugging them.  He seems to put himself in the place of their "Grampa" more than anything else.

He truly believes in second chances, even though it could leave a trail of enemies behind him.  Each one could be looking to settle a score ... even still.

Known History:  Ian started out in the Alliance, when there was an Alliance. He was a good Alliance boy. As a youth, he was good with electronics and the cortex.  He joined the war effort when he turned Twenty.  He was first assigned as an Infantryman of the 22nd Ita Oberlanders.  Ian was good at this job. He made the rank of Sergeant in two years.  From infantry he went to SpecOps.  From there he was sent to the Alliance War College on Santo.  Among other things he was taught how blow things up. They taught him everything from how to fight dirty to how to hack the cortex.

While attending school he meet his first real love, Rain Vasquez.  They stayed together for the entire period of training.  At the school, there was no rank.  All of the students were equal.  It was only at graduation that Ian found out that Rain was a LT.  Officer and enlisted do not mix.  It was taboo and forbidden.  So on a rainy day, LT Vasquez and SGT Dugan parted company.
There was a time when Ian began to think about why the Browncoats were doing what they did.  They continued to fight against overwhelming odds.  They must have known they couldn't win, but still fought for a freedom that they cherished more than life itself.  This touched a chord in him. A spark of Independence had been ignited. A few days after his squad left the Battle of Hablong during the Third Verbena Champion, that spark became a full on fire.  In a bar, on a backwater planet, he stood up for two old Browncoat vets. A fight started, he killed a man. He was given a Bad Conduct Discharge and sent to the prison Mines at Krane Penal Moon.

Ian was beaten almost every day for the first three months.  Then he started playing by their rules, the beatings stopped.  It was no longer fun.  Other people got hurt too.

Like every society, prisons have their own hierarchy, both with the prisoners and guards. Ian knew how this worked since before the war. He quickly learned the rules and who the players were. He played the game, and played it well. He made contacts within the guards and prisoners. He wasn't above helping himself now and then. Half way through the second year he became a trustee.

Ian was soon tasked with the upkeep of the prisons computers and cortex.  Within a year he was the prisons broker of information. Ian still had to keep pace with the other prisoners in the mine as well as his other hobbies.

One of Ian's goals was to get back in the black. He hated being stuck dirt side. He managed this when he landed a job on the Mayfly Transport HMS Glory.  In a few years he became Captain of that ship.  He has since purchased the ship outright from the Corso Estate.

On his first day in the mines, Ian had picked up a rock he had just chipped out of the wall. He kept it with him for three years. On his last day he did the same. He keeps both rocks with him still.

Other History:  When one of his crew had been kidnapped from the ship, he spent two years trying to find her and even made a deal with the devil himself in the form of an Alliance Fed.  In the deal he and his crew were given a full pardon of all perceived crimes.  He was re-called to active duty, given a promotion to Lt. Commander and given a mission. He was to relay information back to the Alliance on any smuggling activity.  He has given enough information to keep the Alliance happy, though most of it was mis-information because the information they had for him about his missing crewman was just that.  Mis-information. 
To date, he walks a fine line between doing his "duty" to the Feds and his duty to his family.  He has told the Feds the truth about Slaver Smuggling and has no problem seeing them hang or get shot.  That has kept the relation on a seemingly even keel.

During his time at the mines he had met Sonya Gulliver, a famous Athlete.  She is the mother of his son Ian Gulliver. 

In the past year Ian has fallen on hard times.  The had been impounded and he had to find work elsewhere.  Using his old contacts he found work on the Ronin.  He has also found love.  Her name is Abe.

For more information on some of Ian's history, check out Behind Enemy Lines , Entrenched, Entrenched epilogue - DuGan and  The Disgrace Of Sgt Ian DuGan

Skills:  Ian has a varied skill set.  He is better than average in many things, but he is a master of none.  Since youth he has had an interest in electronics and computers.  This interest was expounded on during his time in the Spec Ops and during his stay at the mines.  He can hack into the cortex on a more than general level.  He can not, yet, hack into the Parliament or Blue Sun Corporate levels.  But he is getting there.

For shipboard systems, he can maintain most electronic systems and repair a few.  He can not create any.

As for fighting, his hand to hand style is a combination of dirty street fighting and martial arts.  He does know a few kata with Sai, sword and hand.  In a belted system, he would be a black.

From his time in prison, Ian has made and learned to make contacts of the shadier side of the law.
With Pistols, he is an above average shot.  Hitting his target 6 out of 10 times.  He was trained in Demolitions from his time in the Spec Ops.
After having spent three years in the Krane Penal mines, Ian became a fair miner.

Ian has since learned to fly a shuttle and pilot a ship, mid-bulk and smaller.

Weaknesses:  It might be said that Ian has a Hero Complex.  Not that he needs to be thanked and worshiped, but that he can't seem to let the little guy be kicked around.  He cant seem to walk away from a problem and has rushed in to places "where angels fear to tread."

Ian also seems to have trouble with girls.  He loves 'em.  All of 'em.  This "love" is both a source of consternation and strength.
For what it's worth, Ian sometime has very avid discussions with Death herself.  Lately, she has been his only companion.

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