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Mylena and Newt made other plans. Travis and Dizzy looked over their own fate and found the sudden running off on a suspect mission might not be in their best interests at the moment.

The four of them settle up, leaving the shuttle for sale with the proceeds to be divided and sent to them.

Two went separate ways, and two traveled on together.
It didn't take long for Newt to get a reply from his old contact, going by Lil-Miz-Tub-Man now. "Gud folk, gud hart, gud bak ing, gud folk, no sperience. Gud Luk."

The ship that was lined up was a beauty. Someone was providing some serious backing. The specs were solid, the set up of the interiors shots looked like a derelict. It was perfect for such a mission.

Travis Chao looked through the documents. He seemed torn about the whole thing. For a while he seemed excited as he reviewed, then he looked skeptical.

Dizzy McGee was right well pleased with the schematics of their 'temp' ship. It looked sound as an anvil.
Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
April 21, 2020, 07:20:12 am

The Phoenix Company Transport from Greenleaf to New Melbourne:
 - Talon Class Transport, set up with cells.

... name to be determined.. suggestion?

Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
April 21, 2020, 07:10:53 am
The little ship that did: Ruby Rose


Top Deck: #5, Bunk Beds
Left - Dizzy McGee
Right - Captain Travis Chao

Lower Deck Red Dot, Full Size Bed
Left - Newt Declan and Mylena Yee
Right - Vacant

Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
April 15, 2020, 08:18:06 am
Some general information for our current episode:

The four military Alliance anti-slavers:
Alliance Military 39th Greenleaf Detachment Support Group.
Marine Quad Epsilon:
 - Lieutenant Ray 'Scarecrow' Bolger, Tall Lean and Lanky. Signed up and got into the end of the Unification War. Gung Ho and clean, by the book, loyal and honest.
 - Gunnery Sgt Jack 'Hickory' Hailey, near retirement, seasoned.
 - Corporal Leo Lyon, gentle and good natured.
 - Prvt Dorothy 'Dotty' Gale, Machine Gunner, tough, gritty

And the map of RED SUN system (I am working on getting rid of the watermark):

The Doc's Tavern

Dizzy didn't see anything out of the ordinary. The two men, the Lieutenant and Hickory seemed to be rather nonchalant about everything, even after they were joined by Travis, Mylena and Newt. She couldn't see the map that Lt. Bolger produced, but Travis sort of folded it over or something. No one else in the bar seemed suspicious. A couple of the local men were friendly, offered a drink for her. They were not belligerent or offensive, just locals drinkers enjoying their home bar. "Don't mind us miss" "Yah, we harmless" "Not that we mean tuh be, juss are." "Hheh eh haha"

At the table Travis didn't hide his unease at discussing such a dangerous and frankly illegal vigilante plan out in public. Lt. Bolger laid it out though. It looked simple, though as Travis could easily gauge, so could Mylena and Newt.

 - The plan involved the group to depart Greenleaf Station on a ship that was being lent to them by a patron. They would fly around the Red Sun, stop at New Melbourne where they would pretend to pick up slaves to sell. Then they would fly to St. Albans and the Slaver Station.
 - Some of their group would be sold to the Station, where they would free themselves and others. In the meantime the soldiers would assault the station instead of leaving. The details of that to still be worked out. The soldiers had a couple of others that they would meet at New Melbourne that would be part of the 'fake slaves'.

Travis picked up some personal items and checked on the prices for some cold weather gear. If this job went through it sounded like they would need it. He figured to front the money from their general fund.

. . . .
Dock's Tavern
It was Doc's Tavern, but some years back it had been sold. Then sold again and a k was scratched on the sign.
If anyone on the station said they were going to Doc's, the local knew what was meant.

Dizzy found a good seat at the bar that had a good look at the majority of the booths. Others were beginning to stream in. A sign promising live music later looked old and rather generic.

The bar nearly filled up with locals. They were friendly enough, shift ending happy hour working folk having couple drinks before moving on to their. "Waz your name?" "I'm Huffy, station life support." "Hey Brute, how's it hanging." "Lower than you Space."

Two of the military squad entered just before 2100, looked the place over and sat not far from Dizzy. Hickory and the Lieutenant. The sat across from each other in a large booth with benches on both sides. It would fit six easy enough. It was hard to hear everything but Dizzy got the gist. They were talking about her crew. ".. checks out.." ".. indentured servant..." ".. met him while back... good sort...". ".. and they got a flying crew, which is what we need..."

Travis arrived a few minutes early, having arranged for Newt and Mylena to arrive on time. He greeted them. They made room. Beers arrived. A map was produced. Travis deliberately showed some discomfort at having the map out in the open.

Phoenix IC / Season 1, Ep 2: Are We Big Damn Heroes?
March 08, 2020, 01:05:13 pm

The four members of the Alliance Quad had been professional and polite. One of them, Gunnery Sgt Jack 'Hickory' Hailey, approached and offered work. Though the specifics were still to be discussed, Hickory indicated to former acquaintance Newt Declan that he was part of an anti-slavery group that wished to target a slavery ring which had a 'processing' place out on the edge of the rim.

With the exception of Mylena Yee, Newt Declan and Travis Chao the rest of the company disbursed after receiving their share of the bounties.

Travis Chao left Mylena and Newt on their little shuttle, Ruby Rose. The shuttle was now theirs after putting in the payment on the rent and purchase clause of the rental contract. Dizzy did a little repairs before she took off. Travis wished her well and hoped she'd be back. She seemed to have a good hold on the little ship and how to keep it flying.

Chao headed into the Greenleaf Skyplex to look for some hired help. A mechanic and perhaps a gun. From what Hickory had told them, and some of it had been restricted, but he did say to dress for very cold. 'No matter where we land.' Well, that usually meant St. Albans.

Once Mylena had received permission she petted the big cat gently, luxuriating in the soft fur. "Lots of trouble with poachers? I shouldn't wonder with that coat.  Are they endangered?" She genuinely was curious since she'd just bought a pelt inside, not realizing it might have been poached. "How hard is it to catch poachers in a jungle like this?"

"Endangered?" Private Leo took a look toward the Lieutenant before answering a little more quiet, "Not exactly, used to be smaller, got some sort of genetic help, bigger. So yeah, I guess, only a few of them like this. And yeah, hard to catch them. Hard to find anyone in the jungle, ore under the ground makes scanning hard, and the jungle of course."

. . .

As Hickory stepped closer and spoke of what he and his combat buddies were planning, Newt became all ears. "I didn't know Greenleaf had a problem with Slavers? Thought most working down here were derived from the colony ships. Generations of families, tribes, guilds and clans, stuff like that. I know folks come here to hide too so I  guess I shouldn't be surprised. I'm sure I can talk the crew into helping out. My sweet Mylena for sure. What sort of mission you got in mind?"

"Not here so much, but the planets out on the far side of the system." He meant Red Sun System presumably. People go missing, end up getting ..." Hickory swallowed trying to keep the words quiet and clear, "processed I guess they call it. Some go to the core, some back out to outer planets. We got a line on one of those processing, sorting places. Figure to go in, get the people out. Anyone trying to stop, going to be a bad day for them. So, it's not for the faint of heart."

 . . .

Nearby the Alliance Military Shuttle had landed. A captain was giving the Lieutenant a very large and unfriendly piece of his minds, "Filed it, what kind of squeamish by the book gose excuse for an officer are you. Unit first you little ..." he quieted but was clearly not happy with how things had been handled.

Travis Chao stood close by the Lieutenant and smiled.
The Captain said something about "... slapping it off him,"
Chao chuckled, patted the Lieutenant on the back lightly and walked over to Minuto.
"You getting this all recorded and uploaded to the station Minuto?"
Minuto nodded in the affirmative.

The Captain got the prisoners and the hover with the big cat loaded on his shuttle.

"You and your quad can rutting walk." He said to the Lieutenant.
Hickory laughed a little. "Jack Hailey Miss. Hickory is just a nick name." He patted a long ax handle he had tuck in a strap of his back pack. Then after a little look around he answered Newt with a hand across his face. "Yeah, mustache did conform to some new Alliance space regulation. Emergency masking and all that."
Then he stroked a receding hair line. "Yeah... a little less."

The private spoke up then. "It's ok Mam. To-To is tame as can be even awake. Kind of bossy and loud but won't hurt anyone, just doesn't like to be caged up, always sneaking off. And too smart for the science folks, always getting away, which isn't good. One of his sibling got a way couple months ago, found her skinned and gutted." The private muttered to himself, "*&(^ poachers."

Hickory smiled. "Private Leo like his kitties. It's good duty out here working for the animal refuge. Except for the heat. And the rain."

"And the food." Said the Private. He smiled sort of shyly at Mylena. "You can pet him."

"Yeah." Said Hickory. "He hasn't eaten a human for over a year." His smile was teasing.


Jack Hailey gave a moment for others, then stepped closer to Newt Declan.

"So Declan. Me and the boys got some time off coming. You bounty boys busy? We got something going, some sort of slaver camp we're going to go visit. Get some people out. Might be some head busting." Hickory looked over at the Lieutenant, "Off the books."

Lieutenant Bolger talked things over with the registered bounty hunter.
Everything seemed to check out. He gave Travis Chao a short lecture about proper clearances for landing on Greenleaf but it was clear he didn't intend to do anything about it. All in all Lt. Bolger was having a very good day. They had recovered the escaped leopard To-To and checked out the unauthorized landing. And now it looked like they would have five prisoners wanted for bail jumping or outstanding warrants.

Gunnery Sergeant 'Hickory' tended to wounds not hesitating to add insult to injury when dealing with the prisoners. "What's the matter boys and girl, run into some folks in the jungle that didn't shake in their city boots just seeing you?"

Private Dotty Gale stood apart from everyone. Her machine gun firmly strapped to her shoulder and at the ready.  The fourth member of the Alliance 'quad' unit was Corporal Leo Lyon. He tended to the giant Leopard of electric blue, stroking its fur and talking to it. "That's a good girl, we'll get you home soon little love. Real soon. That's a good To-To girl. Did those people gonna give you a shock huh? Not to worry precious."

A large Alliance military shuttle arrived and hovered overhead.

Gunnery Sergeant Hickory Haley started at Newt. Then he approached, waited a moment to get a word in.
"Newt Declan yeah? I remember you, listened to those folks at a conference year ago, former slaves talking about how big human trafficking is. We tossed down a few beers with some other folks, talked big we did.. about doing something about slavers. How ya been?"
Inside the bar keep and Mylena arrived at a price for the blue pelt.

Other mulled around outside. A couple of other patrons of the inn took a look and went back inside.

 . . .

Travis Chao chatted up Lieutenant Bolger, who after a few words directed "Hickory, lend a hand and see to any injuries." The Alliance Sergeant pulled a medical kit and offered any assistance to the hunters before tending to the prisoners.

The woman stood apart, skeptical of everything, an automatic weapon hung off her shoulder as she kept watch.
The fourth marine arrived on foot with the big cat on a hover. He stroked the cat's sedated fur.

Earnest and Gus had woke up and were not happy at their situation, but kept quiet.

Belinda was not so inclined. "You purple dogs to the 'lliance! Taking good folk and turnin' em in for your pieces of silver. Dogs slicker' gose is what you are."

 . . .

"Permission to put a cork in her." Said the Gunnery Sergeant called Hickory.

The Lieutenant just grimaced and shook his head no.

Chao and Lieutenant Bolger seemed to come to an agreement.

The rest of the hunters had a few minutes to themselves.
Ruby Rose

"I am Lieutenant Bolger, Alliance Military 39th Greenleaf Detachment Support Group. Tell your associate to come on out."

The next few minutes was some explanation and examination of 'papers' and documents. The big cat was lowered up onto a small hover. "Careful now." Said the Lieutenant, he petted the neck of the giant leopard. "It's ok Toto, we'll have you back home soon enough."

"Escape research something." Was all the Lieutenant said with a smile.

Three other camouflage Alliance soldier were there. They all took care to avoid any funny business from Newt or Dizzy, but treated them respectfully with some caution and apprehension.

"Come on in Declan, we got things secure." Comm announced, Travis that is.

The Lieutenant nodded. "OK Pilot Newt, let's go see what's what at the Little Rex. Bring Toto Kitty with us. Dot and I will ride with the shuttle."

"Let's go."

In a few minutes all were gathered at The Little Rex.


Newt could see the big beast of a cat at the far end, aft on Ruby Rose. It looked like some sort of leopard but was as big as some sort of tiger or extinct super saber something.  The cat turned toward him. It looked a little unstable, stepped toward him as it turned. A large dart was stuck in its side.

Before Newt could so much as raise an eyebrow the hatch was lifted open wide and two hands from two different persons grabbed both shoulders and lifted him him out of the shuttle with enough force to have thrown him a good dozen meters, or so it seemed.

"Good lord. It's a kid." Said the voice of one of those hands, on Newt's right.
A voice on Newt's left said. "That ain't nice Zeke, this here is a little person."

Newt could see a third person, a big man in Alliance Jungle Camoflage climbing up next to the jungle cat with a dart rifle in his hand, another weapon strapped to his body. He looked at Newt but keep a wary eye on the Leopard.

He nodded to one of the other persons, the one on Newt's right, who then shifted a little and shouted down the hatch. "Steady on down there and prepare to exit. Don't make us drop a flash bang and smoker down there."

The man with the dart gun, Lieutenant bars on his cuff said. "You are bound by law."



In the Hall Mylena felt Belinda try to feign unconsciousness, realized it wasn't going to work and then started to flay in all directions.

Luke gave them all a look, tapped his ear when he heard Travis' warning and bound up the stairs.

At the bar Minato explained to the barmaid they they were all legal and doing the law.

JAX headed to the back hallway.
The little Rex, back hall first floor.

The pin went deep into Da Zheng's eye just as he was attempting to smash Mylena into the corner at the stairs to get her off. Zheng's head hit the wall as Mylena hit the corner with brutal force.

Knocked off Zheng she fell to the floor, landing on her feet by instinct, shoulder and ribs screamed with pain just as Belinda Bates leapt on her.

And the back door crashed open from the smack of Luke's powerful shoulder. The door hit Belinda Bates and her outstretch hairpin aimed at Mylena, both women went to the floor fighting and crashed back into Da Zheng who crumbled with Mylena's pin pushed deep into his brain.

At the first floor bar
The barkeep raised an eyebrow and screamed an irritated, "HEY!" She reached for a small thick meter long inch thick stick and headed to the hall.

Outside and upper floor
The two figures could be seen by Travis at the window. They turned as they heard the commotion in the hallway.
Inside the Little Rex

The barmaid replied to JAX, "Don't rightly know what folks are doin out here. I keeps my business in my own pocket where it belongs. It's my place, the little Rex, and as long as there ain't no trouble here, I let whoever come'n go as they need. Don't much care for 'lliance folk or dirty no good crim types, but they all come here time to time." She turned to go around a small corner to cook. She was still in sight but away from the hallway where....

Mylena' s throat strike might have given her pause, Da Zheng seemed to have nothing but steel sinews and a hardness of flesh, even on his throat. Still the finger thrust had the desired effect but she realized that whatever was under his skin, it had some sort of pumped-up unnatural feel to it. But it was no time to consider the chemicals he might have taken to become such a behemoth.

Da Zheng gasped for air and let out a very whispered "guh". A doubt crept into Mylena's mind if she would or could be cutting his blood supply off with her choke hold. At first Da Zheng just took a couple steps like he was considering what to do about a fly on his cheek. He moved toward the door held locked by a single bolt, barely secured to the wall. They were at the bottom of the stairs.

At the top of the stairs was Belinda Bate in a pretty summer dress, all smiles. Her face turned sour, "what are you doing with my... ?" Then she stopped, realized there wasn't something overly friendly going on, but something sinister.  "Why you Shee-niou* bitch..." Belinda Bates took two stairs at a time and leapt as Da Zheng and Mylena.

At the Bar... JAX and MInato could just barely hear the tussle in the hallway. The bar keep did not seem to notice.

.. Upstairs Townsend and Quinn stood at the front window smoking, tossing ashes out the open window. Travis couldn't tell which was which given the long sleeves, the darker skinned Quinn was difficult to make out. but he'd seen them before. He was sure it was them. The light outside was getting bright fast, soon he'd not be able to see into the room except for if they stayed by the window, especially from his lower vantage point.
They showed no sign of knowing was was going on down below and in the rear of the building.

*  Shee-niou = Cow Sucking
inside the Little Rex

Mylena moved to the toilet door. It was half opened and the smell was none too good. At seeing the face she made Da Zheng moved toward her, laughed a little. "Couple trees in back make for good cover, and uh outdoor wash basin."

Luke confirmed that to be true. Da Zheng bounced on his toes, "I'll keep lookout for ya."

At the bar the barkeep seemed satisfied with cleaning the bar. She asked, "So what's it to be fellas, breakfast for the three of you?"
INSIDE: The Little Rex Inn and Trading Post

"Da sister. I am Da." He seemed pretty proud of it too. He moved up close to Mylena and took a look around the corner at the first floor of the trading post, looked a little hard at Jax and Minato. He was still fiddling with his belt, certainly hoping to make the little nun feel uncomfortable.

"Friends of yours?" Da Zheng asked her, standing close, looking down at her. Boots, pants, his shirt still only half tucked in. Gun and Gunbelt loose around his hips.
Ruby Rose

The heavy feet of the huge feline continued to be heard. Newt hung from the bulkhead, near certain he could feel the feet of the 'monster' padding about until they stopped. Or maybe it was his heart beating.

Everything seemed secure to floor or wall, nothing immediate to help Dizzy get some height to help Newt. After a half a minute she found a half step ladder mounted on a wall that would help her get to Newt.

The Little Rex Inn and Trading Post

Luke replied that there was a door, locked but nothing he couldn't smash through if need be.

"Be tomorrow before I got anything opened up." The barmaid replied to Mylena.
To JAX and Minato, who stood close by him, "Eggs 'n Bacon. Though it ain't gonna be chicken 'r pig. That a problem for you I can pour something outa a can and nuke it."

Mylena found a small short hallway, at the end was what had to be the back exterior door, and which Luke was on the other side.
There were stairs by the door that went up.
Another door along the hall was closed. And then opened.

Out came Da Zheng. He was still hitching up his britches and buckling his belt. He stopped when he saw Mylena. A little confusion on his face, then he smiled cocky, took his time fixing his pants.
"Where you come from little rabbit?"
Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
November 14, 2019, 05:00:56 pm
I'm sure ties, cord and rope are not difficult to acquire. Just wait until you see Cowboy Travis hogtie up them varmits.

Also Crew, I did not see anyone listed in the casting call. Please fill out the following:
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