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Courtly Asides / From Bernadette with Love
October 17, 2019, 09:03:49 am
The message had come cryptically in the middle of the night, Dyton time, and Mason had stared at it for more than an hour trying to figure out a response. Not knowing who it was from was one thing, he got plenty of those particularly after a night he didn't remember so well the next morning. There was also the occasional job related message with logistical details, who he was after, that sort of thing. But this one left him completely baffled:

Quote from: unknownHello Mason, have heard a lot about you and would love to finally meet. :) I'll be on Dyton we should grab some ☕

Who could it be? "R.M." He said, staring at the screen. "Coffee?" Neither was a code name or password to anything he could recall. How did they know who he was? How did they get his number? "Who the hell are you?" His frustration reverberated off of his bare apartment walls. A man of taste he may have been, but decorating was never his strong suit. He was never in one place for long enough to worry about it anyway.

The next morning, after typing out and deleting a number of responses and even going so far as to send his sister Millicent a message asking if she knew who this mysterious RM might be (her return message being less than helpful and quite vulgar) Mason finally settled on what he felt to be a proper response.

Quote from: Mason Miller"Ok."

An address came immediately as a response, followed by three variations of a text-based smiley face that left Mason feeling very unnerved. He checked his watch, only an hour to reconnoiter the meeting place and ready an escape plan - regardless if it was a jilted lover or an unknown job contact, one thing was clear. This was a trap.  He tucked a pistol from his stash in the back of his waistband before heading out the door and left for the rendezvous.
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