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The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
August 26, 2020, 10:06:24 am
The Home Team

Tabitha wriggled into the over-sized winter coat, a hand-me-down from her older brother, thankful for Rian's help. It had never fit her, but she had no mind to purchase a new one. This one still smelled like home if she really got her face up into it and sniffed hard enough. She wrestled with the sleeves, pushing them out of the way so she could zip up, the uncharacteristically earth-toned garment swallowing her whole.

"I think you're just excited to get out in the snow, aren't you?" She turned to watch Rian as he began lacing up his boots, her own feet slipping into fuzzy booties, these one a more predictable pink. He wasn't wrong. Any opportunity to go play out in the wilderness was more than enough to keep this spacer happy. She didn't mind being off-world for long periods of time, as long as she had her crew, and they let her out to play on the off chance that they did land anywhere for longer than a few minutes.

"My wife was the same way about snow. We only got one or two snow-storms the whole time we -- she was like a kid again. Never thought I'd be making snow-men in the yard as an adult but there I was...Záluànwúzhāng... anyway. I hate the snow...Let's get the fleas off our dog..."

She pulled on her gloves and nibbled on her lower lip thoughtfully before setting a pink yarn covered hand on Rian's arm, "Hey, thank you for telling me about her," she told him in a warm, gentle whisper, her expression encouraging and thankful. Facing him all the more, Tabby set both of her hands on his cheeks again to make sure he was looking down at her directly, "She'd be proud of you, Rian. You're a great friend, and an amazing member of this team. I'm thankful that you got to join our family," she added, nodding to confirm her own words and hopefully cement them as truth in his mind. Lowering her hands to free him from her emotional grasp, she backed up a step and smiled brightly. "Let's get to those fleas," she agreed, turning and skipping out of the room. She stopped mid skip and waited for him to follow, remembering she wasn't supposed to leave his sight or he'd kick her butt. The thought made her giggle aloud.

When he'd joined, they made their way back down to the cargo bay doors, peeking in rooms on the way to see if they could find their wayward mechanic: Alas, they had no luck. Standing at the doors controls, Tabby wiggled in excitement and pulled her hood on over her curls, which hid most of her now beneath the fur trim of her coat. "Ready when you are, mister man!" she said, saluting him and grinning sweetly.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
August 20, 2020, 10:35:30 am
The Home-Team

"So... Help me brainstorm dinner for when the mule gets back with everybody...We've got carrots, one sweet onion, four pounds of protein mash, a half box of angel hair pasta, and... a stick of butter... So far my ideas are to... eat Riggs when we find him."

Tabby smiled warmly and set a hand on Rian's upper arm, "Hey, let's make a plan," she offered. She knew how much having a structured plan put him at ease. "If there's something on the ship, let's go take it off! You said Riggs found it so how about I crawl up and get it and you watch over me to make sure I don't slip or anything else? Easy peasy! I bet the dock folk would let us borrow something to help me get to the right spot, they seemed nice."

With that, she reached up to push her mess of light curls into one spot atop her head, procured a pencil from their winding masses, and somewhat secured the coils in place. As she rolled up her sleeves, the doctor cleared her throat and then remembered it was awful cold outside. "Oh, I should put on a jacket first..." She wiggled her bare toes against the metal ground of the cargo bay, "And probably some shoes!" Tabitha laughed softly. "Once we find the thing on the ship, we'll go find our mechanic! Maybe we should get new jobs as detectives!"
The Home Team

"We's just gotta be careful is all, Tabby... We should talk to Riggs about the bug he found on Darling. I don't care much for being followed like this..."

Tabitha paused a moment to look back at Rian, lips pursed as she chewed thoughtfully on the inside of her cheek. She released his hand and reached up to slowly run the tip of her index finger down his forehead and over the bridge of his nose. Then, she repeated the motion. Like calming a rabbit or a hound dog.

"Did anyone check the outside of the Darling yet? If Mister Riggs found something, then he can tell us where to look on the ship's hull and we can make sure for ourselves if something's there or if something's not. I bet that will feel a lot better than guessing and fretting ourselves into a tizzy. It's always good to get a second opinion," she suggested, lowering her hand and tilting her head to the side.

Her hands then went to the sides of his arms, rubbing them up and down to rub some warmth back into his body and to shake away the stress, although she was more or less just jostling him slightly, maybe to get him to focus on the here and now and on the physical world. "Let's go find our new Mechanic, and then crawl on the ship! And if there's something out there, we can take it off and put it on a cat and-" she made shooing gestures with her hands, smiling up at him. "Everything's gonna be just fine!"
The Home-Team

"You all right Tabby?"

There was a beat of silence after the answer, before Tabitha poked her head past the threshold of the med-bay and smiled, "I'm okay!" she answered, pausing as she took in his apparent worry or...maybe it was more than that? She'd heard the sound and it had just about startled the spine right out of her back, but it hadn't been from inside the med-bay. Her hands gripped the doorway and she leaned out at a precarious diagonal angle, "Are yooou okay?" she asked, lifting and lowering her eyebrows before squinting at him and pouting. The doctor looked in toward the infirmary, thought for a moment, and then let herself tumble out of the room, hands releasing the threshold so she could let gravity pull her forward.

"I think you need company," she informed him, deciding not to stay bunker-ed up in the med-bay all alone. Tabitha skipped down the hall to meet him, reaching up to carefully slip her hand around his arm, then slide it down the length of his forearm until she could wedge her fingers between his hand doing the secondary supporting of the pistol hand and the weapon. Fingers interlaced with his and she set the back of his hand on her cheek. "You can put me in the brig for disobeying orders later. Let's go find out new mechanic! I think maybe we should all just have those s'more now. It'll make the Darling warmer and she'll be happy to see you do something relaxing. You're wound up like a spring!"

She hoped she could baffle his senses with the conversation enough for him not to notice that she was already pulling him back in the direction of the cargo-bay, but was fully prepared for him to notice that rather quickly. He was sharp, their Rian.
The Home-Team:

After she'd left Riggs alone to learn about the engine and become fast friends with the ship's inner workings, she's made her way to the bunk room to begin the task of decorating his bunk to make him feel welcome. A handmade quilt was laid atop the mattress and the pillow fluffed and plumped with care. Tibetan flags and dried flowers she'd picked the last time they'd had enough free time to do so were hung with clips around the bed frame, to bring a little nature into the metal environment of their home. She hummed as she worked, taking a dustpan and little broom to the area beneath the bed, not wanting their new family member to have to worry about any dust or allergens that might've been hiding under there. All the while she was very careful not to disturb his things or intrude into his privacy. She was halfway sticking out from beneath the bed when Rian found her.

"Tabby..." She yelped a little and wiggled the rest of the way out, sitting up and looking in his direction, her mane of platinum curls sticking every which way like she'd been electrocuted. She sat straight with wide, attentive eyes, feeling the trepidation in his tone almost immediately. "Can you get to the med-bay? If you don't hear anything from me, or if you hear me shooting at some intruders, can you lock yourself inside there till me or Riggs gives the all clear?"

She thought on this for a moment, head tilting left, then right, and lips pursed in a gentle pout. She trusted his judgement entirely, but she also didn't like the idea of leaving him and their new friend helpless in the event that shooting was deemed necessary. But she also recognized that in a fire fight, she would be more of a hindrance than a help... But she also also was hoping there could be some peaceful alternative to a gun fight. Who were they fighting? Her expression did absolutely nothing to hide the full spectrum of her emotions as she thought on this. She might as well have been thinking aloud. Finally, the doctor stood, lifting her hands up above her head in an attempt to coax the over-sized sleeves of her giant sweater to roll themselves down her arms and release her hands from their confines. When one hand was free, she pushed some curls away from her face.

"Think us or the Mule is about to get some unwanted visitors. Probably both," Rian confided, his hand on his holster. Light blue irises lowered momentarily to look at his hand as it rested on his gun, before she moved forward and put her hands on his cheeks, smushing them together a little. "Don't worry about me, I'm okay! I'll tend to the med-bay and lock up like a tiny little clam until you tell me to open up. I'll be okey dokey," she moved his cheeks around and smiled up at him, eyes twinkling with her typical exuberant mirth, "And after, we can make s'mores. I have emergency chocolate," she let him know, lowering her hands and offering him a conspiratorial wink. Of course, her stomach was in knots at the idea of their crew, both away and at home, being in danger, but she didn't want to add to Rian's stress and knew it was best to let him work the way he felt most comfortable. And if that meant waiting in the med-bay, she'd wait in the med-bay.
The Home-Team:

"Tabby! Can you show our new friend to around? I gotta keep an eye on things over here..." Rian told her and her brows furrowed in concern.

He was still upset. It made sense, but she knew he needn't be. He was their family and if he was worrying that they didn't love him any more, she had to show him that that wasn't the case. Maybe she could get her hands on some paint and draw up a mural in the bunk room of all of them holding hands. Or perhaps she could paint them as animals. She giggled, imagining Barnaby as a happy Papa Bear with a hat on and everything. What would everyone else be?

The thought was cut short when the feel of a coat settled on her shoulders and drowned her in the fabric. Her smile grew, eyes alight with hopeful joy. What a kind and considerate person their new crewmate was! That was a good sign. With that, she began leading him into the ship toward the bunks, where he could drop off his things. She started speaking, but being pretty observant when it came to people, she clamped her mouth shut and watched him seem to sink into the ship as they walked. Only once they'd arrived did she turn to face him, the coat he'd lent her fluttering like a caps as she spun.

"Here are the bunks! You can put your things on that free bed there! And don't mind Rian, he's going through a lot. But he's super friendly and I'm sure you'll be fast friends!" she told him, pointing. Still, he didn't answer. She giggled, which seemed to catch his attention.

"So Miss Tabby? You been on this vessel long? Where you folks been? Any idea where we're headed from St Albans?"

The doctor held a finger up, touching the tip of it with the other hand's index finger, "Oh, I've been on this ship for forever. It's been my second home, really. Mama's was first, and then Barnaby's second!" Her index finger touched the pad of the next finger, "We've been all over! We just came from a lovely planet where we rode on a train, and got to work with the Feds, and made friends with a Baron!" The third finger. "I'm not too sure! I imagine once the Captain finds a job for us, we'll be off into the black! Sort of follow the work wherever it is!" Once all his questions were answered, she gave him some time to drop off his things before taking his hand in hers.

"I bet you'd like to see the Engine, huh? Did you know I'm sort of a mechanic too? Well, not really. But I can help if you ever need it! I helped duct tape a thing into place so we wouldn't explode, once! And I'm awful handy with a fire extinguisher." All this was said as she pulled him toward the engine bay.
Location: The Darling

The two goodbyes had punched Tabitha in the gut, and she'd not allowed Mona or Chris to leave without several overly long hugs, kisses on the foreheads, and a bag of handmade goodies each. Chris' was a little rushed, she'd admit, but she'd be damned if one of her family (even if he'd only been around a short while) left with nothing to remember them by. Now, Tabby watched their Captain converse with the dock man, her arms wrapped around her midsection and a puppy dog pout on her face.

"Everybody get loaded up quick-like. We're heading out soon," Barnaby said as he made his way back up and moved to the mule. Light as a feather, the doctor tippy-tapped her way to their group, fluttering around them like a worried bird and tucking in scarfs, buttoning coats, and double checking the supplies she'd helped pack onto the vehicle. As she did, she watched Mister Potter and his sickly demeanor, her brows furrowing and lips pursing. Something wasn't right there. Her Doctor Senses were tingling. Hopefully she'd put enough supplies in the bags to cure whatever ailed him...

As the crew piled into the mule, they weren't allowed past Tabby without a hug for good luck and a head smooch for some magical Tabby Brand protection. Then, she stepped back to join Rian, arms wrapping around herself once more when they left. Her attention switched to a fuzzy man who she'd apparently mistaken for a dock worker making his way up their ramp, brows raising in curious, cautious delight. Friend?!

"Hi, I'm Riggs, I sent you a wave 'bout the mechanics position," the new friend said, clearly not sure which of them he ought to be addressing. "Well this coulda gone better..." With that, she practically launched herself in Rigg's direction, hands clasped together in front of her, eyes bright and smile glimmering with the full beam of her raw, unadulterated enthusiasm, blonde curls bouncing as she rocked up and down on her toes. "You're very prompt! Our mechanic just left! We seem to be...not very good at keeping them. Do you have any pets? That would be so very lovely if you did. Maybe tucked somewhere in there?" she asked, pointing at his plethora of coats. Unlike the rest of them, she'd clearly not dressed for the snowy occasion, bare feet and a single, massively over-sized pink sweater that seemed more dress than sweatshirt, and the tip of her nose was beginning to turn a rosy pink.

"That depends on how much y'all like ridin' through a snowstorm," Mattie asked, and Tabby set a finger on her lower lip in thought. Maybe she liked it a lot? She hadn't tried it so she wasn't sure if she liked it at all or not, but she was always willing to try new things. And with that mental decision, her smile returned and she beamed warmly in Mattie's direction, silently praising her for such a fun suggestion, as well as having made a new friend! She'd entered with Arlo and they looked absolutely thrilled to be together. Her hands clasped over her heart and she rocked back on her heels with the effort it took to contain her joy.
"Hidy gang. Gotta love the weather at home, dontcha!" Viktor announced as he entered and the doctor turned the full strength of her smile in his direction. He looked much happier than the had in the last weeks, and there was color in his face. Turning, she made her way over to him and stood on tip-toes to place her hands on his cheeks, smushing the together just slightly, inspecting his face and seeming to find everything more than satisfactory. Her hands lowered and she patted his heart happily, thanking it for pumping so thoroughly and bringing life back into their preacher's eyes.

Hearing the presentation begin, Tabitha twirled on her bare heel to face their captain, her hands idly untucking the hem of her over-sized knit sweater, the girl positively drowning in the pink fabric. There was a storm down below, and they'd need to bide their time and wait for it to pass. That sounded reasonable, but it did mean no riding through a snow storm. Tabby offered Mattie and apologetic look, knowing how much she wanted to go out into the blizzard. Once the meeting was over, she'd offer to keep the other woman company so she wouldn't' have to think too hard about not being able to go on that cold adventure down on the planet.

The meeting, however, apparently had no intentions of being over when their guest began speaking sternly and strangely with the Captain. Her brows furrowed lightly and hands rose to tug at some of her blonde curls. Mister Potter was quite sweaty and he looked much paler than he had when he'd arrived. She crept a little closer to the pair, stopping when a deal was made and the man stalked past her to stand in a corner. Baby blue eyes watched him and she chewed hard on her lower lip, wondering if she should get him some water or some medication. He looked quite unwell.

She was still staring in his direction when Barnaby turned to give her her orders. His voice made her flinch and she turned her attention back to the Captain. "Tabs, make sure we got supplies we need on the mule. When the weather clears hopefully we can ourselves stocked up, too. Check the larders and the like. Use Rian if'n you need help."

"I'd love some help!" she said cheerily, turning to look in Rian's direction and raising her brows in question, "Would it be okay if you helped me? You have a better eye than I do for adventure and road trips! I can get the medical supplies, what else do we need?" she asked, hopping up and down in excitement at being able to do something to help prepare her family for this thrilling new opportunity. Her hands lowered to grab one of Rian's, ready to either pull him along or let him pull her!
Location: Med Bay

Tabitha made her way around the improvised medical room (which had once upon a time been an office), a pad of paper in one hand a pencil in the other. She chewed on the edge of the writing implement, looking into the cabinets and drawers she'd pulled open and mentally cataloging what they'd used up during their last two jobs and what she'd need to replace when they landed on St. Albans. Viktor knew some of the folk down there and she was excited to replenish their supplies and support the preacher's friends at the same time. Jotting down 'gauze' at the end of her list, she called it 'done' and slipped the pencil back into the mass of curls tied up at the top of her head. The notebook disappeared into the front pocket of her navy blue frock and she set to closing all the storage back up.

"This is your Captain speaking. We got ourselves a storm down on St. Albans. Ain't irregular but it does necessitate a change of plans. Meet me in the cargo bay quick-like and we'll go over details."

The doctor closed the last drawer and spun on her heel, her hands in her pockets and she skipped out of the infirmary and down the steps to the cargo bay, some of her curls bouncing free of their leather tie to frame her pale face and make her look only slightly more woodsy and wild than she'd looked a moment before. Her bare feet pattered softly against the metal floor, the noise announcing her arrival.

"Bad news?" Rian asked, always prepared as he entered the cargo hold from the opposite direction.

"Good news?" Tabby offered up, brows raised and a smile lighting up her face. Always good to be hopeful in these kinds of situations.

Location: Med Bay

"...I'm not sure exactly how useful I can be...Basic first aid and triage is the most I can be helpful with," Viktor had reminded her on the way there, before moving very helpfully to the sink to get cleaned up. Once her station was cleaned up, the doctor smiled up at the preacher while Rian removed his upper half of clothing. She reached out to take them off the edge of the bed and folded them neatly before placing them into the basket she'd set out for them. "You'll be the perfect assistant!" she assured their man of God, her hand patting down the clothing to make sure it was nice and comfortable in the wicker container. "Just need to get the stap-"

"One...two...THREE!" Rian counted down, followed by a muffled sound of maybe pain? Tabitha turned her head back in his direction and stared wide-eyed at the tape dangling from his free hand. Her lips were parted in surprise and for several long seconds she found herself speechless.

"Okay, hard parts over... right?" he joked.

The doctor's shoulders relaxed and she stared up at him with concerned, furrowed brows. "Rian...solvent..." she reminded him again, looking down at the red creeping across his irritated skin around where the tape had been. With a pained sigh, she reached out to gently grab his arm, guiding him toward the bed in an effort to coax him into sitting and then laying down so she could get to his abdomen easier. A fingertip slid over his inflamed skin and she pouted at the damage he'd done to his own flesh. Turning, she opened a cabinet and rummaged through clattering glass bottles before pulling out a witch hazel based ointment and setting it down next to her other supplies. That should help...

With long nosed tweezers, she dipped a little bundle of folded cotton into an open jar of cleansing solution of her own making, then set to very gently making sure the wound was free of any debris or germs that could sneak into the puncture holes left behind by the staple.  "When I get the staple out, can you put on these strips for me? Right where the staple was?" she asked Viktor, pointing with an elbow toward the little white strips with adhesive backing laying on her tray. As she said this, she pulled her staple extractor (a vintage item from her home planet) and began very carefully freeing the prongs of the staple from his skin. Her gaze was intent, her lower lip trapped between her teeth and a tendril of curly gold hanging over the center of her forehead. She worked gently, but carefully, trying not to hurt Rian but also not wanting to remove it haphazardly and risk a scar or infection due to carelessness. "And then the...dressing there...with the medical tape...could" she added in a mutter, most of her attention on the process.
"That was a damn peach, Tab. Real pretty," her Captain complimented once she'd finished the song, and with a pleased blush, Tabitha sat back down, her hands wrapping around the warm cup of tea she'd set for herself on the table. Either not sensing or not minding the thick air and the unspoken words hanging in between them all, the doctor offered everyone gathered a bright and genuine smile before sipping happily at her drink, continuing to watch the crew over the brim of her cup. She was always happy to have a full crew and seeing most of the seats at the table taken up by one person or another set her at ease. It didn't matter to her that two of their members had seemingly shown up out of nowhere and hadn't been there the day before, because to her they were crew now and that made them family. 

"Sooooooooo...." Barnaby began, followed by Rian's well timed. "Hey guys, I got something I need to -"

Tabby listened to Rian's story about being Carpenter and then Russo and now being Carpenter again. He said he'd killed and stolen and did 'jobs', which really to Tabby was a little vague. What kind of jobs? Carpentry? Oh, he did mine work? Was he a miner, then? Were they mining jobs? She set the teacup back down and splayed her hands out on the table's surface, looking between Rian, her hands, and the rest of the crew at the table.

"I'm sorry..." Rian finished and Taby's attention returned to his face. Standing up, the backs of her knees pushing her chair away from her, the doctor began walking away from the table. She stopped in front of the little pantry cabinet and opened it up, taking out one of the quilted monstrosities she'd let Abe's goons borrow once upon a time and returned to the table. With a smile, she began settling the blanked across Rian's shoulders before pointing at his tea as though to remind him that it was there to help warm him up. With that, she returned to her seat and fidgeted around until she was able to sit cross-legged atop its surface.

"Everybody, let's tell something we all don't know about each other. I'll go first," Barn proposed, seeming like he was trying to catch up to a train of thought, one that wasn't his, before it went off the rails. But he was gaining ground rather quickly.

"...Tabby, you remember Tricky, right? He was a piece of work, wad'n'e?" he asked. Tabitha tilted her head to the side and blinked innocently. She did remember Tricky, but she'd seen him as a sweet member of their innocent crew and hadn't noticed or understood the many attempts he'd made to get her into a bed with him. Misinterpreting his meaning on every occasion, she'd assumed that he thought his bed wasn't comfortable enough and had endeavored to make him more blankets and decorate it to an excruciating extent. This might have explained the bundle of handmade blankets in their linen closet.

"Tabby. I don't think I realized 'till just now you were my first real hire. Huh." At this, Tabitha did smile. She could remember the first time they'd met when he'd been on her home planet. The apples, the nice mechanic and his secret room, the tough lady Trick had been dating, and Barnaby asking her to pretend to be crew while his friends attended to a shipment that he'd brought them. It was the first time she'd ever used a scan gun and it had been thrilling! From there, she stood again, moving to the kitchen and opening the cabinets to fetch everyone some of her reserve of tea cookies. It seemed like they might be needing them today. As Barnaby finished his story about the lovely Gerry and the sweet Tricky, she put the cookies in the center of the table and nabbed one for herself, nibbling on it thoughtfully.

"Who's next?"

Mmm! Tabitha raised her hand and lowered the cookie. She looked pensive, thinking on what she could tell them but wanting to participate so Rian didn't feel so exposed. She could tell them about that time she tried to get apples out of a tree and fell straight through Farmer Johnson's roof. Or perhaps they'd be interested to hear the time she'd been learning medicine and had tried to cure someone's upset stomach and had instead managed to give them food poisoning. She was still pretty surprised about that one. Finally, she figured out what she'd need to tell them.

"I don't have good dreams anymore," she told them, nodding a little and pressing the cookie against her lower lip as she pondered how to say what she wanted to say. "When I close my eyes, I see Mama and Papa Goodweather, and the Hattington boy, and Jeremy Ruthers, and Ezekiel Masters," she began listing, looking around the table and smiling a little, although it was an uncertain smile. "I'm the reason they died, you see. I wasn't good enough at what I was doing and they didn't get better." She told them, her tone matter of fact. Nodding once, she took another bite of her cookie and sat down, body still as a statue as she waiting for the next person to go.
Location: Near the Bunks

"I know a nice farm family there, Rian. I can introduce you and we can see if they have anything good they can spare."

"That's perfect. Closer to the source we can get, better prices better supplies."

Tabby's face lit up as she heard them discussing plans together, her eyes bright and the smile on her pale pink lips shining at a thousand watts. Coming together, thriving, working for a common goal and sharing experiences. She couldn't have been more thrilled with the interaction. Her hand tightened around Rian's for a moment, a silent gesture of pleased excitement.

"Why don't you and Tab' go check on... I dunno something or other."

"Oh yeah of course... I'll uhh-"

Her head tilted to the side and Tabby turned a bit to watch Barnaby as he led their new mechanic away, her lips puckering into a thoughtful pout. Golden brows furrowed ever so slightly, before she glanced up at Rian out of the corner of her eye. They seemed tense, and while logically she could understand why, spiritually and emotionally she didn't understand the distance she could see wedged between them. A little disgruntled sound echoed in her throat, the barest gurgle of disapproval.

"You want to help me get that staple out, doc? I'd try but I think I'd somehow end up more injured," Rian asked, and she turned her chin to look up at him fully now, her smile returning. Slipping free of his hand (despite being the one holding it in the first place), she rounded the corner into the bunk room and scurried to Viktor's bed, her hands held out to him for him to take. "Come with us?" she asked, head tilted to the other side and brows raised in hopeful question. When he'd put down the cards, she took his hands and helped drag/pull him from the bed and out of the bunk room where Rian stood waiting in the corridor. "We're going to do medicine," she explained cheerily, releasing one of Viktor's hands to grab Rian's again and begin leading them both merrily toward the Med Bay.

Location: Med Bay

Once they'd entered, she released their hands and glided across the room to the medical table, hands slipping over the tool tray and moving the light out of the way so Rian could sit down comfortably. She set down a little patchwork pillow for his head and got to pulling tools and vials from cabinets. She also set down a little wicker basket she'd gotten at a market once upon a time for him to place his shirt into.
Tabitha turned away from the view port when her Captain started talking, her light eyes looking curiously between their newcomers and her crew members. She'd been a little melancholy for the last couple of days, her singing quieted and her attention elsewhere. She seemed like a deer in the pasture watching everyone with curious caution. With the loss of Riot and Bandit, she felt a little like she'd been hit by a wave and was struggling to get out from underneath it, the undertow keeping her below the surface. The arrival of new faces, however, had lessened the pressure and she felt herself peek out from beneath the water.

As Rian and Barnady led them away, Tabby followed in their wake, her hands clasped behind her back. Her largely oversized pink knit sweater hung loosely off one of her shoulders, its hem tucked into a high waisted black fluttering skirt that ended mid ankle, where bare feet peeked out. She listened to the Captain's introduction speech, feeling his energy push new air into her lungs. When they dropped off the passenger at his room, Taby waved warmly at the man who looked blankly back at her in response before shutting his door.

Not bothered in the slightest, she hurried to catch up with Rian, Barnaby, and their newest addition Chris, her movements silent as a whisper on the approach. When she'd rejoined them, Rian had just finished his explanation of their current pantry replenishment plans. Her hand slipped into his and she smiled warmly up at him in greeting. As she had told him in the med bay when she'd been struggling to keep him contained, Rian was Rian. Past, present, future. Next, she offered her Captain a smile and a raised brow, making a note to replenish the supplements she'd forced upon him. Then, her attention moved to Chris. "Engine might be covered in tape," she mused softly, smiling like the sun as she remembered the fix she and Viktor had done and forgot the actual fix Riot had come in with later.
"Our lovely Tabby can make friends anywhere she goes. It's a delightful trait of hers. My name is Viktor. It's wonderful to have new faces aboard."

"Preach, that there is one of the finest shots I've been lucky enough to have decide not to shoot me: Mattie."

"Ain't that the gorram truth."

With cheeks pink and smile bright, Tabitha floated around the other members of her crew to enter the kitchen and begin boiling the water for tea. She listened to the conversation in the room, apparently not having been upset by Mattie tugging her hand away. While Tabby was loose on personal space, she was big on boundaries. Once she knew what they were for a particular person. The kettle began to sing, and she turned the heat down, fetching the teas she knew her Family liked, along with their add-ons.

"Two sugars, Tab. Yeah like always," Barnaby asked and she beamed in his direction, a tendril of golden white curls resting over her forehead and the bridge of her nose. She didn't see to mind or notice. Once everyone had settled, the doctor brought the tray of teacups, all different sizes and themes and states of ware, to the table, putting a cup in front of each of them. Mattie's, since she didn't know how she took her tea, came with a small bowl of sugar cubes, a ball of hardened honey, a small container of cream and a dropper of 'lemon'. She wanted her to have options. As she moved around, she noticed she had one cup left on her tray and her eyes looked around for the fancy gentleman that it belonged to.

Ah, there he was. With a smile, she set the cup on the table at an open seat and moved to the entryway to set her hand in his, the other holding her tray against her hip. "We missed you," she told him, her smile genuine and warm. "Come in out of the cold," she continued, tugging him in toward the table and the crew.

"Raise a glass, if you don't mind. To all of us and all of you and maybe one for me too! Cheers!" their Captain said, and Tabby sat, her hands coiling around her own teacup as she lifted it in turn. Once the toast was over, she took a tender sip, careful not to burn her tongue.

"Ya'll know what goes good with tea? ... Singin'. Tabby, do us the pleasure wouldja?"

"Yeah! Raise our spirits in the timeless art of song, good doctor," Rian added.

The teacup returned to the table and the doctor cleared her throat as she stood, a hand lifting to smooth back the curls with varying levels of success. She didn't ask what their next plan was, where they were headed, what exactly had happened, or whether they should worry about that suave fellow coming back to haunt them. That wasn't her way. She looked around at the table and began her singing, tips of her fingers settled against the edge of the table.

We circle around, we circle around
The boundaries of the earth

We circle around, we circle around
The boundaries of the Earth

Wearing our long wing feathers as we fly
Wearing our long wing feathers as we fly

We circle around, we circle around
The boundaries of the sky


During the final stretch of work down on the planet, Tabby had been buzzing around like a honey bee trying to give Rian and their Captain some medication and water, but she could only do so much and had ended up standing nearby wringing her hands and looking like she was about to have a heart attack on her own. It took some finagling but she managed to drag Mona back into the med bay for a few minutes during it all just to do a quick once-over and to put some medicated salve on her wrists to fix up any chafing from the cuffs she'd had on for quite some time. But then again, the warrior woman had left to help get those damnable dogs off their boat. All in all, she wasn't sure her little heart could take much more today.


Now that they were back out in the calm of the black and the ship seemed to have slipped into a relaxed routine around them, Tabitha put the final touches on tidying up her med bay and slipped a couple pills wrapped in wax-paper into the pocket of her vest. Her hair was a frizzled, curling mess which she didn't bother pulling into place with a pencil. She didn't even know where her pencil had gone off to. With a slow inhale and equally slow exhale, Tabby exited the infirmary and walked through the halls of the ship, one hand on the right wall as she let the contours of the ship's interior lead her all over the place. She hummed, as she walked, the sound transitioning into a made-up song with nonsense and gibberish intermingled with a short summary of the day. "Walkin' through the ship~ Can't find my pencil~ Maybe it's out in space~ Everybody's home~ I think there's something in my shoe~ Oh there's a person~" she sang softly, stopping upon reaching Mattie's spot in the cargo bay.

"Do you mind terribly if I decorate your bunk?" she asked the other woman with a bright and curious smile, her voice soft and cheery. Reaching out, the doctor slipped her hand into Mattie's, wiggling her fingers around until she was able to get her grasp around the other person's palm. "Do you have any food allergies?" she asked, gently tugging the woman in the direction of the galley. "I prefer people to call be Tabby, do you have a nickname?" Tabs continued, walking purposefully with half a skip in her step. "Someone called me 'Bitha once and I don't think I liked it, but if you like it, I can probably learn to like it..."

"Cake's not ready yet! I see anybody try and stick their mitts in the batter, I'm gonna smack you before Tabby can lecture you about uncooked eggs!" Rian's voice rang out from up ahead.

"It's true," she told her captive, "They're not great for you when they're raw, but better than one would suppose. I once learned how to ferment the yolk in salt and spices. Oh, did he say batter?" she asked Mattie, moving with her into the light of the galley and smiling, "Are we having cake? Oh! I promised you tea!" she exclaimed upon seeing Viktor, her eyes bright and her hand still comfortably clamped around Mattie's palm. "I'll make a cup for everyone, that's..." she counted thoughtfully, "One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and a half?"
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep3 - A Tale of Darling-Do
February 07, 2020, 01:42:51 pm
Location: Inside The Darling

As Rian disappeared from the ship's hatch and slid down the line, Tabitha reached out to set her hand on Arlo's upper arm as they both ended up peering out at the train rushing along below them. Her lips parted and breath caught in her throat as the Feds along the roof moved to meet the security chef as he descended onto the top of the train. She could see them assisting him off the line and getting him into the train, where he disappeared from view as they all moved into the popped hatch like a swarm of ants returning to their hill.

"Oh," the doctor murmured, looking first up at Arlo and then at Viktor, brows raised as though they might have had answers to the questions in her gaze. "You don't suppose this is a bad thing, do you? Surely the Federal Agents will see that our crew are the good guys...right?" she asked timidly.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep3 - A Tale of Darling-Do
January 30, 2020, 09:46:35 am
Location: Inside The Darling

"Rian! Tabby! I'm dying, Tabby!" Every hair on her body stood up at the roots, her heart clenching and her stomach churning. Tabitha reached out to grasp the edge of the doorway, not sure what to do. She didn't know how to get down there to him, but she also wasn't sure if this was part of his plan or not. It didn't feel planned... As she tried to work through it, she saw Rian freeing himself from his seat, her body pulling her forward in the beginnings of an attempt to stop him. "Rian..." He took her hand.

"Barnie's in trouble. Please... I gotta help him help Mona, please help me help him help Mona? You can tranquilize me if you want but I'm going to try and operate some of your medical equipment, and I don't really know what I'm doing," he pleaded, before rushing past her. A little whimper of uncertainty slipped past her lips and she looked down at Riot, who seemed strained and stressed but nodded to indicate that she and the ship's piloting system had it under control for now. Patting the pilot's arm, she smiled in an attempt to comfort her before the doctor turned and hurried after their chef, her slightly heeled boots clicking hurriedly against the metal grating. By the time she caught up to him, he'd just stapled himself together and she winced in sympathetic pain.

"I can't let anything else happen...She's down there 'cos of me. So's Barnie and Mattie... I gotta go."

Tabitha took a deep breath before entering the med-bay and reaching out to carefully take the staple gun away from him, setting it softly on the table he'd smashed his fist into. She glanced up at him, her lips puckered and mushed to one side of her mouth before she moved around him to a drawer. Soft hands opened cabinets, retrieved medications, pulled open drawers, and unearthed supplies. Again, she turned to look at him, her expression empathetic and thoughtful. Still silent, the doctor set the supplies on the table and ripped the tape and gauze the rest of the way off his skin. Once it was free, she set to cleaning the agitated wound, replacing the gauze, and wrapping him tightly and securely. "It's not your fault, Rian," she murmured finally, glancing up at him again as she worked, blue eyes bright and glimmering with worry. She sighed again, stepping back to inspect her work. Seemingly satisfied, she picked up the two pill bottles she'd set on the tray, one capped in red, one capped in green. "Red is for you, two tablets. Should numb the pain a little and provide an energy boost. It's not anything fancy but it should help... Green is for Barnaby, it'll help him with anxiety and should calm his heart..." she told him, holding each up as she talked about it before setting them in his hand. " careful? Doctor's orders. Everyone needs to come home, so no sacrifices, okay?" she asked him, staring up into his face unyielding.
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December 05, 2019, 07:06:20 pm
Location: Bridge

"Seriously though, things go south down there, we're taking this ship right back to the Baron's little fiefdom and we're gonna have words... And bullets..."

Tabby stood in the doorway of the bridge with her eyes glued to her charge. She braced herself against the threshold as the ship rattled and rumbled beneath her feet, but she knew that her duty to her patient was far more important to her than her comfort. "Not until you're healed up," she told him as firmly as the blonde wisp could manage, although she didn't quite say 'no' to the whole idea entirely. She'd piled her curls in a messy bun atop her head and held it in place with a pencil, a shoulder bag filled with some 'just in case' tools for if Rian decided to get rowdy and needed some extra patching up was slung across her chest and she'd tied her long skirt in a knot on one side of her thighs to keep it out of her way if she needed to move quickly.

"You're both doing so well," she encouraged, taking her hand off the metal long enough to give them both a motivational raising of her fist before she stumbled and slammed the hand back into place to keep upright, a half-worried little giggle slipping past her lips. "Viktor is doing well. The Captain is doing well. Everything is going so well!" she exclaimed, laughing nervously and trying to remind herself to breathe.
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November 04, 2019, 04:22:53 pm
Medical Records


Ship Specific (If going by an assumed name):
The Darling Crew / Re: Tabitha Haemish
November 04, 2019, 04:22:42 pm

Basic Medical Kit.
Tons of New Age tools.
Prayer Flags/Maps.
Crystals/Crystal Balls/Cloth Tablecloths.
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