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Emit Culpepper

Quote"Emit see to it we are secured....and show Mister Finnegan where he can stow his gear, cabin three should suffice."

Emit,glanced over the stranger before him looking for any tale of what he was here for. "No worries Captain."

Stepping within ear shot of the stranger " If you're here to cause trouble or put any of this crews safety at risk, I guarantee ya I'll  plug  ya were ya stand and do it with a smile on my face. These people are under my protection."

Walking past the stranger and giving a tip of his hat towards Abigail. "Weren't no trouble Mrs. Abigail,anytime."

Amorru Reyes

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Quote from: Charity on June 14, 2018, 12:48:09 am
"You can't have any, you're driving,"

Amorru smirked at Charity, wondering what the momentary look of mischief in her eye heralded for the crew of Wushu now. The look lingered a bit too long as the pilot raised a curious eyebrow, Charity attempted to hand the cup over to Artemis with a smile as the engineer crossed the bridge toward the monitors near the control console. As she leaned over Amorru, he made a show of making way for her as he situated himself to get a better look of his own.

Quote from: Artemis Graham on June 14, 2018, 12:40:54 am
"Damn," she muttered, "too slow."

"Yeah," he mused, resting a cheek on his hand as he tried to burn the view offered by Art's current position into his memory. "Sod the luck."

Quote from: Charity on June 14, 2018, 12:48:09 am
"Oh, my. Do you think they were a couple?" she asked, pointing at the strange woman and Jax on the screen. "They do look quite..." Charity tried to think of the right word, looking at the pilot, Art, and then Jo for assistance, "Intimate?"

Amorru joined Charity in glancing back and forth, curious to hear Art and Jo's thoughts on the matter. Personally, he figured the less he knew about Xavier's love life the better. "Figure he's done nothin' I ain't ever done before..." Amorru lifted a finger, thinking the question made a perfect opportunity to segue into another of his favorite talking games when -

Quote from: Charity on June 14, 2018, 12:48:09 am
"What size dress do you wear?"

- Amorru's face scrunched together so close it threatened to retreat entirely into his skull. "Well how the hell should I know? I haven't worn that many, and it's not like I ever got properly measured... "  He finally realized Charity only peered at him by accident as she finally turned her head toward whoever she meant to ask. Amorru breathed a sigh of relief. "Wait. What's she going to do with my coat?"

Quote from: Artemis Graham on June 14, 2018, 12:40:54 am
"At least they appear to be leaving," she noticed, "Or at least most of them are..." Her voice trailed off as she stared down at the man who appeared to be staying behind. Her eyes narrowed slightly. "This doesn't bode well."

"Huh. A bit anticlimactic if you ask me. I don't like his face."

Quote from: Jolene Blaylocke on June 14, 2018, 05:05:14 am
"...to answer your question: Tiny."

Amorru leaned over to see past Art where Jo lay behind the comm controls, the tech specialist grabbing his full attention for the first time.

Quote from: Jax on June 19, 2018, 03:01:21 pm
"Okay Reyes we are clear to go, get us outta here!"

Amorru grumbled, the sound of the Captain's voice over the ship wide comms system bringing him back to reality before the mental image of Jolene in one of her "tiny" dresses formed fully. Muttering flippantly while typing slower than previously,  Amorru keyed in the clamp release request sequence and smirked when his control monitor finally displayed an acceptance icon backlit in green. "Ha! I knew it wasn't me!" Snatching the transmitter in one hand while keying in the ignition sequence with the other, the hapless flyboy resplied to his Captain with an announcement. "Attention all passengers and crew of Wushu Air, this is your            handsome and daring pilot speaking. Propulsion systems are go and we are prepared for take off in T minus 30.. 29,. 28... We know you have your choice of transports with questionable reputations and we want to thank you for making the right one. 19... 18... 17... Oh, yeah. You all might want to strap in... 14... 13... Hey, can someone get Charity off the bridge please? No, you can't fly! No one said anything about you being a woman. Because you're drunk that's why! No.... Excuse you. Sigh. 5... 4... 3... 2... k."

Ready or not, the clamping arm released the transport and it blasted away from Greenleaf Station, leaving bar brawls, old friends, and ex-lovers in its wake. "Well, except for Grace," Amorru supposed. Punching in coordinates and plotting a vector at Xavier's order, Amorru snickered as he imagined the sawbones being too busy cleaning to get herself properly prepared for take off, turning it to a deep belly laugh as the engine got a full head of steam and rocketed into the Black.
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Quote from: Helena "As for Charity, I swear, it was just one glass of moonshine, the girl's got the tolerance of a goldfish. Though she is wandering about and will most likely end up decorating room that's in....hopefully not ours."

Jax tried to picture an inebriated Charity, the image he conjured up in his head was astonishing. "Might be a good time to try and pry a last name out of her." He quipped. They reached the captain's quarters just as Reyes began his count down. Jax held onto Abigail as they braced themselves for take off in the open hatchway. "At long last, this stop over has been an eternity." The ship roared to life and in a blink of an eye was clear of the Skyplex. Once in the room Jax contacted the bridge. "Reyes, lets do a slow orbit of Greenleaf to make sure we aren't being trailed....I'll get you a destination in short order." Jax slipped into a seat, one of two, that were set by a small chart plotting table. The table top was still glowing with a star chart of the Greenleaf planet cluster. He looked to Abigail..."Well let's open her up and see just what the Moda's have in mind for us."

Abigail Archer

Quote"Well let's open her up and see just what the Moda's have in mind for us."

Abigail nodded and opened the package, first thing she saw was, "Vital organs....repossessed?" She looked up at Jax with confusion sprawled across her face, this would definitely be the first time, she's had to retrieve any kind of....body part for a job. "What the hell is your ex into?"  The look on her face turning into disgust. Abigail might be considered a monster to some, or even overly aggressive, but body parts? That was crossing a line for her.

She held up the four wedding passes, "Guess we're going to Bellerophon...might need Charity to give me a few lessons in etiquette and dress me." She gave him a lopsided grin, at least someone would get some fun out of it.


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"But, to answer your question: Tiny," Jo answered.

Tiny? Charity looked down at her own dress and frowned a little. Well, the other woman was rather small, so surely she meant tiny in size and not tiny in... well in a lacking of fabric. She was sure she could find something in her luggage or in a shop that would fit the girl. A giggle slipped past her lips unbidden. Jo would look adorable with ringlets.

"You all might want to strap in... 14... 13..." Amorru began his count down.

Charity looked around the bridge for an open seat, spotting one back near the entrance to the room. However, standing seemed infinitely more interesting and the first shot of questionable liquid mixed with the second bit of moonshine was really settling in nicely. Fanning herself vigorously to beat the sudden heat rushing through her, the aristocrat looked over at the controls with a curious pouting of her crimson lips. "Perhaps you could teach me to fly?" she asked him with raised, excited brows, a child like curiosity flashing across her features.

"No, you can't fly!" he exclaimed.

Charity gasped a little and stood up straight, putting her free hand over her heart and looking absoltely shocked at his answer. "I'll have you know, I have seen numerous pilots who were women and they handled," she paused, struggling to pick up her train of thought, "handled themselves with great..." again, a pause as she looked for a word, "aplomb," she managed, frowning at him as though he should know better!

"No one said anything about you being a woman," he argued.

"No? Then why can't I fly? I'm sure I would be remarkable at it!" she countered, setting that free hand on her hip and cocking it to the side. Although she did have to be very careful in aiming said hand as it seemed a little more difficult to find her hip.

"Because you're drunk that's why!" he reminded her.

"I am no such thing," she muttered, leaning closer again and looking over the controls, her stray curls once again sliding against his arm, vanilla wafting around him quite without his permission. "Excuse you," she murmured, thinking he had gotten closer to her. While she did smell a bit of what could have been paint stripper or engine fuel, up close she didn't seem as disoriented or any measure of sloppy, like one might've expected. Even intoxicated she was able to pull herself together enough not to shame herself.

"No.... Excuse you. Sigh. 5... 4... 3... 2... k."

With a little squeak of surprise, she stumbled back a little and fell into the seat she had ignored before, glad she didn't still have the alcohol in her hand. She was sure it would have eaten a hole right through her dress if she'd spilled it. Amorru's laughter pulled her attention back to him and she raised a brow, "What's funny?" she asked.

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Jolene Blaylocke

Jo had begun to disconnect her wiring set up as she listened, with no small amount of glee, to their pilot and Charity have a back and forth as the count down for departure was worked in between. In the end, she broke down in a snicker as she snapped the panel of the comm unit in place, closed up her work case and braced herself against the unit. No sooner was she braced than the ship beneath her surged forward. Letting herself adjust to the momentum, dark brown eyes watched Charity who was seemingly intent on the pilot. Hopefully, that meant the dress issue was forgotten somewhere in the bottle and the argument about why she wouldn't be allowed to fly.

With no further reason to be on the bridge, Jo decided that a hasty retreat was needed. And she really didn't want to carry her case around the ship. Or leave her things all packed up. Though, darting across the bridge was probably only going to draw Miss Charity's attention. So, Jo took a slower approach, but was absolutely prepared to make a quick dash of it. She knew full well that if Charity was still in her fashionable heels, there was no way she'd keep up. Especially not while she was drunk.

Artemis Graham

As the Captain's run in down stairs played itself out and Reyes and Charity bantered back and forth on the bridge, Artemis considered the situation around her. Despite her utter enjoyment watching the two verbally spar, she was enjoying much less the scene they'd witnessed on the monitors. And the words lingering around her didn't help. Do you think they were a couple? Once again love, or at least lust, was making things complicated aboard Wushu. In Art's experience too much history on one ship definitely spelt trouble. It was this, far more than the guns, blood and drunkenness she'd experience on Greenleaf, that was beginning to make her regret her decision to sign on.

She was distracted from these dangerous thoughts by Amorru's countdown. Ideally she would have liked to be in the engine room, making sure all was running smoothly, but their departure was upon them so suddenly Art never got the chance. There was some irony in that. Instead of taking a seat, Art put her faith in her new pilot and braced herself on the console. It was a tradition of hers to always stay standing for the first take off with a new pilot. It told her both how the ship flew and the pilot's skill.

Overall she was impressed, but she still felt compelled to head down to the engine room just in case. So once they'd leveled off Art made her retreat. "Nice flying stud," she said casually, the compliment was dampened by her lack of expression. It made it near impossible to tell if she was being sarcastic or not. For the record, she was being sincere but she'd let him figure that one out. "Guess I better head back to the salt mines and check everything is running smoothly below. Now Charity, remember the wise words of debutantes past..." she said, her voice gaining a momentary expression of grandeur at the second sentence. "If you're going to boot: avoid the dress, shoes and hair. And I'd make my own addition and say avoid the consoles too. If you can remember that you're golden."

And with that Art was off, planning to stop by Grace's on the way down and flash freeze that bottle of bubbles she was still dreaming of.


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[Captain's Quarters]

Abigail held up the four wedding passes, "Guess we're going to Bellerophon...might need Charity to give me a few lessons in etiquette and dress me." She gave him a lopsided grin, at least someone would get some fun out of it.

Jax smiled..."Actually Miss Charity might prove very helpful on this little charade of ours." Jax paused as if suddenly in deep thought. "That reminds me, a couple days back someone was seeking passage to Bellerophon to attend this very wedding, and was offering an extra invite as partial payment. We could sure use that." Jax hopped to his feet..."Let me get a wave off  to her now and see if she's still interested, you can let Reyes know we are headed to Newhall post-haste."

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