Jason Aaron Xavier

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Jason Aaron Xavier

Date of Birth:  Born 2484 - Age 35
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Pilot/Captain

Secondary Occupation:  XO/Acquisition Officer/Quartermaster

Requested Ship:  Any
Appearance:  Dark hair and eyes. Tall and wiry with a fair complexion. Short dark hair. Dresses in black most times, pants, shirts, jacket and a 5 o'clock shadow most times.

Face Claim:  Seann William Scott

Initial Personality:  Fast talking and a real sales man. Words that would come to mind are...Overconfident, Swaggering and perhaps Braggadocios.
Underlying Personality:  Insecure and anxious, being the result of his childhood on the streets of Paquin's small villages. Living hand to mouth with no real family except those urchins he did business with in Paquin's dark alleys.

Known History:  Jax is an inhabitant of Paquin who once ran a sideshow scam with much success which he parleyed into flight school and a pilot's license, a natural if there ever was one.

He started out an only child who at an early age, with a group of others boys, escaped from the Orphanage at Bluestem. For the next couple of years he lived on the streets until befriending a carnival worker. He was quickly put to work doing odd jobs until his real talents began to show.

Once off world he jumped from ship to ship answering the call from the highest bidder. Coin wasn't his only attraction to a job, the nature of it was just as important. Anything farfetched and dangerous caught his eye like a moth to a flame.

That's what brought him eventually to the transport Wushu. Working for a Captain with ties to the Tong was exciting work Jax thought. The pay was better than good and they always seemed to be in a tight spot, just what he enjoyed.

Other History:  Vanguard Station in geosynchronous orbit forty two thousand miles above the world of Kerry. Home to The Flying Camel saloon. This was your typical rim bar watering hole for spacers. Jax tended bar here for a brief time between flying jobs.

The Wushu Event: Wushu, 'Martyrs & Thieves'

Knowing the mutiny was coming he made the best deal he could, even when things went awry, like a cat he landed on his feet with his hands on the helm of a ship. Most would ask 'now what'? ...but not Jax, he set off swiftly putting distance between him and anyone that would want Wushu back, which included his ex... Anja Moda.

Though unknown to Jax at the time he was about to start a string of bad karma which would ultimately lead to the loss of Wushu, an unwanted job and culminating planetside deserted and broke.

Finders Keepers: 'Where you hang your hat'

"The ride to Beylix gave Jax a chance to meet the crew, including those that just joined. Names were exchanged and home world locations but he was still far from being bosom buddies with any of them. It was a job with pay, bottom line for now. Jax knew what was expected of him and the rest would fall in line as time progressed, it always had in the past.

Jax stood there gazing upon Wushu waiting for any word from Quaid. He couldn't help but ponder what trouble this ship had brought him, or the long list of what ifs. Water under the bridge as they say."


The Great Ice Caper: 'Loaded Ice'

A jewel heist gone awry on the luxury liner Nu Du Shen. Jax teamed up with a woman named Abigail Archer. Though things didn't work out so great on this one, they teamed up for a few more jobs. They were an item for a short time before being split up when Jax was kicked off the ship (Ronin) they were serving on.

Skills and Strengths:  A healthy dose of street smarts and common sense. A natural ability to pilot with a strong gift of the blarney.

Weaknesses:  Overconfident to the point of reckless. Has a big mouth which has landed him in trouble more times than he would care to recall. Not a gunfighter in any sense of the word but does know which end to point. Marginal when it comes to fisticuffs but he fancies himself a martial artist, key word....fancies

Recent History: With a large helping of luck Jax reunites with Abigail to find Wushu. Together they set out to get a job and find a crew. But you know what they say if you depend on luck...'You depend on luck, you end up on the drift.' In the end Jax lost the Girl, the Boat and Everything. The last few months he has spent helping a close friend settle some old debts. Now back on his own his attention has turned to regaining his ship. After assisting Anja Moda to take back the reins of her family Tong she gifted Wushu to him, but it was up to him to find it and retrieve it.  To this end he would turn to his old Captain Lin Kuei and Ronin, yes the very one that once kicked him off his ship. With a hot lead that Ronin was on Greenleaf Station Jax headed off without any prior contact hoping to find Kuei in a good mood.






Ballistic Mesh Vest, compact auto-loader, Knife, PDA, Misc. everyday belongings.


Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):

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