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Since we've got quite a few ships going and given the way certain things have developed here over the past several months, I feel that it's helpful - particularly toward the end of site-wide plots and ship crossovers - to establish a consistent timeline for all of our ships. Given it's our most recent addition, I've been working on plotting actions and events out using the foundation of the Phoenix Company as as our "jumping on" point. Courtesan presents a special case as it was established at a time when Empress was likely to be shelved and the Marty Miller character will be formally exiting to Courtesan after Empress Episode 1.

This will be considered a work in progress (WIP) until recognized by as many parties as wish to weigh in on the matter. Beginning early 2020, the plan is move on officially to First Quarter 2520 so all ships are on a consistent timeline. There is no intention to keep the FS 'Verse calendar consistently 500 years ahead of our own real world Gregorian calendar, we're just estimating that in 8 weeks time most episodes will be at a good place to close and early in a new real world year after the holiday season has ended is a good time to "start fresh".

Ship/DayDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9
The Darling Darling Episode 2
Empress A Shipful of Dollars
D.S.S. Iscariot Iscariot Episode 1 Iscariot Episode 2
Odette Depart Newhall (Wushu: Repossesion Mambo - Newhall) Travel to Bellerophon* (Wushu: Repossesion Mambo - Wedding Crashers) Travel to Bellerophon* Travel to Bellerophon* Travel to Bellerophon* Arrive on Bellerophon* (Wushu: Wedding Crashers Cont'd) Events of the Eve of the Ainsworth Wedding Travel to Iscariot Arrive at Iscariot (SS Iscariot - Episode 2)
Phoenix Company Jax departs Newhall for Jyiangin (JAX - Love on the Rocks) Travel to Jyiangin Travel to Jyiangin Travel to Jyiangin Travel to Jyiangin Arrival at Jyiangin Travel to Greenleaf Station Phoenix Company arrive at Greenleaf Station Phoenix Company Episode 0: "Reborn in Fire"
Revenge Revenge Episode 2
The Courtesan N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

* - Assuming optimal orbital conditions between Bellerophon and Newhall, what is generally considered an 8 to 10 day trip is reduced to 6 days at average pulse drive speeds for an engine similar to that of a Firefly's; further reduced to 4 days at Full Burn speeds.
Absences / Moving.
October 15, 2019, 04:51:07 pm
I'll be spending the next two weeks moving. I'll continue to work on subaccounts, post, etc. as I can.

I've also deleted Discord from my phone and computer, so if you need to contact me for anything please message PM me here.
There's an error preventing users from creating new accounts that we're working very hard to address.

Existing players can continue to post as new, approved characters on their OOC accounts.

If you are new to us, please hop on our discord so we know you're interested! It'd be a great opportunity for us to get to know you and your character ideas while we're addressing some technical difficulties.

Happy to announce that this issue has been resolved and we are currently hard at work regarding the Subaccounts issue. For now, please feel free to register your new characters with a unique e-mail address as before.

Subaccounts is a mod made for version 1.1 of SMF in 2009 and hasn't seen support from its author since 2011. It also doesn't allow for alterations and modifications of its coding to be circulated in any form, and therefore any easy fixes based on its structure are very difficult to find. In fact, the most highly suggested means of making it work for newer versions of SMF is to install everything manually which is going to take some time on my part. Compatible mods that can be auto-installed simply parse and edit the necessary code, but manual installation means going into each and every file that would be edited and doing it by hand with fingers crossed that nothing gets broken in the meantime. I can't really give a fair estimation of when this process will be complete, but like every problem we've run into before I will continue to do everything I can to make it happen.

Thanks for flying with us,
- The FS Admin Team
While we're excited about the changes and learning to adapt to a fresher system, it can be a little frustrating when it seems like something doesn't work the way it used to. In most cases it does still work, just requires clicking in a different place or manually enabling a new option which used to require a mod. To that end, we'll be making a repository in this thread of some new questions popping up and an answer once we have one.

If you have any questions, or a fix you found to something that's been bugging you and hasn't been brought up yet, just submit that by replying to the thread using the code below.

[CODE*][B][U]ASK QUESTION HERE[/U][/B][/CODE*] (Remove asterisks and anything between these parentheses)

How do I switch subaccounts?
We're working on the old subaccounts mod, but in the meantime just logout of your OOC account and into the character account. It seems that most of the time these passwords are the same as the OOC account, but in the event that it is not and you do not know the password you can just PM an Admin and we will get the password to you as soon as we can. If you find yourself waiting and need to post for now, just post on your OOC account and an admin or moderator will modify it to be posted under the character account when they send your password.

Why's my avatar gone and how do I fix it?
It seems linked Avatars got wiped. It may only be avatars linking to http:// sites as the forum - being https:// - does not like mixed links like that, but this is unconfirmed at this time. Uploaded avatars seem to be fine. To relink your avatar, click the profile name in upper left and go to Forum Profile. This will take you to your profile editor.

Why am I no longer notified of threads I follow?
Unfortunately manner features seem broken or lost due to outdated mods. Thankfully, some of those features are integrated directly into SMF 2.1's user customization. To enable this feature, simply go to your account menu in the upper left corner, select Notifications, and check "Follow topics I create and reply to". You have the option of being notified via alert, e-mail or both.

How can I see the full site on Mobile?
To see the full site on mobile you have to ask for the desktop version and then turn your phone to landscape.
On hold / Francis Ramsay St. Michael
September 15, 2019, 11:23:49 am
Francis Ramsay "Frank the Tank" St. Michael

Age:  39
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Spacer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Certified Powerloader Operator
Equipment:  Federal Powerloader License, coveralls, worn boots, back brace, carpal tunnel gloves, bottle of extra strength anti-inflammatory medication, case of cold brewskis, a modified .357 Magnum, and what co-workers believe is the same cigar he just keeps chewing.

Appearance:  Middle aged, stocky build, somewhat out of shape. Looks like he might've been an athlete once, but preferred lifting 12 oz weights if you know what I mean.
Faceclaim:  Mike Hagerty

Initial Personality:  Gruff, somewhat entitled blue collar type who always believes his age and experience is more valuable than any newbies to the crew fresh out of technical training courses despite the fact that he's never learned to do much more than operate a power loader. Is afraid of change.
Underlying Personality:  Is also afraid of dogs.

Known History:  Won't confirm whether or not he graduated high school, but loves to tell the story about how he totally banged three chicks at the same time.
Other History:  Didn't do either of those things, but has had two failed marriages and most of his pay goes to alimony.

Skills and Strengths:  Runs a powerloader like nobody's business. Does the same with his mouth. Claims to have killed a guy, but who knows?
Weaknesses:  Deathly afraid of dogs due to being bit by one as a kid, but always leaves out the part where he was throwing fire crackers at it. Isn't very smart, or confident, despite putting on a gruff act. Has more health issues from his sedentary career choice and otherwise terrible personal decisions than he wants to admit, and is always looking for a way to be compensated for what he claims are "work-related" conditions. The most the company has ponied up is a donut seat.

Announcements / Banners for Ship Subforums
August 15, 2019, 12:27:02 pm
Your friendly neighborhood Moderator, noseatbelts, has taken some time to develop themed banners for each of our major RP areas and shared them with us on the Discord server!

We've already had a sample poll on the Discord but are posing the question here as well. Do you think these banners should replace the images currently serving as headers for our ship subforums? Make your vote count in this poll and feel free to share your opinion below.

And a shoutout to noseatbelts for the work put in!
Wushu OOC / I have PART of a plan!
August 08, 2019, 10:01:29 am
So! About our current mission: We don't have much in the way of a plan, do we? We've certainly played dress up, and I'm pretty sure that's mostly what Charity and Amorru came to the party for, but there is the matter of accomplishing the following tasks.

1) We need a solid means of removing Ainsworth from his party and getting him away to Wushu. Chimera has a good enough plan they shared with us on Discord.

So the idea would be to isolate Ainsworth (depending on what the women prefer, either with Amorru's plan of attempting seduction, or Jono's idea of picking a fight with the grandson), give him some drugs that will mimic heart problems & then take him in for 'specialized medical treatment.'  Since it's a heart problem, there'd be a rock solid reason to not take him to a regular hospital - they'd immediately notice the fake heart and call the feds, who would then investigate the ties with organized crime & freeze the entire Ainsworth fortune, which neither Ainsworth, nor his heirs or bride would want...

The idea that Ainsworth would naturally have heart problems after dealing with the stress of his awful grandson causing problems on his wedding day is an easy enough story to sell.

After Jono talks with Sean, Amorru and Grace & they do their ultimate team-up, we can have Sean & Jesse steal the little black book that Jono requires in exchange for his help, and then send Amorru and Grace to the estate's medical facilities with the cover story that they're coordinating care for poor, mentally deficient Amorru, but really with the intent of stealing the meds they would need to drug Ainsworth.

To get us there, Jono's going to round up Amorru, Sean, and Grace for some questioning. This is where they'll make Jesse's acquaintance. Like Jono, the deal will be to get Jesse off planet and avoiding any jail time in exchange for some help. So we've got Jesse, Ainsworth, and the book, which leaves us with the whole... Getting off planet thing...

2) Wushu's engines need repaired! Artemis is currently asleep, but is likely to be awoken by Bolin in short order. Perhaps after an introduction of sorts between the two, Bolin talks Artemis into joining the party in the conservatory and the crew can reunite and map out a further plan from there? I think Jono can arrange for a pilot and whatever necessary parts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to proceed? Any little bits they want for their characters? Once the plan gets set into motion, I'm sure everything will go along just swimmingly. That is, of course, as long as no one happens to throw a wrench into the works. :)  :-X
The Courtesan Crew / Wulfstan Wynne
August 05, 2019, 08:37:31 am
Wulfstan "Stan" Bacchus Wynne
Player: RUNE

Age:  Forty-five
Gender:  Male
Primary Occupation:  Legal Consultant
Appearance:  Average height amd medium build, carrying the shoulder tension of a harsh youth and a turn or two in Alliance detention. Never has more than a few days' worth of stubble on his face and head. Won't be caught dead outside of something with a nice, starched collar.
Faceclaim:  Jason Statham
Initial Personality:  Sociable enough, albeit in a mostly professional manner, and possesses an upfront matter-of-factness that encroaches on the realm of flippant dismissal. Tends to only let his guard down in the presence of the Miller brood, otherwise relying on diversion and snark to to outmaneuver any possibility of emotional attachment. This behavior is as like to be a side effect of learning not to invest personally in his clients as well as a rough and haphazard upbringing. In most cases, the look on his face is enough to tell a person he'd rather watch them eat glass than say another word.
Underlying Personality:  Undying loyalty to the Miller family, their individual well-being, and the clan's continued prosperity, in matters both legal and personal dictates Wulfstan's major life decisions. While Stan's most obvious and public bond to the Miller family is through his long standing friendship with Mason, there is also a long-standing yet unspoken connection with Matilda. Though details of the nature of that connection are fuzzy, even to the two of them, it does grant Wulfstan a place on that most exclusive of lists as being one of the few people allowed to refer to her by the name 'Tilly'.
Known History: 
Born:Dyton, 8th of November 2474
Parents:Lorraine Wynne, Mother; Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller, PhD. and Vice Admiral Eliza Miller, Foster Parents
Siblings:None (See Other)
Other:7 "Cousins" - Mason, Miliscint, Miles, Matilda, Malinda, Madeline, and Martin Miller.
Academic records:
Dyton Junior Military Academy 2482 - 2488
Dyton Senior Military Academy 2488 - 2492
University of Greenleaf, Dyton 2493 - 2495 (A.A)
Oxford-Brown University - New Cambridge Campus, Londinium 2495 - 2497 (B.A, Political Science)
Oxford-Brown University of Law - New Cambridge campus, Londinium 2497-2500 (J.D)
Passed Londinium bar exam February 2501
Passed Sihnon bar exam June 2504
Occupational Record:
Sponsored Cortex Vlogger - 2493 - 2496
Wolfram & Hart, Intern - June to August 2497, 2498
Lun-Wellesly Solicitors of Sihnon, Attorney - 2504-2515
Wynne Legal Services, LLP. - est. 2515
Miller Securities, Legal Consultant - 2518
Criminal Record:

(Juvenile Record Sealed)
Attempt to Insight Riot (New Cardiff - September 2495 - External link: 'September Revolution') - Verdict: Guilty; Sentenced to Community Service
Drunk and Disorderly - Multiple Charges, dropped
Criminal Vandalism - Multiple Charges, dropped
Defacement of Federal Property - File Sealed

Other History:  While mostly regarded in the neighborhood as a street ruffian and ne'er'-do-well, Wulfstan Wynne became the prodigal bad influence to Mason Miller in their youth, though the matter of who actually bore more influence over whom is still a matter of debate between the two to this day. When Wulfstan's life threatened to spiral out of control after the death of his mother in his early teens, it was Mason's father Stanley who arranged to foster the wayward youth as a member of the Miller household and flexed his influence to send Wulfstan to Dyton Military Academy for schooling. There, Wulfstan bunked with Mason most terms and feuded with him during others. During those petty feuds, it became well known that the worst place to be during one of their brawls was between the two of them. They remained steadfast and loyal mates throughout, however, always putting aside their differences at least long enough to whip the other guys.

After graduating from the Academy, Wulfstan and Mason's career and life paths diverged significantly. Where Mason went into the military professionally, Wulfstan remained defiant toward all authority save that of the Commodore Dr. Stanley Miller. In particular, he loathed what he referred to as "Anglo-Sihon Fascism" in early Alliance planetary policy, and used his position from a veritable "ivory tower" of education at the Oxford-Brown University on Londinium to broadcast to the Cortex a somewhat popular catalog of tirades against "invasive" terraforming practices and "predatory" trade policy put in place on Rim planets still in place from the time of early expansion efforts. Wulfstan often called for a radical overthrow of Parliament in his signaled broadcasts, even going so far as to organize and stage to a lukewarm reception one such attempted coup during the so-called "September Revolution" of 2495.

A heart-to-heart with The Commodore after Wulfstan posted bail for his attempted riot seemed to alter his course permanently, and the following summer the Political Science major found himself interning in the mailroom of the offices of Wolfram & Hart's Londinium branch. He would return twice more between years at the Oxford-Brown University of Law, once in a clerical capacity and then assisting with paralegal duties. His future as one of Wolfram & Hart's associate attorneys seemed written in blood, but something Wulfstan is loathe to discuss took place during a company outing in the summer of 2498 which nullified his relationship with the firm.

After passing the Londinium Bar examination, Wulfstan attempted to find work on the capital planet but found himself blacklisted by Wolfram & Hart's designs and relocated to Sihnon to find work. After another period of interning, Wulf passed the Sihnon bar and began working whatever cases that partners at Lun-Wellesly would pass down to him. Wulf put tireless effort into making a name for himself among the pool of associate attorneys at Lun-Wellesly and for a time was revered for his "rainmaker" status. In time, Wulfstan's consideration for junior partner seemed a given, however his deeply ingrained opposition to authority in any of its guises appeared to show its head again and again, and eventually he chose to part ways with the partnership and went into business alone.

Finally establishing himself as an independent council for hire, Wulfstan now provides his services as the primary legal consultant to Miller Securities and travels with the family throughout the Black. Wynne continues to practice legal representation on short term and single engagement contracts, connecting to clients via wave and signal when possible and borrowing The Courtesan's shuttle to appear for physical representation when necessary.

Skills and Strengths:  Will usually argue his way out of any conflict, but can punch his way out if he has to. Knows how to keep himself and the Millers on the right side of the law. Family loyalty means somebody's always got his back - Mason, more often than not. Practices speaking with sincerity and confidence daily, and knows how to work most rooms as if he stands in court. Can prepare, process, file, and forge nearly any required document under Alliance Federal guidelines. Developed a fondness and knack for baking over the years, his raspberry clafoutis and cheese cake flan becoming oft-requested deserts at Miller family gatherings.
Weaknesses:Doesn't know how to use a gun, mostly due to hating loud noises. Doesn't seem to keep him from running his mouth, however. Family ties result in no shortage of messes to clean up, but its the price he promised. Chronically perturbed by the very existence of Martin Miller - probably due to the aversion to loud noises -  and in particular when the plucky pilot insists on calling him "Stanley".

Announcements / Cleaning House 2019
July 08, 2019, 10:07:42 pm
Hello everyone! Just wanted to make everyone aware that a new clean up effort conducted by noseatbelts, Axe, Lomari, and myself has begun. Reduntant topics are being merged, defunct and irrelevant threads are being deleted, and the boards are being arranged so as to improve ease of navigation and make the abundance of information FS has accumulated over the years as easy to access as possible. This action is being taken as a result if an informal polling of the community conducted via Discord and I feel most members are aware of the changes but we want to make sure those who aren't usually on Discord know what's happening as well. Any comments or concerns on the clean up effort, archiving, etc. should be directed to the Suggestions section. Bear in mind, a new thread should only be opened there if the issue hasn't been brought up previously.

Thank you one and all for hanging with us. The current Site Staff is relatively fresh compared to some of the veterans that were here before us, and as we step up to fill those roles there are sure to be some growing pains. But in the end, we all seek to see this community thriving again.
Absences / Taking a break.
May 07, 2019, 09:13:15 am
So, long story short I'm getting busier away from game and I've been feeling that overall burnout that's left me feeling extremely uninspired and more than a bit frustrated about it, so I'm going to step away for a time and wring the ol' sponge out. I like to think it'll be sooner rather than later, but not able to set a hard return date at the moment.

For those ships I'm Narrating and/or Captaining, I've made arrangements with other staff members to keep things going in my stead. I don't foresee any major derailments in the meantime. For those areas where I'm crew, the respective Captains have my permission to NPC my characters as needed in the meantime.

Hopefully in a few weeks I feel it again creatively, but I'll be around for Adminly things so if anything comes up just DM or @ me on Discord, or PM me here.
Wushu OOC / Mission Pacing
April 30, 2019, 02:41:41 am
What's your opinion of the pacing of our first mission? Wushu's been sailing for a year now in real time, while only a couple of weeks have taken place in game. Is this acceptable to everyone? Should the pace accelerate or just move along as it has been despite the hiccups we've had along the way? Given the only ship this crew has crossed over with so far, Ronin, has been similarly stalled I'm not exactly worried about chronology or time jumping, but more concerned with the overall sense of satisfaction we're all getting as a crew of developing characters?

IMO, the character development for everyone has been stellar even if the story has been slow. Is everyone cool with this? Or are we eager to get to some action? I don't have a particular agenda as a narrator, but as a player I'm a wee bit antsy and just curious what the rest of the crew's take is. Please vote in the poll and feel free to comment in this thread with a more detailed opinion or suggestions. Thank you!
General Discussion / Hobbies and Such
March 06, 2019, 05:08:10 am
Howdy howdy!

Just curious what kind of activities everyone's into here! Personally I'm into writing (who knew!?), cooking, tabletop/paper and dice gaming, hiking, photography, ASMR, meditation, and building and painting Gundam models. I have a collection of Transformers, but I've been drifting away from that as I focus on other hobbies and pursuits. I also like to build my own PCs and would like trying my hand at building custom gaming rigs in the future. Speaking of future activity, I need to haul my pigu back into the gym sometime soon and find a passion for a physical activity beyond walking in the woods.

So what about you? What are you into?
Wushu Information / Know Thy Enemy
March 01, 2019, 06:53:28 am
Out in the Verse its usually a good idea to know who you're dealing with. With that in mind, here's some info about the criminal organizations known as Tongs. This information is pulled directly from the pages of the Serenity RPG, and is reprinted without any permission under the assumptions that no one cares. If you are Jamie Chambers, Joss Whedon, or a representative of Margaret Weis Productions, please PM me because we'd love a public endorsement.

Quote from: Serenity: Role Playing Game
The Tongs

Tongs come from ancient China on Earth-That-Was. The word "tong" is innocent enough, meaning "hall", or a place to meet and talk. The original tongs began as business or social organizations for Chinese men. When the Chinese immigrated into the West, the tongs provided an measure of security for the immigrant, giving him a "family" that would protect his interests in a strange land and unfamiliar culture.

Problem is, this meant that rival tongs would often clash - a business deal gone sour, a dispute between families - and they would settle the matter with bloodshed. Traditional rivalries also caused wars to break out between the tongs, some of whom have been enemies for centuries. Many tongs got wrapped up in lawless activities - running illegal gambling concerns, brothels, and opium dens - gaining for themselves a criminal-minded reputation.

The tongs continue to operate in a not-so-different way to this day. To their credit, tongs help their own members, whether they are rich or poor; speaking up for them when they are in trouble with the community or helping out if they get into disputes with rival tongs. Still, human nature being what it is, the traditional hatreds and feuds carry on, and have even grown stronger. Some of the tongs are mightily involved in various illegal dealings throughout the system. Tongs have a strong presence on the outer worlds, where they can operate openly, as opposed to the Core worlds, where they tend to keep a low profile. It is said, though (however quietly), that their influence can be felt even in the Halls of Parliament.

So as you can see, the Moda are just one of many Tongs out there in the 'Verse and it's very likely they have some old rivals. I'll be updating this thread with a bit more information about the Moda, Salad, and any other Tongs we come across including specific members the Wushu crew interacts with so everyone can learn more about our new overlords. Feel free to contribute or ask any questions!
Wushu IC / The Repossession Mambo: Wedding Crashers
February 14, 2019, 12:01:17 pm

Sean entered the bridge shortly after being notified of the wave. "It's for you, guv." Amorru eyed Sean sideways as he handed over the comms unit hanging above the pilot's control station. He made no move to exit the bridge and offer Sean any privacy in the matter.

"My name isn't any more important than yours," came the scrambled voice over the speakers, "but rest assured I've got your best interests - or rather, the Tong's interests - at heart. In five minutes, the locks placed on your transport will be lifted and Wushu will have a three minute window to take off and break atmo before Alliance security forces are notified. Do not wait longer for Wushu's missing crew members. I don't need to reiterate the import of your mission. Five. Minutes."

The signal terminated before Sean could get a single question out. When he made to give the handheld comm back to Amorru, he found the pilot in the middle of keying up navigation sequences. Amorru snatched the unit out of Sean's hand, and paged the ship's public broadcast channel.

"Ladies and gents, this is your handsome and fashionable pilot speaking. We'll be departing Newhall for Bellerophon in T-minus four minutes and thirty-nine seconds. Be prepared for a hasty take off and an even hastier atmo break. Artemis, do us a favor: get the engine hot and give her a boost. Figure we're gonna need all the juice we can get." Amorru turned to Sean and offered him a wink and knowing smirk. "Don't fret, mate. I can break atmo in two minutes, tops."
SS Iscariot Crew / Patrick "Tricky" O'Doyle
February 04, 2019, 04:15:20 am
Player: RUNE

Age:  47
Gender:  MALE

Primary Occupation:  CAREER CRIMINAL
Secondary Occupation (optional):  "FINANCIAL CONSULTANT"

Appearance:  Aging quite gracefully, Tricky's appearance is as charming and roguish as ever. With a long, lean frame covered in the mature musculature of a man his age who engages in regular, medium intensity exercise, Patrick still carries himself with the cocksure swagger of a man half his age and exudes twice the confidence in facial expression alone.
Faceclaim:  JON HAMM

Initial Personality:  Self-reliant, self-spoiling, and generally self-centered, Patrick carries himself with an air of practiced aloofness that feeds directly into his overall charm. Loyal to his associates as long as they're useful to him, though there's something to his overall nonchalant behavior that gives the more perceptive of those around him the impression that he views them as expendable.
Underlying Personality:  Assuming he actually possesses that sort of depth, it could be gleaned that Patrick's doubled down on the lifestyle he currently leads because the choices he made as a younger man have cost him the family he envisioned for himself as an adult. It might also be due to this that he tends to view the more permanent members of his crew as a surrogate family of sorts, despite his aloof and seemingly careless behavior. Maybe.

Known History: 
Alliance Criminal Database SEARCH ID. 2552159
Name Searched: Patrick O'Doyle
DOB Searched: 08/07/2471
IDN Searched: 589-88a-54x3-0
Details: Search Parameters Include Blue Sun, Georgia, Kalidasa, Red Sun, White Sun
Records Searched: Felony & Misdemeanor
Completion Date: 02/04/2519 10:16.24
Search Status: RECORD
Case Number 2:15-cr-00000-SPC-MRM-1
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, DOB,
File Date 5/13/2508
Disposition Date 10/20/2508
Additional ID Info Patrick Finn O'Doyle a/k/a 'Tricky' O'Doyle a/k/a Kyle Kirkpatrick
Register Number: 32977-000
Count 1
Offense Level Felony
Count 2
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Count 3
Offense Level Felony
Disposition Guilty (Plea Bargain; Condition: Confidential)
Fine C 100,000.00
Probation 60 Months
Prison Time 95 Months Alliance Penal Station Alpha (-35 Months Good Behavior)
Comments Restitution: C 13,756,305

Case Number 2:98-cr-00000-JES-1
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, DOB,
File Date 10/30/2496
Disposition Date 3/26/2498
Additional ID Info Patrick Finn O'Doyle a/k/a Finn Doyle a/k/a Doyle Kelly a/k/a 'Trick' Kelly
Register Number: 32977-000
Count 1
Offense Level Felony
Disposition Guilty
Fine C 10,000.00
Probation 36 Months
Prison Time 27 Months Alliance Penal Station Alpha (-9 Months Good Behavior)
Comments Restitution: C 154,041.65

Case Number B-12-053000
Count 1
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Offense POSSESSION/0-20
Disposition Adjudication Withheld
Case Number B-10-045000
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 9/7/2493
Disposition Date 10/26/2493
Count 1
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Offense POSSESSION/0-20
Disposition Adjudication Withheld

Case Number F-04-000000
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 2/27/2491
Disposition Date 7/12/2491
Count 1
Offense Level Misdemeanor
Disposition GUILTY
Jail Time 287 DAYS
Count 2
Offense Level  Misdemeanor
Disposition GUILTY
Probation 24 Months

Case Number F-03-122660-B
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 9/9/2489
Disposition Date 7/12/2490
Count 1
Offense Level Felony

Case Number F-04-022000-C
Verification Method First Name, Last Name, Middle Name, DOB,
File Date 9/9/2488
Disposition Date 7/12/2489
Count 1
Offense Level Felony
Other History:  From Recording of Second Parole Hearing 9/19/2516

"Good morning, Mr. Doyle."

"Mornin'. O'Doyle."


"O'Doyle. It's O'Doyle."

"Oh. Suppose it is. At least this time. Mr. O'Doyle... Are you aware of the purpose of our meeting here today?"

"Well. I reckon it's for y'all to decide whether or not I've been a good boy who can go home early."

"Not exactly. The purpose of this hearing is to determine whether, if released, you are likely to break Alliance law once again. While your cooperation with federal officials is being taken into consideration, this is not only your second parole hearing for this sentence but the sentence itself is for your second felony offence. Do you understand what it means if you are convicted of a felony in a court of Alliance law for a third time, Mr. O'Doyle?"

"Reckon it don't mean a state sponsored vacation on Pelorum, or a luxury retirement estate on Bellephoron."

"As flippant as you were at your last hearing, Mr. O'Doyle. If you haven't learned anything since our last meeting then perhaps you have further need for state sponsored rehabilitation."

"Nah, I'm sorry. I'm just a little nervous is all. Don't reckon I'm even the same man you saw last time I sat in this here chair."

"No? Then who are you now, Mr. O'Doyle?"

"Hell. Reckon I'm just a boy grew up poorer than dirt on Fiddler's Green. Looked up at the stars at night and counted them rockets flyin' across the sky. Wonderin' what it'd take to get me on one of them. Same boy done learned from his daddy what it took to stretch a credit, and a little more about stretchin' the truth of things. Ha. It's a strange thing, how this all started with a bag of rotten taters."

"Taters? What do potatoes have to do with the path of your life that's led you here?"

"Well, everything, ya ask me. See, not every spud comes up outta the ground fit for bein' baked and plated next to a fancy cut of steak. More often than not, they'll spoil before you even harvest them. Paddy O'Doyle, he had a way of makin' even the most rotten little tuber turn to solid gold. At market, of course. See, what we'd do is we'd take a sack and set this round tube inside. Kinda like a furnace pipe, or some such. Well, we'd throw a few good spuds inside the sack, y'know make sure it felt right and all, and then we'd fill that tube full of the rotten ones. Take the tube out, set a few more good ones on top, tie it off, and off it goes to market."

"I see. So you're saying you learned to con from an early age, then? I'm afraid I don't see what one man does to provide a proper meal for his family has to do with - one, two, three... - thirteen counts of grand larceny?"

"Oh, I don't think we ever had a proper meal."

"Plenty of good potatoes left over, from the sounds of it."

"Nah. We only ever ate the rotten ones."

"So what then, Mr. O'Doyle? You leave the family farm and just decide to lead a life of crime?"

"Oh, no. No, no. I scratched and saved every coin I could until I made my way to Bernadette. Heard that's where you went, you wanted to make your way in the worlds. Heard there was some new water farmin' operation startin' over on Newhall. Thought maybe I'll head out there, make myself a life doin' some honest work."

"We don't show an employment registry for you on Newhall. Doesn't seem you ever made it."

"Nope. Sure didn't. Turned out the crew I joined - think the ship's name was Hellion - weren't exactly honest about the kinda work they were involved in. We found ourselves on the run from Alliance Peacekeepers more often than not, and after a few weeks of not eatin' right me and a few of the boys decided a mutiny was in order. Found ourselves on the losin' side of it, though, and got dumped off on Lilac to fend for ourselves. We stuck together and managed to make it to civilization. Or whatever passes for it on a place like that."

"Ah. And Lilac's where it started."


"Right. You were accused of defrauding the local government with an investment scheme but the evidence in your case disappeared under some rather mysterious circumstances."

"Alleged evidence."

"And from there it was Beaumonde? Attempting to swindle an aging whiskey baron through something called... A "reverse life insurance policy"? How was that supposed to work, exactly?"

"Couldn't begin to tell ya. Way I hear it, that was just a case of mistaken identity."

"So the record shows. It also shows a string of possession charges? Attempting to smuggle an illegal substance?"

"Haha. Reckon smugglin' just wasn't my line of work. But I learned my lesson. Stayed away from that kind of thing for a long time now."

"And do you... Reckon... You'd be willing to stay away from such activity were you to be granted your freedom here today?"

"Oh I reckon so. Y'all been awful nice, puttin' me up like this. But ya don't mind, I don't wanna find myself back here any time soon."

"Well, I suppose that would depend on whether your brazen and braggadocious nature catches the attention of another undercover operative. You remember that, don't you? When you just couldn't stop yourself from impressing a pretty girl with your story of how you got away with lining your pockets with appropriated funds from the Alliance's war coffers? Of course you remember. I didn't mean to embarrass you... So. What will you do?"

"Well. That much I don't really know. If I told you I had a plan now, I'd be lyin'. Maybe I'll go back to them dang ol' taters on Fiddler's Green. Or see if that offer for a new name and a quiet and boring death on Haven is still on the table. Hell, maybe I'll even learn to keep my gorram mouth shut."

Skills and Strengths:  Patrick's used to trouble and has learned how to handle himself in most situations over the years; is difficult to intimidate, mostly due to a belief in his own invincibility despite evidence to the contrary; can hold his own in a fight, but not for long, and has long since developed a preference for avoiding conflict unless completely necessary - likely due to the bullet and stab wounds he's collected over the years, but to be fair most of those came at the hands of vengeful women; years of conning, gambling, hustling, and smuggling have earned Trick an incredible ability at reading people, and his gift for gab has even landed him in profitable, legitimate work on occasion; decades of experience running various criminal enterprises and a short stint as the Commanding Officer of a salvage rig qualify Trick as a solid leader and his personality make him someone people tend to be attracted to and follow, whether it's actually a good idea for them or not;
Weaknesses:  Has made a career out of sounding like he knows what he's talking about instead of actually learning too many applicable skills; Spent as many years alienating friends and family in his early life as he has surrounding himself but the cutthroat and professional disloyal; While possessing a healthy ability to read people, tends to allow those he knows to be of the greatest risk to his own well being fairly close since he needs to be surrounded by people who can actually - y'know - do stuff; Is mostly spoiled by his lifestyle, spending more time at the bar or in a hot tub than at the gym and getting most of his exercise in the bedroom these days; Is near sighted, but doesn't wear glasses because he thinks they make him look like kind of a dork.

The Darling Crew / Mona Heyerdahl
October 09, 2018, 07:27:01 am
Player: RUNE

Age:  34
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Squad Leader/First Officer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Soldier (Demolitions Specialist)/Gunhand (Heavy Arms)

Appearance:  Tall, muscular, masculine, eagle eyed and blonde, her body is a canvas upon which burns, cuts, stabs, and bullet holes paint a picture of the toll taken by duty: be it in service to her employers, or in service to her fellow soldiers.

Her nearly six and a half foot frame is exaggerated even further by her choice of thick-soled footwear. Her already massive boots are further accentuated by plated steel shin covers as she is often seen wearing the proper protective gear required for any task. This gear typically includes a thick protective vest or jacket, safety goggles or welding visors, rebreathers, reinforced gloves, and mounting and carrying harnesses for staying anchored and hauling large equipment.

During her rare free time, she relaxes in equally simple and utilitarian garb, typically in earth tone slacks and free-fitting collared button ups and tank tops.
Faceclaim:  Gwendoline Christie

Initial Personality:  Straight and to the point, all about business and completing the job as safely and efficiently as possible. Cuts an imposing figure both by nature and intent. Displays a proud work ethic and expects nothing less from her crew.
Underlying Personality:  For those who've known her a long time, they know someone who treats them like one of her own. This is likely due to her origins in a sizable, closely-knit family she longs for but can't make herself return to. Her favorite siblings are scattered across the 'Verse, and there's no way she can force herself into marriage just because Pa says she's good breeding stock. Deep down, she's as wild and eager to fight as she is protective and loyal.

Known History:  - Born on St. Albans, 2485. Records indicate she enlisted before the legal age of recruitment, likely using falsified documentation. Discharge records indicate she left the Independent Army after the Battle of Serenity Valley. Employment records show she returned home very shortly after discharge, and maintained steady work in the mines for three years. Later records show her leaving the planet to take on work aboard The Darling.

Other History:  - Eldest brother, Hafthor, roped her into fighting against the Alliance on the front lines, appealing to her protective yet wild nature to inspire her with talk of freedom, sovereignty, and loyalty to family and fellow man.

- Earned the nickname "The Valkyrie" on the battlefield for the obvious connotations of being a larger than life warrior woman and a supernatural force to be reckoned with, but most notably her absolute refusal to leave behind the dead and the dying to ensure their proper funeral rites that their souls might move on from this 'Verse and not linger on a cursed, war-torn field of angry ghosts.

- Only lost one comrade whose fate remains a mystery to her: Ignacious "Nate" Goodweather. Mona accepts that death is a part of life, but her guilt over not knowing Nate's fate nor being able to ensure that his family was able to provide him proper funeral rites left her feeling such guilt that she tracked down Nate's next of kin, Barnaby Goodweather, to apologize and offer her condolences in an attempt to clear her conscience. In many ways, she remains haunted by Nate's memory to this day.

- Attempted to settle down back on St. Albans, passing her time in the mines by day and flirting with bartenders by night. Repeatedly urged by her father to "just do a woman's duty" and help usher in the next generation.

- Contacted Barnaby Goodweather once again, looking for a permanent escape from St. Albans, and has made a quiet life for herself, living and working aboard the Darling for the past few years.

Skills and Strengths:  As confident and considerable a crew chief as stern and stalwart a squad sergeant, she finds leadership a natural fit in most circumstances. She understands and can teach the proper use of and regular maintenance of all equipment required for the job, weather it's using a cutting arm to salvage a shipwreck or blowing a bridge to sabotage enemy escape routes. Trained in hand to hand combat by her brothers since childhood, and due to her near idolization of her brother Holger she came to be very handy with a knife. Trained in military movements, often serving a trench grenadier in the Unification War, and became proficient with heavy arms such as the DShK and the M60D, a modified version of which she keeps as a personal armament. Personal code of ethics, emphasizing duty and loyalty, keeps her steadfast, productive, and reliable.
Weaknesses:  Borne of a personal code instilled in her by family, faith, and armed service that she remains loyal to even in the most trying of circumstances. Tends to hold a grudge. She keeps a trophy of her sister Erna's baby tooth, which Mona removed with her bare hand during one of the more heated arguments between the two. It's one of many moments she looks back on her life and considers how closely she's rivaled Holger as a kind of monster. Fairly terrible at cooking, dancing, sewing, and other skills considered by her father and brothers as a womanly. Has trouble using even the most basic Cortex devices, and could never dream of programming or hacking. Though trained in first aid as required on the battlefield, the finer points of medical procedures escapes her.

"Rashy Pete"
Player: RUNE

Age:  thirty-one
Gender:  male

Primary Occupation:  mechanic
Secondary Occupation (optional):  bait

Appearance:  Rashy Pete is in his early 30's and has terrible facial hair; tries to comb his hair into a pompadour because he saw a pilot wearing one once and thought it looked cool, but the grease he uses was meant to lubing space engines and continued exposure to air and sweat reduces the chemical compound to a flaky crust not unlike excessive dandruff; often wears typical mechanic's coveralls with built-in knee and elbow pads and steel toed boots, and sometimes even washes them; when not working on the engines and relaxing between work details, dresses extremely casual in whatever mess he's managed to put together; always manages to spill his food when eating and continues to collect quite an interesting display of various stains on his shirts and pants; over time while serving as Bosun aboard The Revenge, often wears a rotating display of effects including bandannas, gaudy jewelry, eye patches, and buccaneer's boots as he tries to 'fit in' aboard the pirate ship;
Faceclaim:  Jake Johnson

Initial Personality:  Lovable idiot with emphasis on the idiot; always around for an awkward joke in an attempt to lighten the mood; really great at faking confidence and always wants to assure the crew that he has everything under control
Underlying Personality:  He doesn't have anything under control; he's a half-trained nitwit whose charm is that of a dumb ugly dog you just can't seem to ignore; he likes being on a crew more than he likes being on a boat; can't fight and doesn't want to; attracted to women far more adventurous and competent than himself

Known History:  Olo's life is remarkably unremarkable. He grew up on Salisbury to a low income, blue collar household. His father wandered in and out of steady employment as a jack of all trades and a master of self-sabotage. His mother worked as a waitress or bartender as the need arised. During his father's off times, Olo spent most of his after school hours in the family's slowly crumbling garage learning how to tune engines and hold a can of beer.

In school, Olo's level of aptitude declined the older he got. By the time he reached the threshold of higher education, one look at his records resulted in the door of opportunity slamming in his face. Taking what skills he learned under his father's tutelage, Olo found work in a local repair shop. Somehow defying the odds and managing to garner an overblown reputation for competence, Olo accepted an invitation to apprentice at Salisbury's most notable spaceport, the Salisbury Spaceport in Salisbury City.

While working in the spaceport, Olo found himself performing his ceremonial duties as an apprentice by cleaning oil spills, scrubbing exhausts, and emptying waste processing units. After one particularly late shift, Olo managed to fall into a garbage chute and his absence went unnoticed for three days. While stranded in the trash heap, Olo made the acquaintance of the angriest animal he ever met. The cat's hair matted from exposure to the elements, it carried the gleam of unbridled madness in its wild, golden eyes. Frightened at first, Olo resisted his natural response to meeting anyone for the first time and attempted to befriend the cat by offering it the remains of a discarded corndog and complimenting it's handsome moustache. Mistaking the cat's contentment and general laziness for acceptance and interest, Olo recounted his life's history to the animal and continued to provide it food under the threat of rabid assault. He named the cat Rasputin for the feline's numerous scars and missing appendages, likely the most clever idea to enter his brain at that point in his life.

Olo eventually escaped the garbage container after revealing an emergency callbox while rummaging through the trash in an attempt to construct a means of egress. Shortly after this incident, Olo disappeared from the port while performing a routine sanitary inspection aboard the ship that would become The Revenge.
Other History:  Olo always fantasized of traveling out in the Black and meeting fascinating, adventurous women. Unfortunately he remained too afraid to leave home until random happenstance placed him on board the future Revenge. Losing consciousness due to overexposure to scouring chemicals while scrubbing the ship's waste processing unit. By the time he awoke, Isa's Revenge was well underway and Olo found himself in the most frightening situation he could imagine: his ideal life. Exuding an idiot's charm, Olo convinced Isa of whatever value he possessed and found himself in the position of Bosun.

Olo misses completely the actual intent of Isa's 'pirate' crew, and regularly mistakes himself as an adventurous buccaneer. Deriving the nickname "Rashy Pete" from his own name, Olo often sports a bandana, wears an eye patch at the least opportune moments, and slips in and out of an accent mimicking what he thinks an Earth-That-Was pirate spoke like.

Somehow, Rasputin managed to find his way on board as well. In a twist, the cat meant to abandon Olo in the spaceport. He is currently resisting Olo's insistance that he perch upon the human's shoulder.

Skills and Strengths:  Perfect dumb luck - He doesn't fix engines with paper cups and duct tape because he's a great mechanic. He does it because some divine force out in the 'Verse wills it to be so.
Weaknesses:  Life in general.

SS Iscariot Crew / Maxell Graves
March 20, 2018, 11:55:52 am
Player: RUNE

Age: 46

Gender:        Male

Primary Occupation: Gunhand

Secondary Occupation: Commanding Officer

Tertiary Occupation:      Artifact Collector

Earth-That-Was collection; Current crown jewel is a near-mint original printing of Amazing Fantasy #15 sealed in a clear protective case sturdier and more resistant to damage than any of Maxell's own body armor; has a Pollock, but doesn't actually get it and only likes it because it reminds him of the aftermath of a barroom gunfight;

Appearance: Keeps face and head mostly shaven; weathered, leathery skin; Distant, dark gray eyes; wears a pair of spectacles to read; keeps himself in shape as a retired military man; has an Alliance flag tattooed on the biceps area of his left arm;

Faceclaim: Dominic Purcell

Initial Personality: Hard-boiled veteran turned soldier of fortune is more apt to grunt than speak in most situations. Is most loyal to himself, his collection, his arsenal, and his paycheck, in that order. Respects a Captain's place as king or queen of their vessel, but isn't afraid to speak up when his two decades of military experience dictate. Really, really hates it when anyone touches his collection, or the cases he carries most of it in, or asks too many questions about it, or thinks about it too often.

Underlying Personality: Has much deeper appreciation of art and culture than one might expect from a hired gun and can be quite verbose when discussing those topics, but seems disinterested in most other conversation. Specifically refuses to discuss the Unification War. Carries the weight of his actions as a soldier and an officer. Guilt fuels escapist pursuits such as collecting and exploring. Disgusted by the revelation of Miranda and what it meant: there were those in The Alliance that wanted it to become the dominating totalitarian regime the Independents made it out to be, it quietly wiped out an entire world and covered it up, and not only did it create the Reavers but didn't have the stones to clean up its own mess. Very jaded and conflicted with The Alliance having dedicated so much of his own life to its ideals.

Known History: - Born in New Huntsville, Beaumonde to a family of factory workers whose father proudly oversaw the production of Old Earth Style Kentucky Bourbon

- Major, Retired in Union of Allied Planets Marine Corps; enlisted for service wanting to get off of Beaumonde and do something with his life besides losing his pension to a machine; Enlisted in Alliance Marine Corps as an infantry carbiner; educated at a military university where his intial fascination with Earth-That-Was history and artifacts took root;

- Has no known children. Maintained a long term relationship with a Naval Intelligence officer who disappeared into the black during the early days of the Unification War.

- Retired at 42 and took to "exploring". For a time, served as Captain of a Komodo class called Journey Into Mystery, but was soon reminded why he retired from command.

Other History:    Has several skeletons in his closet, which I'd prefer to reveal gradually over time.

Skills and Strengths: Experienced Marksman; Expert in Earth-That-Was history and artifacts; Trained soldier and experienced commander; Novice explorer; avid reader

Weaknesses: Awful pilot, can hardly operate a Mule bike without causing a collision;  Obsessively protective of any artifacts that fall into Maxell's possession, and will even throw down arms in order to protect them; can run low on cash due to impulse spending, particularly as it relates to adding to the collection; the collection itself is a liability, as the massive crates Maxell secures it in make travel complicated
Odette Crew / Amorru Reyes
March 13, 2018, 10:24:51 am
Player: RUNE

Age:   28

Gender:     Male

Primary Occupation: Pilot

Secondary Occupation: Rakish swordsman

Requested Ship: Wushu

Appearance:       A somewhat slight and slender man, Amorru relies on the height of his hair and the lifts in his boots to break six feet. Naturally light skin, dark jade eyes, and dark auburn hair, but is known to change his appearance - particularly his hair - as it suits his mood. Amorru dresses in a rather dandy style for a runaway, as he wears the vast majority of his wealth. His lavish upbringing on Persephone often betrays him as he tends to over accessorize.  For example, Amorru almost always wears an antique pair of aviator's goggles, a protective vision visor, a scarlet or violet bandana, or some other item on his head or face, and wears a variety of jewelry including rings, a leather wristband, loose bracelets, and layers of expensive-looking chains around his neck. At the end of one such chain is a very important key.

Faceclaim:  James Marsters

Initial Personality: Arrogance is less an attribute, more a lifestyle for Amorru Reyes. Amorru's attitude would've gotten him killed years ago if it weren't for his reputation as a reliable, capable, and (most importantly) morally flexible pilot earning him more than a few favors. The only thing louder than his boast is his wardrobe. If he bothers to look your way, it's usually down his slender nose.

Underlying Personality: But once he likes you, he likes you a lot. Amorru is loyal, steadfast, and tries his best to be every bit as good as his self-promotion claims. Spoiled Persephone lordling is more concerned with seeking adventure over social status, but he's still used to getting what he wants and doesn't handle rejection well. What he considers bold others could consider impulsive, perhaps naive. He should be more grateful for his natural ability with sail and sword, as his pride often confuses daring-do with dimwittery.

Known History: (Performing Cortex Search for Amorru Cesaro Reyes....
...Search Complete. Press Enter for Results.

Amorru Reyes first appears on public record as being born to an undocumented Eavesdown woman on the planet Persephone in 2490. The name circulates around the more incautious users of fan nets dedicated to underground combat circuits such as those taking place in Under City beneath the Maze of Eavesdown. While most matches end at first blood, particularly heated rivalries have been known to end in death for one or both combatants. Amorru earned a reputation for his panache as much as his swordplay after joining the circuit at the age of sixteen. But after two years, Reyes chose the distant stars of the Black over the flickering neon lights of the Maze. Utilizing stolen credentials, Amorru boarded a disreputable transport vessel known as Calamitous Intent based on the name alone. Amorru found the crew incompetent, bunking conditions unhygienic, and the food questionable at best, but no job was too low for the Captain and work came easy enough. Though initially written off as a pompous dandy (and rightfully so), Amorru won the crew's acceptance at bladepoint and over the next few years he learned the finer points of sailing and how to sleep comfortably with a knife beneath his rolled up knapsack. Still, his duties didn't offer him much in the way of stargazing and he soon realized only one job would get him the view he wanted. Unfortunately, the ship's notoriously elusive pilot wasn't interested in passing the torch to a new generation of helmsman and Amorru knew the end of his time on the Intent drew near.

After saving up the platinum to book enough aimless trips across the Black to avoid the Calamitous crew for a couple of months, the swashbuckling sailor found Hellion. More importantly he found her captain, Lendel Piers. Piers was a veteran of the Unification War. Reyes found the Captain's dusty, brown overcoat drab and his dedication to the losing side questionable, but Piers was looking to build a crew from scratch and figured it'd be cheaper to train a pilot than hire one. Reyes learned the trade as Piers's co-pilot to start, but before the year's end Lendel spent most of his time doing captainy things. Reyes finally had the view he wanted, and found operating the controls almost as satisfying as the thrill of edged combat. For his part, Lendel almost immediately regretted his decision as nearly every flight with Amorru at the rudder involved some unnecessarily risky stunt or another. Lendel passed on due to a coronary arrest when Amorru insisted that navigating an asteroid field was "like, the only way around that Alliance checkpoint" and dismissing Piers's orders to play it cool as "stupid and boring, but mostly boring". In Reyes' defense, the Alliance cruisers were unable to keep up as the Hellion strafed, looped, and corkscrewed its way to freedom.

With Piers dead, Hellion's crew began to unravel. Amorru found his way to another ship, another crew, and a tumultuous fling with the ship's medical specialist. The relationship peaked and fizzled, and so too did Amorru's time on the ship. Not much is known about his most recent exploits, but spend enough time around disreputable watering holes across the outer rim, and eventually you'll hear him bragging about it.

Other History:     The most interesting and least known bit of info about Amorru Reyes is the fact that he doesn't actually exist. Reyes owes his existence to the rebellious whims of a pampered Persephone lordling born Galileo Ulysses Duschane. The eldest of his siblings, Galileo saw his brother Bodwinn arrive the fall of his fourth year and his sister Estrella born during his seventh winter. As the heir apparent of their father's ancestral barony, the expectation for Galileo fell along the lines of studying history, diplomacy, tactics, politics, and the fine art of stroking egos. Finding little interest in any of those subjects, young Galileo instead chose to invest his time in athletic pursuits. Baron Toliver Duschane begrudgingly tolerated what he considered a lack of self discipline and avoidance of responsibility, but felt a great wave of relief when Galileo took up fencing. Unlike running around kicking a ball at hoops, Toliver could actually brag about his son's development as a duelist. Toliver also believed that bringing on one of Persephone's most proficient swordmasters would instill a sense of discipline and self-control in the defiant lad.

It did not.

As Galileo anticipated his upcoming twelfth birthday, he made the acquaintance of Dame Stevani Song. Seven years Galileo's senior, the Dame made an everlasting impression and proved a more than capable instructor. After eight months of being on the losing end of the exchange, Galileo suggested they celebrate his victory with a kiss. Instead, Stevani suggested Galileo move past training foils and experience the real thing. By the end of that evening's session, Galileo became intimately familiar with the feeling of the broad side of the blade across his hands, forearms, legs, and backside. It would be another four months before he won another bout, and again he tried his hand at seduction. This time he was treated to the sensation of the
blade's point beneath his chin, his instructor's eyes filled with venom. Stevani left the training room in silence, but her expression softened by the time she looked back over her shoulder as she stormed down the hall. The Dame Song never returned to the Duschane estate, politely declining all future invitations as she cited previous engagements.

Dreading the effect Stevani's experience as a guest of his house might have on Toliver's political affairs, the Baron Duschane shipped Galileo off to a boarding academy not far from Eavesdown and expressly forbid any further swordplay. Toliver hoped the proximity to such a stain on civilization as Eavesdown might instill a sense of appreciation for the station to which Galileo had been born, but by fourteen Galileo developed a habit of sneaking into Eavesdown during break days to compete in back alley duels. Though he found the touch only rules tame, Galileo appreciated the opportunity to stay in practice. He continued this practice until the age of fifteen, when he decided to break away from the academy and his family for good. He paid good platinum to purchase a new identity, and Amorru Reyes was born.

Skills and Strengths: Ten years crewmanship experience with seven years of piloting; knowledge of noble customs, particularly those of Persephone's houses; trained in swordplay from a young age, particularly skilled with rapiers; learned the value of a well-placed dagger in back alley duels; not physically strong, but is quick handed with fast reflexes and capable of moving with a dancer's grace when pressed by sailing conditions or close quarters combat; high-society upbringing came with higher quality education and practiced social skills

Weaknesses: Not a natural team player;
No interest or experience in Mechanics and Medicine; terrible shot who scoffs at gunplay as a lesser pursuit; argumentative at times, due to overconfident and often pretentious nature; fragile, sensitive ego; Really punchable face; Tends to stick out in a crowd; Though House Duschane spent several years offering a fortune in exchange for the safe return of their eldest son, all but his mother Wendolyn have given up on the idea of a happy homecoming. Unknown to Amorru, as Toliver Duschane lay dying Estrella Duschane blackmailed Bodwinn into denouncing his claim of inheritance and she now serves as head of the house. Estrella sees only one threat to her claim: the untimely return of Gelileo Duschane. A new bounty is out, but Estrella is only interested in seeing a corpse.
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