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Ronin OOC

Started by Lin Kuei, November 05, 2011, 12:55:42 am


Please make sure to look over the layout of the ship in the thread located here so you know where everything is:


Sorry been busy, I'll work on catching up this weekend. :)


Greetings to everyone,
I see a lot of familiar folks here within Ronin, I  too hope to make some new friends along the way.  I've made a new character " Newt Declan " that I'm awaiting approval for and hopefully will use to fill the open Pilot position here.

Just wanted to say hello and am looking forward to roleplaying with everyone soon.

Keep Flyin


Prematurely welcome aboard, SC!


Newt is approved and ready to go.


Gwen ~ Devon McKinney ~ Mylena


Thanks everyone !
Much appreciated "Noseatbelts" for the timely approval.

Minato Kaneshiro


Awesome .. replied to the Classified message and now we just need to get Magi's gunhand Luke O'Malley Approved and onboard with Newt and we will move forward

Mylena Yee

Yes please.  Mylena just loves making new friends.
Pale death visits with impartial foot, the cottages of the poor and the castles of the rich.


Hey there Spacecowboy!


Magi will also be joining us so we will be almost 100% full



Does everyone have an assigned color for posting in IC?

Minato Kaneshiro

It's going to interesting if they walk up on Minato snooping or coming back from it at least :P


SC, there are no assigned colors ... just use whichever one you like

Minato, that would be interesting


Thanks again for allowing me a spot with Ronin, excited to be back at Finding Serenity!

Travis Chao

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Yes. And thanks for my spot here too.

Welcome aboard, I'm new as well.

1. I did assume that Travis was instructed as to the current crew, even though we didn't get to all that IC conversation. It seems that it would have been something quickly covered even if they have not met in person, If that's not ok, I'll fix my post.

2. Do you want us to take a colored text for our out loud words? I prefer to keep things in a more standard style, but can adjust as you wish.

"When you give a personal lesson in meanness to a critter or person, don't be surprised they learn the lesson."


You're all welcome. Great have to such a solid crew!

1. There was a general thing but once the ship leaves the Skyplex, Lin will do a formal go-round introduction and make a few other statements so the mostly new crew are aware of what is going on.

2. You can make words spoken colored if you wish or not

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