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Cortex Mainframe

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For creating a situation in which some awesome character interaction/development can take place. Thanks for the opportunity to see Erica squirm and subsequently beat herself up for what she considers a failure. I'm really interested to see how this affects Erica's opinion and relationship with Simon.

Tojoyama as Simon Garbo

Quote from: Simon Garbo on August 18, 2013, 05:35:08 pm
Simon entered the bridge. He'd warned Erica that she should be prepared for some real 'training'. He stood a moment, aware that she'd been working and properly prepping. Simon started asking about the flight plan and alternatives that she would never have considered as they were foolish and wasteful. Then a quick Q&A on ship's systems, many things a pilot would not need to know, his questions moved with a randomness. She expected this, he'd warned her - the whole point was. To keep cool, sort through the BS and focus on the things that mattered.


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To Axe, playing as Vega Barnet.

Thanks for jumping into an aside with Luke for some male bonding! I'm really enjoying writing with you and especially appreciate the opportunity to see Luke ponder the possibility of making a friend! :)

Ronin Aside: Drinking Buddies


Dhac Cathal

To the entire cast of Gemini for Episode 3 Bait in the Black. We haven't even left port yet and everyone is creating opportunities for interactions and there HSS been some awesome roleplaying. 

Can't wait to see this continue and I am glued to my sestceaiying to see what the next post brings


Both the crews of Nomad and Ronin are getting in some really solid interaction.

Admittedly it has been slow for Nomad and now they are down to only 4 people and paired off so things are going to get interesting.

Black Betty

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Just like to give a nod to James and Caliope in our thread here. Thoroughly enjoyed this little interlude, think some excellent character development was had and LOVED the teaisng interaction between the two!


Couldn't have done it with out you and Sabrina :D

Black Betty

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I would like to nominate BOTH Caber and Erica for their interaction in the Gemini thread here. The sexual undertones when absolutely no sex is involved is bloody brilliant. Been a delightful read and manage sto make me feel dirty like watching porn... just not porn. :D



I second the nomination for PR as Erica in the above. I'm pretty proud of myself too, but that's nothing new. My huge head won't let me feel any other way.  ;D
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I have to give a nomination to Bert, Daxton and Joseph on Nautilus and their bar fight that is going completely wrong.

As someone said in chat.  Think we might have our own version of the three stooges :D



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Caliope and Black Betty for their joint post in Gemini, showing us all how well intrigue and sex go together.

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Nominating Holger, Melody, and Max from the prologue Birds Don't Sing Anymore

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