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Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
November 14, 2019, 05:00:56 pm
I'm sure ties, cord and rope are not difficult to acquire. Just wait until you see Cowboy Travis hogtie up them varmits.

Also Crew, I did not see anyone listed in the casting call. Please fill out the following:
Phoenix OOC / Phoenix Company OOC
October 30, 2019, 10:03:56 am
Here we are.

Discussion for our adventures.

First up. The final decision on Jax and Dizzy and the Shuttle.
Phoenix Information / Phoenix Company
October 19, 2019, 03:44:13 pm
Ship Name: Phoenix Company

Ship Design and how we got to where we are at the start: ... like a leaf in the wind. A United Reclamation Transport Tug (see next post).
The tug was rented by Jax on Jiangyin to get to Greenleaf so he could meet up with Ronin. Alas, due to lack of funds due to the loss of a previous ship, he was only able to rent a barely functioning Tug. Fortunately he had been planning to meet up with Dizzy as well, and she did the best she could to get it up and running.
But alas, it broke down on the way to Greenleaf, the small pulse drive died. They used thrusters to make it the rest of the way. Too late. Ronin was gone.
Fortunately most of the crew of Ronin is still on Greenleaf Skyplex. Maybe they have a job?
Maybe they need a ship?
Well, we know the answer to that.

For starters they are at Planet Greenleaf Skyplex. They have rooms at the hotel, but will be going down below to the planet proper. Once there, their home base Will be the shuttle though crowded, maybe a couple hotel rooms down dirtside, did I mention a leaf in the wind?

Your Characters Role on Board: Captain, as Travis Chao, For now since it appears they will take a bounty job with his direction for their first effort.

Style of Ship: Definitely a 'struggling to get by'. They are not destitute, but they need to work. They are not people to let things get down to their last coin. And they are developing a stick together attitude, to help each other 'struggle on'.

Role play style: Player Character driven, with moderator narration to keep things interesting and so things never go entirely as planned or anticipated.

Style of Narration: PCs make plans in character, often moving/modding simpler things along but large narrator presence to guide the uncertainties


Narrator: Lomari
Captain: Travis Chao (Tojoyama)
Pilot: Newt Declan (Space Cowboy)
Dizzy McGee
Medic/Bodyguard: Mylena Yee (Buttongirl)
Gunhand: Luke OMalley (Magi)
Tech Specialist: Minato Kaneshiro (Raithfire)
Quartermaster/Gunhand: Jax (Rolemancer)

The Phoenix Company Pitch

The crew is left on Greenleaf Skyplex. Captain Kuei and others have left by order of the Alliance. So not really any hard feeling on getting left behind. But left behind they are.

To get thing running along out the gate:
Travis gets a wave in the Prelude/Prologue, "hey you still at Greenleaf? Can you get to down below. Half dozen jumped bail, holed up in cabin just north-northwest of Border Towns."
Just so happens they are very very close.
Travis says yes, but he needs to hire a shuttle, and a crew to get him to a bounty job. They are not hardened killers, but may resist. Six is a lot for a single bounty.
Travis asks if they want to help out, good paying gig.
But they need a shuttle or a ride.

Enter Jax and Dizzy....

This is happening in the prologue, with Moderator modification.

And off they go.
Bugs/Technical Support / Re: Change in reply look
September 23, 2019, 04:56:46 pm
Thanks for letting me know. I figured it was me and something I did.
It is annoying.

Best of luck with the fix and appreciate your hard work on the site.
Not in Play / Rex Yangtree
September 12, 2019, 12:39:44 pm

Rex Yangtree

Age:  39
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Stormtrooper / Space Marine / Space Breach Specialist
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Security / Bodyguard / Salvager
Equipment:  Alliance Military Assault Space Suit, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Short Shot Gun,
Clothing: Various uniforms, casual outfits and formal attire.
In Storage: A collection of various military reproduction weapons and paraphernalia.
A traditional one shot set of dueling pistols.

Appearance:  Very fit. Good looking features. Always neat and tidy. There is no room for sloppiness in personal form, clothing or conduct.
6' 2", 210 lbs.
Faceclaim:  James Purefoy

Initial Personality:  A cookie cutter stereotypical classical soldier. Polite, professional, stand-offish, reserved; yet friendly and accommodating.
Rex will approach a situation with some ability to show some reflection, that is, among upper class socialites he knows the stiff collar and upper lip.
And among rowdy soldiers full of testosterone and estrogen he can rough and tumble and toss and grumble like a old school trooper, which he is.
Underlying Personality:  Rex is also the poster boy for long lost anal retentive professional soldier. Not much tolerance for sloppy silly civilians or those that have had an easy and protected life. It's one reason he seems to have found a life in the black. Hard folk working a hard life. Something he can respect.

He has had no close friendships or love interests since before the war. Those he had ended badly. Death, a selling out to the military industrial complex. His life seemed to have died with the war. Honor, Loyalty, Tradition.

When at ease he can laugh, drink, flirt and still have a good time; almost always with one eye open and one less drink than the rest.

Corporate and individual greed, selfishness, stupidity, laziness, sloth... he despises.

Known History:  Born in a Londinium superb in 2480, Rex Yangtree was the latest generation of a long line of traditional military family. Four generations of working middle class Enlisted ranks, sergeants, warrant officers and then the latest generation, to include Rex, went to Officer's School, Rex at the age of 18. While not initially something the elders in the family endorsed, it was accepted. Rex excelled and by the time Civil War broke out Rex Yangtree was a trained and experienced soldier in the Marines with a specially in Ship to Ship infantry combat, that is, breaching and defending ships from infiltration. They called them Stormtroopers.

Rex was a Major by the end of the war and highly decorated. He was also a rare survivor of a specialty that had a high rate of death. Rex 'was lucky', a few burns, small bullets nicks and fragmentation scars.

After the war the need for Stormtroopers was nil. An attempt by him and his family and contacts to find a place for him in the downsizing military went for naught. Rex was too bitter and unqualified for a desk job. The senselessness of the war, the pain, the loss of friends and loved ones. The devotion to profit and the shift to corporate structure... He resigned and took to the black.

Since then he has toured the black, hired out as a mercenary, bodyguard, salvage due to his space-faring skills. Not much work for blasting one's way onto a errant spaceship.
Other History:  A torrid love affair just before the war with the daughter of an Admiral that did not approve of his family lineage. The affair was broken up. A child left behind that he only became aware of much later. A reunion with the mother and child did not last long.

Skills and Strengths:  Major Yangtree is a career fully trained professional space marine with a specialty in breaching enemy ships and defending against the same. Space suit, weapons, hand to hand training, limited explosives and welding.
Code of Conduct: Rex has the professional Alliance Officer code. Honor, tradition, loyalty.
Weaknesses:  Regrets: He's not found any place in the verse for himself except being a soldier. Some occasion depression and PTSD from his years of service. But it it not debilitating.

Cynic. He doesn't really believe in anything except his code of conduct.
He can kill an enemy with little remorse but will show mercy when possible without exposing himself or others to foolish risk.

Skills are limited to soldiering.
Socially he can mix in dress uniform or tux as well as fatigues and bunkhouse. But deep down he remains cautious and reserved. Friends have never lasted long given his profession.

No piloting, technical or engineering except for some small specialty craft and gear for breaching and fighting.

Revenge Information / Re: The Revenge
September 12, 2019, 12:30:03 pm
I notice that this ship might still be in need of a striker with breaching skills?

Looks like I missed their departure. I am about to post a PC, Rex Yangtree.
IF this is not a good fit, or too late. I'll look to another ship.
After some discussion with Clare I think we might try to play Constance and Cooper Mandrake.
Two core people, smart, experienced.
Think along the lines of THE THIN MAN, if you've ever seen that ancient movie.

We'll update the applications, on page four of the retired archives.

How does that sound? They would be passengers, retired writers with a sense of adventure. He's a retired Federal Marshal and she's a big shot core journalist. They would be very interpersonal with other crew members. And having skills of police and journalist could be of help to a crew.

One note: Is there any way Cooper could be a reader? I know that is very limited. It would be more of a handicap to him in most situation.
Not much that would impact play in a positive way, at least for him. He's able, or was, capable of detecting horrible terrible dark thoughts which have driven him to space. He cannot tolerate large numbers of people. Anyway, I could play him not, but am requesting that he still have such latent ability in situations of large numbers of people or near horrible evil persons. 
It would be a definite dark weakness.

His old application:

Thanks DP.

QuoteIan has not been by in a few months but he was for a while. Sonya was on the Mei Ren Wu because I had Shepherd Blackhorse on the same ship for a while. Africa Chamberlain did make an appearance but not for very long. ...

So I went into the Archive and found Africa Chamberlain. She was a Martial Artist and Mechanic's Assistant, Welder. I can copy most of it and PM you with it if you want. Unfortunately, the bios for both Sonya and Siobhan are nowhere to be found but I do have a couple of site videos with them depicted.

I can do the applications, no problem. Just curious as to what might be needed for Player Characters.

And secondly, since I had played these two PCs a lot on more than one site, well;
My memory isn't so good. I'm not sure about any canon.  I can run the application and any difficulties I'd be happy to address. 

So.... Mechanic or Pilot needed?
OK, I've got my feet wet again.

I plan on adding a second PC, but have not decided.

Of course my old PC and favorite Sonya Gulliver (Pilot) had quite a history here. I could not find her old App but I have the data. Of course I'm not sure what has happened to her closest buddies. Ian Dugan?
And Siobhan Brannigan. She had a child by the former and married to the latter.
And to be quite honest, I'm not sure where all she played after Lost In Serenity. So what would be her canon background.

Same for Africa Chamberlain (Engineer). I don't think she played here at all.

Any suggestion for my old PCs would be appreciated. Or I can always generate something new.
Any shortage of professions?


Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
August 18, 2019, 11:38:30 am
Moved from the IC forum area to the OOC forum  -Lomari

(( OOC: It looks like several of us are all bumping into each other at Cargo Bay doors and dock. I hope I didn't bump anyone out of the way or the wrong way. I'll keep it short and feel free to move my character to where it might be less congested.))
Quote from: Scout on August 01, 2019, 10:41:38 pm
Hey Tojo!

I played as Jonah and Pele on the Seraph in the olden days when you were our narrator. When I was struggling with Jonah you gave me some good characterization advice that has stuck with me to this day. Great to see you back!

Wow. Seraph!
That was a rocking good pirate time.
Ronin OOC / Re: Ronin OOC
August 02, 2019, 09:59:29 am
The old Archive for Travis Chao looks good. I just need to update for the last in game year.

Boy am I rusty. I'm having to learn to navigate much less BBC. Whew. Bear with me.

So. How can I get Travis PW and link Tojo to him. You can do that here as I recall (which doesn't mean much as my recall ability seems to have greatly diminished).

Just a little test:
Travis in BOLD
Who Hoo

OK. So, what next?

Just my first look, but Travis Chao looks like a good fit.

Warning. I'm very rusty on the on-line links and etc.
I'll be looking and lurking and getting him set up in an application.

I figure he's been on Greenleaf looking for someone as a bounty hunter, off the grid, and caught them or given up and looking for transport and a job.

Catching up.

Yes. I am.
Slowly. Not sure who to start up again or someone new.

I'll need to look around, get my feet back on deck.

Suggestions on my PCs to run with would be appreciated.
Since I'm out of the loop on what has happened IC for the last few years, that should be a consideration.

A lot of posts seemed to be very old. Are you up and running? Or am I just not looking in the right place.

Forgive me, just getting back on sight. I'll get up to speed.

Tojoyama here.
Sonya Gulliver, Rex, well.... a few others too.

What to you have going? Did I miss anything?


Well then. . .
What, is that Purpleriver?

Who else is here?
Absences / The Return
August 01, 2019, 08:17:04 pm
Hello guys.

It's been awhile. Forgive me if I don't remember everyone and who they are IC and OOC.

Got room somewhere for me?
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