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Wushu OOC / Re: I have PART of a plan!
September 10, 2019, 05:49:29 am
Quote from: Chimera on September 09, 2019, 08:16:53 pm
Do we have any idea if Artemis is returning?

No response to my PMs and not active on site in about three months, so I'm thinking move along for now and hopefully they catch back up later.
Wushu OOC / Re: I have PART of a plan!
September 09, 2019, 06:28:52 pm
Quote from: Lomari on September 09, 2019, 06:06:31 pm
Hey guys,

After some brainstorming, here's what the potential next step for Wushu can/will be. The team either gets their target or doesn't get their target. In any case, it's a catastrophic mess. Wushu is surrounded where it landed, and potentially land locked, with an engine beyond repair (due to their pushing it so hard on on not enough fuel from Newhall).

They have a tech speck (soon) but they don't have the time or the means to get back to Wushu and escape. So they take their shuttle or one of Ainsworth's ships and hightail it out of there (with or without their target).

In the end, the crew ends up on Iscariot station without a ship. Knowing she needs to keep on the movie, Charity purchases a ship from some fancy cortex catalogue and waits for it to be delivered to the space station. This gives the current crew time to rest and relax and decide what they want to do. Charity will hire on whoever wants to stay and pick up new faces to replace anyone who wants to leave. From there, we'll develop a plan.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

I'm for it. We've discussed at length my "it's not my ship"-itis, and I think this is a fine way to leave the ship open for, say, Jax to get back in the future if he wants it.
Introductions / Re: Back from the ashes
September 09, 2019, 03:10:32 pm
Welcome back, cowboy!

Emit was last seen runnin' guns a-blazin' into the madness of the terrorist attacks on Newhall, as seen here!
Charity managed to lead King while making it appear that King led her as they approached the elder gentleman and his decades younger fiancee. They waited patiently with polite smiles as Charles finished the conversation they found him engaged in. After Charity made pleasantries in her practiced manner, Ainsworth staggered through an equally measured reply.  "Oh, um, yes. Well, I'd wager it cost me my own weight in jewels to build the place." Despite not remembering Charity's face or that of her companion's, Ainsworth matched her air of familiarity as he took the opportunity to brag. "It has been far too long since you and your, erm, man stopped in for a visit. It's such a pleasure to have you here for our happy day!" Ainsworth sized King up before addressing him directly. Not by name, of course. As far as the husband to be knew he'd never seen this man before in his life. The only thing that made King stand out among the majority of visitors to Ainsworth's estate is that this time he was right. "So very good to see you again, friend. How's - ah - business?" Charles Ainsworth offered a flat, soulless smile, letting Sherrie respond to Charity as he awaited King's reply.

Amorru attempted to hide the attention he focused on Charity and King's movement toward the outwardly happy couple behind the thick protective visor covering his eyes, but the subconscious motion he made with his head gave it away as long as Mercer paid close attention. Quick on his feet if not on the uptake, Amorru did attempt to employ some of the physical misdirection he practiced in dueling an opponent by maneuvering around Mercer and glancing over the man's shoulder, as it happened, just in time to see Charity's choice of gentleman approach Grace near the far wall. Amorru's expression soured and his jaw clenched for a moment as the gentleman checked his breath before attempting to engage the good doctor in small talk.

"Pardon me, dear lady." The man exuded confidence without pretension, but faltered momentarily with a furrowing of the brow when Grace appeared not to realize who he addressed. He adjusted the breast of his subdued green jacket and straightened his posture before pressing on. "Miss? Excuse me. Yes. You. Would you do me the honor of joining me for a dance?" Across the room, unable to make out the words but more than able to imagine the context of the conversation, Amorru forced his seething grimace into an extremely awkward smile as he forced himself to look away from the scene. Finally he spotted Octavia and Sean and waved them both over to join his conversation with Mr. Mercer.

Meanwhile, in the guest suites, Artemis Graham's peaceful slumber was rudely interrupted by the frantic banging outside her door. Awakened so suddenly and shockingly, Artemis was sure there must be some dire emergency for her to respond to. Why else would someone be assaulting her temporary domicile? Why indeed. A question so curious security had been alerted to the disruption and descended upon the hall in which Bolin Babylon took it upon their self to engage in a hurried and harrowing quest to obtain a spare applicator and a kindly conferrer to contribute to their cosmetic cause.
Announcements / Banners for Ship Subforums
August 15, 2019, 07:27:02 pm
Your friendly neighborhood Moderator, noseatbelts, has taken some time to develop themed banners for each of our major RP areas and shared them with us on the Discord server!

We've already had a sample poll on the Discord but are posing the question here as well. Do you think these banners should replace the images currently serving as headers for our ship subforums? Make your vote count in this poll and feel free to share your opinion below.

And a shoutout to noseatbelts for the work put in!
Announcements / Re: Cleaning House 2019
August 15, 2019, 06:02:17 pm
A new survey is up, this time relating to site donations and rewards programs! Take a few minutes and let us hear what you think.
Wushu OOC / I have PART of a plan!
August 08, 2019, 05:01:29 pm
So! About our current mission: We don't have much in the way of a plan, do we? We've certainly played dress up, and I'm pretty sure that's mostly what Charity and Amorru came to the party for, but there is the matter of accomplishing the following tasks.

1) We need a solid means of removing Ainsworth from his party and getting him away to Wushu. Chimera has a good enough plan they shared with us on Discord.

So the idea would be to isolate Ainsworth (depending on what the women prefer, either with Amorru's plan of attempting seduction, or Jono's idea of picking a fight with the grandson), give him some drugs that will mimic heart problems & then take him in for 'specialized medical treatment.'  Since it's a heart problem, there'd be a rock solid reason to not take him to a regular hospital - they'd immediately notice the fake heart and call the feds, who would then investigate the ties with organized crime & freeze the entire Ainsworth fortune, which neither Ainsworth, nor his heirs or bride would want...

The idea that Ainsworth would naturally have heart problems after dealing with the stress of his awful grandson causing problems on his wedding day is an easy enough story to sell.

After Jono talks with Sean, Amorru and Grace & they do their ultimate team-up, we can have Sean & Jesse steal the little black book that Jono requires in exchange for his help, and then send Amorru and Grace to the estate's medical facilities with the cover story that they're coordinating care for poor, mentally deficient Amorru, but really with the intent of stealing the meds they would need to drug Ainsworth.

To get us there, Jono's going to round up Amorru, Sean, and Grace for some questioning. This is where they'll make Jesse's acquaintance. Like Jono, the deal will be to get Jesse off planet and avoiding any jail time in exchange for some help. So we've got Jesse, Ainsworth, and the book, which leaves us with the whole... Getting off planet thing...

2) Wushu's engines need repaired! Artemis is currently asleep, but is likely to be awoken by Bolin in short order. Perhaps after an introduction of sorts between the two, Bolin talks Artemis into joining the party in the conservatory and the crew can reunite and map out a further plan from there? I think Jono can arrange for a pilot and whatever necessary parts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to proceed? Any little bits they want for their characters? Once the plan gets set into motion, I'm sure everything will go along just swimmingly. That is, of course, as long as no one happens to throw a wrench into the works. :)  :-X
Absences / Re: Lomari's Absence
July 28, 2019, 11:32:50 am
Best of luck with the move! Hope all goes well in the process. I know myself and the rest of the team will be happy to fill in as needed.

Happy journeys!
Announcements / Cleaning House 2019
July 09, 2019, 05:07:42 am
Hello everyone! Just wanted to make everyone aware that a new clean up effort conducted by noseatbelts, Axe, Lomari, and myself has begun. Reduntant topics are being merged, defunct and irrelevant threads are being deleted, and the boards are being arranged so as to improve ease of navigation and make the abundance of information FS has accumulated over the years as easy to access as possible. This action is being taken as a result if an informal polling of the community conducted via Discord and I feel most members are aware of the changes but we want to make sure those who aren't usually on Discord know what's happening as well. Any comments or concerns on the clean up effort, archiving, etc. should be directed to the Suggestions section. Bear in mind, a new thread should only be opened there if the issue hasn't been brought up previously.

Thank you one and all for hanging with us. The current Site Staff is relatively fresh compared to some of the veterans that were here before us, and as we step up to fill those roles there are sure to be some growing pains. But in the end, we all seek to see this community thriving again.
Absences / Taking a break.
May 07, 2019, 04:13:15 pm
So, long story short I'm getting busier away from game and I've been feeling that overall burnout that's left me feeling extremely uninspired and more than a bit frustrated about it, so I'm going to step away for a time and wring the ol' sponge out. I like to think it'll be sooner rather than later, but not able to set a hard return date at the moment.

For those ships I'm Narrating and/or Captaining, I've made arrangements with other staff members to keep things going in my stead. I don't foresee any major derailments in the meantime. For those areas where I'm crew, the respective Captains have my permission to NPC my characters as needed in the meantime.

Hopefully in a few weeks I feel it again creatively, but I'll be around for Adminly things so if anything comes up just DM or @ me on Discord, or PM me here.
Location: The Conservatory
Planetary Clock: 1600 - Tea Time

Relaxing music filled the conservatory's tea room as the crew of the Wushu arrived. What luggage they brought was taken to their rooms for which they were giving key cards in a refreshingly efficient manner in comparison to how the previous several days had gone. While some among their numbers may have felt out of place in such a dainty scene, others still felt right at home among the porcelain dishes, painstakingly presented finger foods, and overly polite small talk - even if they practiced otherwise.

Both Mr. Ainsworth and the future Mrs. were present, though Charles seemed to be more tolerating the event than reveling in the inherent attention each of the guests sought to offer in the same way his young bride-to-be did. Still, the couple appeared happy enough on the surface. Wushu's crew settled in and went about the room as they each saw fit: some mingling, others filling their pockets with macarons, and a fair couple choosing instead to decorate the walls in an attempt to avoid the whole thing altogether.
Wushu OOC / Mission Pacing
April 30, 2019, 09:41:41 am
What's your opinion of the pacing of our first mission? Wushu's been sailing for a year now in real time, while only a couple of weeks have taken place in game. Is this acceptable to everyone? Should the pace accelerate or just move along as it has been despite the hiccups we've had along the way? Given the only ship this crew has crossed over with so far, Ronin, has been similarly stalled I'm not exactly worried about chronology or time jumping, but more concerned with the overall sense of satisfaction we're all getting as a crew of developing characters?

IMO, the character development for everyone has been stellar even if the story has been slow. Is everyone cool with this? Or are we eager to get to some action? I don't have a particular agenda as a narrator, but as a player I'm a wee bit antsy and just curious what the rest of the crew's take is. Please vote in the poll and feel free to comment in this thread with a more detailed opinion or suggestions. Thank you!
Wushu Asides / Re: Final Preparations
April 16, 2019, 02:00:07 pm
Gabe lost himself in looking overlong at the way Alice filled out her uniform until Mercer stepped through the door, then went about the shaky process of shuffling papers and pretending to be extremely busy. The mailman's assignment to the Ainsworth Estate brought little action, as he'd been bribed long ago and continued to receive kickbacks from the Master of the House for making neither notation of nor inquisition into the nature of the number of shipments bearing no officially documented postage information that came into the estate. Still, Master Ainsworth didn't care for having any layabouts on his payroll and Gabe knew the head of security reported directly to the boss. The postman's spine stiffened as Mercer approached the counter. Gabe made to offer an awkward salute before remembering what he was doing and returning Mercer's welcoming gesture of a handshake.

"Gabe, good to see you!  What have you got for us today?"

"Pleasure to see you as well, Mr. Mercer! The post remains awful busy as ever, of course. Reckon we'll all breathe a little easier once the wedding's over. Er, not that I'm not looking forward to the event of course! Or, that I'm not grateful for the work you know. Ha, ha. Ah. Right. Well, here's the invoice for today's deliveries. Everything's accounted for, sure. but I'm just waiting for the groundskeepers to come along and wrangle up all the livestock for Master Ainsworth's next hunting excursion before I get to making my own deliveries. And I'm still keeping an eye out for the peacocks. They were supposed to arrive yesterday but appear to be running a bit behind schedule. Oh! And there's something here for you as well. No return address, though. I can run it through the scanner if you like."

Gabe offered a flat, muppet smile beneath his pushbroom mustache, increasingly aware of the amount of sweat forming on the white shirt beneath his arms.
April 15, 2019, 09:07:20 pm
Main thread is unlocked and posting may resume.

Please take note that Amorru's introductions were in jest. It won't be necessary, once what little of a plan we have is in place, for any of the crew members to remain particularly "in character" unless specified. Everyone will have roles better suited to their individual strengths and weaknesses as characters, and the cover for the invitations is merely a means to get everyone in the door.

Please don't take Amorru too seriously. He isn't actually good at this.
The Shuttle

The crew entered the shuttle one by one, all bringing along what they would need for a couple nights' stay (and knowing this crew, each of them a little more than that). Charity dutifully carried aboard the formal attire, where it seemed the rest were more like to forget. Amorru gratefully offered King his blessing to take the controls, seemingly fully intent on getting his rest in as he proclaimed. When Artemis questioned her role in the upcoming sequence of events, he assured her she was deserving of at least one night off and encouraged her to join the rest of the crew and use the shuttle to return to Wushu later. The shuttle disengaged from Wushu after "Captain" Reyes, apparently not quite trusting King with one code or another, typed in a few sequences to the control panel and declared the separation a success. "There she is, bright 'n' shiny." Turning away from the controls to retake his seat, Amorru patted King on the shoulder casually before leaning in and speaking low. "Figure we ought to catch a nip or two and go over the details of your, ah, employment as it were. Just us blokes." Amorru's tone, though friendly, dripped with the same suspicion he cast at King since Heraklion.

Ainsworth's Security Shuttle

Grisham, whose team investigated the site of the somehow only very slightly crashed vessel Wushu, called in to his superior back at the Ainsworth estate. "Right, Mr. Mercer. Wasn't too suspicious at first, despite the reckless landing. Expecting a burnt out hull, honestly. One of 'em musta been one hell of a pilot, or a complete idiot to try it, I'm still not sure. No, didn't catch who. Something doesn't add up with the invitations. Not the Thoringtons. Renting a couple cabins and floating along on some fleabit transport seems like their idea of a romantic getaway. It's the Rosenthal's. Fella introduced himself as Alexander instead of Alex like his invitation said, and his wife's was addressed to a "miss" and not a "missus". Didn't Ainsworth make a big stink about hiring a professional letterer and checking each invitation himself?" Grisham awaited Mercer's reply, answered in the affirmative, and continued. "And one more thing. They've got an extra coming along with them. At least they say she's one. Supposed to be taking care of one of the guests, but didn't have an invitation of her own. You want we should escort her to the mailroom? Or let her check in with her friends?"

Grisham answered in the affirmative again, and then the ship continued to escort Wushu's shuttle towards the Ainsworth Estate.

The Estate

The Ainsworth Estate is an expansive affair even when compared to others of its type floating nearby. Possessing its own dock, power plant, farmland, woodlands, and various amenities spread across its lush and lively acreage, the Estate seemed like a city unto its own. Once they landed and the shuttle locked in its berth along a docking protrusion jutting out not unlike a marina floating on the empty air, the crew were free to make their way toward the west guest buildings, check in, and be seen to their rooms. They were never far from the eyes and pulse rifles of Ainsworth's security team, however, and there was still the matter of Grace's lack of an invitation to resolve. For now, how easy the next few hours of this trip were going to be for the good doctor hinged on John Mercer's discretion.
Five armed security personnel in light armor strapped over formal attire made their way on to the ship in a V formation. One of them made eye contract with Grace in her attempt at egress and motioned firmly for her to return to the cargo hold with the rest of the crew. "Something illegal in the luggage, Miss? Or is there some other reason you wanted to go for a stroll through the desert?"

Amorru attempted to smooth things over by introducing himself and explaining things. "Pardon Grace's behavior, gentlemen. She's been under quite a bit of stress lately. Oh! Where are my manners? I'm Alexander Rosenthal," he said, putting an arm around Octavia and presenting their invitations, "and this is my lovely wife, Alice. There you are." Amorru 'knowingly' winked and nodded at Wushu's passenger, clearly misunderstanding her intentions after she handed him the envelope.

The head of the security team checked he invitations over and nodded. "What about the rest?" "Ah, of course." Amorru moved aside his half cape and presented a few more envelopes from within his jacket. Handing the invitations from Xavier's office over, he began to make introductions. "May I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Jarold Thorington." The 'Captain' motioned towards Charity and King. "Jarold's one of the most successful cattle barons on Jiangyin, and his lovely lady Amethyst is quite a homemaker."

Amorru moved to introduce Artemis next, according to the name on her invitation. "Caitlyn Marx, an engineering consultant educated on Ariel who's done me the favor of looking over my engines. In fact, I believe she was about to share her suggestions for repair as you hailed us." A wry smile pulled at half of Amorru's mouth as he glanced over to Sean. "And this is Alice's dearest cousin, Rathbin Addleberry. The poor boy was born with bad blood, you see, and is quite daft as a consequence. Please forgive his slurred speech and generally aloof nature. He's quite harmless, I assure you, but does require a bit of extra care. Thankfully, we are blessed with the presence of his nurse, Grace, who was just packing some of Rath's required amenities. Unfortunately she has no formal invitation, but I think you'll forgive the breach of etiquette. Considering the circumstances, of course."

The crew waited patiently as the head of the team held a one sided conversation with someone on the other end of the comm-link in his ear. "Seven, sir. Seems a family owned ship, carrying passengers from Ariel and Jiangyin. Only one without an invitation. She seems to be a caretaker of one of the... guests. It's a Hotaru Class, equipped with a shuttle." Addressing Amorru, the guard asked "Is your shuttle operational?" Amorru's eyebrow and shoulders began to rise out of instinct before he shook the expression from his face and nodded in confidence. "Shuttle's operational. Shall we escort them to the estate? Affirmative." The man motioned for his team to return to their own ship before addressing Amorru again. "Seal up your transport and dispatch your shuttle. We'll escort you to the Ainsworth Estate. Oh, wait!" Amorru flinched visibly and recoiled slightly, assuming the jig was up already. "Welcome to Bellerophon!"
March 21, 2019, 12:20:54 pm
Going out of town for the weekend and have a busy start to the week when I get back, but im going to try for an Amorru post tonite or tomorrow before I head out. Happy posting everyone!

In the four days since being named Captain, in a manner of speaking, Amorru spent the vast majority of his waking hours at the helm, maintaining an unadvised rate of speed and seemingly forgetting all about his sword practice. Most of the crew and Octavia went about their lives as normally as possible as the ship rocketed along, being reminded of their dire situation only occasionally as Amorru updated them on their location via Captainly announcements. Finally, he alerted everyone to their impending entry into Bellerophon's atmosphere.

"Ladies and gentleman, this is your Captain speaking," Amorru's voice broke as he made a smug humming sound, then continued. "We are rapidly approaching our destination of Bellerophon and - Agk!" The ship lurched to one side suddenly as a loud BANG echoed from the engine room. "Um. Art?  Seems like we're losing thrust here. What, ah... What was that? As Artemis checked the engines for the source of the malfunction, she confirmed a cracked cylinder in the fuel pressurizer. "Sod it all... Strap in folks, and prepare for a bumpy landing. I'll just... Glide her in. Yeah. No problem..."

True to his word, Amorru managed to land the ship with minimal damage on the planet's vast desert. A planet of floating private estates, Bellerophon's wealthy residents needed neither local shops nor laborers as goods and services made themselves available via constant import. While this made the possibility of replacing the pressurizer cylinder fairly easy, it also brought the untimely attention of a private security force's patrol ship as they followed the trail of smoke belching from the engine's exhaust. Worse yet, the extra fuel that leaked and burned from the cracked cylinder represented the last of the available reserves. Amorru watched as the modified Arrowhead class shuttle landed on the desert sands ahead of them. Despite assuring the security crew aboard the Arrowhead of Wushu's pristine condition and refusing assistance multiple times, the pilot sighed in defeat as he watched the shuttle's board ramps lower and a handful of well-dressed and even better armed security personnel stepped out into the desert sands and began to approach the transport.

"Heads up. We're about to have some companyyyyy!" Amorru nearly sang the final syllable leaving his mouth and began the sprint from the bridge to the cargo bay below. Stopping at the intercom mounted at the threshold from the crew and passenger quarters to the cargo hold's scaffolding, Reyes paged the best assistants he could imagine in this situation. "Charity, Octavia! Meet me at the ramp, please!" Amorru strolled across the scaffold toward the engine room, straightening his hair and adjusting the collar on his uncharacteristically rumpled shirt. "Artemis? What's going on with that engine?"

Outside the ship, a security guard spoke into the long-range communicator fitted on their head. "Yeah. We've made contact with the Hotaru. Ship's called... Wushu? What kinda name is that... Put me through to Wallace. Right. Thanks. I'll wait. Mr. Wallace? This is Riser. We've got that Hotaru that dropped like a rock through Ainsworth's airspace. Affirmative. Name's Wushu. No, I don't know either. Right. The crew appears to be complying so far. Ramp's lowering, no signs of hostility. They seem prepared for boarding. How does Mr. Mercer want us to proceed?"
March 09, 2019, 06:19:18 pm
ok im thinking the next round of posts focuses on addressing the issue(s) at hand, including the need to double time it to Bellerophon, then we'll wrap with a narration in a couple of days so Jono and Bolin can join the main thread. i'll write up an Amorru post tonight to post tomorrow (only have the phone to access internet but can write on my laptop offline), everyone feel free to post in the meantime and i'll adapt before posting
March 06, 2019, 09:19:27 pm
Please note the most recent Narration is not a hard time jump by any means but just a brief summary of what should happen over the next fifteen minutes or so. Feel free to elaborate over whatever your characters are up to over the course of that time. For instance, I'll be picking up from where Amorru and Sean step into the Captain's quarters and working him into the galley from there. Hopefully this isn't confusing for anyone, but if there's any questions feel free to ask here, PM me, or hit me up on Discord! Thanks!
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