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Wushu's story began back in March of 2007 as a means to an end. There was a character on the old site 'Lost In Serenity that wanted a ship. Well to get a ship you had to earn it so Wushu was born as well as Jax an NPC pilot. You can read the story here if you have time Wushu...Martyrs & Thieves Of course it didn't go as planned and Jax kept Wushu and became a character and the rest is history.

There are a few characters that I might like to bring back to cause some chaos for Wushu's new crew. First off the Moda Tong which would include Jax's old flame Anja Moda. The Tong might still be looking for their ship or just revenge for the death of Yan Moda. Revenge speaks for itself but why the ship? ....Is there something hidden on her? Time will tell. :)

Another pair of ladies could be the two that were on Wushu when the mutiny went down...Miko(Mikozomi Hazuki)and Mara(aka Wu Ming). The whole incident now is a blur to Jax, bits and pieces of how it came to pass. The one thing he remembers for sure is that they both received the short end of the stick thanks to his actions. They could prove troublesome if ever encountered face to face.


After researching and writing this all up I've come to the realization that Jax seems to have a problem with the opposite sex. I hope he ia able to break the chain.  lol :)


Sounds like the right place to be.

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