Helena Cain

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Helena Cain

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Helena Cain
Player: Helena Cain

Age:  32
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Gunhand
Secondary Occupation:  General Hand

Appearance:  Helena is about 5'7" with wavy brown hair with a soft complexion. Time has been kind to her, but it's evident she's lived.  Lines have slowly begun to form where she may have smiled, or more likely grimaced.  Worry may have been another emotion worn in a different life, when there was anything worth worrying about. She usually stands favoring her right side, her hip jutting out and her thumb looped into the belt of her jeans. Her weapons are usually out in the open, on a holster, with one combat knife strapped to her ankle.
Face Claim:  Rachel McAdams

Initial Personality:  Helena is relatively friendly when you first meet her. Sarcasm is her native tongue unfortunately making it difficult to determine her sincerity. She can be arrogant and is aware of her attractiveness, something she uses to her advantage.  She loves to flirt, and has a tendency to lead people on, never out of malice.
Helena can also at times take it to far in her ribbing and can forget that not everyone was born with the thickest of skins.

Underlying Personality:  Helena's sarcasm and flirtatious nature is a smoke screen for her deep fear and insecurities.  She is deeply afraid of people, and connections.  Being dis-liked is something she cannot abide by, and will do everything in her power to ensure she is liked.  Whether that is consciously or subconsciously.  Helena likely isn't aware of this fault but it certainly drives her relationships and how she interacts with people.

Underneath the fear is ambition, and competitiveness. She will not lose, and refuses to fail no matter the cost. The stubbornness can be an asset - but every once in a while has been a detriment to a mission or to her personal life.

She secretly craves the love of that one person that will endure her regardless of what she does or how she acts.  Making her a deep closeted romantic.  Swooning is an unfortunate side-effect of this disorder.

Helena is fiercely loyal, and those she does choose to trust and show her true self to - she will defend them and love them until her dying breath.

Known History:  Family:
Jenna Murdoff - Deceased - Cause: Killed during pursuit.
Phillip Murdoff - Deceased - Cause: Found dead in cell, cause unknown. Previous inmate at Alliance Penitentiary, found with multiple stab wounds and several broken ribs.
Hera Murdoff - Unknown - Current status or location unknown. Multiple warrants out for the arrest of Hera Murdoff - most notably for the murder of Alliance Commander Jonathan Cameron Riggs.
William Cain - Alive - Divorced - former husband, known associate, multiple arrest warrants for battery, assault, and robbery.

Born: Persephone
Location: Unknown
Previously arrested for assault, battery, robbery, grand theft auto, assaulting an officer
Warrants: None

Other History:  Helena was born into a family of petty crime.  She and her sister and her twin sister Hera were both raised for the first few years of their lives on Persephone.  They were always competitive, but loved each other nonetheless. Their parents Jenna and and Phillip were never ones that could leave the life of crime behind, though they swore it when Jenna became pregnant.

Jenna did her best to provide an education to her children, or what she knew herself anyway.  Basic math, reading, history, and anything else they might need to survive. Phillip provided "extra curricular" activities, Helena and Hera both learned to shoot at 13 and became pretty good with a gun by 16. He taught them how to fight, how to steal, and how to boost the occasional vehicle. Most importantly, he taught them how to avoid the authorities.

When Helena and Hera turned 17, Jenna and Phillip got back in contact with an old friend who was in need of a crew. They were notorious in the business for sticky fingers and sharp shooting. The crime they took part in was always relatively small time, things like salvage of derelict ships and smuggling. It made sense and they were itching to get back into the game. So they agreed, and brought their girls with them.

This is where Helena met William Cain, Billy.  She was 16, and had never been in love. He was 17, a mechanic, ripped to the core, and covered in grease. He usually appear sweaty which just enhanced the muscles he usually had showing at one time or another. Needless to say he was the definition of a nightmare for any father of two teenage girls.

Hera did her best to gain his attention but never seemed to hold a light to Helena - though that didn't stop Billy from playing them against each other. Relishing in their obsession over him. Over the years, Helena became the center of Billy's attention, the reason being was unknown, perhaps Helena had become a little better a flirting than her sister.  Whatever it was puppy love began to grow.

Five years into living on the ship and taking part in numerous crimes, Phillip and Jenna's friend wanted to aim for something bigger.  He was tired of living in broken down hunks of junk, floating from one job to the next just to survive. He wanted to retire. The job seemed simple from the outside. They were contracted by an unknown individual to rob a bank, on Osiris. This party was looking for something in particular, anything else Helena's crew took was their business. The hiring party just wanted a computer drive in safety deposit box.  It seemed silly, really all that for a computer drive - but the opportunity was too good. They were provided with the necessary information, the codes, the security schedule. Enough to go in undetected and take what they needed to, making violence unnecessary.

Believe it or not, the job went off without a hitch. They walked in and walked out, earned enough to retire, and obtained the drive for the client. But the family friend at this point, got greedy.  He held the drive hostage and required more funding from the requesting party. Little did he know - this was an Alliance officer, with the means to find him, and take whatever he needed to.  Whatever was on the drive, was the eventual demise of Helena's world. It all seemed quick really, an Alliance Cruiser quickly found the ship, detained it, and in a series of small motions her mother was shot down, her father was beaten half to death and detained, and her sister shot an Alliance Commander. All over a computer drive. 

Helena, Hera, and Billy barely escaped with their lives. But the ship had a shuttle, and Billy disabled the tracking.  They landed on the closest moon narrowly escaping the authorities. Hera found a ship to disappear on with what money she had managed to keep on her and Helena never saw her again.  Billy and Helena at the time supposedly in love and scared, did what all young people do when they have their backs against the wall, they got married. In retrospect it was a terrible idea, really. After all unbeknownst to Helena, Billy had been sleeping with his sister all along. Helena was just the hopeless romantic of the two and Hera really only cared about a physical relationship.

The next few years were full of crime, booze, blackouts, fights, and one day the news of her father's death.  There was no explanation as to why or who.  But it was the end of her family. Helena and Billy began to drift apart, though he had been sleeping with anyone that he had come in contact with, which probably didn't help. Three years into their wayward marriage they divorced, and she kept his name. After all the association of Murdoff would only bring her trouble in the future. With Hera still in the wind, Helena drifted, destined to live the life of a vagrant. 

Skills and Strengths:  Helena's skill set is mainly in combat.  Hand to hand, gun fights, and knife fights. From her family she learned a number of other tricks of the trade like pick pocketing, deception, and covert operations. She also has an uncanny ability to talk her way out of trouble. Though the statistics on that are a little uncertain, she would tell you she could smooth talk her way out of 90% of the situations she finds herself in.

Weaknesses:  Helena has a weakness for men, handsome men, charming men, kind, and brutish men. To be clear she's no harlot, but she won't hesitate to take part in a flirtatious conversation. Most of the time it'll cause a bit of a disturbance, whether it's a man who felt mislead or a woman who felt territorial.  She's better at creating wounds than fixing them and if you ask her to fix your ship it'll fall right out of the sky.

Helena Cain

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Helena carries two knives on her at all times, they're her weapon of choice.  Knives offer the speed and accuracy guns don't. One is a tactical knife that is approximately 7 inches, appropriate for hand to hand combat or brawl. The other is a smaller switch blade she keeps concealed in her ankle holster. Better for sticky situations. On her hips rest two semi-automatic pistols, for the occasional gun fight, and of course a PDA.

Helena Cain

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