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Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
November 09, 2020, 09:31:19 am
Once they were outside, Charity finally breathed a sigh of relief, her shoulders lowering and her free hand resting over her heart. She most assuredly did not think they'd been transporting rations anymore, and although she had some vague inkling that they had just done something illegal, she wasn't savvy enough to know what it was precisely. All she knew was that Mister Sebastian was going to be getting an earful from her the moment they returned to the station.

"Anyone wants to hop on back, mind the bit towards the end there," their Mister Cooper offered. With a little grimace, she sat down carefully, her hands swooping over the fabric atop her rear to smooth it out as she sat. God forbid she get wrinkles. She noticed some of King's unease, part of it clearly from the situation, but another part seeming...foreign to her, unfamiliar, different than how he typically composed himself. She just wasn't entirely sure how it was different.

"We aren't safe til we're back in the Black. Keep your eyes open," King muttered. Charity nodded a little and reached out to set a hand on his, about to ask if he was alright.

"Well," Darius interrupted her thoughts, "I've seen you folks to your destination.  I suppose I ought to be moving on and letting you get offworld.  Doesn't seem likely you'll be robbed now that your cargo is offloaded. I'll likely be heading offworld soon, myself.  Be looking for a job on a transport, most like."

The aristocrat eyed the man, noting that he looked very much like a dog leaving the room after being scolded, glancing back at their family for validation or affection. A brow rose. "Good luck to you in your search," she offered flatly, tilting her head to the side and settling both hands on her own lap once more. Her eyes moved to find Pele in the group, shoulders lifting a little as she shot her a look. Why was this man still here, she wondered for a second time.

"When we return to the ship, would you be so kind as to show me how the wave system works? I'd like to inform our...benevolent employer of our imminent return," she asked Cooper, a little bit of venom in her voice. She had more to say to Sebastian than, 'We're on our way back,' but...prying ears and all that. "Jed, dear, are you sure you wouldn't like to sit here?" she asked, worried about the older gentleman having to walk all the way back.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
October 20, 2020, 11:36:49 am
"Do come in. I apologize for the misfortune you found at the docks, but I am impressed you managed to recover all of the product. Shikai's Red Talons can be... tenacious."

Tenacious was a word for it. She pulled her fan from the pockets hidden in the seam of her skirts and snapped it open again, fanning herself to try to stay calm. She was starting to feel more than a little upset about this whole situation. Why would a group called something like the 'red talons' be interested in food rations? And why was she calling it 'the product' and not 'supplies' or 'rations' or anything else? And why was it being measured so meticulously? Maybe she was just a perfectionist about her shipments, but if that was the case, why was this building so empty? Why did this feel like they were doing something that needed to be hidden. Charity's brows furrowed and the fan moved faster.

Her gaze flickered toward King as he tossed the brick back to join the others, her lips puckered in thought. She'd ask his full unadulterated opinion once they were back on their ship. Something was wrong, and even if it wasn't something that she might object to (although it was starting to look that way), lying to her made her look bad in front of her crew when she didn't have the right answers for them. That wasn't okay. And she wasn't fond of being manipulated. She'd had enough of that back home.

"Very good...You may go." Sun dismissed them. Dismissed. Them. Dismissed? Her nose twitched a little but she smiled and curtseyed deeply, her movements poised and elegant despite the annoyance building in the back of her head. She didn't like being dismissed so off-handedly by someone she might have seen as one of her peers. Again, it tugged at a nerve worn raw by her background. "A pleasure doing business with you, I do hope our paths cross again, perhaps for something less business oriented. Perhaps tea," she offered, not waiting for an answer before she dipped down into one last curtsey and turned to her crew. "Alright, back to ship," she announced in a measured tone, barely hiding the twitch in her right eyebrow. She began ushering them out, making special care in herding the retired lawman out first. Why was he still here? she asked herself, unknowingly echoing Pele's mental sentiment.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
September 28, 2020, 08:46:43 am
"Thank you Miss...Captain."

"Cheers, Cap."

She did have to admit to herself that hearing them call her Captain both warmed her heart and chilled her bones. That was a lot of responsibility, and she just hoped she was up to the task. Again, the aristocrat glanced up at her XO, nibbling on her lower lip thoughtfully. It was clear that she was in over her head, but he had a nose for trouble and that would help immensely. Although the fact that they'd almost been robbed and that he seemed apprehensive about their cargo did unbalance her some. In any case, she slipped the ointment Jed had given her into the slit in the side of her dress that led to a pocket.

"Did a spell as the Sheriff of Copper Creek, on Deadwood.  Got retired by some lead in the knee... Been thinking about finding a job on a ship's crew.  I figure I'm still a fair enough gunhand, even if I can't run marathons any more.  Used to be a fair pilot, too..."

"You're a cop, huh? Retired, you said? Cool cool cool. Yeah, we're just transporting some cargo. You know, for charity..."

Unable to help but overhear the conversation, the Captain turned her head to eye Francis and the newcomer, a brow lifting in skeptical question. She leveled her dark gaze upon the mole and the other brow rose to join the first. He wasn't very good at this, was he? How was it that he worked for a seedy little man like Mister Sebastian? Maybe the smallish gentleman just didn't have him speak.

"Charity, the captain, she's in charge. I'm sure she'd know for sure, but you're welcome in my book, officer."

Her attention turned to Darius, brows still aloft, the rest of her expression aloof. A stranger comes upon them at the end of a scuffle, stalks them to their place of contracted work, and then not to subtly implies he'd like a position on their ship. This sounded like a scam, or someone too desperate to consider. She didn't know him, his resume, his skills, other than he had blood on him when they'd met. Before she could ask him anything, the buzzer caught her attention.

"Huānyíng. You are late. Please proceed to the main house with the cargo." That was a good sign. She smiled in Mister Cooper's direction and led the way. She relaxed into her walk, heels clicking, skirts rustling, the umbrella hanging in the crook of her arm and a smile settling masterfully on cherry lips. This was more or less the environment she was used to, and while that did comfort her, it also terrified her. Still, she smiled through the fear.

"Where is Sebastian?" the woman asked, looking at them through the doors. Charity dipped into a curtsey that was the image of perfection, before she opened her mouth to speak.

"Little crook sent us to keep an eye on things. 'Pologies for the blood on the product. Had to smash a pirate's brains...Out...Hope your day's gone better." The debutante looked back at Mister Cooper with a frown, but quickly brushed it off and faced their host.

"I do apologize for our tardiness, Lady Sun. There was some trouble at the docks, a case of stolen identity, I'm afraid. But we're here now. Mister Sebastian will not be joining us. He thought it might be better for all involved for me to come instead. I imagine he was worried about his lack of...decorum," she explained, her hands clasped demurely in front of her lap. "I am Charity, the current captain of the Odette. We've brought the requested cargo, and despite the...blemish on the container, I assure you that is where the uncleanliness stops."
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
August 31, 2020, 09:00:41 am
"He's right, we should get moving. If its the law, at best they'll detain us for questioning, at worst, and more likely, they'll just arrest us. If its one of the gangs they'll probably just shoot us. Best get our, uh, wares loaded back up and be on our way," King let them know, and she eyed the newcomer with a mild frown before gently putting the ration pack she'd been holding in with the rest of the cargo.

"No offense meant," Darius said, "I'm not working for anybody.  And I'm not interested in your cargo.  I just don't like to see innocent folk splattered in a gang battle on the docks.  Especially not in the place I was born," he explained. No matter, Charity didn't trust him. She'd already met one man who'd insisted he was there for the right reasons and...well... look at what happened there. She looked around at the bodies lying on the ground and pulled her handkerchief back out, resting it beneath her nose to block out the smell (imagined or not.)

"Does anyone require immediate medical attention?" their doctor asked and she looked down at herself. Her wrist was bruised something fierce, and had started turning a nasty purple/yellow combination, but other than that she seemed relatively intact. So, she shook her head in response, finally absorbing what exactly had just happened here.

The loading machine beeped, and a light turned green. The sound drew her attention in the mechanic's direction and when Cooper gave the Captain a thumbs up to indicate he was ready to get moving, she lowered the handkerchief from her face to offer him a thankful smile. She'd need to thank him for his protection once they were able to speak properly and at a longer length than the current situation allowed.

As they moved on, she could feel the tenseness leaving her shoulders and a large sigh relaxed her face. Their environment slowly became something more akin to what she was used to, and her hands absently moved to brush any dust or poverty off of the front of her gown. "Do I look alright?" she asked King in a low whisper, a blush creeping across her cheeks that she'd asked such a vapid question at a time like this. Still, she knew how important appearances were, especially in this kind of situation, and if she showed up to Lady Sun's estate looking like a vagabond, she was sure there would be some kind of trouble.

"I think this is it," Francis announced, the group standing in front of an elaborate iron gate. She smiled to herself. Finally, they would be able to unload this cargo, could get back to their ship, and get off of this barely civilized planet. Again, she looked up at King and her brows furrowed. She'd need to ask him his opinion on this whole matter. She might have bitten off more than she could chew...

"You folks know who you're trading with?" the lawman asked, and Charity eyed him dubiously. She hadn't exactly noticed that he'd followed them, which didn't speak too well on her skills of observation in dangerous situations. "Yes," she answered curtly, putting her handkerchief back into the pocket of her dress and turning to look at the crew. A dissatisfied little noise slipped past her defenses. They looked wild. She set to the task of straightening Francis' hair, brushing dirt and other unmentionables off Cooper with her handkerchief and the tip of her fan, straightening the front of Jed's outfit. She paused when she reached Pele, hands hovering a foot or so from her. Then, they lowered and she smiled. At least this member of their crew still looked impeccable. Lastly, she turned to King, brushing his torso off and looking down at his foot apologetically. Nothing she could do about that, not right now. "All right," she murmured to herself before pressing the call button by the gate.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
August 17, 2020, 02:35:28 pm
"Oh, it's not far from here," Francis returned. That did give her some relief. If they could get rid of the rest of these aggressive peons, they could get back on track, deliver these rations to someone more civilized, and then get out of here. This was a mess... A yelp escaped the Lady as the cargo tumbled over, several wrapped packages pouring out into the dirt. That wasn't sanitary...

"Is that drugs? I knew it wasn't just rations!" Pele accused. Charity turned her head to look at her companion and shrugged a little. "It could still be rations! We don't know! I've never seen these before, how do we know they don't put rations in little individually wrapped packages? Maybe that makes it easier for shipping?" she offered, watching the woman get up and move over to their cargo vehicle. She frowned.

With a grunt of effort, the Captain rushed forward to grab at one of the units of cargo before moving to join Pele again. "Where did you get a gun?" she asked incredulously. In no time at all, the rest of the crew converged on her location (save King, who seemed a little busy). She held the 'ration' hard against her chest.

"I don't have a shot. Hey! Um... what's his name? Can you tell him to, like, duck or something so I can- Oh, nevermind."

"What now?" King asked. She looked at the rectangle in her hands, then eyed Francis. This could still be rations... Slowly, Charity pulled back a corner of the wrapping, standing as she did so and moving to stand near King, just in case Francis decided he didn't want her to open the merchandise. "Well, what's next is we get whatever this is to who we're supposed to be meeting. You said it's not far. We need to right all of this mess and then you can lead the way. Also, what is this?" she asked, tilting the partially opened package toward King first and then the rest of the gathered crew. Out of all of them, she only trusted King, and knew he'd have the best insight on what was in the package. Or at least that he'd know what it was (or wasn't) and wouldn't lie to her about it.

A couple minutes later, a voice interrupted their meeting and she tipped the opened package back toward herself to hide it from the stranger. "Name's Darius.  Retired Lawman.  Let's get you folks out of here.  Is this your wares?"

Charity paused and turned to stare at the 'retired lawman' now interrupting their...their what? Delivery? Crime? Failure? Then, without asking permission, the man started touching the cargo and putting it back upright before moving the little rectangles back into the containers. She reached out and gently slapped the top of his hand to move it away from the 'rations.'

"I'll escort you to safety with your stuff.  Place'll be swarming with police or gangs any minute now.  I don't see any sense in waiting for either eventuality.  Where do you folks call home?"

Wasn't he presumptuous? She frowned disapprovingly at him and gently moved to guide him away from the now righted cargo loader, a hand settling on her hip. "Why, how forward of you. We haven't even been properly introduced past getting your name, Mister Darius, and I must say that we don't know who you are or who you work for. Thus, it would please me greatly if you would refrain from touching our cargo without the invitation to do so," she admonished.

However, he was right about one thing. The authorities and/or more of the bad guys were sure to be here soon. But...they weren't in the wrong right? They'd been attacked, and had defended themselves. Right? Surely the authorities would be reasonable in a situation like that...right??? Charity looked at King, then Francis, and finally settled her eyes on Cooper. She grimaced. They all looked like deranged blood-covered criminals... Then again, so did this stranger. He happened to also be covered in blood... What was wrong with everyone?

Charity backed away from him a step and raised a brow. "I do thank you for your generous nature, however, I think I will leave the decision up to my 'XO' here," she said, gesturing vaguely in King's direction, although her hand motion could have included Francis if he squinted and side-stepped to the right a bit...
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
August 04, 2020, 10:44:02 am

His voice and his grip startled the debutante and she stiffened, her gaze snapping back up to his face, expression a mix of surprise, indignation, and concern. The part of her raised in luxury was appalled that a servant had just barked an order at her and then dared lay his hands on her flesh. However, the part of her that knew better and could gauge their situation, was entirely concerned that she was about to be shot. Again. A brief moment of relief filled her as King came to the rescue, putting himself between their guide (who she was now sure was fake) and herself. However, the relief faded as she looked at the hand still clamped painfully around her wrist. Charity winced, trying to tug her arm free and feeling fairly certain he was bruising her.

"You will be dead. Wan Kuok-koi and the Red Talon Tong will see to it," their former friend spat at them. Her umbrella now laying upside down on the ground (and getting mighty filthy), the hand holding her handkerchief went to try to pull her own arm out of Bao's grip. Tong. Tong. Tong tong tong tong. She'd heard that word before. The Moda Tong. The shadowy organization Jax (her former Captain) had said hired Wushu to go ruin a man's wedding and that led to her being placed in a dingy backwater space station hospital. Did Moda and Red Talon belong to the same group? Was Tong just an umbrella term? Did she really have time to be thinking about this?

Finally, King's threat level seemed to rise in Bao's eyes and he released her, leaving her to stumble back a few steps. She picked up her umbrella and closed it swiftly, flinching at the snapping noise it made once folded back up. A bullet hit the ground by her and she gasped in horror, turning around to stare at its owner incredulously. Eyes found Francis, brows furrowing and mouth opening into an offended 'O' shape. "You shot at me!" she accused, having seen no part of his own struggle back there. Then, another outrageously impolite member of their 'guard' was facing off against her.

"Run away and leave the cargo, or we will kill you like Bao Lin will kill your dog," he threatened. She lifted the handkerchief to her nose, then lowered it angrily, "Oh, I hardly-" Righteous indignation was cut off as the cargo loader rammed into the mannerless gentleman, crushing him slowly and most likely painfully. Charity looked appalled, turning her face away and pressing the handkerchief she had folded over her index finger against the bottom of her nose. Still, despite her horrified shock, she knew better than to stand in the open and with a quick tug of Pele's arm, she moved behind Cooper and his dangerous equipment.

"We should move," their deadly mechanic informed them, loading another magazine into the gun in his hand.

"Move where?" she asked Cooper, looking around at the Chaos and spotting Francis. "Mister Church! If you would be so kind as to lead us in the general direction of where we're supposed to be meeting with our client?" she yelled at him, setting a hand idly on Cooper's forearm for balance. "Or if you know the address? I don't know my way around so I'm afraid I must rely entirely upon one of you," she told him, her voice a more appropriate volume.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
July 23, 2020, 01:39:39 pm
Charity's lips pursed together in a straight line as she listened to both of her current companions. She turned her head a little, watching Mister Cooper and Francis move closer together to have their own conversation with one of the escorts. Maybe sharing information about the job? Gossiping about their employers? She hoped that was the case, but doubted it entirely. When their guide stopped the group and turned to address them, her grip around Pele's arm tightened a little and the debutante glanced up at King.

"Do not worry. You are safe. We will arrive at our destination soon," Bao Lin informed them, then, his smile disappeared. "Jǐnmì de duìwǔ." The guards turned inward to face the crew of Odette and Charity frowned, chewing on her lower lip in thought. "I hope you're packing heat, Miss Charity," Pele whispered. "I most assuredly am not," she muttered in response, once more looking up at King, the man she'd hired to keep her safe, and who was more than likely being extra vigilant due to the incident back at the Wedding. An arm slipped free of Pele's and her hand idly touched the stitching beneath her gown's fabric. She was so distracted by that thought that she didn't even think to correct Pele and remind her that it was Captain Charity.

"I am afraid that in this type of situation, I am remarkably useless," she continued, looking at Pele with a frown of realization and self-discovery. Out in the 'Verse, existing as she was was rather unacceptable. She'd need to learn some form of self defense or else rely entirely upon her crew and her King to keep her safe and intact. Of course, this was all relying on if they were to get out of their current predicament or not. "Would you make sure no one shoots me?" she asked King with a smile.

Clearing her throat, she finally released Pele and moved to the head of her group, hands clasping demurely in front of her lap and shoulders rolling back as her spine straightened. She held the parasol over her head to shield her from the sun, although it did nothing to dim her warm smile as she regarded Bao Lin. "How very comforting, thank you," she crooned happily, her free hand settling over her heart.

"Is Lady Sun's estate this way? Surely we will not be meeting out in the dust and dirt, could you imagine?" she inquired, laughing softly at the very idea of having a meeting between upper class individuals in the slums. "I do wonder, though, perhaps it might be better for us to hire a vehicle. Although they are most fashionable, I will admit that these heels are quite hard to walk in, but I suppose you don't pay this price for practicality, wouldn't you agree?" she continued, her personality bubbly and vapid. "Here, let me call a car for us. It will be easier, I think," she told her guide, reaching her hand down to rummage around for her cortex device, the machine nestled into the body of a silver pocket watch. Now, in honesty, she had no car services to call, but she was hoping this might make their intentions, good or ill, all the more apparent and perhaps their more violence inclined crew members would be able to come up with the next part of this terrible plan. She just hoped Pele and Jed could stay out of the line of danger should that become necessary.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
July 08, 2020, 05:40:40 pm
Charity smiled and nodded and twittered in amusement as Francis babbled, offering him her attention and politely going along with his suggestion for a palanquin and his humor about the situation as a whole. Her gaze roamed and passed over their surroundings, taking in the general social situation of those they passed, the handkerchief once again lifting to slowly rest just beneath her nose. It took everything in her power not to grimace at what she was seeing, instead keeping a mild mannered and graceful smile pressed against her lips at all times. She was just beginning to nod along with more word vomit coming from their Little Sebastian Connection when what he was saying gave her pause.

"I suppose that would defeat the purpose, though. Draw a lot of attention, you know. We wouldn't want that. Not that we have anything to hide..."

Her brows furrowed and she turned her head a little to look up at him, subconsciously stepping closer to King as they walked. She didn't actively think they had anything to hide, however the fact that this job had been given to them by Little Sebastian had given her some suspicions in the back of her mind. Now, however, his prattling on was only adding to those.

"...just you know, a lot of dangerous folks out there. Not that we're in danger. Not with these guys."

As he continued on, her brow quirked and her hand lowered from her face, the handkerchief still held between her fingers. "Of course," she answered slowly, carefully, her expression easing once more as she forced herself to keep her reactions to herself. When Cooper stopped near Francis, giving them some breathing room from the rest of the group, Charity sidled closer to Pele and wrapped her arms sweetly around the other woman's.

She leaned in, "My dear, can I trust you to speak frankly?" she asked, raising her brows a little and tilting her head. "Something about this situation is beginning...or perhaps has always...seemed mildly undesirable. Do you not agree?" she asked, her voice a hushed but polite tone. "I'd like to think we are receiving the royal welcome due to the benevolent nature of our goods, but I am beginning to think perhaps our Mister Francis and his Little Sebastian have not been entirely honest with us. I'm sure that has already occurred to you." She glanced back in Cooper and Francis' direction, her lower lip trapped prettily between her teeth. Then, she looked in Jed's direction. The debutante pressed the handkerchief against her lips, thinking on things. Knowing their job was a lie was one thing. What to do about it was another. Was there much they could do about it? And did she really know it was a lie? She had an inkling. A strong inkling.

She turned to look up at King, who had remained near her when she'd joined Pele, "What do you think?" she asked, valuing not only his opinion, but his experience.

King had been taking in the crowd, noticing how wide a berth the other people in the street were giving them and their contacts 'representative'. He replied in a low voice, ideally for only Charity and Pele to hear. "Something doesn't feel right." His eyes narrowed behind his sunglasses as he continued watching the crowds part to let them pass. "Could be something, could be nothing, but whoever our... new friend here works for? People know him. And they know to stay out of his way."

**King's portion written by Axe
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
June 29, 2020, 11:24:13 am
Charity stood with King at one side and Francis at the other, although she wasn't sure if Francis' positioning was to offer her support or to keep an eye on her. She figured the reasoning didn't matter, as long as he helped her get through this next portion of their job. Her hat had now been pinned delicately and perfectly atop her head, and a pink lace umbrella rested in the crook of her elbow, ready to be opened to block the harsh sun from assaulting her skin. As the doors opened, the aristocrat fought every urge to back up or cover her face with her hands. Instead, she simply stiffened, reached into a pocket in the side seam of her voluminous outer skirt, and retrieved a white linen handkerchief with her initials embroidered on its corner. She held it daintily at her nose and cleared her throat. "This is not what I imagined Persephone would smell like," she whispered to King, or Francis. Either/or. She'd only ever heard wonderful things about this planet, of it's glittering parties and famously wealthy families, so this was not what she expected...

As the man approached their group, she lowered the handkerchief and straightened her spine, chin lifting just slightly. "Xiàwǔ hǎo. I am Bao Lin and I will escort you to Lady Sun," he informed them, and Charity offered him a nod of her head and a warm smile in return. He had manners. She enjoyed that immensely.

"Captain," came a voice from near her. She turned slowly, brows raised in curiosity and expression soft. It was their new doctor, Jed, or perhaps more appropriately, Doctor Rembo. She smiled gently, nodding her chin as though to give him permission to continue or perhaps just to let him know that he had her attention. "If you could find any use for me, I would happy to contribute. Help with the delivery, I've handed a few hover mules or otherwise," he requested, and her smile only grew. What a kindly old man, already ready to assist the crew beyond his standard duties. Perhaps the dear Gwen had known what she was doing in leaving him with them in her place. "And to be perfectly honest. I would love to have a good purposeful walk about." She turned the rest of the way to face him, reaching out with her empty hand to settle it on his upper arm, "I would be honored to have you accompany us. I imagine we'll leave the heavy lifting to Mister Cooper, he does seem quite skilled with that machine of his, but I would be extraordinarily thankful for your wisdom and your company," she agreed, accepting him into the Away Team. It didn't escape her notice that he'd come to her and not Francis, and she didn't bother to hide the amusement on her face at that choice.

Of course, she looked back at King and Francis with raised, curious brows, before settling back into place between them and allowing their contact's emissary to lead them to the rest of his companions, the parasol snapping open and held up above her head in all its frilly splendor. She looked around as they walked, not necessarily noticing the distance the crowd had put between them and the business folk, but instead noting the conditions and the obvious poverty of this particular location. She frowned, once again bringing the handkerchief up to her lips, and holding it just below her nose. A bubble of nerves danced in her stomach, and she turned to look at her group, reassured by their presence and confident in their abilities. Mostly.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
June 26, 2020, 10:20:27 am
Charity took her time getting to the cargo bay, (because she wanted time to think, not because she didn't know where it was...), and by the time she sashayed into the room, she'd run into Pele and they'd been able to walk in together. It was like someone carrying two bouquets of flowers into a dingy depressing room. Bright colors, excellent fashion, and although the two women were very different in terms of particular style and personality, they both had an air of refinement and class about them that was hard to dull or hide.

"Captain!" Charity's steps faltered for a moment as the man shouted at her across a room like a savage. Her brows rose slightly and hands moved from her sides to clasp at the front of her waist, holding the pink monstrosity that was her hat carefully, not wanting to ruffle or crush the lace. "You and I should synergize about the, um, deliverables before we arrive. I have an agenda, sorta-" The aristocrat remained where she was, watching him attempt to have a conversation while there was a world of space between them. Her shock at his lack of manners eventually melted into a slow smile filled with amusement, although she continued to watch him from where she stood. "did you, I can't- I'll come to you." There you go.

"Hi. I have an address for Lady Sun. We're supposed to bring the goods there," he informed her, from a much better distance. She nodded and lifted a hand to push a stray (but intentional) dark curl away from her face, letting it frame her features instead. "Marvelous," she replied, offering him a little downward nod of her chin and another smile, "Thank you for your assistance with this," she added, her attention moving away from him to settle first on Jed, who she gave his own nod of greeting, and then onto Mister Cooper. As he worked, she tilted her head very slowly to look around Francis and watch, a curious, albeit impressed, look on her porcelain features.

"Thank you, Mister Cooper," she said, moving around Francis to offer Cooper her hand, palm faced downward. "I'm glad at least one of us knows how to use all of these fancy tools," Charity continued, laughing musically at that. "I think I can figure out the coffee machine, I'd imagine it's closer to what I'm familiar with." She slipped her hand around his elbow and stood beside him, grinning up at him with the full brightness of a sun. "I'm sure we have enough time before we land for some coffee and biscuits. Hopefully there are biscuits..."
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
June 11, 2020, 11:24:38 am
Location: Captain's Quarters

Charity was in her room fretting when the Evie let her know they'd be landing in about an hour. She stopped her pacing long enough to press the comms button on the box near her door and offer up a, "Thank you, Evie." Arms crossed over her chest before uncrossing almost immediately. They were delivering rations. Rations, Charity. Stop looking for something to be amiss. Surely even a man like Little Sebastian had some notion of generosity and service. The aristocrat grimaced and sighed heavily, hands running over the mass amounts of pink frills and ruching covering the pale pink silk taffeta monstrosity.

Her gaze ran over the small amount of luggage stacked in the corner of her room, a pout pulling at cherry lips. Whoever found Wushu would find quite the treasure trove of fashion... she just hoped they'd appreciate it. With a roll of her eyes, the Captain... she paused, hand hovering over her door's latch...Captain. That was mildly distressing. With a shake of her head, opened the door and sashayed out of the room, pink skirts rustling like leaves or feathers, heels clicking rhythmically against the floor. "An hour," she murmured to herself, wondering where she'd find King or even Francis. She had no idea what to do next. Land and then...well she supposed their contact would be able to guide them in the business dance.

She paused at the base of the stairs leading up to the bridge and looked over her shoulder toward the lounge, foyer, and work rooms (med-bay included). Was she supposed to make some kind of announcement about their landing time? An elegant, bejeweled finger settled on her lower lip as she thought on it. Had Jax made those sorts of announcements? Perhaps Amorru? She snorted a little, hand rising to cover the sound before she began making her way upstairs. 'Hello lowly crew, your lord and savior Amorru Reyes has an announcement for you~' she mimicked in her head, shoulders slumping when the reminder that he'd vanished made her mildly sad. He had been interesting and fun to interact with, and he'd seemed to understand her despite his station. Again, her eyes rolled and she shook off the thoughts.

Location: Odette Bridge

At the top of the stairs, she glanced toward engineering, peeking her head in curiously before heading to the bridge. They had a mechanic. Were they supposed to also have an engineer? Had Wushu had one? She paused this train of thought. Wushu had imploded, she had to stop comparing them or perhaps they'd implode as well. Charity straightened her back and glided into the bridge, a hand settling on the back of the pilot's chair. She reached up to turn on the comms system and lifted her chin a little.

", crew," she began, not entirely sure what time of day it was. "We are going to be landing in an hour or so. Please be prepped and ready for," again, she paused. What did they need to be prepared for? "...your current occupation. Oh bother. I would like...King and Francis and...Mister Cooper to be prepared to assist with unloading the cargo? And if Miss Reyes could accompany me to the meeting as well, I would be most grateful. Mister Jed, please...continue doing what you are doing. Yes. Thank you," she finished before hastily shutting off the line and resting her forehead in her palm. What was she doing here?
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
May 18, 2020, 09:41:19 am
Location: Galley

Charity stood with her hands clasped before her and a pleasant smile on her lips as the crew began to filter into the room. She felt a hard knot in the bottom of her stomach, but was adamant with herself that she'd deal with that later when she could find the Captain's Quarters (if this boat had one) and lock herself in for a little while. She could see King standing near them, having already set up shop in the galley after her announcement and clearly ready to step in to do something or another if the Captain should find herself in some semblance of danger during this meeting. She offered him a smile of appreciation.

First in was Mister Cooper, whose nod was returned as she watched him settle in. She'd like to speak to him more about this ship, and perhaps about Little Sebastian and Francis. He seemed to be in the know about such things. Next was Evie and Jed, who Charity was only a little surprised to see enter together. Her head tilted to the side a little before she shook it at herself. They'd both come to this ship last minute and with little to no explanation of things, so she supposed it did make sense for them to stick together. They had commonalities among a bunch of strangers. Last to enter was Pele, looking appropriately pallid, although it did little to dull her shine. Charity's grin grew before she reached down into her pocket and pulled out the little black fan and snapping it open with a flick of her wrist to hide the smile behind the accessory.

"Yeah. Captain Vornbach is the Captain. Sebastian is at the top. And I'm after Sebastian. But before her. But she's in charge. Except when I am. Or Sebastian," Francis explained eloquently. Her stomach churned at her last name being said aloud, but she kept the fan fluttering near half of her face to keep her expressions delicately hidden. "Cool. Well. That's it, I guess. We'll get to Persephone in like -Two or three days? Yeah. Couple of days. Um."

Lowering the fan, Charity snapped it shut and held it idly against her chest as she took a step forward to stand slightly in front of Francis. "I know this is all very strange for some of you, and stranger for the rest. I do appreciate your flexibility. This will be a new venture for all of us, I think, but if our information is to be trusted," she eyed Francis a little at that, "then we're about to do some real good in delivering these rations and that is only possible because of all of you," she told them, her smile genuine and warm.

"Now, Mister Francis and I have come to an agreement about the nature of this ship, and I do want to keep you all apprised of such situations. So, in the spirit of camaraderie and openness..." she began, then titled her head to the side. Well, in the spirit of half-honesty, "...there is something I believe we need to get out of the way. Names. What would you prefer we call you? If there is something other than you given name that you'd rather we use, now is the time to tell us," she let them know, raising her brows in caution. She figured she'd start, gesturing at herself with the fan. "Names, specialties, and any questions you have about all of this?"

"You may call me Captain Charity," she informed them, tilting the fan toward the room to let them know it was now their turn.
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
May 07, 2020, 11:47:06 am
Location: Odette Cockpit

Charity watched the crew leave the cockpit, King eyeing her with a displeased frown on his way out, before she set her hands on her hips and turned to face Francis with a polite smile and mildly tilted head.

"Now, what would you like to 'chit-chat' about, Mister Francis?" she asked sweetly, feeling braver now that they were miles away from the station and the man who knew more than she found comfortable. Now, it was just his mild mannered assistant that she'd have to deal with and she'd dealt with plenty of those.

"Um. Well." Buck up, jeez. "Alright. Listen. I'm not stupid, okay? I had my doubts before, but with all of this new crew and running around and you being totally on board with Sebastian's plans, it doesn't take a genius to figure it all out, okay?"

She nodded, running her hands thoughtfully over the front of her dress, feeling the embroidery beneath her fingertips. Her gaze lowered to the intricate detail work on the stomacher of her bodice, and her head nodded very slightly, dark tresses moving prettily in their perfect ponytail. [color="antiquewhite"]"And what, pray tell, have you figured out?"[/color] she asked, raising her gaze back to his face and offering him another politely blank smile.

"You know." Francis said, his confidence sharply fading. Maybe he hadn't figured it out. "Don't you?"

A glimmering hand rose to run over her hair, smoothing it out despite it already being nearly perfect. She shrugged in a show of comradery that they both didn't know what he'd figured out, her expression pitying and apologetic, "I'm afraid I'm entirely in the dark here, Francis," she assured him, re-clasping her hands at her navel and once again tilted her head to the side, like a colorful bird.

"But surely, we should discuss, instead, your role here?" she asked, raising her brows and nodding her chin downward encouragingly, "I'm sure you know I'm not as savvy as you are in these types of business dealings, so I will be relying on you to be my man in the know about these things," she told him, smiling brightly and moving forward to touch his arm briefly, wrapping them around his elbow and turning them toward the door but not pulling him out of the cockpit just yet. She wanted him to be the one to lead her out of the room and end this conversation on his own accord.

Well, this was unexpected. She clearly didn't seem concerned that he knew the truth. Thought he knew. Suspected is more what it was. But this lovely woman, full of grace and poise and manners- maybe he was wrong about her? Sure, Francis and his employer weren't exactly above board either, but at least they were honest about who they were. And if she was offering what he thought she was offering - a more solid place on her side rather than Lil Sebastian's- well, that fed directly into his professional ennui that plagued the back of his mind. He very nearly let her get away with it.

"Wait. No. You're trying to trick me!" He pulled away from her and leveled an accusatory finger at her. "Listen. I know that you - none of you - are who you say you are, okay? Counting folks off on his fingers. "Aquamarine isn't Aquamarine, Jesse isn't Jesse. And you aren't Charity Vornbach." The look on his face was like that of a fictional detective solving the case. He would have twirled his mustache if he had one grown and ready for twirling.

Charity moved back a step, admittedly a little surprised that he'd pulled away from her, her expression one of confused curiosity. Mild worry melted back into a warm smile and she could feel herself holding back a bubble of laughter at his conclusion. A hand moved to rest over her own heart, her expression earnest and concerned.

"Francis, I'm sure you know better than anyone, how cruel the...'verse, can be," she began making sure to stick to the slang of his sort of people. "But out here in the black, anyone can be anyone. Isn't that what makes sailing through the cosmos so freeing? If Aquamarine wants to be Aquamarine, who are we to tell her no? And if Jesse wants to be Jesse, will you tell him his dreams are rubbish?" she asked, once again setting her fingertips on his upper arm. "And what of you, Francis? Don't you think it's time you followed your dreams? You're away from the station now, out here in sea of stars. Who do you want to be?" she asked, looking up at him through her lashes.

"Huh..." He said as if waking up for the first time. "I know what I don't want to be anymore..." A killer. Was his first thought. More raced through his mind. Worrying, anxious thoughts. She was right, of course. He could be anyone he wished to be out here away from his responsibilities. But what if Lil Sebastian found out? Maybe he wouldn't. Maybe he wouldn't be mad, even if he did. Maybe that was a worry for future Francis. He smiled, feeling naughty. "Okay. Okay? Okay." It was solidifying in his mind, slowly, this notion of not necessarily doing what he was told. There was a danger to it, though, that he knew all too intimately. His face sobered. "Sebastian will only give us so much room to run. So be careful."

Slowly, her hands wrapped around his elbow once more and she stood with her side near his, looking up at him and smiling winningly. At his warning, she nodded once, "If we're all careful together, I think we'll have a very real chance,"  she acknowledged, her own expression careful and stern for just the briefest of moments before it melted back into charismatic joy. "Shall we go meet our crew?"  she asked, raising her brows again and giving him the opportunity to put the period at the end of this discussion.

"Yeah, but I'm not going to know what to call anybody." Francis paused for just a moment, touched his nose in a secret sort of way and smiled at Charity. "Captain Vornbach."

As they neared the door, Charity reached out to touch the comms button, sending a message to the ship's PA system.

"If all Odette Crew could join us in the galley for a Meet and Greet, I would be remarkably pleased. Thank you!"

*Post Co-Written by NoSeatBelts/Lomari
Odette IC / Re: S1: Ep1 - Birds of a Feather
May 06, 2020, 08:51:40 am
Location: Odette Cockpit

Charity stood in much the same place she had before the sudden crew swap, just behind and to the right of the pilot's seat. Her hands were clenched atop her belly, fingers intertwined with one another, knuckles white beneath the shimmering rings that covered most of her fingers. Her expression was blessedly neutral, although a tightening at the jaw could have indicated to someone watching her that she was clenching her jaw rather tightly. So far, so good, right? Pele's stunning maneuvering out of the pilot's chair had saved her from killing all of them in a fiery crash, and somehow they'd ended up with what seemed to be a real pilot to replace her. It had all happened so quickly that she'd hardly had time to register the changes to their manifest, or to get a proper introduction from anyone.

"Board's green. Ready when you are skippy," the new pilot informed them. A dark brow quirked and she made a small noise of acknowledgement in her throat before waving a hand to indicate that the pilot was good to go on taking them out. Charity's attention slowly lowered from the front view port to eye the back of their pilot's head. 'Skippy?' she thought to herself. She shook her head. She had no right to be picky right now, and if this woman could get them off the station and out into the relative safety of the 'black', then she was already earning high marks in the aristocrat's ledger.

In no time at all, they were freed from Iscariot's docking station and past their perimeter, heading out toward the stars and in the direction of wherever their 'buyer' was going to meet them. Finally, Charity allowed herself to breathe, her hands relaxing and shoulders lowering a good inch or so. "Marvelous," she said aloud to those on the bridge, her voice an easy breeze and her smile warm as the sun. Keeping her gaze very deliberately off of Francis, the Captain brushed her hands idly over her full skirts, "I do suppose we ought to have a crew meeting? To get to know our new additions? And to fill in the rest of my companions on the details of this job?" she questioned, slowly turning her head to look in King's direction with raised questioning brows.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
April 21, 2020, 09:56:01 am
Location: Odette's Bridge

Charity stood still as a statue with a hand laid gently upon the back of Pele's (or Aquamarine's) seat, her lips pursed into a firm line and her eyes staring purposefully forward to avoid catching anyone's gaze. Despite what might have been a well put together exterior and a calm demeanor, her stomach was churning around the hard knot that had formed deep in her belly. She felt sick, antsy, like she needed to run but had nowhere to go. There was a lot on her mind. When she could fully explain to the 'crew' what was going on, without Sebastian's partner overhearing things. How she could ascertain what was really being shipped and why, a suspicion she had thanks to King's worries and Pele's apprehension. She didn't feel like things were as legal as she hoped, but that was something she'd worry about much later. For now, they needed to get off the station...somehow. Her attention finally lowered slowly to the 'pilot' and her controls.

"Okay, I think we're ready to go! Captain, care to do the honors?" Francis asked and the debutante tensed ever so slightly, although she did offer him a sweet as sugar smile in response. She could feel the pilot's chair moving, and so her hands slipped off the top of it to join the other, both of them clasping together tightly at her belly, knuckles white. Charity looked down at Pele and couldn't stop the little musical laugh that escaped unbidden past her cherry lips. It might have seemed hysterical if she hadn't covered it up with a coy gesture and a hand wave toward 'space'.

"Right..." The Captain looked up and around at all the knobs and dials until she found one that looked like it might have been the comms button but could have been something else entirely. Still, she spoke as though it were, "Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your Captain speaking. Please brace yourselves for take off. We'll be heading out shortly. Thank you." With that, she looked back down at the pilot and winced a little, hand lowering, "Alright...take us out..." With the command given, her shoulders rose a little and she offered Pele an apologetic smile before biting down on her lower lip to block any other nervous laughter from slipping free. Turning, she glanced in King's direction, hoping that if this went very obviously wrong, he'd at least be able to perhaps detain the "second in command" before he could get to the doors or send some kind of message to Sebastian?
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
April 15, 2020, 08:41:52 am
Location: Lil Sebastian's Secret Space Dock / Inside Odette

"I don't know what's going on here, and I don't particularly care to find out...It just so happens that I'm looking for - passage, posthaste. I can pay you, and I won't ask too many questions if you'll extend me the same courtesy," the mystery woman said, laying out her interests in the situation.

Charity smiled warmly, listening to the deal and proposal with gem adorned hands clasped at her belly, head canted to the left ever so slightly. She felt somewhat displeased with the idea that Mister Sebastian's presence had led this lovely lady to believe that she was also part of the station's underworld, or that she was the sort to run some kind of illegal operation, so she figured that there were a few unasked questions she would need to answer before they made their arrangement solid.

"I assure you, Miss..." she paused, just long enough for a name (false or real) to be supplied before the debutante continued, "I've been told that the job this ship is being sent on is purely above board. We are to deliver rations to those poor souls that need it the most," she continued, although there was a little hint of doubt in the back of her mind about all of this. King's continued unease with the situation and Mister Sebastian's clear intent to breeze past the details left her feeling that there was something she wasn't being told. "If that eases your mind some about potentially booking passage on Odette."

With that, Charity's smile grew, the rays of her brightness raining down on the other woman as she extended a graceful hand toward her, "But I'm quite adept at not asking questions, and your presence aboard the ship would be an absolute breath of fresh air," she agreed.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
April 07, 2020, 10:09:15 am
Location: Lil Sebastian's Secret Space Dock

"Mind if I give it a shot?" their new Mechanic and ship expert (in Charity's eyes) asked and she nodded her chin down daintily before taking a smooth step out of his way, one shimmering hand extending to offer him full reign of the screen. Her dark gaze flickered between his face, his hands, and the controls, the movements he made and the way his expression shifted while in thought proving interesting to the woman, if for no other reason than it gave her some small insight into his inner workings. His fingers keyed in the code and a brief line appeared between her brows as they furrowed, eyes lifting to look back at his face and sharing in his exasperation, even if she didn't share the reasoning behind it.

"I think we're all good!" he exclaimed, and she smiled winningly in his direction, focusing the full beam of her sunny and pleasant disposition on the man covered in grime. "Oh and I can uh, change that passkey for you later."

"Marvelous, thank you Mister Cooper," she began, looking toward the now opened doors and slowly slipping her hands into the slits on the sides of her full skirts, hiding her palms in her pockets. "Earning your pay already," she added, grinning up at him again. She turned to the mysteriously beautiful woman beside her and raised perfectly manicured brows in question, "Shall we?" Charity offered, before slipping her hands free, clasping them at her navel, and walking the short distance to the ship. She paused at the threshold and with her back to everyone, allowed herself a small moment of trepidation, pink lower lip trapped between her teeth.

This was a better alternative to anything else she could come up with. Or anything anyone else had come up with. Spine straightened, shoulders eased, and chin rose as the debutante made her way into Odette. Turning her head, she smiled back at Pele and Cooper. "You're more than free to check on the engine room," she told the mechanic, recalling his interest to do so before his compatriot had rushed off after Gwen and Emit. "And I'm sure there are further accommodations to explore?" she offered, not outright saying he should go find the showers. With that, she continued in, expecting Pele to follow for the 'word' they were to have.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
March 17, 2020, 08:58:31 am
Location: Lil Sebastian's Secret Space Dock

"Wê gavê karsaziyê bikin!" the Dust Man exclaimed, evidently pleased with their arrangement. Charity lowered her hand once he'd given it back and smiled to herself, allowing herself a moment to perhaps reassess her initial judgement of the mechanic. Compared to the other gentlemen she'd met today, why, he was a peach.

"May I have a word with you, Captain?" the beautiful stranger asked, and Charity turned her head to raise a brow and nod her chin downward to indicate that she could, in fact, have a word. Being called 'Captain' had taken a moment to sink in, but she liked the way it felt. It had a much nicer ring to it than "Lady" or "Madame" or "Mistress." At least this title came with some real leadership and a freedom that the other titles she'd held could never have given her. "A word would be splendid-" her gaze cut to Francis for half a second before returning, "-Aqua," Charity finished, using the fake name for now. She'd have to find out what this lovely creature's actual name was. Surely it would be far more interesting and less vapid than 'Aqua.'

"Okay ... I'm Francis and Sebastian put me in charge. Sort of. Technically she's Captain- but I'm Sebastian's right hand man- in day to day operations so yeah."

Charity turned away from 'Aqua' to stare in Francis' direction, a hand settling on the curve of her corseted waist and her head tilting to the side, chocolate waves slipping off one shoulder as she did so. She didn't recall Mister Sebastian putting him in charge, but perhaps this was somehow implied in his being made to come at all. A disapproving noise managed to slip past cherry lips, and she looked up at King with a raised brow, wondering what his take on the whole situation was. Surely, he had much more experience with this kind of thing. It had a name, didn't it? Hay... Straw...Grass... it was somehow farming related; she was sure of it.

He offered to have their things sent for, and she waved a hand to show that this was entirely acceptable to her. She had no intention of walking back into that dingey, dangerous station and would be more than pleased to have her things brought to her without any fuss or effort expelled. In fact, this sort of arrangement was more natural to her than had she been asked to get her things herself. Gwen, however, did not seem to agree.
"Absolutely not. Completely unacceptable. ... So, you can escort me to go get them if you wish, or you can explain to your boss why I'm not going."

Charity watched Gwen storm toward the elevator and sighed a little, worry on her face. Sebastian wouldn't have cared that their hacker wasn't going. Or...was she supposed to be their mechanic? Charity pursed her lips and nibbled on her lower lip. In any case, it was never wise to threaten someone with something that didn't matter to them. She'd need to teach the doctor how to best leverage one situation or position with another, or she was going to get walked all over. Grace's face flashed in her thoughts and for a moment, she felt her stomach clench, a hand lifting to cover it gently as a sigh lifted and lowered her shoulders. 

"I know Francis works for that tiny prick but he's all right, no worries folks," their new mechanic vouched, but Charity was still skeptical. She stared at Francis, now, gaze level and unyielding, her expression politely blank despite the clear storm in her dark eyes. She'd need to discuss the exact particulars of their arrangement (both in regard to him and Sebastian) in the near future.

"Can I check out the engine room now, mate?" DustMan asked and Charity took a step forward before Francis could answer, "Yes, of course you can. I'd be remiss in my duties if I did not allow our mechanic to become familiar with the ship he'll be working with," she answered, smiling winningly at him and then in Francis' direction once more.  When that bit of 'Captaining' had been completed, she turned once again to where Aqua stood behind her, a hand gesturing toward the ship, "Shall we?" she asked. Charity approached the berthing station's control screen and stared at it with the side of a knuckle pressed against her lower lip.

This was the big moment here. Opening the doors, letting them in, getting the adventure started. did one open the doors? She glanced over at Francis but refused to ask for his help. She had to show those gathered that she was the Captain, not him. Her gaze went to Cooper and she cleared her throat, lowered her hand, and lifted her chin. "Mister Coop, might I have a quick word?" she asked, pointing at the control panel and smiling brightly.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
March 11, 2020, 10:27:33 am
Charity looked curiously between Emit and the doctor all the more, perhaps needing to change her initial assessment of their relationship given their current conversation. He'd been holding her braid tenderly, she asked him to accompany her to her quarters...and now Emit was whispering into her ear. They were quite bold about their situation, weren't they? No attempt to hide it, but instead they seemed to be flaunting it freely to any who might look in their general direction. A hand settled atop her exposed collarbone, a subconscious gesture betraying her secret inner thoughts as she stared at the couple. She'd been on board a ship with a couple before, and that had been a violent and stressful situation for all involved. Her lips pursed in a thoughtful line.


The expletive brought her attention back to Francis, a brow raised with surprised reproach at his sudden cursing.

"Sh*t," he said again, although this time, Charity couldn't stop the amused grin that pulled at her crimson lips. He seemed flustered, and that somehow made her feel better about the whole thing. If he couldn't manage to keep his head or clearly didn't know what was going on, then perhaps she could forgive herself for being likewise unaware of the entirety of their current situation or the supposed next steps. Once more, Gwen asked to return to the station proper to get her things, although this time she asked Francis and looked just about on the brink of death. Would she be able to treat herself, if she were ill? Surely so, she was a Doctor after all.

"Apologies, ma'am. I'd offer to shake your hand but that looks like a lovely dress," the Dust Man said, surprising her a little than he could speak in a tone lower than a frustrated shout. His perception and manners seemed to surprise her as well, and her hands stayed dutifully clasped in front of her lap.

"If you're looking for a good mechanic, I'm your man. The little bugger, can hire anyone he wants to be a 'backup' but I'm only interested in that boat's engines. You take me on I'll work for you alone, 'sall I can promise ya," he continued, and she could feel her shoulders visibly relax. It looked like they would only have one set of eyes under Sebastian's employ aboard their ship. Her dark gaze slid toward Francis for a moment as she eyed him from the corner of thickly lashed eyes. What would he do when he found out the crew had been so terribly misnamed and that only she and King were who Sebastian thought they were? No matter, that would be a bridge she'd have to cross at a later date. Smiling warmly in Cooper's direction, Charity took a deep breath and extended her hand toward him daintily, palm facing the ground, fingers relaxed and poised like a dancer. It seemed that despite the dust he was caked in, she was willing to allow him to dirty her hand for the sake of their agreement.

"Welcome aboard the...." She paused, grimacing as she remembered Sebastian's name for the boat. The Sensual Swan. She thought not. "...Odette. Welcome aboard Odette," she finally said in a cool, charming tone of voice, her smile like the sun beaming through the clouds of grime floating around the man. At least she'd stuck with the Swan motif.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
March 06, 2020, 03:21:10 pm
Lil Sebastian's Secret Space Dock

Charity eyed Emit and the good doctor, a brow raising when it looked like the lawman calmly moved to pull at Gwen's braid. Her lips parted to ask what that was about but shut quickly. Who was she to judge how people showed their...? Her brows furrowed. Affection? Friendship? Comradery? Emit was double the doctor's age (if she was being generous) and so she didn't see that as being an affectionate or romantic sort of situation. And besides, they'd only been station side for a week and some days, or so she'd been told. Again, she shrugged. Friendship certainly could blossom that quickly, so perhaps they'd found themselves to be fast friends.

In any case, she was more than a little grateful that all the gathered crew had seen and understood the message in her stern look. It was better for their safety and anonymity if this Lil Sebastian thought they were who he thought they were, if that made much sense to anyone but herself. Her eyes remained settled upon Pele for a moment and she made several mental notes to find out who she was and what she might bring to the table. But now was not the time, not with the vultures circling.

"So, we have a deal then?" The voice ripped her attention back down to the smaller gentleman and she opened her mouth to answer, but he continued without her, railroading past any dissent she might have offered and continuing with the planning process on his own. He and his man went through a list of potential employees, all of them coming up lacking or dead.

Serendipitously, more so for Sebastian than for anyone else, a man descended from a vent some distance away giving a poor station worker what for before he looked in their direction and sauntered past them, his movements tracked by Gwen's puppy dog eyes, further cementing that she and their lawman must have just become bosom buddies, and not some kind of lovers. The man must have been in the employ of Sebastian, because it was soon decided that he'd be the one to go with the crew to 'somewhere' with their cargo. Francis objected and Charity watched him with a peaceable neutral smile, her hands inside of the hidden pockets beneath the side seams of her peacock green skirts.

"Don't worry about it. You're going, too." Seb assured Francis, and again, an elegantly arched chocolate brow rose curiously as she watched them interacting. "Wait, what? No." Again, the steamroller continued on by himself.

"Coop! Just the man I wanna talk to. You wanna take a trip with these lovely folks? Just to Persephone and back." The strange ball of human dust paused and muttered something that she couldn't quite hear and wouldn't have been able to understand had she heard it. Her attention slid curiously toward Gwen, then, interested to see her reaction to the dirty monster man having been recruited to their ship.

"There. All crew'd up. My contact is Qing Sun and she's expecting you in a couple days. Cargo's already loaded up. Check with me when you get back and we'll get you paid for this run. Thanks, doll, you're a peach."

Before she could even inhale to ask a question, he was gone, and she was left 'alone' with the new 'crew.' Charity stared after him for a moment before rocking back on her heels a little and slowly turning to look at the gathered group of people, her expression a socially pained wince. She imagined they'd have lots of questions and she wasn't sure she had any answers. The aristocrat cleared her throat a little, a glimmering hand emerging from the pocket to idly rearrange the shimmering necklace settled atop her creamy décolletage. "Well, then..." she began, smiling winningly and waiting for the onslaught as she scooted a little closer to King and chewed prettily on one corner of her cherry lips, gaze bouncing between Gwen/Artemis, Emit/Jesse, Strange Woman/Aqua, Francis/Frankie and the Dust Creature...
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