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Jax grabbed his coffee and changed bar stools in hopes of having a better view where Yee disappeared to. Now seated close to the barkeep as well Jax answered her question. "I think we are all in for some breakfast, eggs and bacon of any kind sound great." He glanced over to Minato...."Sure beats protein trail supplies wouldn't you agree?" Without waiting for his answer Jax broke into a query of his own. "Packed full ya say?" He asked the Barkeep...."Good for you, nice to hear business is up in these parts. It's got me wondering what has everyone out traveling the jungle." Between talking and sipping his coffee Jax managed a glance toward the hallway Yee retreated to. He would give her a few more minutes before heading off to freshen up himself.
"Y'all want coffee? I got a fresh kettle and some cups o'er there by the stairs. Washroom's 'round the corner, 'ya wanna freshen up. I'll be gettin' to breakfast soon as I get this gorram bar clean. Don't have any rooms at the moment. We're packed full. But supplies I can getcha, and I'll keep yer cups and yer bellies full while ya sit a spell."

"Coffee would be tremendous!" Jax blurted out enthusiastically. He followed Yee gladly accepting a mug of the hot  brew, even in the warm moist air there still was a hint of steam rising above the rim of the clay vessel. Jax took a cautious sip..."That's not bad!" He yelped back toward the innkeeper. He then paused before his next daring sip as he tried to decipher an inscription etched into the side of the mug, it was some sort of Chinese but a collection of unrecognizable characters.

Carefully Jax mounted a stool at the bar all the while savoring his portion of coffee. Glancing down the counter to the innkeeper..."So what is today's breakfast special? ....if I might be so bold."

[Trading Post]

Jax looked to Mylena as he pushed open the door...."Here goes nothing." Upon entering the dimly lit interior of the trading post Jax quickly scanned for the whereabouts of it's inhabitants. Speaking loudly as if to someone outside. "Thanks so much Gus we sure can go for some grub and your step Sister Margaret."

There was a long counter that ran along the back wall with doors at each end seemingly leading to rear store rooms. A variety of gear hug from the walls and the low ceiling rafter beams. The damp moldy environment of the jungle had the time to ferment inside giving the cabin a odd pungent odor.
Jax was surprised how quickly and rather easily they took out their first two marks. The bail jumpers were tied and tagged without nary a peep from the cabin. His head on a swivel Jax followed swiftly on Yee's heels up to the lodge's porch.

"So, do we knock or just head on in?" Mylena asked.

"I say we go in like nothing is wrong..." Jax paused to listen for a second then continued in a hushed tone. "Just step right in." When Minato joined them on the porch Jax volunteered to go first.

"Name's Earnest. Y'all can call me Lucky. Sure as the Red Sun rises that ol' innkeep's got another pot of black brewin'. Ought to set the lady of the cloth to rights, Mr... Oh. Pardon my manners. Don't think I caught your name."

"Well thanks Lucky, I be Marcus Jones, employed as a guide for the Sister here, kinda showing her Greenleaf's sights." Jax paused scanning the area for anyone else skulking about. "The Sister here just love's God's creation, though I did try to explain to her that man Terraformed this here planet." So far so good... Jax mused. "I can go for a cup of that black brew and maybe something a bit stronger."
Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
November 21, 2019, 07:21:08 pm
Where is the link to the Phoenix Aside? I can get there because I bookmarked it. But don't see one if you come in cold searching for it.

A Rose by any Other Name
Jax was pleased with the ship's performance and Dizzy did manage to adjust the oxygen level much to his liking.
The plan was simple enough nevertheless the gang they needed to round up seemed to be a bit more trouble then first reported. Undisturbed the mission was a go and Jax jumped right into his role. He managed to find some old clothes stored on Ruby. Apparel that was a good bit worn and stained, a perfect costume for someone trekking through the jungle. Albeit ill-fitting, he easily slipped the trousers and coat over his daily wear, a leather slouch hat completed the ensemble.

"Picket and Dalton out front. Single click if it's you approaching."

Jax responded with a single click answering Chao's question as Mylena began the charade making first contact with their quarry. Jax wasn't surprised to find themselves at gun point from minute one. He fought off the instinctive urge to reach for his auto-loader and made no foolhardy moves. Trust the plan. He thought to himself... No need to get blasted this early in the game... And oh how he loved the game.

"Oh mercy no, no delivery here, unless you count carrying Lord's word.  I'm Sister Mary Margaret and I'm on pilgrimage.  I personally don't know much about cards though my guide might be more accommodating.  I'd be much obliged for some coffee and a place to rest for a bit from this heat though."

Jax stepped up a few paces past Mylena. "Did I hear you say cards my good man?!" He pushed his shabby hat back offering a clear view of his face. "Now I've heard the good Lord frowns on such behavior but I'm sure the benevolent Sister here wouldn't begrudge me a few hands." Wearing a beguiling smile Jax turned to Sister Mary Margaret. "And perhaps a drink as well?"

Once everyone was accounted for Jax closed up Ruby Rose, didn't need any stray dogs wandering up the ramp. He joined everyone in the crew lounge as Chao went over the plan again. "Seems like a solid strategy, but I would plan on things going sideways....been my experience they often do." Jax then glanced over to Dizzy and then Newt...."And they'll be no using my boat as a wrecking ball Mister Declan, I'm not carrying enough insurance."
Jax was ready for whatever came next, this job was just a stepping stone of sorts to something bigger....he just had a feeling. With a confident grin He welcomed his actually... Jax mused. He easily fended off comments about Rosie's space worthiness as he followed them up the ramp. "Get your gear stored and we'll be off." Jax did a quick head count and turning to Travis... "Seems we're short one Mister Chao."
Phoenix Asides / Re: A Rose by any Other Name
November 11, 2019, 05:17:26 pm
Jax glanced back at the ship...."Okay, so maybe my first impression might have been a little rough." He motioned for Dizzy to have a seat. "I do need a ride and beggars can't be choosers they say." Jax took a slow sip of his drink. "So what would it set one back to rent old Ruby there?" The small transport was no looker but Jax knew if Dizzy was doing the maintenance she should fly just fine.
Phoenix Asides / Re: A Rose by any Other Name
November 05, 2019, 06:41:02 pm
Jax broke into a wide grin at the sound of an all too familiar voice, one he hadn't heard for a spell. He spun about to have his recollection confirmed. "Well look at you, Lady Mcgee." Before she sat he hopped up to give her a warm welcoming hug. "Still smell like grease and oil I see."

Jax mind tried to remember when he last saw the mechanic. "So what you doing so far from Persephone? Thought you had a great job there." It was good to see a friendly face, Jax was in need of a lift, mentally as well as literally.
Jax was resting his eyes in the pilot's seat when he heard several thumps on the hull that sent a dull resounding echo through the ship. The metal was rather thin on this particular design as they tried to shave some weight to help with the weaker engine configuration. Oh the boarding ramp! he exclaimed to himself.

Jax didn't see his Mechanic about but trusted she had Ruby ready to fly. "Hey Dizz we got company!" He announced as he activated the ramp. The motor struggled from the weight of the gangway, but powered through with a nagging vibration. Jax slipped down the ramp...."We are open for business.....Welcome one and all." He motioned them toward the ramp as he munched on a half eaten Fruity Oaty Bar.
Not in Play / Re: Jason Aaron Xavier
November 05, 2019, 11:02:59 am
Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
Not in Play / Re: Jason Aaron Xavier
November 05, 2019, 11:02:45 am

Ballistic Mesh Vest, compact auto-loader, Knife, PDA, Misc. everyday belongings.
Phoenix Asides / A Rose by any Other Name
November 03, 2019, 07:30:11 am

Now stranded on Jiangyin, Jax moved fast to dig himself out of the whole he found himself in. He wandered into the small town outside of which they were dropped off. He would need a ride off this rock first, then he could determine where to next. 'Out of the frying pan and into the fire'...he mused.

It was your typical Border World town, one main street, dirt. The buildings all rustic, made from local timber cut and milled on sight. Settling a new world was never an easy task and Jax felt pity on the poor fools that choose this life.

After asking around Jax received directions to a small landing area on the other side of town. Word was ships do land from time to time and he just might get lucky. He hoofed it double time just in case, didn't want to miss a possible ride by a few minutes.

When he turned the corner to see the gravel field it was near empty except for a small transport or shuttle. The make or type was not easily recognizable as it was covered in a heavy layer of dust. It even had a pair of mules tied up to it's forward landing gear.

Nearby there was a small shack with an outside bar of sorts. A weathered sign read, 'Delsea Spaceport Cantina'. 'Some spaceport?' Jax muttered. He stepped up and ordered a drink, the barkeep brought him their best watered down dirt brown whiskey. Jax took a cautious sip, it was as bad as it looked. He choked it back followed by a small cough or two, the barkeep laughed. "Good stuff..." Jax said mockingly "So who owns that piece of Luh Suh out on the field?"
Phoenix IC / Re: Season 1: Ep 0 - Reborn in Fire
November 02, 2019, 08:14:25 am
"Captain Kuei is not one to make his plans known to those they do not concern." The hardened Gunfighter responded. "We're having a few drinks and some dinner soon. Get some rest. Going dirtside later."

Jax smiled at the leather faced man, he wasn't sure if he was about to get shot or be life long buddies. "Nice to hear old Captain Lin hasn't changed much." He figured he would skip the tale of Kuei kicking him off Ronin, didn't want to throw up any warning flags unnecessarily. Before he could tackle the last part of Travis' comment the acrobat jumped in....

"You're information is solid, in the fact that Captain is gone and we are still here.  So the question is Jax, are you looking for a way off this station?  Or are you looking for a job?  Or did you just want to find the Captain so you can catch up?  Maybe paint each others nails?"

Jax glanced down at his nails before redirecting his eyes in her direction. "Nice, right to the point...she's a keeper." He addressed that last point to all gathered at the booth. "Always interested in a job.... who isn't?" He took a long gulp of ale then continued. "I do have my own transportation, though for a limited time, but I'm looking to trade up."

Prologues / Re: Love On The Rocks
November 01, 2019, 03:01:30 pm
The plan was close to failing on several occasions as they scurried through the subterranean corridors. In the end they made it to her Ship  and when the lock was lifted for Wushu, they slipped away as well. Jax plotted the course and performed a hardburn for Jiangyin, as Anja had a few contacts there that she could trust. She would lay low until the time was right and then reclaim her family's organization. Jax for his efforts received a hefty sum of coin and one long hard kiss. Anja vowed to call him up when she was ready and expected his help. Jax made his goodbyes as a large Mule arrived with several heavily armed men aboard. Anja hopped in and the vehicle spun about leaving Jax in a cloud of dust and alone once again.

Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
October 31, 2019, 05:41:00 pm
Thinking we'll play it up that Jax leased the ship for more than Greenleaf. He has been moon hopping around the system in search of Ronin. Greenleaf was his last best lead and the only true one, he was just too late. :/

He'll explain IC when we get there. ;)

Phoenix IC / Re: Season 1: Ep 0 - Reborn in Fire
October 31, 2019, 03:42:43 pm
Jax watched in amazement as the energetic and quite graceful Asian woman snatched the candle from the pie without even disturbing his hand. His eyes fought to keep up with her aerobatic maneuver, finally catching up as she landed in her seat. Jax would be lying if he didn't admit to being impressed, the candle lick at the end was a nice touch....he found it hard to look away. "Hello Jax."...she added. The only response he could muster was a quick wink before the Gunhand spoke up.

"So Mr. Xavier....You have business with us, or just a friendly say hello seeing as we likely have mutual friends."

Jax slid the pie onto the table as he took a sest..."Thank you..." Before he started he knocked back his drink and began to refill his glass with ale. "Anyone else need a refill while I'm at it?" The ale formed a perfect head right to the rim of the glass, he spoke as he poured. "Well I came looking for Captain Kuei and Ronin, but alas it seems I am a bit too late." Jax took a sip of the brew, it left a slight line of suds on his upper lip. Clearing it off with the back of his off hand he continued. "I did hear he left some crew behind so I figured what's the harm in tracking you down, maybe you can shed some light as to his whereabouts?"
Phoenix IC / Re: Season 1: Ep 0 - Reborn in Fire
October 29, 2019, 06:13:45 pm
Jax procedured another Saké as he watched the booth from the bar mirror waiting for his drink order to arrive. The mirror as good as it was to hide his snooping, didn't afford a clear view of everyone. Taking a chance he casually spun his bar stool around eyeing up the room, his peripheral vision was locked on the booth.

Jax was not surprised to find he had been made by a few of them, he would have to make his move sooner than later. It was about then he caught sight of the one on the end easing off his pistol catch. "Oh that can't be a good sign." He thought. The possible imminent gunplay was staved off by the barmaid delivery of ale.

Almost instantaneously the bartender brought Jax a piece of coconut cream pie topped with a small blue and white birthday candle, the barkeep lit the candle and as the small flame flickered to stay alive he pointed to the booth. Jax turned toward the booth and gave a nod of his head in thanks. Turning back to the small confectionery with the dancing flame, Jax made a wish and blew out the candle. "I like them already."

Jax advanced toward the booth with pie in one hand, his drink in the other, trying his best to appear nonthreatening. "Well thank you friends of Ronin for remembering my special day." He wasn't sure if he should mention Ronin outright but there is was. "I am Jason Aaron Xavier, most just call me Jax....friend and foe alike." He looked the party over trying to make a quick judgement of who might be in charge. "I used to pilot Ronin, a few years ago now....may I join you?" Ronin's ex-pilot waited for a reply as the candle began to slowly topple over in the pie's creamy topping.
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