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Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
April 22, 2020, 02:19:11 pm
Location:Engine Bay

Emit had yet to find the time to privately speak with Gwendola. Hell, he'd barely made it back to the little man's elevator on time. The chore of fetching his revolvers turned into more of a challenge than needed. Luckily one of the Security Clerks recognized his name from the news waves as the Hero of Newhall and assisted with expediting his request.

Emit's heart raced noticing Gwendola glance in his direction. Yet before he could offer a smile back,she had turned away promptly. Emit knew from experience that most crew just picked their quarters. At least this was his informed logic having been on several vessels prior.

Speaking with confidence he sought to assist. "With all my prior travels the crew would simply select their quarters. Any problems would be changed by the XO or kindly between crewmates. I see no trouble in doing the same. Miss Charity shouldn't, hmm should we now be referring to her as Captain? Anyway,she shouldn't mind,plus we need to find a safe spot for takeoff regardless.

Emit found himself excited to share with Gwendola the outcome of his meeting with her Uncle. Yet he knew that being in the presence of the Mechanic he wasn't going to be able to just speak openly. Perhaps a hint or play of words."I can walk with you if you like? A very wise man recently advised me that none should walk alone. This very wise man offered his blessing of good fortune to me just before I left Iscariot. Needless to say that I am pleased I had the time to meet him.

Emit smiled at Gwendola as he offered his arm to escort her in finding a suitable room to call hers.
Emit bowed low showing respect to Jedikiah. It had been a lengthy  period of time too since his feet had stepped on the mats of any Dojo. The War had taught Emit much and he was thankful of his instructors. But he had not chosen the martial nor spiritual path as Jedikiah appeared to have done.

"Mr. Rembo a cup sounds nice thank you for your hospitality. I know your a busy man so I'll  try not to take much of your time. I was taught that things like this were supposed to be done right,respectfully and such. Dang I'm getting ahead of myself now. I'm normally not this nervous. Was a Lawman for most of my life,retired now for the most part. Took to providing security for vessels and their crew,that sort of thing."

Emit tried to relax as he spoke to,Jedikiah giving the man some insight as to who he was an his character.

"Mr. Rembo it was Gwendola who patched me up, saved my life. I had been on Newhall when those attacks occurred. Did my best to help save those I  could. One of the explosions shut me down though, separated me from my crew at the time too. Probably not the best course of action looking back but I signed myself out of the Hospital on Newhall hitching transport here. When Gwendola and her staff found me death was about ready to shake my hand. She's an angel that Gwendola,and not just for being an amazing  Doctor.

Emit found that talking about Gwendola actually had a calming effect upon him and that his nervousness was subsiding.

"I've only ever seen someone like her once before Mr. Rembo. That being in my late wife,lost her and my little one to smallpox. Your Gwendola well she has lit a spark I didn't even know could be lit sir. I'd really like to get to know her,take walks,talk of life and such. All the things one does when that spark burns in your heart. I offer my deepest respect and have honorable intentions Mr. Rembo. We've happened to be hired on with the same transport. I promise you I'll let no harm come to her. Your blessing to pursue conversations with her and go walking would mean the world."
☆ Following taking place prior to retrieving Gun Belt and returning to Lil Sebastian's hanger☆

[Location Rembo Dojo

Emit had been able to find the shop of Gwendola's Uncle without much trouble. As he stood outside the doorway waiting to go inside he began to sweat,his palms turning clammy. Butterflies flew aerial assaults through his stomach.

It had been many a season since Emit last found himself in this perdicament. The asking of one's father or such for permission to take their daughter upon a walk,buggy ride or picnic. But it was the right thing to do, the respectful thing to do.

Emit swallowed hard as he grabbed the handle of the door stepping inside.
"Pardon the intrusion Sir,are you Mr. Rembo? Kinfolk to Doctor Gwendola Eiber? My names Emit Culpepper and I've come to speak with you respectfully about her."
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
April 14, 2020, 05:01:49 pm
Location: Medical Facilities/Private Quarters (Station Hub)

The tension in the little room definitely could be cut with a knife or rather scalpel depending on the circumstances. Emit wanted to talk to the sweet Doctor, try to finish there prior conversations, try to enjoy something nice with her. Everytime though something else would occur taking away that opportunity. So much so that now she was upset perhaps with him,surely stressed as well.

Just as his lips moved to speak,Gwendola expressed her apologies along with her displeasure of being forced into employment. Emit wanted to protect her wanted to hold her close and chase the stress of the past few days away. Damit he just wanted to enjoy a nice conversation with the lovely lady and maybe some coffee.

He was going to take a chance before it was gone again.
He reached for her hand knowing that it could all backfire. Lightly,gently placing  her hand into his as he spoke softly.
"Gwendola please,I don't wish to upset you. I just want back that chance to talk with you,to share that piece of pie,take that walk together. You are an amazing woman who I'd like to get to know. The circumstances of our meeting each other perhaps not ideal but I'm so glad I did. It's not in my head is it Gwendola? You felt that little tug too didn't you. My intentions are purely respectful. I've not spoken to anyone in this manner in a very long time. Perhaps even now I'm doing it wrong and have made a fool of myself. Gwendola I just want that chance to make you smile. I know not what is planned with this Lil Sebastian fellow but I promise I won't let any harm come to you. If you think me a fool I can't blame you."

Letting go slowly of her hand still gazing into her beautiful eyes. "I just wanted an opportunity to talk with the prettiest girl on this station and you've been kind enough to let me speak. I'll wait outside and let you finish things up in here.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
April 12, 2020, 05:15:50 am
Location: Medical Facilities/Private Quarters (Station Hub)

Emit was in full protection mode as he continued to escort the lovely Gwendola back towards the location of the Hub. She wished to obtain her belongings and say her goodbyes on her own terms and Emit was going to make certain she got to do just that. He gave her space as they walked, not wishing to cause anymore stress upon her.

As the couple made their way closer to the Medical facilities Emit stopped abruptly, lightly touching her upon her arm."Gwendola I believe we really need to talk. Just the two of us. We never did get to finish our conversation properly and I fear that some actions might have gotten lost without proper words."
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
March 27, 2020, 04:15:03 pm
☆ LOCATION: Lil Sebastian's private elevator

Emit ground his teeth as Lil Sebastian's Lackey rudely interrupted his talk with Gwendola. Emit wasn't to keen about being forced into work with a worm of a man like Lil Sebastian,and could only imagine what kind of a man took the position of right hand. It was all the same that he wasn't strapped right now because he most likely would have plugged them both and been done with it.

Emit had certainly worked some gray area jobs since hanging up the badge, but he wasn't at rock bottom yet. Maybe that's what happened to Mr. Lackey,maybe at rock bottom folks like Lil Sebastian are the only ones left to pull you up by the boot straps. He would give Lackey a chance to show him otherwise,but make no mistake if this man trys to pull him or Gwendola down to rock bottom lead will fly.

Emit's jaw ached from his teeth grinding,but still attempted a degree of small talk."Ah nice elevator you've got here. So grab our belongings and meet you back here correct?

Emit's attention was fixed upon Gwendola's words to Mr. Lackey. At least she was being her sweet polite self. Her smile could light up the darkest of rooms that was for sure.
"Goodness that is a nasty bump you got there friend. Yep she is a woman of many talents,fix you right up with those stitches and what not. Oh, well would you look at that,this is or stop. Okay so be meeting you back here after we grab our gear and all."

☆LOCATION: Corridor outside of Lil Sebastian's elevator

Emit hurried Gwendola out of the elevator with a gentle motion,placing himself between her and Mr. Lackey not wishing to give the man any chance to rebuttal. With a steady stride he escorted the young lady whom he so wished to talk to alone down the corridor.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
March 17, 2020, 06:26:57 pm
Location: Lil Sebastian's Secret Space Dock

Emit stood firm as the little man's lackey spoke to them advising of how things were to be attended to. His tact was completely missing but Emit was certain hospitality wasn't one of the skills taught to Lil Sebastian's men. When the man made bold decisions on how they were to obtain there belongs he knew it was about to get serious.

Gwendola had certainly given the lackey the what for and rightly so. Emit tried not to show his deep approval upon his face,not wishing to stir the pot just yet.
As Gwendola fled towards the elevator,Emit stepped quickly to catch up to her.
Gwe-Artimis please wait,let me accompany you to fetch your things.

Location: Lil Sebastian's Private elevator

He knew she was upset, knew she needed time to collect herself, but he also knew that he wasn't going to leave her alone now. Emit waited for the elevator doors to close before speaking, as not to allude Mr. Hospitality to their true selves. Gwendola are you okay?

He reached his hand out to touch her then stopped abruptly.
Gwendola I,I don't wish to make you blush or feel uncomfortable around me. That's the furthest thing I'd want is for you to not feel like you could be yourself. I didn't mean to hold your hair,I was trying to hold your hand. Maybe  not any better sounding but to be honest that's all I can think about is holding your hand and making sure that your safe. You're an amazing Doctor and no doubt woman and I don't know that I could go on if something happened to you. I know we just met very recently but I feel drawn to you,I can't explain it.

Emit reached outwards again not stopping himself this time as he took Gwendola's hand into his. He brought the back of her hand upwards placing a soft gentle kiss upon it. Forgive me, but I couldn't resist. Please don't think less of me for my weakness.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
March 08, 2020, 12:05:14 pm
A wave of memories washed over Emit as he stood there listening to the little man speak. He couldn't help but think he'd been through all this only a few weeks before. Except the part of Lil Sebastian was played then by a ruthless Tong leader. But the words here were sounding very familiar. Easy job shouldn't be any troubles, sending along one of my men to insure everything goes smoothly.

His chest aches were reminder enough to know that nothing in the Verse was ever easy. His trust factor had also been tested during his last outing, still be tested now. He didn't have much time to converse with the crew last time he was out in the Black. Didn't have the proper time to figure out who everyone was or who they claimed to be.

Miss Charity was a passenger last time, who by all accounts didn't appear to be educated in the ways of a non Core lifestyle. Yet here she was now about to command a ship regarding a business venture with a rather odd criminal element.
Was she just putting on a ruse now for Lil Sebastian,or had she always been putting on a show. What of her man King. Just what did happen to the rest of his old crew?

As Emit's head began to race away Gwendola's words snapped him back to the present. It was at this time he finally noticed that he had been holding onto the poor woman's braid rather than her hand. Whispering "My apologies I thought I was reaching for your hand. I truly just wanted to provide some comfort during this moment. I certainly didn't mean to hold your braid, nor for as long as I probably did. I'm not like that I promise you. "
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
February 29, 2020, 11:08:35 am
Location: near Lil Sebastian's

Emit wasn't exactly sure what was transpiring as himself and Gwendola were advised that their presence was requested. The one delivering the request had criminal element written all over him. Before Emit could even think of a verbal protest two more of the man's associates arrived, making the request feel a hell of a lot more like a demand. Emit gave Gwendola and the young lady that they rescued a warm reassuring smile. He made it a noticeable standpoint to place his body between the men and the ladies as they entered into the elevator. Mentally preparing himself for anything as the lift began to lower them into the depths of the station.

Location:Lil Sebastian's Secret Dock

The situation was clearly turning into something different as the short stature man made wrong introductions. Emit thought it best to watch and wait understanding Charity's facial expressions. What had he'd gotten himself into now. Slowly reaching for Gwendola's hand as she stood close to him, he offered a light squeeze and a smile. Letting her know that she wasn't alone in all this.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
February 20, 2020, 05:50:14 pm
Location: Near Lil Sebastian's

The labourer with the hammer had moved swiftly,dishing out a rather severe form of justice. However the man's actions did quickly diffuse the situation and thwart a possible kidnapping. As Emit assisted with detaining  and searching the would be attacker, he quickly pocketed the brass knuckles he discovered.

He was glad to see that Gwendola was at least attempting to treat the injury. It wasn't as if Emit thought the man was innocent or had been treated wrongly, he was just thinking as a lawman. As such he wanted to turn the fellow over to the proper authorities. But another form of authority being Lil Sebastian's henchmen snatched the fellow up whisking him away. Emit had to remind himself where he was and that in fact he was retired.

Upon Gwendola's introductions he tipped his hat to the young lady who had requested help. "You sure you're okay Miss? How's about you accompany us to Alice's Cafe', sit a spell with a nice cup of coffee."

Turning his attention momentarily towards the keeper of the hammer. "Much obliged for the assistance, you're welcome to join us to I recon if you'd like a cup of Joe."
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
February 12, 2020, 04:47:58 pm
LOCATION: Near Lil Sebastian's exterior

Emit stepped forward as the balding man continued to speak his threats and finish his jaw yapping with a finale plea to the fleeing lady. Brandishing his badge,Emit set forth to give this polecat his best law dog back down speech. "Sir unless you can show me bounty papers or a badge.  I suggest you take that hand outta that pocket before I bind you by law for illegal operations!"
Emit continued to step cautiously towards the balding man,placing himself purposely between him and the women he was after.
If the man made a move too quickly with his hidden hand,Emit would strobe his eyes then shoulder into full force.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
February 11, 2020, 01:52:38 pm

Emit was just about to offer Gwendola his arm to continue down the hallway in search of Alice's. But was interrupted rather abruptly by screams for help from the opposite direction."Did you hear that? Emit wanted to be certain he wasn't hallucinating again. The shouts for assistance echoing again from down the hall,shouts calling out,calling out to the lawman he still was.Gwendola I think somebody needs our help,stay behind me til we figure out what exactly is going on though. Don't want to rush into anything too quickly." Emit quickened his pace a little as he headed towards the sounds of distress but was sure not to rush into anything. Pulling his flashlight  from it's holder he toggled the thumb switch to strobe,waiting to engage the light until he needed it. Was the only weapon he had should it come to that.
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
February 08, 2020, 09:55:06 am
LOCATION: Nearby Lil Sebastian's

He'd turned another corner following the directions provided to him, thinking now that perhaps someone was playing a trick to get him lost. Just as he was about to turn around and go back,Emit caught a glimpse of her standing in the middle of the corridor. His heart quickly began to race a little. Maybe those directions were right all along, leading him exactly to what he was seeking.

The lovely Doctor Gwendola along with Miss Charity and that King fellow were standing  perhaps fifty paces from him now. The Verse sure did have a way of placing him where he needed to be lately and he was thankful. Emit thought that she might have even smiled too upon seeing him. Which caused him to smile and give a slight wave.

The good Doctor greeted him with her pleasant nature showing true concern.

"Mr. Culpepper, I didn't expect to see you out of the medbay so soon. Did you finish your breathing treatment and get your chest tube removed?  I intended to be back to take care of that myself but Mr. King and Miss Charity disappeared when I was attending to something else and I went to find them."  "I'm glad to see you up and about. I hope you didn't think I'd abandoned you."

He couldn't stop smiling that boyish grin as she spoke to him. Becoming lost within her words. An awkward pause of silence occurring between them as he didn't respond immediately to her questioning.
"Forgive me,still getting back to normal,I didn't mean to stare. I did finish my treatment and was seen to by I believe the Charge Nurse, however I don't think I caught her name. Think they needed the beds for another patient, was all a bit of a rush honestly. I'm glad to be seen up and about, for which I still owe you my deepest gratitude as well as some pie I do believe."
Placing  his hand upon hers gently gazing into her eyes. "None to worry Gwendola I know you didn't just up an leave me by my lonesome. You're very talented and your skills are needed all over of which I'm sure. Oh gosh, your not busy now are you? Here I am talking your ear off and you are probably needed."
Odette IC / Re: Odette Episode 0 : Eggs
February 07, 2020, 06:56:04 am
Emit had hoped that he would have seen Doctor Gwendola before his time was up within the recovery ward. He certainly was becoming fond of her and would have liked to have had the opportunity to chat more with her. However as the time grew near on the clocks of the medical area she had yet to return.

Not wishing to upset the Head Nurse who had taken over the last hours of his care, he thought best to depart the medical ward. She wasn't like Gwendola who had a genuine pleasantry about her,no the Head Nurse reminded him of a Drill Sargent  on a mission.

As he departed the Medical Ward,Emit did ask a staffer for directions toward an area where he might be able to purchase some pie and coffee.
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Re: Episode 3: Hub
December 30, 2019, 08:42:51 pm

Being a former lawman with many years of legitimate investigation experience,Emit noticed rather quickly Gwendola's flushed cheeks and flustered state of being. He immediately felt bad for causing the young Doctor any extra distractions. He didn't regret taking her soft hand into his,nor asking her to dinner. No those feelings and actions came from a place within that he thought would never live again.

He'd seen his family on Newhall, heard their voices,felt their presence. She came to him in his dreams like all the restless  nights before,yet something was different.  When he reached for her he didn't awaken screaming. No, she stayed this time,holding him close,speaking softly. Her words telling him that he still has time,telling him to live, to love and be loved. Her words offering him comfort and forgiveness.

Emit needed to tell Gwendola, needed to explain,needed to hold her soft hand once more within his.

Miss Charity's words brought him from his daydream requesting where to locate an information broker. Emit thought for a moment regarding the way stations handled themselves opposed to towns and cities.
"It would be safe to say Miss Charity that one should look to the local watering holes first. Those next would be a Companions House or similar establishment. Both places have walls that hold secrets.

Pushing up from the chair with a light degree of visible discomfort Emit politely excused himself from Miss Charity and  Mr. King's presence. "I do apologize, I'm not feeling fully myself yet, Doctor said I have a few more treatments for my lungs. If you'll excuse me I feel the need to return to my room to lay down."
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Re: Episode 3: Hub
December 28, 2019, 01:14:58 pm

Emit was taken back by Gwendola's actions of preparing his breakfast, even to the point of buttering and cutting his pancakes. She'd taken care of him more so than most had in many a year. Made him feel worthy again.
Speaking closely to her but not loud enough for all to hear. "Gwendola? May I call you Gwendola? "
Taking her hand in his, purposely now,  not by accident. Holding her hand softly in his own. "I just wanted to truly thank you for everything that you've done for me. Thank you for your kindness, your gentleness with me. It has meant so much to me. Made me remember better times that I'd forgotten. Please Gwendola,I'd like to take you to dinner to show you my appreciation once able to freely move about the station."

He'd held her hand close in his,his heart racing,feelings he'd buried deep for so long resurfacing in her presence. His words had been genuine but may have sounded  fumbled. He'd not talked to, nor felt the need to talk to someone like her in a very long time.
"A little cream,a dollop of honey if you have it dear Doctor, you're to kind."

As Miss Charity departed to change,this allowed Emit to speak with King. "Mr. King it's nice to meet you. As Charity said I was formerly employed on Wushu,providing protection to the Captain,crew and passengers. I was a law man for a number of years on Bernadette before. I'm glad to see that Doctor Eiber was able to help both of you as well with her talents in medicine. Charity was lucky to have found you on Newhall,troubling times indeed for the Verse and having someone with your skills sad to say a must."
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Re: Episode 3: Hub
December 27, 2019, 05:11:06 am

The young Doctor had given him her name and it sounded so sweet. "Gwendola,what a lovely sounding name. Might I say Gwendola it is once again my pleasure to make your acquaintance. My foolish insistence was, well foolish to say the least. After the explosion I didn't know what happened to the Captain or crew. Pure luck in finding our passenger Miss Charity here and her male companion, Mr. King was it."

Emit seated himself more comfortably in the chair as not to jostle the tube protruding from his chest. Attempting to show respect as Miss Charity spoke to them, but found himself distracted stealing glances of the good Doctor Gwendola. Just something about her tugged at him,in a good way,a way he'd not thought of in a very long time.
Prologues / Re: Down But Not Out
December 26, 2019, 05:04:36 pm
Emit chuckled at Marshal Shaw's words. "Thirty-three is correct. I heard the call to war and hopped on the first transport to Persephone. Enlisted with Ground Forces, Pathfinder Division Special Operations. Nope no Officer training just another grunt. No formal education as those in the core have. My mother taught me my lessons as well as the skills needed to operate an Apothecary shop. Farm living taught me everything else I reckon. What about you Marshal what's your story, how did you decide to wear the badge?"
Prologues / Re: Down But Not Out
December 25, 2019, 06:27:18 pm
Emit picked up the worn metallic star holding it out before the Marshal for inspection. "Was my Grandfather's before passing down to my Father,who passed it down to me. My Father pinned this on my chest when I turned 18, wore it with pride and honor for 15yrs I
did. After the War things were too different. Too many ghosts. Helps me find myself when times becone rough.
Iscariot Archived Episodes / Re: Episode 3: Hub
December 25, 2019, 02:05:07 pm
Emit was transfixed on Miss Charity's description of events leading her here to this medical facility. It indeed appeared that she and a number of the crew were lucky to have gotten this far.

"And, I don't believe I caught your name? Or perhaps my mind has turned it to gossamer and fog while my mind was clouded with the pain medication."

Emit looked to the young Doctor,offering a warm smile. "Eiber,her name is Doctor Eiber. However I don't think that I had the honor of learning her whole name. She's got talent! I can attest to that firsthand, near death's door when I got here I was. Dam collapsed lung and a thick headed skull like mine don't dance the waltz to well. If the good Doctor gives me her blessing,maybe I can join you on your search."
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