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Ronin IC / S2E11 - Breaking Broken Spike
October 10, 2019, 12:38:41 pm
Having got a ship fueled up and gathered a new crew, Ronin was setting off to traverse the Black toward a link in the chain of chasing Nikola Kang. With few seemingly regular crew members on board, the ship had a mostly new crew and many with a reputation of some kind.
Asides / A familiar mechanic ...?
August 03, 2019, 05:35:46 am
Lin disappeared into the thriving throng of people bustling throughout the docking ring before he found one of the lifts and headed down another merchant level in search of something.
Ronin OOC / Lin's Map of the Stars
July 27, 2019, 02:24:35 am
Just hosting this here for reference when writing current and future plots:

5 Systems W/Orbits of Planets, Moons, Asteroids and Protostars

What follows is a breakdown of each System (White Sun, Red Sun, Georgia, Kalidasa, and Blue Sun) with the Orbits of original material:

Planets in Steelblue
Moons in Skyblue
Protostars in Aqua 

Additional material from Arc of the Verse (v2.0) is included regarding orbital bodies. Per this document, the White Sun System considers its outer planets to be among the Border planets.

Previously Unnamed & Terraformed
Planets in Yellow
Moons in Gold

Previously Unnamed Non-terrformed
Planets in Lime
Moons in Lightgreen
Asteroid Belts in Orange
Protostars/Brown Dwarfs are in Tan

Skyplexes and Orbital Stations in Magenta

While asteroid belts are named, the individually named asteroids or mining colonies are not listed.



Here is the Orbit of the White Sun planets followed by their respective moons:

Core Planets

1st - Bernadette, Nautilus, Spinrad
2nd - Londinium, Colchester, Balkerne
3rd - Sihnon, Airen, Xiaojie, Xiansheng, Yunnan
4th - Liann Jiun, Tiantan, Fu
5th - Gonghe, Xing Yun
6th - Rubicon
7th - Osiris, Epeuva, Tannhauser

Border Planets
8th - Qin Shi Huang (Protostar)
a - Santo, Tethys, New Luxor
9th - Valentine, Selene, Theophrastus
10th - Bellerphon, Parth, Tyrins, Xanthus
11th - Ariel, Ariopolis, Shiva, Poseidon
12th - Albion, Avalon
13th - Lux (Protostar)
a - Persephone, Hades (mining outpost - Terra forming on hold), Renao, Tyron Station
b - Pelorum, Kaleidoscope
14th - Dukkja (mining world), Samudaya, Nirodha, Magga
15th - Ra Amiran, Namira
Halo Asteroid Belt

Border Planets (cont'd)

Here is the Orbit of the Georgia planets followed by their respective moons:

1st - Ezra, Herschel, Niska's Skyplex
2nd - Regina, Alexandria, Woodfin Station
3rd - Boros, Ares, Turrent's Moon
4th - Kerry, Madcap
5th - Ithaca, Priam (could also be a double planet rather than a planet and moon)
6th - Prophet (It and its moons are being Terraformed), Perdido, Dunny
7th - Elphame (Gas Giant), Summerhome, Fiddler's Green, Ithendra, Sweethome, New Vienna
8th - Di Yu, Yama
9th - Athens, Ahnooie, Argabuthon, Ormuzd, Whitefall
10th - Daedalus (Gas Giant), Arvad's Helm, Notterdam,Rea, Box, Illyria, Shenandoah, Dakhla, Sault
11th - Newhope, The Commons, Splendor, Godforsaken
12th - Three Hills, New Lafayette, Conrad, Bob
13th - Meadow, Salyut, Mir
14th - Murphy (Protostar)
a - Hera, Bullet, Eris, Romer's Bazaar
b - Aphrodite, Sturges, Hill, Thornley, Anton
c - Shadow, Branson's Mark, Ossolambria, Summerfair

Here is the Orbit of the Red Sun planets followed by their respective moons:

1st - Jiangyin, Tongyi, Dangun, Rhilidore
2nd - New Melbourne, Maria, Destiny
Motherlode Asteroid Belt
3rd - Greenleaf, Dyton, Agyar, Bryson's Rock, Greenleaf Skyplex
4th - Harvest, Higgin's Moon, Farraday
5th - St. Albans, Pi Gu
6th - Anson's World, Spider, Varley, Steele
7th - Jubilee (being Terraformed), Covenant (Being Terraformed)
8th - Himinbjorg (Protostar/Brown Dwarf)
a - Aesir, Bestla, Bott, Odin
b - Moab, Red Rock, Mesa
c - Brisingamen, Freya, Alberich, Beowulf
d - Anvil, Hammer

9th - Heinlein (Protostar)
a - Paquin, Shinbone, Clawthorn, Port Chester
b - Triumph, Mycroft
c - Lazarus, Dora
d - Silverhold, Beggar's Tin

Rim Planets

Here is the Orbit of the Kalidasa planets followed by their respective moons:

1st - Sho-Je Downs, Miyazaki, Kuan Lo
2nd - Verbena, Lassek, Barriment, Baroness Skyplex (remains of)
3rd - Constance, Barrowclough, Disraeli
4th - Glacier, Denali
5th - Vishnu, Ganesha, Rama
6th - Heaven (Gas Giant), Urvasi, Menaka, Rambha, Tilottama
7th - Angel, Lincoln, Jasper, Jackson, Zephyr
8th - Delphi, Clio, Thalia, Calliope, Jeremiah's Post (transmission station)
9th - New Kasmir, Skardu
10th - Whittier, Ita
11th - Pengali (Protostar)
a - Beylix, Charity, Cinote, St. Lucius
b - Newhall, Severance, Darcke, Mohenrichia
c - Oberon, Puck, Quince, Bottom
d - Six Sigma (Asteroid Swarm), Lear
12th - Ghost, Inferno, Xibalia
13th - Aberdeen, Vesta
14th - Zeus (Gas Giant), Isabel, Sophie, Victoria, Delynn, Gayle, Betty
15th - Beaumonde, Hastur, Geneva
16th - Djinn's Bane, Illat, Hilal, Hubal, Sin, Ta'lab, Wadd
17th - Salisbury, Lennox

Here is the Orbit of the Blue Sun planets followed by their respective moons:

1st - Meridian, Burnet
2nd - New Canaan, Lilac, Ugarit
3rd - Muir, Arminius, Shepherd's Mission
4th - Fury (Gas Giant), Coldstone, Blackwood, Nipmuc, Iscariot, Seventh Circle, Genae, Katarina, Sakura
Uroborus Asteroid Belt
5th - Highgate, Perth, Stonewall
6th - Dragon's Egg (Gas Giant), Yudhishtira, Birma, Nakula, Sahadeva, Glynis
7th - Deadwood, Haven, New Omaha
8th - Shenzhou, Tiangong
9th - Burnham (Protostar)
a - Miranda, Caliban

The Brass Ferret IC / Needle Down Among Needles
October 14, 2018, 08:13:05 am
The Brass Ferret had linked up with another ship, been refueled and returned to the docks on Beylix. David had been made the butt of jokes and Zeke Tapoa had written him the riot act. It had not been a fun time. This was made worse when two of his crew departed the ship for different reasons but it was still a loss of crew. There was still work to be done.

In an effort to get things repaired, Tapoa had given them the scheduled time off plus a day because of the rescue despite the fuel situation. There would be another job in a couple of days and, since the ship was grounded for the repairs, they were not expected to sleep on board if they did not want.

The next morning a couple of crew men started banging on the ventral access ports as the sun was rising. They had arrived to start work early on what was projected to be a twelve hour job. Without much fanfare, if no one arrived to let them enter within a minute, one of them entered the Fractured Field override code and ramp to lower. "FF repair crew! Coming aboard!"

The Allure IC / S1E0 - Preparations To Launch
June 19, 2018, 03:32:17 pm
It had been an unexpected call from the Companion's Guild for Elena. It was insisted she meet at Avalon Harbor for a matter of importance. The harbor was a port outside of the city center and used more for personal craft than anything. So it was a bit unusual to see a mostly clear dock, a large ship and two individuals, one who was familiar to her, awaiting her arrival.

The woman waiting for her was Charlotte Bruce, a prominent member of the Companion Guild hierarchy. She was dressed in a simple and elegant white dress adorned in a simple crimson sash with a brooch denoting her importance in the Guild. Her reputation for her appearance was certainly upheld.

Accompanying her was an impeccably dressed man in what Earth-That-Was would refer to as a tuxedo. As Elena arrived, he briefly rubbed his hands together and then clasped them behind his back. Both their manners could easily be described as patient but desirable to conclude the meeting.

"Miss Marseille, my name is Richard Court of The House. Pleased to make your acquaintance." He stepped forward to gently ask for her hand and then kissed the back of it. "I believe you know, Miss Bruce."

"Elena and I are aware of each other. Pleased to meet you in person." Charlotte gave the female Companion a warm smile and a brief hug. Charlotte turned and gestured to the ship before returning her eyes to Elena. "There has been some discussions between our two organizations and, combined with some investors, we have elected to send a ship from the Core to circle through the five systems. It will be starting here in Londinium and proceed out to the Rim before returning. The task will involve in creating and growing new business. Dong ma?"

"To this end, we have acquired an Exeter class vessel and had it fitted to our standards. The House will require games of chance be run on regular intervals at stops along the journey. The Companion Guild will require services to be rendered during this time." He produced a device and triggered the cargo bay doors to open. Gesturing toward the ship, he let the two Companions walk in front of him as he continued speaking and followed them on board.

"There are four levels to this ship we have named The Allure. The aft cargo bay area is fitted with storage for gambling tables but this main cargo area can carry any regular cargo as needed. The next deck up is primarily for passengers per the original plans but, given our intention, it is expected half the berths will be for crew. The top deck contains a shuttle for use as needed and the main deck is for most of the crew including your cabin."

Keying off of Elena's look, Charlotte quickly spoke up. "The Guild has requested you take the role of Captain for The Allure along with your other duties. All beds, linens and equipment are new. The kitchen is top of the line with intention a chef equal to using it is hired. The lounge areas are done in oak and leather. There is even an onboard garden for fresh vegetables. Additional food supplies can be stored in the main deck cargo hold."

Richard Court had been patiently standing behind both women as Charlotte had expanded on more of how the ship was fixed up to be more luxury in its interior. He calmly pulled out an envelope with some papers in it along with the device he had used to open the cargo bay door. Holding them behind his back, he watched Elena and waited for a brief moment. "You would be fully in charge and responsible for anything that happens on board."

A smile came across Charlotte's face. "Please tell me your silence is because you are stunned at the situation and not because you have no interest. Elena, would you like the honor of being the Captain of The Allure?"

The Allure OOC / The Allure OOC Discussions
June 14, 2018, 09:27:24 am
Hey all,

This will be the place to discuss things on the ship (which may be more permanent in being seen since Discord can fly by and suddenly you have a couple of hundred messages).
The Allure OOC / Floorplan & Sleeping Quarters
June 14, 2018, 09:24:33 am
The Crew complements consists of twelve positions other than the Captain. Others may be added to this if necessary. As such, The Allure uses the Starboard side of the Passenger Deck as Crew space.

Captain's Room: Elena Marseille
Starboard Forward Single: Dr. Brenna Casey
Starboard Aft Bunks: Damien Riggs, ?? (Steward/Cook's Asst.)
Port Forward Bunks: Karyn Wychovski, Jesse Welker
Port Aft Bunks: Dash Winters, Maxell Graves

PASSENGER DECK: Crew on Starboard (right) side, Passengers on Port (left) side
Starboard Forward Single: Benjamin Street (XO)
Starboard Mid-Ship Bunks: Jesse Welker, ??
Starboard Aft Bunks: ??, ??
Starboard Forward Double: Honor Saxton (of The House)
Starboard Aft Double: (reserved for Companion use only)

Port Forward Single: ?? (Passenger Use)
Port Mid-Ship Bunks: ??, ?? (Passenger Use)
Port Aft Bunks: ??, ?? (Passenger Use)
Port Forward Double: ?? (Passenger Use, if unoccupied may be used by Companions)
Port Aft Double: ?? (Passenger Use, if unoccupied may be used by Companions)

Crew left assign bunks: a second member of The House and a Gunhand
June 14, 2018, 09:01:37 am
Herein lies the Crew Manifest of the luxury ship known as The Allure:

Captain/Companion: Elena Marseille (Lomari)
Pilot (1-2): Karyn Wychovski (MacTrom), Benjamin Street (XO)(Axe)
Mechanic/Engineer: Nathaniel Kurigawa (Black Betty)
Electronics/Comp Tech: Jesse Welker (Helena)
Doctor: Brenna Casey (Trina)
Cook: Damien Riggs (Rolemancer)
Companion: OPEN
Gambler/Member of the House (1-2): Honor Saxton (Abbey), OPEN
Gunhand (1-2): Maxell Graves (Rune), (Spacecowboy)
General hand/Steward/Cook's Assistant:  OPEN

Ronin IC / S2E8 - To Catch A Glory
June 03, 2018, 09:47:40 am
With the cargo bay doors shut and Ronin leaving the Greenleaf Skyplex headed toward Shadow, Lin turned to those in the cargo bay area. "Everyone new get your bags up to the main deck and then meet in Ops in five minutes. Vega, I'll need you to give them a quick tour. The usual stuff: engine room, galley, med bar, maybe the armory .. we'll need to find bunks for everyone."

Lin jogged up the stairway to the main deck then swiftly made his way forward toward his cabin. Passing by the stairwell to the galley, he could hear footsteps which sounded like Velocity's footfalls. Maybe she had come back on board while he was at the Thirsty Camel. A few steps forward more and he saw Alyssa in the med bay. "I thought you were getting off the ship. Or was it just to help your friend find a better facility for treatment?"
The Allure OOC / The Allure
May 11, 2018, 05:50:33 am
Hey all,

So the new ship is an Exeter named The Allure!   

The Exeter is a three deck ship with the main deck, a passenger in the middle (complete with almost all amenities) and a cargo deck. There is a quarter deck which is basically a shuttle bay on the top of the ship. You can see the floorplans here:

The ship has passenger cabins (singles & doubles), a med bay, lots of cargo space, lounge, sizable engine room and will need a number of crew to function. This all means a variety of plots and storylines could happen. I have a couple of different of ideas of what to do.

The ship is owned by investors including the Companion Guild and The House with all taking a fair share of the profits and may require certain personnel or jobs done. The House, as in the Archives by Abbey. exist as a Guild similar to Companions but for professional gamblers and are officially licensed per the Alliance to run games and/or hold gambling events. They are rated on the metrics of Honesty and Reliability. The House also allows them to blackball gamblers or other similar professionals or clients just like Companions do.

I'll start generating ideas for setup, jobs, jumping off point, etc

The characters, at least initially, will have more of a Core influence. As time goes on, this could certainly change but, given the Investor group, it makes the most sense. So this is certainly an opportunity for the crew to get a growing wakeup call as they pass out of the White Sun system where all the Core worlds are and solidly into the Border and Rim planets. In fact, I may plan out an initial route the ship is expected to take. So this arc would certainly not be on the level of action of say Ronin.

I moved the crew list further down in the thread


Ronin IC / S2E7 - Greenleaf Stopover
May 06, 2018, 05:59:14 am
Ronin having lifted off of Greenleaf made its way to the Skyplex hovering about the planet. The goal in general for ship was to get a little recuperation in for a day and perhaps pickup a little information along the way.

The Brass Ferret IC / Short Leave On Return
April 23, 2018, 03:27:12 pm
The Brass Ferret maneuvered around a moon or two as it drew in on its approach to enter Beylix's atmo, not that anyone would necessarily stop them. There were returning from a registered job. A ship named Babylon, a Humpback Class mid-bulk freighter, had disappeared somewhere between Persephone and Verbena roughly three weeks ago. The transponder codes had been given to track her down, determine what had happened, repair if possible and salvage anything if it was unable to be flown.

The ship's records had shown the Captain as Victor Garrison and he had been headed to a new outpost or colony named Copper Ranch that was an out of the way location on Verbena. The Babylon had been found floating with no power when the Brass Ferret reached her. After breaching the hull, the crew quickly ascertained an electrical shortage had shut down the battery, avionics and oxygen supply. Counting crew, there were sixteen dead on board.

The salvage operation became elementary at that point. Other than some personal effects which were most likely of no value, the cargo area yielded some rewards. There were two pallets of work clothing which looked like they were meant for farmers of fishermen. Another pallet of unmarked Alliance military standard uniforms with equipment harnesses and a third pallet with what looked to biogenetically prepared wheat, rye, barley, and oats. In a corner of the cargo bay sat four large cylinder clear topped drums. A quick look showed lots of dead fish inside. The oxygen modules for the units had been wired into the ship's electrical system. The inside of the cylinders had started to grow something despite being sealed. However, in the Captain Garrison's quarters, there was a small safe and a rectangular box which might be valuable. All of the gain was sitting in the cargo area secured so it did not move around.

The Brass Ferret broke toward New Hope Port. Once within view, Fracture Field Industries was easy enough to spot. There were half a dozen landing pads for salvage ships in its employ with crews waiting to help offload whatever was gleaned from their operations. Depending on the size of the ship, sometimes things had to be carted off by hand or an actual forklift could make it into the cargo bay.

Off to one side was the remains of an old Firefly which had broken up when crashed into the dirt. The neck, where the cockpit had been located, was missing and the remains of the engine had part of a debris field which had already been picked over. Zeke Tapoa, owner of Fractured Field, had the remains (primarily the cargo bay) turned into a company owned bar named The Jolly Dog for his employees. Several tables were situated outside but there were tables inside as well. It was a common place for crews to unwind before having to head back out. Just because it was a company bar did not mean it was free but the drinks were very inexpensive for employees.

Sitting in the communications seat, Anwal Coric, resident electronics specialist and the medic for the crew, was explaining himself. A man of average height, rough complexion and an easy, reliable smile, he was trying to make it clear why he was leaving the Ferret behind. "Captain Dave, I tell you some truth. Mr. Tapoa promised me a better opportunity if do this one last job. I will be working bigger ship and not fighting for shower. No more messy injuries just electronics work. There is a Leviathan class leaving in two days and I will be on it." Saying a Leviathan was a bigger ship was like saying the Alliance wanted order in the 'Verse: an understatement.

The Brass Ferret OOC / History of the Brass Ferret
April 23, 2018, 01:39:51 pm
History of The Brass Ferret

The Brass Ferret is a ship with a history. It was used by Alliance crews during the War to chase down and forcefully board ship by latching on then burning a hole into the hull. After the War, it bounced around before landing in Beylix at a salvage yard named Rusty Bucket Salvage.

Within a few years, it started working for a man named Zeke Tapoa of Fracture Field Industries located in New Hope Port (where the hope is already gone) on Beylix. It is rumored Zeke Tapoa also owns Vintage Treasures Antiques where he is rumored to fence some of the things his ship finds when out on jobs. Or he sells on the black market such as it is on the Rim.

The Brass Ferret OOC / The Brass Ferret
April 21, 2018, 01:24:27 pm
Ship Name: The Brass Ferret

Ship Design:
This is a small ship which can be run with as few as 2 people (pilot, engineer). Beds can be made into bunkbeds if necessary to accomodate a total of 6 crew. Note the breaching bore on the lower deck for cutting through a ship's hull. There is also a magnetic grapple gun to help facilitate the process. It can travel as fast as a Firefly but with a quarter of the weight.

Most, if not all, crew should be able to walk in the Black.

Your Characters Role on Board NPC only, Narrating

Style of Ship: Salvage ship, currently owned by a NPC who hires crew to do jobs and could eventually involve buying it from said NPC

Role play style: Gritty with some action, roleplay, and the rest mixed in

Style of Narration: Full time Narrator


Narrator: Desertpuma
Pilot/Captain: PR/David Maverick
Engineer/XO: Scoro/Reese Foster
Engineer: Trina/Carrie Bowman
Pilot: Scout/Briar Williams

History of The Brass Ferret

The Brass Ferret is a ship with a history. It was used by Alliance crews during the War to chase down and forcefully board ship by latching on then burning a hole into the hull. After the War, it bounced around before landing in Beylix at a salvage yard named Rusty Bucket Salvage.

Within a few years, it started working for a man named Zeke Tapoa of Fracture Field Industries located in New Hope Port (where the hope is already gone) on Beylix. It is rumored Zeke Tapoa also owns Vintage Treasures Antiques where he is rumored to fence some of the things his ship finds when out on jobs. Or he sells on the black market such as it is on the Rim.

Artist's Corner / Site, Story and Ship Videos
October 15, 2017, 08:44:54 am
I found several of our Site, Story and Ship videos across youtube ... I thought I would place them here

Finding Serenity video:
(back then I was using Jet Li for Lin Kuei)

Another Finding Serenity video:

Big Damn Story - New Year's Nightmare (A 4 ship crossover event):
(I had 3 characters each one on a different ship during this)


Mei Ren Wu (aka The Belle Witch):

Wan Nao 1 (aka Mischievous Scoundrel):

Wan Nao 2 (aka Mischievous Scoundrel):
(where Ally and Jared met before Avalon)


Horizon 2:



Gemini (Season 1):

Gemini (Season 2):

Gemini (Season 3):

Glory (Season 2):
(Gizmo that crazy monkey)

Glory (Season 3):


Mei Li:

Vixen: -- just a note, the song was removed due to it being a copyright violation

Vixen (The Love Boat Theme version):

Vixen (Diary version):


Ronin (2017):

Character Videos -- many of these were done by Purpleriver or Rain

Ally Anders/Pilot:

Cyril Leland Wade:

Lin Kuei (Forged By Conflict):


Wolfwood Hart:


Billy Odenkirk:

Rion McGuff:

Faye Harvey:

Jaelle Petrulengo:

Jaylen Wright:

Judas Arthur VonZimmer:

Artist's Corner / Banners
October 15, 2017, 06:51:09 am
Below you will see a long list of Banners made a while ago. The website links needs to be updated.

Ronin OOC / Ronin's Banner and Patch
October 15, 2017, 06:40:30 am
I thought I would post these for Ronin and its crew ... I think Tojoyama did these long ago. The website link needs to be changed on the banner though.

First Link / Crusaders Citadel
February 09, 2013, 08:27:16 pm
My other site and also an affiliate of Finding Serenity:


The Crusaders and their Organization are a United Nations sponsored group that tackles all manner of Villainy and has their Rogues Gallery to deal with at the most inopportune times. Established in 1989, they've been in operation for over two decades tackling everything you can imagine from blue collar crime to white collar crime to international spy rings to terrorist financiers to warlords or terrorists and even stuff from other dimensions either by heading there or the enemy coming to them.

The Crusaders have faced it with strength and resolve and, through it all, they have been the steadfast stopping point. They've chosen to be heroes, chosen to put themselves in the damage path to protect those less capable or willing to protect themselves, chosen to risk themselves and their lives to protect the average person so they can continue without worry in their daily lives. Now, no one is perfect and mistakes do get made. But heroes choose to get back in the saddle once they are knocked out of it and keep fighting. 

Are you able to step forward and step up to protect those that need it? Come find out!



So who are we really? ...

We are a superhero RP Site dedicated to Original Characters (including most origins) and not tied to any other superhero Canon. We are separate completely from Marvel, DC, Wildstorm/Image, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Top Cow or any other ComicVerse. Originally, the Crusaders was a tabletop superhero RP game which ran for a number of years and now, beholden to no other superhero Verse, it is playable to the masses. We employ a Narrator system to help players stay focused on the plot while allowing you the chance to not only portray your character but have legitimate character growth that you can see and track. Please join us and tell your hero's story.

Ronin OOC / Floorplan & Sleeping Quarters
August 11, 2012, 09:32:26 pm
Ship Manifest

RONIN - 9/11
Captain:Lin Kuei
Pilot:Newt Declan
Medic:Ava Gray
Gunhand:Travis Chao
Gunhand:Michael Becker
Gunhand:Luke O'Malley
Comp Spec:Minato Kaneshiro
Crew:Mylena Yee

Sleeping Arrangements

Red 1. Single - Monty
Red 2. Single - (open)
Red 3 Hydroponics Garden 
Red 4 Bunk beds: Extra Crew x2: Luke O'Malley / (open)
Silver 5. - Lin Kuei
Red 5. Double -  Travis Chao / Michael Becker
Red 6. Double - Minato Kaneshiro / Newt Declan
Red 7. Double -  Ava Gray / Mylena Yee

The Beast of the Cargo Bay:

  • King size cab can fit 4 comfortable, 6 if needed not counting the bed

  • 2 wheels in front, 4 in the rear, with optional switch to a hover mode

  • Rollcage and reinforced chassis

  • Top Speed: 180mph

  • Pull: 15 ton capacity

First Link / DP's Fireflyverse
July 27, 2012, 11:19:40 pm
Hello all, I believe you all or most of you know me. Feel free to come on over and check it out!


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