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With a handful of luck and a miracle or two mixed in, Jax and Abigail managed to get Wushu to the Zhu Que system. The original plan was to land on Dyton but with word of their first hire waiting at Greenleaf Skyplex, they changed course and docked with the station orbiting above the lush world below. Wushu was in rough shape but manageable and more crew was a plus and more the merrier.



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Jax brought Wushu in slow but steady waiting for the docking arms to grab onto her hull and pull them in safe and snug like. Wushu's pilot was feeling a bit rusty but it was coming back to him bit by bit. The feel of the ship's roll, pitch and yaw was like an old friend seen again. He looked to Abigail... "Just like riding a bike." You could hear the audible clunk as the Skyplex's docking apparatus took over the docking procedure. Jax let go of the stick as Wushu was guided to a nice soft landing. "There we made it!" Jax looked down at the fuel gauges and gave them a few taps with his knuckles. "Flying in on fumes, but we did it." He flashed his XO a big smile.

Abigail Archer

Abigail smirked at Jax as he brought the ship in to a smooth landing. The docking system locked on and a shudder could be heard throughout the corridors.

Quote"Just like riding a bike." You could hear the audible clunk as the Skyplex's docking apparatus took over the docking procedure. Jax let go of the stick as Wushu was guided to a nice soft landing. "There we made it!..."Flying in on fumes, but we did it."

"Yes Captain, great job...you got by with only minor bumps along the way. I was expecting to crash, but you proved me wrong." Abigail ribbed Jax as she un buckled and got up from her seat.  She stepped aside with her arm out towards the door,

"After you sir, age before beauty." She gave him a toothy grin as she waited for him to leave the cockpit.

Grace Halladay

"How's that feel?"  The doctor asked as she extended the leg of a middle-aged man who winced slightly.

"Still hurts but better."  His short reply came as he lowered his leg back to the ground.

"Good.  So stay off it as much as possible, you still have some tendon damage so I've prescribed you some minor painkillers but a couple more weeks and it should be fully healed."  Grace re-assured with a sweet smile which he returned as the man limped out of the triage area of the small outlet rented out as a walk-in clinic.  Grace had landed a couple weeks ago and had been volunteering to help the resident doctor while in wait of her new employer.  There was little time between the first client and the next one.  A burly man staunchly dressed in a brown duster bumped into the exiting man who was in grey.  No apology was given as he sat down on the bed.

"Can't believe you'd heal that 'liance scum.  After what they did."  He grumbled.  Again her reaction was to give a curt smile as she looked over her papers.

"War has been over for years sir.  Besides he might be thinking the same thing as you, especially since I was an enlisted medic with them.  That doesn't mean I would turn away someone who fought for the Independence."  She spoke in a soft tone trying to keep things light especially considering the mans size and apparent ease to anger.

"Now it looks like you're having issues with your blood pressure..."  She began.

Hours later as the last inpatient left Grace locked down the small clinic and headed to The Camel.  Not that she drank often but she was expecting her new employer to be arriving and this might be a welcome place to meet for someone who'd been ship-bound for a long trip.  She ordered a water and found her way to an empty table, leaving her cor-pad out in case her new boss tried to make contact.  In the mean time she swung her legs to and fro under the stool and watched the crowd as she sipped her drink.


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"After you sir, age before beauty." Abigail gave him a toothy grin as she waited for him to leave the cockpit.

Jax bounced from his seat and made straight away for the hatchway. "This is it, hope we're ready." He said in jest, he knew full well they we're ready, more than ready. Getting Wushu back was his goal since steeping off her almost two years prior. As they made their way to the exit lock he still couldn't shake the picture of finding Quaid's lifeless body preserved in an escape pod. Whoever left him there and why were questions that might never be answered, but someone dispatched him and left Wushu sitting. He paused at the door lock and looked to Abigail..."Keep a sharp eye out, possession is nine-tenths of the law they say but someone might be looking for our old girl here." He gave the cold steel bulkhead a couple tender pats before hitting the open switch.

Emit Culpepper

  Emit, had only arrived on Greenleaf Skyplex, an hour before receiving a reply to his job inquiry.  He had hoped that the long trip wasn't going to be for nothing. Luckily for him, Grace's information had paid off well.
   It was kind of her to have even sent him a link to the classifieds. Saving his life once was more than enough, he only hoped he could repay the debt.

  It wasn't to hard to find directions for the Saloon, it seemed like every 100ft or so an advertisement would pop up on some over head screen.

Abigail Archer

Quote."Keep a sharp eye out, possession is nine-tenths of the law they say but someone might be looking for our old girl here."

"Aye Cap't." Abigail situated her guns and followed Jax by giving the ship a pat for good luck. "Perhaps we'll find some wayward souls to help us run this boat."  The door open and Abigail exited with Jax behind.   It was nice being in control of what work they'd be taking on, she hadn't had this kind of control in a while, not even on Ronin.  Hopefully Wushu's past would stay at bay, at least for a time.

Grace Halladay

As fun as spinning her straw in her drink to make mini whirlpools was Grace soon found herself more intent on the entrance of the bar to see who was coming and going.  Through the crowd she saw some large men coming in, one being the man she had treated earlier but just barely over their broad shoulders she saw the top of a head and after the men turned off towards the bar she saw him.  It had been some time since she last did but he was recognizable for his slightly diminutive figure.  She half wondered if he wanted her around so there was someone shorter than he was.

"Emit!"  She called as she hopped down from her chair and weaved through the crowd towards him.  Finally approaching she for lack of a better term attack hugged him.

"I'm so glad you made it, I was starting to worry.  How are you?  How was the trip?"  Maybe being surrounded by strangers for the last few weeks on a space station made her a little over-eager but it was nice to see a friendly face.

Emit Culpepper

Stepping into the Saloon, Emit, couldn't help but go into Law Man mode, quickly scanning the room for any signs of trouble.  A small group of rowdy ramblers had just obscured his view when he heard his named called "Emit!"

Turning quickly on his heel towards the voice. There she was again, his Saving Grace a nickname he had started using for her. As she embraced him, Emit, was quick to fight off a wave of emotion about to drowned him. He pushed back those War Demons into the deepest darkness of his mind.

Mustering a light grin "Hi Grace, it's really good to see you too. I owe you once again for saving my bacon."

Now hugging her back and giving a bit of a laugh "So should I just add this one on my tab?"

Artemis Graham

Drumming her fingers along the bar, Art tried to force herself to relax. When she'd first sat down the process had been easy. The smell of stale alcohol and smoke reminded her of her youth and the general rabble of the bar's patrons reminded her of the dockyards where she'd first learnt her trade. They were fond memories, unlike her experiences over the last few years with pretentious fat cats who were either underestimating her abilities or leering at her. No, this was how things were meant to be. She'd found a seat a the bar, ordered something that resembled beer and allowed the atmosphere to wash over her.

But as she'd sat there waiting she was suddenly hit with a wave of fear. She'd signed up for a crew without thinking twice, without asking any questions and without a backwards glance. A series of 'what ifs' danced across her mind ranging from best case scenario (finding a place where she fit in again) to worst case scenario (she was devoured by zombies). The worst case scenario was made even worse by the fact that it had precedent.

Sipping her beer she tried to literally drown out her anxiety and instead cast her eyes around. Art had never been what you'd call cuddly. She radiated a 'look but don't touch' kind of vibe and it was out in force that night. She only had eyes for her new captain. That said, it was hard not to miss the embrace of the couple a few tables away. The corner of her mouth twitched into a smile. "Cute," she mumbled to herself and was then instantly taken aback. Apparently she was getting sentimental in her old age. Catching the bartenders eye she slid some coin across the table, deciding to lean into it.

"Their drinks are on me," she said in an undertone. "Just don't tell them," she added, fearing the confrontation. Just because she was going soft didn't mean everybody had to know about it.


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[Docking Ring]

Jax exited Wushu ahead of Abigail and was quickly greeted by the Dockmaster. He was a rather skinny fellow and seemed a bit young for such a position, at least in Jax's estimation. He paused and waited as the attendant flipped a few pages on his clipboard before introducing himself and rattling off a series of questions.

"Well it's good to meet you as well Assistant Dockmaster Kurtz, let's see....no we don't have anything to declare. There is only the two of us aboard. We plan to stay a couple of days, maybe three. We won't have any need for repairs but will need to set up a time for refueling." Jax looked to Abigail. "I believe that is it, yes...oh one thing. Can you direct us to the saloon"?

The young man gladly gave them directions toward the main concourse and after Jax signed his name to the ledger they were free to go.

Grace Halladay

"No this ones on the house.  Besides I owe you for recommending me.  Anyway, seriously.  How are you holding up?  You still not taking the medication I prescribed?"  Her tone was both light and serious.  She rested a hand on his shoulder, he wasn't the most open person about his feelings but she always liked to leave him an in if he ever wanted to open up.

He looked tired, likely not sleeping all that well still though it could just be from the flight.  She led him back to the table where she'd left her water, thinking now she should have brought it with her as it was never a good idea to leave ones drink unattended.  She pushed it to the side as she sat down figuring she'd get a fresh one if they were going to be waiting long.

Grace still remembered visiting his wife's shop as a kid while visiting her aunt, Emit always took the time to talk to her while her mother and aunt shopped.  He was a lawman back then, always so serious but nice enough.  When they met again during the war it was under a far less friendly circumstance.  They'd fought on opposite sides and she was working at a medical outpost when he came through as a prisoner of war.  Thankfully the war ended soon after and he was freed, they had kept in touch sporadically after that especially after his wife and son passed.

Emit Culpepper

["No this ones on the house.  Besides I owe you for recommending me.  Anyway, seriously.  How are you holding up?  You still not taking the medication I prescribed?" ]

Emit, had tried to keep up appearances,displaying that he was solid, ready to get back to work. But to a trained eye she probably saw right through him.  It had been almost five years since he had lost his wife and children to a Small Pox outbreak,but with each new day the wounds in his heart reopen.
"I'm getting along fine Grace. Don't worry, I get enough rest to function better than most. Enough about me. What say you let me buy you a proper drink and maybe a bite, I for one could eat a horse after that trip."

Waving over an attendant he preceded to order a beer and some noodles,urging his companion to do the same.
Taking another scan of the Saloon he was confident that their new employer hadn't arrived yet


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[Docking Ring]

After a series of leap-frog trips from her home planet with several stops in between, Charity found herself walking through Greenleaf Skyplex alone and on the lookout for her next way out. She was anything but inconspicuous, although she hardly noticed the attention she was drawing. After all, she was used to people looking at her and hadn't quite gotten the hang of being 'on the run'.

Entirely unaware, she pulled her clearly expensive luggage along, one dragging behind her and another settled in the crook of her elbow. Her golden dress, lined with lace and sparkling stones, further set her apart from the usual people milling about and working at the Skyplex.
Charity brought her free hand up to idly pluck at the silver gilded locket around her neck, dark eyes looking over the docked ships with a mixture of curiosity and desperation, all her attention on finding a way off planet and not on where she was walking.  She might as well have had a 'Please Mug Me' sign floating just above her head. Dark tresses coiled in artfully styled curls, all piled up atop her head in some misguided attempt to be more practical in her fashion.

As it was, she was headed blindly toward Wushu and it's disembarking crew of two, her gaze finally settling on their ship and not on the dock master or on them. It was clear from the leisureliness of her pace and the nervous way that she looked at the ships that she was in search of a boat to hire, and it was just as apparent from her clothing and the way she carried herself, that she could pay.
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Abigail Archer

Abigail followed behind Jax in the direction the young man pointed them to.  As they began walking a woman came up to the docking ring, she was probably the shiniest thing this place had ever seen.  Abigail arched a brow and nudged Jax, "I suspect she's not from around here."

Abigail wasn't in the know when it came to things like fashion, beauty, or luxury items, but she could bet one of those bags could help them pay for a few items if need be.  If she was a paying customer, it would be beneficial if she was on their boat.

Amorru Reyes

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It Gets Cold In The Black, Bǎobǎo...

The Main Concourse of Greenleaf Skyplex hummed full of commerce around Amorru Reyes as he drifted from shop to shop, unsure what the spare platinum burning a hole in his pocket wanted him to buy. He browsed beautiful bolts of satin and silk, but found nothing worth adding to the varied and vibrant selection of fine fabrics he wore in tufts pulled through the slashes starting above the elbows of his rolled-up jacket sleeves. Amorru eyed rare and expensive jewels, particularly those set in precious metal rings, but found himself running short on unadorned fingers. The crafted leather boots piqued his interest, but Amorru only just recently broke in the pair he wore. Nothing matched the sheath of his favorite boot knife quite as well, either. Circling about, Amorru obliviously bumped a passing shopper with the long protective case he carried in his left hand. Amorru gripped the case closer to himself as if his life depended on the object stowed within. Reyes shot the passerby a vitriolic glare as if the apologetic woman aimed to cause him harm. Staring a hole through the back of her head, he considered the many times he did owe his life to the case's precious contents.

"Zhēn tǎo yàn!" Amorru muttered under his breath as he continued along the Concourse, growing so frustrated he almost missed the fruit cart. His emerald eyes poured over the questionably fresh produce, the sundry selection almost as colorful as his attire. The bundles of reddish-orange skinned citrus seemed to glow as if calling to him, and Amorru wet his lips at the sudden craving. "Are those clementines?" he asked the shopkeeper. After feigning disinterest and even dropping a few names, Amorru haggled the best he could for a paltry bundle and paid the keep fairly before setting the hard case to the floor and placing the fruit in his knapsack. Amorru nodded his thanks and headed toward the saloon, never bothering to visibly acknowledge the other people as such as he passed. He didn't even bother to gawk at the hopelessly out of place woman in the gold dress, despite wanting to admire her sense of fashion. She looked like she belonged at the mid-season ball, but this far out she'd only be dancing with danger. Amorru kept staring ahead as if to remind everyone who bothered to look his way that he had better things to do and someplace better to be. For his part, he probably did. Reyes had a new contact to rendevouz with at the Flying Camel, a name he planned to steal if he ever bought his own boat. For the time being he'd just have to settle on helming the Wushu for as long as it kept his belly full. And so long as it didn't get boring. Or until he got deserted. Again.

Amorru entered the saloon with all the swagger he could muster as  the double doors slid open to let him in. Clearly expecting the noisy crowd to hush to a whisper and part to leave him a wide open path to the bar, Amorru let his boots fall harder and louder than he had any particular reason to as he strut through the room. Not receiving his anticipated berth, Amorru cast a disapproving eye over a dainty, crinkled nose to anyone daring to obstruct his path. Amorru's scowl melted away as he stepped up to the bar and greeted the bartender, but when he attempted to order his favorite brew, the familiar server reminded him of the matter of his unpaid tab. Unable to convince the old bar dog to put it on the house, Amorru turned once again to the crowd he'd just shunned. "Right! So who wants to buy a drink for the best gorram pilot in the whole ruttin' 'Verse? Huh? How 'bout it? Ah, come on! How many chances are y'all gonna get to be owed a favor from  Amorru Reyes?" Receiving no offers, Amorru looked from face to face until his eyes settled on a shock of blonde hair. Her green eyes reminded Amorru vaguely of his little sister Estrella, and he tried to imagine how the girl may have grown in the dozen or so years since he'd left Persephone. Reyes's eyes drifted in the same direction as the woman's gaze, settling on an amorous young couple. Looking back at the woman, Amorru reasoned she must be lonely out here in the Black and smiled to himself. After she whispered something to a passing server, the pompous pilot slithered up beside her. "So how 'bout it, bǎobǎo? Tell me a sweet thing like you ain't gonna let me die of thirst!"
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Artemis Graham

Although her back was to the crowd, Artemis was taking full advantage of the grimy mirror hanging above the bar. She watched the patrons come and go with minimal interest but it was a decent way to pass the time. However, her interest had been peaked at the arrival of the swaggering pilot. His name wasn't familiar but then she'd been out of the game for awhile. She also didn't generally associate herself with people who loudly proclaimed their name to a crowd. When she'd last been in the black she'd kept her full name a closely guarded secret. On the other hand, his bravado was fairly amusing and his ensuing antics would be a good way of passing the time.

Art was so used to keeping herself distanced from the crowd that she was genuinely surprise to find the stranger addressing her directly. Cocking an eyebrow, she resisted the urge to look over her shoulder to make sure there wasn't anyone behind her. It was a testament to how much she'd changed. Five years ago she would have simply fixed him with her most withering expression, said something scathing and left without finishing her drink. Now she was actually feeling something like a smile playing at the corner of her mouth. Catching the bartenders eye she gave a small nod and tapped her own drink to indicate he was getting the same swill as her, nothing fancy.  Then she turned her attention to her new companion.

"I think it'll be worth the price of a drink to watch whatever trouble you stir up around here. Just try not to get me thrown out, I don't want to miss my ride out of here." She took a sip of her drink. "And don't call me bǎobǎo if you want the drinks to keep coming."

It may have not sounded too friendly but in Art speak that was the equivalent of a welcoming hug.



"I suspect she's not from around here."

Abigail's nudge redirected Jax's attention to the woman headed toward them with her menagerie of bags. The sight of her Wushu's pilot hadn't seen the likes of since he and Abigail tried pulling a jewel heist on the luxury liner Nu Du Shen. That boat was full of her ilk... pretty and pretentious and oh so prosperous. The last P being the most important at the moment.

"Excuse me Miss but do you require some assistance?" Jax inquired with his most inviting smile as his eyes dropped to the silver gilded locket around her neck. He quickly refocused on eye contact before he was caught looking any lower by her or Abigail for that matter.


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[Docking Ring]

"Excuse me Miss but do you require some assistance?"

The surprise from having someone suddenly so near her, at least near enough for polite conversation, seemed genuine. She started, shoulders tense, and stopped fiddling with her locket to cautiously slap a hand over her it. With a deep breath, the dolled up woman lowered her hand, her hand luggage still hanging from the crook of her elbow. Dark gaze slid between Jax, Abigail, and the ship they'd come out of.

With a gentle puckering of her lips, likely a thoughtful expression of hers, she pointed an elegant and ornamented index finger at Wushu, "I apologize for my manners," she began, seeming sincerely pained about not having enough time to go through the tedious greetings and half-hearted flattering she was used to, "but would this be your ship?" she asked them both, alternating who she looked at just to make sure she ended up addressing the Captain properly.

With a gentle clearing of her throat, Charity pulled her other baggage closer to the hem of her fine dress and squared her shoulders a little, although she never removed her hand from the straps of her bags. Once again, she seemed to assess the two, dark gaze scanning Abigail's features and Jax's posture, a soft minute smile tugging at the corner of her lips, either pleased with what she saw in them both or having found Jax's inviting smile just a little contagious. "I was hoping to find a ship here that was taking on passengers," she explained politely, tilting her head a little as her smile warmed just noticeably. 
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Amorru Reyes

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Flying Camel Saloon

With his dice cast along those of the other gamblers in the Saloon, Amorru reminded himself he had more than mere luck on his side as the woman locked eyes with the bartender and tapped her glass. Hoping she didn't truly expect him to drink any of that watered-down runoff, Amorru raised his free hand to order his own drink. The barkeep ignored Reyes, shaking his head in disbelief while fetching a glass.

Quote from: Artemis Graham on March 18, 2018, 12:34:51 am
"I think it'll be worth the price of a drink to watch whatever trouble you stir up around here. Just try not to get me thrown out, I don't want to miss my ride out of here." She took a sip of her drink. "And don't call me bǎobǎo if you want the drinks to keep coming."

Amorru's lips curled into a smirk as she spoke. The blonde seemed to know how to handle herself, something the rudderless pilot appreciated. "You wound me, bǎo- ah, bù hǎo yì si, Miss. What is it gives you reason to think I'm trouble? I like to think I'm misunderstood. Y'know, deep." Amorru turned toward the bar, losing interest in everything save his somewhat cloudy and distorted reflection. He propped the case between himself and the bar, freeing his hands to straighten his collar and adjust the folded scarlet bandana wrapped around his head. Amorru practiced his laid back posture as the drink arrived, and tried not to look ungrateful as he rose the glass to toast. "Well, here's to fair sailing for you Miss - ah..." Amorru trailed off, hoping his new acquaintance would fill in the blank.
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