Amorru Reyes

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Player: RUNE

Age:   28

Gender:     Male

Primary Occupation: Pilot

Secondary Occupation: Rakish swordsman

Requested Ship: Wushu

Appearance:       A somewhat slight and slender man, Amorru relies on the height of his hair and the lifts in his boots to break six feet. Naturally light skin, dark jade eyes, and dark auburn hair, but is known to change his appearance - particularly his hair - as it suits his mood. Amorru dresses in a rather dandy style for a runaway, as he wears the vast majority of his wealth. His lavish upbringing on Persephone often betrays him as he tends to over accessorize.  For example, Amorru almost always wears an antique pair of aviator's goggles, a protective vision visor, a scarlet or violet bandana, or some other item on his head or face, and wears a variety of jewelry including rings, a leather wristband, loose bracelets, and layers of expensive-looking chains around his neck. At the end of one such chain is a very important key.

Faceclaim:  James Marsters

Initial Personality: Arrogance is less an attribute, more a lifestyle for Amorru Reyes. Amorru's attitude would've gotten him killed years ago if it weren't for his reputation as a reliable, capable, and (most importantly) morally flexible pilot earning him more than a few favors. The only thing louder than his boast is his wardrobe. If he bothers to look your way, it's usually down his slender nose.

Underlying Personality: But once he likes you, he likes you a lot. Amorru is loyal, steadfast, and tries his best to be every bit as good as his self-promotion claims. Spoiled Persephone lordling is more concerned with seeking adventure over social status, but he's still used to getting what he wants and doesn't handle rejection well. What he considers bold others could consider impulsive, perhaps naive. He should be more grateful for his natural ability with sail and sword, as his pride often confuses daring-do with dimwittery.

Known History: (Performing Cortex Search for Amorru Cesaro Reyes....
...Search Complete. Press Enter for Results.

Amorru Reyes first appears on public record as being born to an undocumented Eavesdown woman on the planet Persephone in 2490. The name circulates around the more incautious users of fan nets dedicated to underground combat circuits such as those taking place in Under City beneath the Maze of Eavesdown. While most matches end at first blood, particularly heated rivalries have been known to end in death for one or both combatants. Amorru earned a reputation for his panache as much as his swordplay after joining the circuit at the age of sixteen. But after two years, Reyes chose the distant stars of the Black over the flickering neon lights of the Maze. Utilizing stolen credentials, Amorru boarded a disreputable transport vessel known as Calamitous Intent based on the name alone. Amorru found the crew incompetent, bunking conditions unhygienic, and the food questionable at best, but no job was too low for the Captain and work came easy enough. Though initially written off as a pompous dandy (and rightfully so), Amorru won the crew's acceptance at bladepoint and over the next few years he learned the finer points of sailing and how to sleep comfortably with a knife beneath his rolled up knapsack. Still, his duties didn't offer him much in the way of stargazing and he soon realized only one job would get him the view he wanted. Unfortunately, the ship's notoriously elusive pilot wasn't interested in passing the torch to a new generation of helmsman and Amorru knew the end of his time on the Intent drew near.

After saving up the platinum to book enough aimless trips across the Black to avoid the Calamitous crew for a couple of months, the swashbuckling sailor found Hellion. More importantly he found her captain, Lendel Piers. Piers was a veteran of the Unification War. Reyes found the Captain's dusty, brown overcoat drab and his dedication to the losing side questionable, but Piers was looking to build a crew from scratch and figured it'd be cheaper to train a pilot than hire one. Reyes learned the trade as Piers's co-pilot to start, but before the year's end Lendel spent most of his time doing captainy things. Reyes finally had the view he wanted, and found operating the controls almost as satisfying as the thrill of edged combat. For his part, Lendel almost immediately regretted his decision as nearly every flight with Amorru at the rudder involved some unnecessarily risky stunt or another. Lendel passed on due to a coronary arrest when Amorru insisted that navigating an asteroid field was "like, the only way around that Alliance checkpoint" and dismissing Piers's orders to play it cool as "stupid and boring, but mostly boring". In Reyes' defense, the Alliance cruisers were unable to keep up as the Hellion strafed, looped, and corkscrewed its way to freedom.

With Piers dead, Hellion's crew began to unravel. Amorru found his way to another ship, another crew, and a tumultuous fling with the ship's medical specialist. The relationship peaked and fizzled, and so too did Amorru's time on the ship. Not much is known about his most recent exploits, but spend enough time around disreputable watering holes across the outer rim, and eventually you'll hear him bragging about it.

Other History:     The most interesting and least known bit of info about Amorru Reyes is the fact that he doesn't actually exist. Reyes owes his existence to the rebellious whims of a pampered Persephone lordling born Galileo Ulysses Duschane. The eldest of his siblings, Galileo saw his brother Bodwinn arrive the fall of his fourth year and his sister Estrella born during his seventh winter. As the heir apparent of their father's ancestral barony, the expectation for Galileo fell along the lines of studying history, diplomacy, tactics, politics, and the fine art of stroking egos. Finding little interest in any of those subjects, young Galileo instead chose to invest his time in athletic pursuits. Baron Toliver Duschane begrudgingly tolerated what he considered a lack of self discipline and avoidance of responsibility, but felt a great wave of relief when Galileo took up fencing. Unlike running around kicking a ball at hoops, Toliver could actually brag about his son's development as a duelist. Toliver also believed that bringing on one of Persephone's most proficient swordmasters would instill a sense of discipline and self-control in the defiant lad.

It did not.

As Galileo anticipated his upcoming twelfth birthday, he made the acquaintance of Dame Stevani Song. Seven years Galileo's senior, the Dame made an everlasting impression and proved a more than capable instructor. After eight months of being on the losing end of the exchange, Galileo suggested they celebrate his victory with a kiss. Instead, Stevani suggested Galileo move past training foils and experience the real thing. By the end of that evening's session, Galileo became intimately familiar with the feeling of the broad side of the blade across his hands, forearms, legs, and backside. It would be another four months before he won another bout, and again he tried his hand at seduction. This time he was treated to the sensation of the
blade's point beneath his chin, his instructor's eyes filled with venom. Stevani left the training room in silence, but her expression softened by the time she looked back over her shoulder as she stormed down the hall. The Dame Song never returned to the Duschane estate, politely declining all future invitations as she cited previous engagements.

Dreading the effect Stevani's experience as a guest of his house might have on Toliver's political affairs, the Baron Duschane shipped Galileo off to a boarding academy not far from Eavesdown and expressly forbid any further swordplay. Toliver hoped the proximity to such a stain on civilization as Eavesdown might instill a sense of appreciation for the station to which Galileo had been born, but by fourteen Galileo developed a habit of sneaking into Eavesdown during break days to compete in back alley duels. Though he found the touch only rules tame, Galileo appreciated the opportunity to stay in practice. He continued this practice until the age of fifteen, when he decided to break away from the academy and his family for good. He paid good platinum to purchase a new identity, and Amorru Reyes was born.

Skills and Strengths: Ten years crewmanship experience with seven years of piloting; knowledge of noble customs, particularly those of Persephone's houses; trained in swordplay from a young age, particularly skilled with rapiers; learned the value of a well-placed dagger in back alley duels; not physically strong, but is quick handed with fast reflexes and capable of moving with a dancer's grace when pressed by sailing conditions or close quarters combat; high-society upbringing came with higher quality education and practiced social skills

Weaknesses: Not a natural team player;
No interest or experience in Mechanics and Medicine; terrible shot who scoffs at gunplay as a lesser pursuit; argumentative at times, due to overconfident and often pretentious nature; fragile, sensitive ego; Really punchable face; Tends to stick out in a crowd; Though House Duschane spent several years offering a fortune in exchange for the safe return of their eldest son, all but his mother Wendolyn have given up on the idea of a happy homecoming. Unknown to Amorru, as Toliver Duschane lay dying Estrella Duschane blackmailed Bodwinn into denouncing his claim of inheritance and she now serves as head of the house. Estrella sees only one threat to her claim: the untimely return of Gelileo Duschane. A new bounty is out, but Estrella is only interested in seeing a corpse.

Amorru Reyes

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Knapsack filled with everyday supplies such as toiletries, emergency rations, a sleeping mat, survival blanket, and fine clothes; a variety of daggers, knives, and stilettos for stowing on various parts of his person; items lost in escape from Bellerophon, only an ivory handled switchblade stiletto, a pair of small throwing knives, a specially tailored suit purchased on Newhall, and the half-cape remnants of a parade-style officer's jacket remain on his person.

- rings and chains as varied in their material components as in their authenticity
- one pair of vintage, leather-bound flight goggles; a rumored Earth-That-Was relic that he only wears as a head accessory
- handheld Cortex device designed after a pocket watch encased in tarnished silver
- personal communications device worn behind the ear as needed
- a masterfully crafted double-bladed rapier with basket hilt, the singular symbol of his Persephone upbringing
- an ornate, oblong hard case with wheels and a carrying handle, in which the aforementioned rapier, an equally ornate scabbard, and necessary oils, cloths, and sharpening stones for proper upkeep are stowed

enough Platinum to get by (though is nearly broke, having never been paid for his services while piloting Wushu and passing much of the cash pocketed during the barroom brawl on Greenleaf Station to Wushu mechanic Artemis Graham)
It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone
Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, Ooh, From you

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Amorru Reyes

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Medical Records

Official: Galileo Ulysses Duschane
MALADYGenetic analysis revealed Galileo is a carrier of a malady similar to an evolved form of cystic fibrosis. This is the result of an evolved mutation of the CFTR gene, a common trait passed down by particular bloodlines in Persephone nobility. No symptoms present themselves in Galileo's overall physical condition, however behaviors consistent with that of an adrenaline addict, an increased though non-lethal ratio of salt to water in perspiration samples, and preference for salty foods may be considered as genetic indicators. It should be noted that Galileo's father (see medical records for: Toliver Duschane) passed due to this illness, though greatly outlived his own life expectancy.
INJURYFractured ulna bone in forearm suffered while jumping from second story balcony at the Duschane Estate in an attempt to swing down from a rope made of tied up bedsheets to a wall of the hedge maze below; bone reset by the estate's on site physician.
INJURYMultiple shallow stab wounds inflicted upon the patient's torso, arms, and upper thighs by opponents in so-called "practice" duels, unsanctioned and outlawed sword fights engaged in by the more arrogant and headstrong among young Persephone noblemen and noblewomen inclined to all manner of reckless behavior. Wounds were often hastily stitched up by noble youths attending pre-medical courses (resulting in a number of scars), though some were attended to by the Duschane estate's physician "in confidence".

Wushu Medical Files: Amorru Cesaro Reyes
MALADY None known - Both Wushu's med bay and Dr. Grace Halladay's personal medical equipment lack the technology necessary to conduct a full genetic spectrum scan. However, a diagnosis of "terminal stupidity" is seen in Dr. Halladay's handwriting on Amorru's file.
INJURYBruised orbital bone suffered on Greenleaf Station; Cooling gel pack applied by self on Wushu
INJURYBroken nose suffered in Galley of Wushu; Cartilage reset by Dr. Grace Halladay on Wushu; minimum dosage pain killers prescribed
INJURYMultiple skin abrasions and lacerations caused by ballistic debris in Heraklion Bombings on Newhall; Debris excavated, wounds cleaned and stitched up by Dr. Grace Halladay on Wushu
It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone
Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, Ooh, From you

Metric, "Black Sheep"

Amorru Reyes

It's a mechanical bull at number one You'll take a ride from anyone
Everyone wants a ride, pulls away, Ooh, From you

Metric, "Black Sheep"

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