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Prologues / Re: Down But Not Out
January 06, 2020, 11:16:17 am
The Marshall listened with vested interest to Emit's tale, bristling stiffly at the mention of Persephone and the Pathfinder Division. "Ah. My mistake. I didn't consider you served with the - ah - Independent forces. Unfortunate we served on opposing sides in The War, but any real man's got to fight for what he believes in. Nonetheless, I have the utmost respect for any man upholding the law no matter how far from Londinium. I suppose I was groomed for service since the day I came into the 'Verse. Military family, legacy to uphold, all that. Suppose some men don't care much for being told what to do or how to live, but for me there's no other life I could imagine living. When my fighting days came to an end I decided I followed another family tradition into a second career in the enforcement of Federal law. Oh! Excuse me."

Marshall Shaw checked an alert on his personal cortex device. His face slipped into a stern expression as eyes full of scrutiny came up for a brief second before he turned fully away. Thumbs worked to reply to whatever message he'd received before he turned back to Emit looking as if nothing had even happened. "So. What is it that brought you to Newhall? Business? Family? Maybe reuniting with some old friends?"
Phoenix OOC / Re: Narrator Discussion
January 06, 2020, 10:47:01 am
Quote from: Travis Chao on November 21, 2019, 07:06:05 pmJust some quick thoughts from very quick read throughs of everyone's app to generate some discussion and other ideas.

I suppose Travis could see some wanted poster on Minato, :-)
Heck or even Declan? Or Jax. What's this bounty hunter doing with folk that might have paper out on them? Wow, seems like just about any of them could have papers legit or over exaggerated on them.

Someone challenges Mylena's freedom, the card game she was lost in was accused of being rigged, so someone lays claim to her ownership
Or she hears about other former indentured that have been getting cheated out of their freedom?

A slaver wants revenge against Declan for his family (all slavers) who were put in prison.
Maybe Declan could get us a job. Former slaves he freed have a network and knows where a major slave camp is.

A member of the Bridgetown Boy comes after Luke.
Or maybe hurt someone Luke cared about and Phoenix Crew goes to do some payback.

Or maybe someone of the 6 bounties has family that want to even things and brings in some of the above to help out.

Or after they turn in what I hope is a successful bounty haul, someone hires them to fly and protect their family, company, whatever on a trip to a dangerous planet/moon. Phoenix becoming sort of ENTIRE CREW FOR HIRE.

Digging all these ideas, and some of them even overlap with future plot ideas I've had of my own.

Keep 'em coming folks! I'm looking forward to incorporating as much of each character's personal stories into Phoenix's ongoing saga.
Location: Lil Sebastian's Bail Bonds and Pawn Shop

Quote from: Sionnach on December 09, 2019, 11:37:05 amSean saw little point in doing much BSing at this juncture though he kept his New Albanian facade in place. "Of course, 'Not having friends is like being a stranger in ones own land'." he quoted something a Muslim had told him once though he had no idea where it came from, "I'd be happy to undertake your tasks and earn some of this fellowship and good will." he gave a pregnant pause along with a cheery smile, "As those go along with earning the items I need of course,"

"Huh." Sebastian grunted as his tongue worked around behind his teeth as if manipulating a toothpick that wasn't there. "You talk pretty. Too pretty. I hate it. Here." Sebastian slipped a folded up note toward Sean through the narrow opening at the bottom of the security cage. "Don't screw it up like the last bunch of goofs I offered this job. I heard one of them got electrocuted tryin' to get fancy with the power box. Don't be fancy. Just get in, get the goods, and get out. And then I'll get your 'supplies'." Sebastian's eyes flicked toward the threshold of his shop where a plain-looking man waited quietly in a plain-looking suit with a plain-looking hat a size too big for his head but otherwise good for hiding his plain features. Sebastian nodded in recognition before looking back at Sean. "Go on. Get lost."

Sebastian and the plain man waited for Sean to exit the shop before the plain man approached the cage. "Yeah? What?" The plain man looked around as if he expected someone to try eavesdropping on the situation, but saw no one. "Fancy lady in a fancy dress came in the bar." The man carried on a slow, southern drawl. "Askin' a lot of questions. Questions about you. Even mentioned you by name."

Without hesitation, Sebastian turned toward a wall of monitors declared obsolete in some by gone era, each projecting a black and white visual of various points throughout Iscariot Station. His eyes settled on the image of Charity, still standing in the bar in a statuesque and expectant pose as she waited for some response regarding Sebastian's location. "Yeah, okay. Fancy broad, obviously lost. Who cares?" "Take a closer look, boss. See that fella with her? That's Akhsar King. Bounty hunter, lead slinger, and one bad hombre aside. Don't recognize that other'n over yonder. Looks like the law, and ain't none too bashful about it. Could be trouble. Want me to rustle up a couple'a guns and fix it?"

Sebastian squinted as wheels turned. For a man who spent all his time minding the moving pieces in other people's games, Sebastian never lost the elation of three or four of his plans coming together. "Nah. Not yet. Well yeah. Get a couple guns, if you're so afraid of Axel Kang. But don't start nothin'. Just go back down to the Tiangong-5 and tell her I wanna say hi. Tell her I'll meet her at the race tonight. Gotta keep on an eye on an investment. And check in on the barber. Make sure she's getting settled in nicely."
SS Iscariot Crew / Re: Moira Chambers
December 29, 2019, 10:54:28 pm
Prologues / Re: Down But Not Out
December 26, 2019, 12:21:12 am
Marshall Shaw nodded in earnest. "War. It's a tricky thing. It can bring out the best - and worst - in any of us. Given the way you moved to action in the city earlier, I think I can imagine the kind of soldier you might've been." A frown crossed Shaw's face as he crunched the numbers. "Do you mean you enlisted at thirty-three? That's a bit beyond the standard age of recruitment, even for the war. Army man, sailor, marine? You do mean the War, right? The Insurrection. Hmm. Oh! Of course, you must've joined as an Officer candidate! Pardon, but where did you say you were educated?" The lids narrowed over Shaw's brown eyes as he awaited an answer.
Prologues / Re: Down But Not Out
December 25, 2019, 02:12:20 pm
Marshall Shaw followed Emit's gaze to the badge and watch on the table. Reassured of the man's tenacity and strength in his grip despite the apparent breathing problems, Shaw nodded in understanding. "Ah, so you're retired. That's a Bernadette star, isn't it?" Shaw placed his hands behind his back and maintained a friendly appearance as he waited for Emit to answer.
The Little Rex Inn and Trading Post

Jax and Mylena stepped beneath a pressed metal sign upon which red and white paint barely clung to what remained of the rust and bullet hole ridden surface and entered the establishment. A reinforced screen door creaked loudly as they stepped in. Minato stopped for a moment when the wire mesh inlay glitched out of focus for a moment, but the image soon reappeared. Outfitted in a style halfway between barroom and supply store at first glance, the ground floor of the building resembled a typical bar or cafe where the cobbled motif of bamboo construction reinforced by modern building materials continued. Stained chutes surrounded the bar, cut at a uniform angle and coming to dulled points where they met the brushed copper surface.

The bar itself wrapped around the length of two walls and partway along the third, where a few stools stood. Wrapping around the corner and covering two walls behind the bar, rows of metal shelving held aloft miscellaneous sundries and survival equipment. Exotic furs from Greenleaf's local wildlife suspended in the air at odd angles like hung tapestries, each with its own price tag. The heftiest cost purchased the tanned hide of something striped like a tiger, though what the vibrant midnight blue and electric velvet hairs might camouflage themselves against caused one to ponder. A refreshingly varied choice in libations showcased in a shelving rigging that hung from chains anchored to the roof, each level illuminated by the soft glow of multicolored LED strips. Cortex poker machines and fully immersive sensory nickelodeon helmets huddled together in a corner waiting to earn their keep along with the holo billiards table and virtual dartboard.

"Mornin'." The woman behind the bar didn't look up from where she rubbed a wire brush against a stubborn spot of tarnish as she greeted the travelers, but curled ringlets stuck out around her face beneath a weathered bonnet. "Y'all want coffee? I got a fresh kettle and some cups o'er there by the stairs. Washroom's 'round the corner, 'ya wanna freshen up. I'll be gettin' to breakfast soon as I get this gorram bar clean. Don't have any rooms at the moment. We're packed full. But supplies I can getcha, and I'll keep yer cups and yer bellies full while ya sit a spell." She then spit on the table, sprinkled a dash of Blue Sun's Barkeep's Buddy brand cleaner (noted by the gold, foil-wrapped cylinder and striking blue and silver logo in both English and Mandarin) and resumed scrubbing the bar.

Ruby Rose


Ruby Rose echoed once again with the sound of more unusually heavy feet landing on her roof. Arming themselves, Dizzy and Newt approached the outer maintenance hatch. Lifting the hatch carried less risk than opening the cargo hold to potential intruders, as well as keeping to Newt's thoughts on stealth and a smaller man's advantages. Newt signaled to Dizzy to ready herself before lifting the hatch. Squinting to focus, Newt saw nothing but the shadow of the vegetation broken through here and there by slivers of pale rose light. Newt drew in a breath, braving to raise the hatch just a bit more before a massive paw settled into view before him.

Keeping still for a moment, Newt saw in the halo of light emerging from Ruby's interior around the open hatch stripes of blue and purple covering a thick, muscled limb before melting to silver fluff around the pads of a feline foot. Outside that halo of yellow-white light it seemed as if the limb were attached to the absence of light itself. A wide snout dipped into view and took two sniffs. From the silver fur on the paw slid sharp, black claws as a deep, primal, growl grumbled in the pit of some creature's throat.

Outside the Little Rex

Outside, all seemed quiet to Luke and Travis until a voice bellowed from an open window on the floor above. "Six rooms and one common water closet! Whoever heard of such an arrangement? And you know that mammoth, brutish thug has been in there for twenty minutes!" The agitated gentleman's frustration carried through the air into the encroached upon tree line's verdant canopy. "Some hideaway we've found here. I find these accommodations unbearable and the company undesirable! You're quite sure there's nothing you can do to move up the rendezvous?"

"Nothing and less, nor will I insult our benefactors' favor by pressing the issue." Said a calm, reassuring voice in a distinct, Core Posh accent. "Thirty-eight hours. I suggest you focus on finding something to occupy your time, as Belinda has kept herself busy."

The first voice scoffed before speaking. "I find I have little taste for the manner in which Belinda passes her time as of late."

A still silence hung in the air for a moment, broken only by the fall of sturdy boot heels that finally dropped to a stop. "That's no fault against you. I find so few of us do."
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Re: Episode 3: Sectors/Shops
December 08, 2019, 04:31:19 pm
Location: Lil Sebastian's Bail Bonds and Pawn Shop

Sebastian looked over the man as he set the 8-Ball to rest. When the stranger regarded him shortly before speaking in response, Sebastian feigned disinterest and shrugged.

Quote from: Sionnach on December 05, 2019, 11:36:49 pm
"Of course. We wouldn't want the appearance of impropriety would we? I'm on an errand for a associate. They asked me to inquire they might be able to find some of this merchandise here? Such odd names. I do hope I can find them for them though."

"Oh, yeah. Yeah, those are weird alright. Really, really weird." Sebastian shook his head. "Listen, you realize around here you need a license for half of this stuff, right? I can't just be sellin' this kinda thing to somebody I don't know. But hey. Maybe I can meet your associate there and we can all be friends. How does that sound? Okay! So you bring your associate back over here, and maybe I'll deal with them. Maybe!"

Sebastian beheld the would-be customer with a stern and serious stare. The stare become more and more intense until Sebastian seemed to be shaking before he burst out laughing. "Yeah, yeah. I can get you the goods. Hey, I'll even help you out with those licenses. But only if we're friends. And if you want to be my friend, that is a Friend of Little Sebastian, then I need you to do a favor for me. I'll give you a task, you don't ask me any stupid questions about it, and you perform your task well I might consider you a Friend. Well a Fellow. Actually you start out as an Acquaintance and work your way up to Associate first but that's for later. If you want all the items on your list, you'll take on the task. Otherwise I can maybe sell ya a couple books about advanced digital locksmith theory and the owner's manual for a localized security system. See how far you make it with those."
Prologues / Re: Down But Not Out
December 08, 2019, 04:06:20 pm
Sometime after the Longs retired to attend to other matters, an official dressed in the uniform of a Federal Marshall which indicated his rank of significance and influence over local Alliance security forces dropped in for an unannounced visit. "I apologize if I'm disturbing you, Mr. Culpepper. I'm Marshall Ambrose Shaw and I came to give you my personal thanks for your brave actions. The way I understand it, my dear niece and my sister may not have made it after the blasts if you hadn't done what you did." Marshall Shaw extended his hand to offer a firm but friendly and honest handshake. "You have my deepest gratitude, Mr. Culpepper." The Marshall paused for a moment with the offered hand in the air between them.
Bugs/Technical Support / Re: Forum Time
December 04, 2019, 07:09:50 pm
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Iscariot Archived Episodes / Re: Episode 3: Sectors/Shops
December 04, 2019, 06:49:38 pm
After a long night of answering Centurion Security agents' inquiries about his last location and business aboard the station, Sean Finnegan spent the days since lying low and trying to enjoy the Station's various services as much as he could. While CenSec's agents laughed off his fears of being shipped off to Bellerophon to answer to the planet's authorities for his improvised caper and reassured him that so long as he had creds to spend and didn't cause a ruckus he was welcome to hang his hat. However, Sean remained unaware of either the coup attempt within the Moda Tong or the resulting power struggle occupying his former masters' time and retained a mild sense of unease and distrust as he moved about the station.

Location: Lil Sebastian's Bail Bonds and Pawn Shop

After a couple of days putting his experience as a grifter and charlatan to work, Sean found himself at the entrance to 'Lil Sebastian's Bail Bonds and Pawn Shop'.  Looking inside, Sean took note of the typical trappings - rows of random items on shelves and in cases under buzzing fluorescent lights, framed captures and posters ranging from provocative or promotional to personal and sentimental, and at the back of the store, secured behind a chain link barrier with various weapons, rare coins, and other valuables, a man small in stature but bigger than Sean yet knew eyed the Sionnach with scrutiny.

"Ya gonna come in here and buy somethin', or are ya just gonna stand there lookin' like a jerk?" a voice bigger than the man's body gave him credit for called out toward Sean. "Come on! Ya keep standin' there, people are gonna think you're weird. Can't have a buncha weirdos hangin' around. It's bad for business."
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December 04, 2019, 06:05:34 pm
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Location: Dirtside

Gus bowed eagerly to Minato, exerting enough force to lose his hat on the ground. He picked it up, bowed again awkwardly, and beamed as he replaced his head covering. "A lizard! Where!? I used to have me a big dang lizard, back when I was knee high to a grasshopper. Come on now. Y'all gotta show me this heckin' big scaley boy." In his excitement, Gus seemed to forget all of his distrust and started toward the brush in the direction from which Minato approached the group.

"Gorramit, Gus! Don't you remember what you told me? 'Bout that lizard scarin' the livin' daylights outta ya? Ya done told me it still gives ya the worst ruttin' nightmares you ever had! Aw, go hump yerself ya gorram idjit..." Earnest spit in Gus's direction, then turned to Myleena with an apologetic smile. "Aw, pardon me ma'am. Plum forgot how rude it is to -"


The blunt end of Luke's boot knife found it's mark at the base of Earnest's skull, dropping the gambler and bank robber to the ground in a heap. "YEEEOW!" A shocked holler from the brush, one the team hoped wouldn't carry into the building, preceeded Gus's reckless retreat. Clearly reconsidering his lizard hunting expedition, the man seemed not to notice Earnest's sudden desire to get some shut eye as he advanced. With the help of a sly and well-timed raise of a boot from Mr. Marcus Jones, Gus lost his rhythm and fell forward. A loud "CLACK" rang out as his jaw struck the dirt and he joined his best pal Ernie in unconsciousness.

Location: Ruby Rose

Quote from: Dizzy Mcgee on November 23, 2019, 03:27:49 pmI thought we wern't going to be expecting trouble?

While Newt went over his weapons cache with Dizzy, a tremor reverberated through Ruby Rose and a loud "THUMP" was heard overhead. There was a moment of stillness before the first footstep. Then another. And another. The walking pattern was heavy and bipedal, the kind a fully armored Alliance Marine wearing a fully packed rucksack and carrying a big ruttin' gun might make. The steps continued echoing as if right over Newt and Dizzy's heads before stopping. A thick, uncomfortable silence filled Ruby's small galley.
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Episode 3: Docks
December 02, 2019, 11:24:52 pm
A supply transport hailing from Newhall arrived on Iscariot's docking ring, and from it emerged a bruised, beaten, and befuddled law man in search of his lost luggage. Emit Culpepper had landed with the transport's crew at one of Bellerophon's floating private estates and checked his Cortex messages about forty eight hours prior. A wave from Grace Halladay encouraged him to meet her at Iscariot Station as info bulletins of recent events on Bellerophon including the unsuccessful kidnapping attempt of a local businessman named Charles Ainsworth and the various captures depicting those suspected in the botched criminal attempt scrolled all over the feed.

A follow up bulletin reporting on Mr. Ainsworth's mysterious death mere days after his betrothal to a woman named Sherri raised more questions than answers. The same newsfeeds scrolled around on Cortex kiosks as Emit moved from the docks through the security checkpoint, followed by the typical suggestion to "LEARN MORE" by depositing credits. At the checkpoint, Emit unloaded his weapons and was handed a coin imprinted with a digital code to redeem them whenever he wished to return to the docks for passage. Feeling lightheaded after he came out of the checkpoint as another cluster of Cortex screens declared a headline of "TERROR STRIKES NEWHALL!", Emit nearly took a header as he crumbled to one knee in a coughing fit. Inhaled debris dust from the bombs, in addition to the overall increase in atmospheric pollution as a result of the chemical explosions at Heraklion City's water treatment centers continued to take a toll on Emit's lungs. Looking up, he saw glass automatic sliding doors bearing a brilliant red cross.
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Episode 3: Hub
December 02, 2019, 10:46:24 pm
Location: Medical Ward

Charity awoke to find King snoozing soundly in an adjacent recovery bed as Gwen appeared to check her vitals. Ahksar's wounds were healing well as could be expected without much more effort than a change in bandages, but he continued to sleep at his charge's side the past few days as "Cherry" recovered from more complicated injuries. Normally Gwen's volunteer duties were planned by the senior medical staff in the med ward, but she had a special interest in this pair - Mr. King in particular.
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Episode 3: Sectors/Shops
December 02, 2019, 10:43:58 pm
A few days after the commotion which brought the former crew of Wushu to Iscariot, a new cycle brought new commerce to the Station's row of business establishments. One of Iscariot's property agents met with Jedikiah to discuss the rental agreement for a proposed new Dojo that would be opening soon. The neon "OPEN" sign buzzed to life at Alice's. A worker scraped the former shop owner's name off the glass at the local salon. Valhalla's golden gates remained closed this early in the day, but elsewhere The Lady Magdalene and Grave Discoveries opened their doors to the public.
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Re: SS Iscariot - Episode 2
December 02, 2019, 10:38:28 pm
A well-dressed woman with raven hair, almond eyes, and light copper skin kissed by the Sun of Earth-That-Was stepped, heels clacking with purpose, toward the bar. She glared down her nose at Sean as he conversed with Octavia, then signaled for the bartender to meet her away from those propping up their stools for a private conversation. As she spoke in a hushed whisper, she glanced over at Amorru and Jesse. "And those two?" she was heard asking. The bartender shrugged as if to argue that they were racking up a tab before being dismissed with a wave of the woman's hand.

The bartender approached a Telephonix kiosk not far from the bar and had a short exchange with the security personnel that appeared on the screen. A short while later, during which the woman replied to the pilot's glassy bedroom eyes with a silent, deadpan stare, a unit of four Centurion Security agents arrived. The man in charge conversed with the woman in private. The security agent produced a recently printed bulletin, the scrolling text and animated capture moving across it depicting a curious man lifting a custodian's jumpsuit and seen later from the point of view of a potted plant wearing the same hat and a garish, orange skin tone.  The dark-haired woman motioned toward Sean before regarding Amorru and Jesse with a hard stare and pointing at the two of them as well.

Heels clacking once again toward the bar, this time with the thumping, uniform steps of the security agents accompanying her, the woman approached Sean with an attention-seeking "ahem". "You, sir, may continue this mummer's farce elsewhere. I find this stunt not only distasteful and decidedly low brow, but personally abhorrent. Seriously now. It's Versal Year 2519, and this manner of mockery is best forgotten as Earth-That-Was. These gentlemen will see you out. The young woman may stay. Miss, allow me to cover your next drink for the trouble." The security agents gathered around Sean, the lead tilting his head toward the exit.

After watching two of the agents escorting Sean out the double doors, the woman addressed the remaining gathered patrons. "Good evening, ladies and gentleman. My name is Zakiti Tatannu-Ishtar, and I manage this exclusive establishment on behalf of it's owner whenever he is... Indisposed. I would remind our patrons one and all that this club is for a specifically targeted clientele, and as such enforces a dress code which simply must be maintained. You two." She motioned toward Amorru and Jesse. "Your clothes are a mess, and the both of you are in desperate need of a bath. You, miss, came in here in some decidedly unfashionable apparel, and your man here with the wandering eyes has some bloody rag stuffed in his pants. I've no idea what the two of you are about, but I don't want it here. There's a bar down the way caters to the general riff raff this station tends to attract. I think you'll both fit in far better there. Please finish your drinks, pay your balance, and exit the premises in an orderly and hurried fashion. Otherwise Iscariot's finest security agents will have to remove you. There you are. Move along now. Yes. Thank you so much. Well then. With that bit of unfortunate business aside I would like to thank everyone abiding the club's standard of dress - no matter how... quaint - for their patronage and invite you all to enjoy the remainder of your evenings."
Absences / Re: Maternity Leave!
November 30, 2019, 07:21:14 pm
Take care, Kate! I hope everything goes smoothly for you and the little one. Take your time adjusting and enjoying the new life. We'll be here waiting for news and pics of the lil' browncoat! ;)
Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
November 22, 2019, 11:38:43 pm
Quote from: Jax on November 21, 2019, 07:21:08 pmWhere is the link to the Phoenix Aside? I can get there because I bookmarked it. But don't see one if you come in cold searching for it.

A Rose by any Other Name

Asides now have their own boards within the RP Area/Ship's subforum. Asides for Phoenix are now located here.

Quote from: Lomari on November 22, 2019, 03:50:32 pmPlease check now.
When there's a technical issue like this, please let Admins/Mods know in the Tech Issue forum or in the Tech Issue room on Discord so we can look into issues like this.

What she said. I don't always check the OOC areas daily, but I do check the Bugs and Tech Support board frequently if I'm not on an announced leave. If something goes missing or you suddenly can't access something, that's the best place to let us know. Hope this helps!
Gus snatched the hat from his head as 'Sister Mary Margaret' stepped toward him after making the sign of the cross. He stumbled through repeating the pattern poorly, likely out of fear and superstition as opposed to personal belief. "Awwww, heck! Beggin' your pardon, Miss. I mean Sister! We ain't been expectin' no lady Shepherds." "That's cuz there ain't no such thing Gus. Ya gotta quit watchin' all'a'dem funny pictures come outta Blue Sun. They're like ta fill yer head with all sorts of strange idears." Earnest smiled wide, revealing a shining platinum tooth in the top of his mouth.

The tooth glinted in the early dawn light to match the sparkle in his eyes as JAX mentioned playing a few hands and inquired about getting a drink. He pushed his own hat back and looked the other man over from the porch, then sat the metal mug on one of the porch's rails of several chutes of bamboo bound by metal bands to make a rough rectangular plank. Earnest took a few steps toward the other man, not quite as far out as Gus had stepped but offering just enough room for a stealthy and inclined individual to step behind him. "Ain't never too early for a good drink, like my ma always says. Especially when cards get involved. Reckon a 'few hands' ought to pass the time fair enough. 'Course, I hope you're travelling with enough paper to make things interestin'." The stick up artist offered JAX a sly wink. "Name's Earnest. Y'all can call me Lucky. Sure as the Red Sun rises that ol' innkeep's got another pot of black brewin'. Ought to set the lady of the cloth to rights, Mr... Oh. Pardon my manners. Don't think I caught your name."
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