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Bugs/Technical Support / Re: Change in reply look
September 20, 2019, 02:11:29 pm
Please refer to this post. Hoping to have a resolution over my weekend, which is Sunday and Monday.
Announcements / Re: Cleaning House 2019
September 20, 2019, 02:08:25 pm
I have verified that much of the forum and even the server's toolkit and resources are varying degrees of out of date and I am in the process of updating things as I go. This is going to take a while, so I am echoing other users' suggestion of utilizing a word processing program or other utility such as Word or Google Docs in order to author your IC posts for copying/pasting for the time being.

I apologize for the ongoing issues, but in addition to this workaround simply pressing 'enter' after you've copied/pasted your post will bring the wide panel back to where you can view all the buttons.
Wushu IC / Re: The Repossession Mambo: Wedding Crashers
September 16, 2019, 02:20:39 pm


The situation grew tense for Amorru, Grace, and Sean as they were led to what the interim Captain suggested must have been an exclusive VIP area, though he couldn't for the life of him determine why Sean or Grace were invited. Amorru's spirits soon turned south as the trio arrived in an office presenting itself in a manner similar to a spaceport security detention center. Amorru's feet set themselves instinctively into a backpedal, but before he could get away their escort cut into them with a scathing tone that reminded the blade enthusiast of his own noble father's hellfire and brimstone reprimands.

The trio's attention was directed toward Jesse Walker, a skilled computer systems breaker apparently less skilled at not getting caught, who Mercer mistook as being part of the crew's plan. Mercer proceeded to lay out a plan more detailed than anything anyone on Wushu's crew offered up, though Amorru missed most of it as his emerald eyes scanned the brown-eyed brunette up and down as if sizing her up in more ways than one. Though Amorru attempted to interject his own opinions multiple times, Mercer pressed through without skipping a beat as he ignored Amorru's every interruption. Eventually the pilot resorted to raising his hand like a schoolchild, but remained unnoticed. The impromptu meeting adjourned as quickly and unquestionably as it began, but Amorru wasn't entirely sure he understood the older man correctly and suggested he stay with Jesse. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for Jesse Walker depending on how she favored the pilot, Grace insisted Amorru was going to get the doctor out of all the trouble he kept dragging her into and more or less hauled him by the ear toward the direction of the estate's infirmary.


Charity seemed absolutely bewildered that a sharply dressed man she erroneously identified as the butler approached her with a bit too much information regarding Ainsworth's grandson, but King kept as keen an ear on his charge's conversation as possible. When he noticed Sherrie noticing Mercer, the acquisitions expert offered a well-timed joke that got the couple laughing together with him. Once Sherrie directed her attention back to Charity, Mercer was gone.


Grace and Amorru arrived at the suites dedicated toward providing medical attention to both guests and staff of the Ainsworth estate, first in silence, then in rising frustration, as Amorru presented an act much like an offensive parody of Sean's previous subterfuge. Nearly breaking into a full shouting match as Amorru insisted he "was totally pulling this off way better than Flannigan" the former couple finally managed to make their way into a conversation with the estate's medical staff without incident. Uncomfortable for many reasons, the least of which included lying to a fellow medical professional, Grace stammered her way through her request for the required pharmaceutical and dosage necessary to treat Amorru's myriad of personal issues.

Unfortunately the doctor became suspicious of Grace's mannerisms, prompting Amorru to slug him under the chin as hard as possible, sending the man sprawling into the supply cabinet from which he'd appropriated the dosage. Unsure which syringe and vial he actually needed, Amorru snagged something that looked right, assured Grace that he'd "Got it!" and proceeded to make noises like a wild animal as he herded her toward the guest rooms.


On the way back to the party, Amorru reached up and activated his comms unit. As much as he hated having Sean in his ear even when the Moda Tong informant wasn't putting on a show, he couldn't deny it's practically in times like this. "Sean! Get Jessica to the guest shuttle bay and the two of you boost us a long-range shuttle! Even if it's a luxury model, it might have the samophlange or whatever Art needs to fix the ship! I don't know what else that old coot's plannin', but I intend for us to be headed in the general direction of away just as soon as we can." Amorru then turned his attention to Grace again. "Awright, luv. I've gotta get my luggage. You tell our porcelain grease monkey it's time to bake biscuits, then grab what you can carry in your bag and we'll shove off!"

The pair froze as they made to round the corner into their hallway, a half-nude, lithe and long-limbed form rushing toward them with both hands carrying standard-issue service pistols and someone's security lanyard hanging around their neck. Their uncovered torso shimmered in a sheen of fine sweat as they puckered their lips in a kiss at the bewildered pair and shuffled past them before rushing off in the opposite direction. Amorru looked stunned as he watched the leggy stranger disappear down the corridor. "... Was that Bolin Babylon? Wow..." Amorru looked on starstruck as Grace rolled her eyes, then the two pressed themselves flat against a wall as they heard more footsteps running towards them. Very shortly after, two of Mercer's security personnel were upon them. Both guards in various states of undress and with lipstick smeared on their cheeks and collars, they jammed the push-to-talk buttons on their two-way communicators and yelled frantic instructions about a security breach and requiring assistance with the matter in the guest suites. Amorru smirked at Grace. "Huh. How's that for a bit of a break? Y'know, I'm starting to think this is really gonna work, after all."

...Twenty Minutes Later...


"This isn't working!" Amorru yelled at Jonathan Mercer, as if the veteran cat herder possessed no perceptive abilities whatsoever. Amorru and Mercer both had weapons drawn on Charles Ainsworth as they had his arms pinned behind his back. Amorru pressed the point of a dagger square against Ainsworth's left kidney, forgetting all about the exact purpose of their mission, as Mercer held a small pistol into the senior gentleman's sagging neck meat. To the onlookers included in the plan and those just hoping to make it away from Bellerophon in one piece, this appeared extremely counter-productive and decidedly unplanned. But then again, so too had been Ainsworth's wayward grandson's sudden appearance and subsequent taking of Charity for a hostage.

Things seemed like they were headed in the right direction when Amorru and Grace re-entered the Observatory. Captain Reyes took advantage of the security kerfuffle by claiming an abundant handful of the future Mrs. Ainsworth's buttocks, insisting that she have one more go with a real man before spending her life climbing on top of a man who looked half a corpse. Charles Ainsworth insisted that looks were often very deceiving and insisted that Mr. Mercer direct the brazen stranger to the shuttle bays so that he might defend his lady's honor himself. Everything seemed to be going fine, with the rest of Ainsworth's security forces attending to the emergency situation in the guest suites. Sherrie looked on excitedly as Ainsworth and Amorru squared up and engaged in fisticuffs. Amorru left his guard open in an attempt to give himself the opportunity to stick Charles with the syringe in his hand, but the older gentleman's punch proved more stout than expected and Amorru dropped the dose on the floor after stumbling into King in a temporary daze.

Unable to relocate the syringe, Amorru said "Sod it" and unsheathed the short blade from the back of his belt. Ainsworth stepped back, instructing Jonathan to "Shoot this little bastard and be done with it!" Mercer instead snatched Charles from behind, set his gun under the man's jaw, and insisted they all go for a pleasant little ride. Unfortunately for all the excitement, nobody noticed when Charles's philandering grandson took Charity by the arm and pressed a gun into her stomach. The tension in the shuttle bay grew thick enough to choke the lot of them to death as Amorru licked at the sweat dripping over his lip. "So if it's all the same to the lot of ya... I don't think I ought to be Captain anymore."
Wushu / Re: WUSHU
September 15, 2019, 11:51:32 pm
Quote from: Helena Cain on September 11, 2019, 03:57:46 pm
Update as of 9/11/19

Jono detains the rest of the crew with Jesse causing the plan to go awry. Wushu's crew is forced to escape, Wushu get's damaged in the process. They steal Ainsworth's shuttle and make their way to Iscariot where they recoup and decide who's staying and who's going.  Ainsworth is killed by his blushing and mildly homicidal wife via poison. With Jax's location unknown however the Moda Tong have no need or hold over the crew of Wushu, leaving them free to do as they please.


Quote from: RUNE on February 25, 2019, 08:13:06 pm
- Amy and Grace are captured by agents working on Bodwyn's behalf
- The pair are locked in a transport freezer or otherwise low key tortured and hauled toward Persephone
- During their capture, they finally hash out what happened between them and rely on one another to survive ("Love Stories" aside)
- They escape, but Grace is injured in the process and has to coach Amy through doctoring her up
- Bodwyn finally comes for Amy himself, leaving Amorru to abandon the crew and go back to Persephone
- Amy decides to just be an adult and accept his role as head of House Duschane
- Estrella is the acting Head of the House following their father's death and mother's subsequent illness, and she secretly kinda wants Amorru executed before his 30th birthday so he can't enact his majority rights and unseat her
- Wushu arrives at Persephone looking for their wayward Captain (thanks to Charity's discovery of the Academy emblem on the hilt of his sword from)
- Estrella makes nice and invites the crew to stay on the Duschane grounds as her guests, finds a surprisingly formidable opponent in Charity during a "friendly" round of The Lying Game 
- Mama Duschane's doctor is a slippery fuck name Tom Phelps, and something just ain't sitting right with Grace
- Surprise! Estrella reveals the big event she's been planning for Amy is his execution
- Swashbuckling and shenanigans ensue

Hoping this subplot can be worked into any future plans, adjusting as needed for whether Scoro stays on with Grace or not.
Bugs/Technical Support / Re: Aid in adding photos
September 15, 2019, 09:35:05 pm
By the time I saw this, the application already had a photo in it. Did you get everything sorted out like you wanted?
On hold / Francis Ramsay St. Michael
September 15, 2019, 06:23:49 pm
Francis Ramsay "Frank the Tank" St. Michael

Age:  39
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Spacer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Certified Powerloader Operator
Equipment:  Federal Powerloader License, coveralls, worn boots, back brace, carpal tunnel gloves, bottle of extra strength anti-inflammatory medication, case of cold brewskis, a modified .357 Magnum, and what co-workers believe is the same cigar he just keeps chewing.

Appearance:  Middle aged, stocky build, somewhat out of shape. Looks like he might've been an athlete once, but preferred lifting 12 oz weights if you know what I mean.
Faceclaim:  Mike Hagerty

Initial Personality:  Gruff, somewhat entitled blue collar type who always believes his age and experience is more valuable than any newbies to the crew fresh out of technical training courses despite the fact that he's never learned to do much more than operate a power loader. Is afraid of change.
Underlying Personality:  Is also afraid of dogs.

Known History:  Won't confirm whether or not he graduated high school, but loves to tell the story about how he totally banged three chicks at the same time.
Other History:  Didn't do either of those things, but has had two failed marriages and most of his pay goes to alimony.

Skills and Strengths:  Runs a powerloader like nobody's business. Does the same with his mouth. Claims to have killed a guy, but who knows?
Weaknesses:  Deathly afraid of dogs due to being bit by one as a kid, but always leaves out the part where he was throwing fire crackers at it. Isn't very smart, or confident, despite putting on a gruff act. Has more health issues from his sedentary career choice and otherwise terrible personal decisions than he wants to admit, and is always looking for a way to be compensated for what he claims are "work-related" conditions. The most the company has ponied up is a donut seat.

Wushu OOC / Re: I have PART of a plan!
September 10, 2019, 10:39:47 am
Quote from: Sionnach001 on September 10, 2019, 10:15:45 am
Sean's got some pretty specialized gear in his stuff on Wushu but it might be interesting to see how he operates without if for awhile until he can get replacements.

I'm reasonably sure whatever he'd be missing he can replace on Iscariot Station.

Whoever's interested in signing up with the new ship, please check here and state your interest in joining the new crew. It's at 2/5 currently and needs 5/5 to be officially approved.

Once that's done, we'll wrap this up. SC pointing out that nearly a year's passed in the time Wushu's advanced four days in story really tells me we ought to call it.
Wushu OOC / Re: I have PART of a plan!
September 10, 2019, 05:49:29 am
Quote from: Chimera on September 09, 2019, 08:16:53 pm
Do we have any idea if Artemis is returning?

No response to my PMs and not active on site in about three months, so I'm thinking move along for now and hopefully they catch back up later.
Wushu OOC / Re: I have PART of a plan!
September 09, 2019, 06:28:52 pm
Quote from: Lomari on September 09, 2019, 06:06:31 pm
Hey guys,

After some brainstorming, here's what the potential next step for Wushu can/will be. The team either gets their target or doesn't get their target. In any case, it's a catastrophic mess. Wushu is surrounded where it landed, and potentially land locked, with an engine beyond repair (due to their pushing it so hard on on not enough fuel from Newhall).

They have a tech speck (soon) but they don't have the time or the means to get back to Wushu and escape. So they take their shuttle or one of Ainsworth's ships and hightail it out of there (with or without their target).

In the end, the crew ends up on Iscariot station without a ship. Knowing she needs to keep on the movie, Charity purchases a ship from some fancy cortex catalogue and waits for it to be delivered to the space station. This gives the current crew time to rest and relax and decide what they want to do. Charity will hire on whoever wants to stay and pick up new faces to replace anyone who wants to leave. From there, we'll develop a plan.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

I'm for it. We've discussed at length my "it's not my ship"-itis, and I think this is a fine way to leave the ship open for, say, Jax to get back in the future if he wants it.
Introductions / Re: Back from the ashes
September 09, 2019, 03:10:32 pm
Welcome back, cowboy!

Emit was last seen runnin' guns a-blazin' into the madness of the terrorist attacks on Newhall, as seen here!
Charity managed to lead King while making it appear that King led her as they approached the elder gentleman and his decades younger fiancee. They waited patiently with polite smiles as Charles finished the conversation they found him engaged in. After Charity made pleasantries in her practiced manner, Ainsworth staggered through an equally measured reply.  "Oh, um, yes. Well, I'd wager it cost me my own weight in jewels to build the place." Despite not remembering Charity's face or that of her companion's, Ainsworth matched her air of familiarity as he took the opportunity to brag. "It has been far too long since you and your, erm, man stopped in for a visit. It's such a pleasure to have you here for our happy day!" Ainsworth sized King up before addressing him directly. Not by name, of course. As far as the husband to be knew he'd never seen this man before in his life. The only thing that made King stand out among the majority of visitors to Ainsworth's estate is that this time he was right. "So very good to see you again, friend. How's - ah - business?" Charles Ainsworth offered a flat, soulless smile, letting Sherrie respond to Charity as he awaited King's reply.

Amorru attempted to hide the attention he focused on Charity and King's movement toward the outwardly happy couple behind the thick protective visor covering his eyes, but the subconscious motion he made with his head gave it away as long as Mercer paid close attention. Quick on his feet if not on the uptake, Amorru did attempt to employ some of the physical misdirection he practiced in dueling an opponent by maneuvering around Mercer and glancing over the man's shoulder, as it happened, just in time to see Charity's choice of gentleman approach Grace near the far wall. Amorru's expression soured and his jaw clenched for a moment as the gentleman checked his breath before attempting to engage the good doctor in small talk.

"Pardon me, dear lady." The man exuded confidence without pretension, but faltered momentarily with a furrowing of the brow when Grace appeared not to realize who he addressed. He adjusted the breast of his subdued green jacket and straightened his posture before pressing on. "Miss? Excuse me. Yes. You. Would you do me the honor of joining me for a dance?" Across the room, unable to make out the words but more than able to imagine the context of the conversation, Amorru forced his seething grimace into an extremely awkward smile as he forced himself to look away from the scene. Finally he spotted Octavia and Sean and waved them both over to join his conversation with Mr. Mercer.

Meanwhile, in the guest suites, Artemis Graham's peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted by the frantic banging outside her door. Awakened so suddenly and shockingly, Artemis was sure there must be some dire emergency for her to respond to. Why else would someone be assaulting her temporary domicile? Why indeed. A question so curious security had been alerted to the disruption and descended upon the hall in which Bolin Babylon took it upon their self to engage in a hurried and harrowing quest to obtain a spare applicator and a kindly conferrer to contribute to their cosmetic cause.
Announcements / Banners for Ship Subforums
August 15, 2019, 07:27:02 pm
Your friendly neighborhood Moderator, noseatbelts, has taken some time to develop themed banners for each of our major RP areas and shared them with us on the Discord server!

We've already had a sample poll on the Discord but are posing the question here as well. Do you think these banners should replace the images currently serving as headers for our ship subforums? Make your vote count in this poll and feel free to share your opinion below.

And a shoutout to noseatbelts for the work put in!
Announcements / Re: Cleaning House 2019
August 15, 2019, 06:02:17 pm
A new survey is up, this time relating to site donations and rewards programs! Take a few minutes and let us hear what you think.
Wushu OOC / I have PART of a plan!
August 08, 2019, 05:01:29 pm
So! About our current mission: We don't have much in the way of a plan, do we? We've certainly played dress up, and I'm pretty sure that's mostly what Charity and Amorru came to the party for, but there is the matter of accomplishing the following tasks.

1) We need a solid means of removing Ainsworth from his party and getting him away to Wushu. Chimera has a good enough plan they shared with us on Discord.

So the idea would be to isolate Ainsworth (depending on what the women prefer, either with Amorru's plan of attempting seduction, or Jono's idea of picking a fight with the grandson), give him some drugs that will mimic heart problems & then take him in for 'specialized medical treatment.'  Since it's a heart problem, there'd be a rock solid reason to not take him to a regular hospital - they'd immediately notice the fake heart and call the feds, who would then investigate the ties with organized crime & freeze the entire Ainsworth fortune, which neither Ainsworth, nor his heirs or bride would want...

The idea that Ainsworth would naturally have heart problems after dealing with the stress of his awful grandson causing problems on his wedding day is an easy enough story to sell.

After Jono talks with Sean, Amorru and Grace & they do their ultimate team-up, we can have Sean & Jesse steal the little black book that Jono requires in exchange for his help, and then send Amorru and Grace to the estate's medical facilities with the cover story that they're coordinating care for poor, mentally deficient Amorru, but really with the intent of stealing the meds they would need to drug Ainsworth.

To get us there, Jono's going to round up Amorru, Sean, and Grace for some questioning. This is where they'll make Jesse's acquaintance. Like Jono, the deal will be to get Jesse off planet and avoiding any jail time in exchange for some help. So we've got Jesse, Ainsworth, and the book, which leaves us with the whole... Getting off planet thing...

2) Wushu's engines need repaired! Artemis is currently asleep, but is likely to be awoken by Bolin in short order. Perhaps after an introduction of sorts between the two, Bolin talks Artemis into joining the party in the conservatory and the crew can reunite and map out a further plan from there? I think Jono can arrange for a pilot and whatever necessary parts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to proceed? Any little bits they want for their characters? Once the plan gets set into motion, I'm sure everything will go along just swimmingly. That is, of course, as long as no one happens to throw a wrench into the works. :)  :-X
Absences / Re: Lomari's Absence
July 28, 2019, 11:32:50 am
Best of luck with the move! Hope all goes well in the process. I know myself and the rest of the team will be happy to fill in as needed.

Happy journeys!
Announcements / Cleaning House 2019
July 09, 2019, 05:07:42 am
Hello everyone! Just wanted to make everyone aware that a new clean up effort conducted by noseatbelts, Axe, Lomari, and myself has begun. Reduntant topics are being merged, defunct and irrelevant threads are being deleted, and the boards are being arranged so as to improve ease of navigation and make the abundance of information FS has accumulated over the years as easy to access as possible. This action is being taken as a result if an informal polling of the community conducted via Discord and I feel most members are aware of the changes but we want to make sure those who aren't usually on Discord know what's happening as well. Any comments or concerns on the clean up effort, archiving, etc. should be directed to the Suggestions section. Bear in mind, a new thread should only be opened there if the issue hasn't been brought up previously.

Thank you one and all for hanging with us. The current Site Staff is relatively fresh compared to some of the veterans that were here before us, and as we step up to fill those roles there are sure to be some growing pains. But in the end, we all seek to see this community thriving again.
Absences / Taking a break.
May 07, 2019, 04:13:15 pm
So, long story short I'm getting busier away from game and I've been feeling that overall burnout that's left me feeling extremely uninspired and more than a bit frustrated about it, so I'm going to step away for a time and wring the ol' sponge out. I like to think it'll be sooner rather than later, but not able to set a hard return date at the moment.

For those ships I'm Narrating and/or Captaining, I've made arrangements with other staff members to keep things going in my stead. I don't foresee any major derailments in the meantime. For those areas where I'm crew, the respective Captains have my permission to NPC my characters as needed in the meantime.

Hopefully in a few weeks I feel it again creatively, but I'll be around for Adminly things so if anything comes up just DM or @ me on Discord, or PM me here.
Location: The Conservatory
Planetary Clock: 1600 - Tea Time

Relaxing music filled the conservatory's tea room as the crew of the Wushu arrived. What luggage they brought was taken to their rooms for which they were giving key cards in a refreshingly efficient manner in comparison to how the previous several days had gone. While some among their numbers may have felt out of place in such a dainty scene, others still felt right at home among the porcelain dishes, painstakingly presented finger foods, and overly polite small talk - even if they practiced otherwise.

Both Mr. Ainsworth and the future Mrs. were present, though Charles seemed to be more tolerating the event than reveling in the inherent attention each of the guests sought to offer in the same way his young bride-to-be did. Still, the couple appeared happy enough on the surface. Wushu's crew settled in and went about the room as they each saw fit: some mingling, others filling their pockets with macarons, and a fair couple choosing instead to decorate the walls in an attempt to avoid the whole thing altogether.
Wushu OOC / Mission Pacing
April 30, 2019, 09:41:41 am
What's your opinion of the pacing of our first mission? Wushu's been sailing for a year now in real time, while only a couple of weeks have taken place in game. Is this acceptable to everyone? Should the pace accelerate or just move along as it has been despite the hiccups we've had along the way? Given the only ship this crew has crossed over with so far, Ronin, has been similarly stalled I'm not exactly worried about chronology or time jumping, but more concerned with the overall sense of satisfaction we're all getting as a crew of developing characters?

IMO, the character development for everyone has been stellar even if the story has been slow. Is everyone cool with this? Or are we eager to get to some action? I don't have a particular agenda as a narrator, but as a player I'm a wee bit antsy and just curious what the rest of the crew's take is. Please vote in the poll and feel free to comment in this thread with a more detailed opinion or suggestions. Thank you!
Wushu Asides / Re: Final Preparations
April 16, 2019, 02:00:07 pm
Gabe lost himself in looking overlong at the way Alice filled out her uniform until Mercer stepped through the door, then went about the shaky process of shuffling papers and pretending to be extremely busy. The mailman's assignment to the Ainsworth Estate brought little action, as he'd been bribed long ago and continued to receive kickbacks from the Master of the House for making neither notation of nor inquisition into the nature of the number of shipments bearing no officially documented postage information that came into the estate. Still, Master Ainsworth didn't care for having any layabouts on his payroll and Gabe knew the head of security reported directly to the boss. The postman's spine stiffened as Mercer approached the counter. Gabe made to offer an awkward salute before remembering what he was doing and returning Mercer's welcoming gesture of a handshake.

"Gabe, good to see you!  What have you got for us today?"

"Pleasure to see you as well, Mr. Mercer! The post remains awful busy as ever, of course. Reckon we'll all breathe a little easier once the wedding's over. Er, not that I'm not looking forward to the event of course! Or, that I'm not grateful for the work you know. Ha, ha. Ah. Right. Well, here's the invoice for today's deliveries. Everything's accounted for, sure. but I'm just waiting for the groundskeepers to come along and wrangle up all the livestock for Master Ainsworth's next hunting excursion before I get to making my own deliveries. And I'm still keeping an eye out for the peacocks. They were supposed to arrive yesterday but appear to be running a bit behind schedule. Oh! And there's something here for you as well. No return address, though. I can run it through the scanner if you like."

Gabe offered a flat, muppet smile beneath his pushbroom mustache, increasingly aware of the amount of sweat forming on the white shirt beneath his arms.
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