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Shanghai Crew / Rose Wickson
October 08, 2020, 12:48:10 pm
Proserpina "Rose" Wickson

Age:  29

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Medic

Secondary Occupation:  Dairy farmer

Appearance:  A willowy woman with long auburn hair and big blue eyes that glow with kindness. Pretty of face but mousey of disposition, Rose prefers not to draw unnecessary attention to herself. She wears clothes that are feminine but modest, not drab but definitely on the conservative side with their faded floral prints and subdued colors. She has a warm earnestness about her that marks her as either a trustworthy person or an easy target, depending on who's looking.

Faceclaim:  Riley Keough

Initial Personality:  Rose is shy upon meeting new people but warms up to them quickly enough as long as they seem at least half-way decent folks -- and as a rule, she strives to see the good in people and avoid passing judgment based on first impressions. Sweet and seemingly as mild-mannered as the cows on the farm she grew up on, it's difficult to imagine Rose ever getting angry at anyone or anything. She has a stutter which has gotten more subdued since her childhood but becomes more prominent when she's anxious.

Underlying Personality:  Rose is a genuinely kind person who loves her neighbor and tries to always be on her best behavior, and yet she frequently worries she may not be as wholesome as the people around her think she is. She is someone who has lived her entire life in the same small hick town and keeps telling herself she's fine with that, but truth is she isn't so sure anymore. Underneath her meek exterior beats the restless heart of a dreamer who yearns to see the 'Verse and expand her horizons. Maybe even say a swear word or two while she's at it.

Known History:  Proserpina Elizabeth Wickson
Born on: Three Hills, 3/3/2490
Parents: Ellis and Margaret Wickson
Siblings: Marcus and Bonnie Wickson (both older)
Spouse: Joshua Walker (m. 2512) (deceased)

No military record, but her husband fought for the independents during the latter stages of the Unification War.

Certified medical practitioner, apprenticed under Dr. Pearl Cohen on Three Hills.

Other History:  Rose's flamboyant full name, Proserpina, has been in the Wickson family for generations. Its previous holder, Ellis' younger sister, ran off to lead a life of swashbuckling crime, which perhaps explains why Margaret Wickson was so adamantly against saddling her firstborn daughter with it. By the time the second one was born, Ellis had worn her down, and so the Wicksons' youngest child was christened with the old family name -- on paper, anyway. In practice she's always been just Rose or Rosie, and she figures that suits her better anyway.

Rose grew up on a dairy farm. Her family was reasonably well off as far as farmers went, not wealthy but not constantly struggling to make ends meet, at least not during peacetime. She was always the good girl, liked by the adults around her for being hard-working and having a good head on her shoulders. However, her stutter and the resulting social anxiety alienated her from her peers somewhat, leading her to spend a substantial amount of her time in the company of books instead of people. They opened exciting new doors to places she'd never get to visit and experiences she'd never get to have.

In her teen years, Rose grew close to and fell in love with Joshua Walker, a young farmhand  working on the Wickson farm. Her parents were initially apprehensive about the relationship, not because Joshua was a bad person, but because he had no living family of his own, and therefore no financial safety net to fall back on. They tried to encourage Rose to postpone starting a family and study a trade first, perhaps that of a teacher or a doctor, but the young girl found the idea intimidating. She wanted a simple life, to get married to Joshua and live on the family farm until they'd saved enough money to purchase a plot of land of their own. Not being the type of parents to get in the way of their daughter's happiness, the Wicksons ultimately gave their blessing to the young couple.

However, their wedding plans had to be put on hold when Joshua was drafted into the Independent troops for what would turn out to be the final years of the war. Of course, at the time no one knew how long the conflict would continue, but Rose was fully prepared to wait for her fiance's return, no matter how long it took. Luck may not have been on the Independents' side, but it did seem to favor the young lovers; after their prolonged engagement apart, Joshua came home from the war in one piece and the two were finally able to start their new life together. Their married bliss would be cut short when, not even two years later, Joshua was kicked by a startled horse and sustained fatal injuries.

Finding herself widowed at only 23, Rose was left to pick up the pieces of what she'd envisioned her life to be. After her initial grieving period she did what her parents had told her to do in the first place and got an apprenticeship position with the local doctor, Dr. Cohen. She threw herself into her work to get over her loss, soon finding new meaning through being able to help her community in such a tangible way. She recently got certification that qualifies her to start her own practice, but has continued to stick around assisting her mentor instead.

Skills and Strengths:  Is a qualified medical practitioner by Rim standards, having learned the trade through apprenticeship. Isn't easily grossed out, not by blood nor by manure. Good at cooking, baking, sewing and other crafty domestic skills. Picked up singing as a way to help with her stutter and has quite a lovely voice (good luck trying to get her to sing in front of an audience, though). Smart and open to learning new skills. Knows how to handle and look after cows.

Weaknesses:  Fights like a dairy farmer. Doesn't know anything about ships or space travel. Has spent her entire life in one small backwater town and is green to the ways of the wider 'Verse. Can be too nice. Stage fright.

SS Iscariot Crew / Moira Chambers
November 10, 2019, 10:15:16 am
Moira Chambers
Player: Scout

Age:  39
Gender:  Female
Primary Occupation:  Barber/hairdresser
Secondary Occupation:  Surgeon
Equipment:  Hairdresser's tools, doctor's equipment, watercolor painting supplies, journals, a handful of physical books, a personal datapad and a smaller pda that essentially functions as a beeper when she's out and about the Iscariot station

Appearance:  With her unstyled ginger locks and sensible attire, Moira probably doesn't match most people's mental image of what a typical salon owner looks like. That's not to say she's unattractive; there is a cold beauty to her features, all angles and cheekbones and alabaster skin, she just doesn't do much to highlight it. Despite standing at a mere 5'4", she can have a very commanding presence, particularly when she's in full doctor mode and there's a bleeding patient requiring her assistance. She comes across as perpetually tired, as if she's operating in a constant state of mild sleep deprivation.
Faceclaim:  Jessica Chastain

Initial Personality:  Moira tries to put on a warm, friendly face for her clientele, at least some of the time; there are days when she just can't be bothered. While rarely outright mean or rude, she does come across as standoffish, and even when she's making attempts at small-talk, it's obvious that customer service isn't exactly her cup of tea. She has a very no-nonsense approach to cutting hair, most likely due to being more accustomed to cutting up people, an activity that leaves much less room for idle banter. If you catch her outside work hours she warms up a little, although her demeanor always seems to hold a certain rueful undercurrent.
Underlying Personality:  When it comes to her actual chosen profession as a trauma surgeon, it's safe to call Moira a workaholic. The constant pressure to overachieve is what ultimately wrecked her promising career on the Core, but she still practices her trade in secret because it's the only thing she feels truly passionate about. Her cynical exterior hides a bruised but kind soul; she knows full well that the Verse is full of bad people and isn't easily taken advantage of, but she tries to give people the benefit of the doubt whenever she can -- occasionally even Lil' Sebastian and his goons. The one person completely exempt from her good will is herself; Moira is wracked by a deep self-loathing that fuels her alcohol problem. She likes to think of herself as a recovering addict, but she's just lying to herself.

Known History:  Moira Jean Chambers has led a dull and uneventful life. She was born into a middle class family on Osiris in 2480, where she eventually attended and graduated from a small, thoroughly unnotable beauty school. She is an only child and has never been married.
Other History:  If Moira Chambers' biography seems sparse, it's because she has only existed for a few months. If you know her true identity -- which is a well-guarded secret --  you get to unlock her actual tragic backstory. She was born Dimitra Paige Lee on July 21, 2480, on Bernadette, but has lived on Osiris for most of her adult life. There, she graduated from medical school in 2506, became a fully licensed trauma surgeon in 2512 and proceeded to have a promising career that culminated in her losing her medical license in 2517 after a patient died on her operating table and she was deemed partially responsible through negligence. She has one older sister, Adora, and was married to Daniel Montrose, a fellow doctor, from 2507 to 2514.

While Moira Chambers is something of a hot mess, Dimitra Lee was an overachiever from a young age. It probably had something to do with the fact that she always felt like her parents' second favorite daughter; while Adora had a magnetic personality that seemed to automatically attract friends, lovers and opportunities, Dimitra was a shrinking violet who struggled to get the recognition she craved. Being the more introverted and bookish of the two, she clung to her smarts as something that set her apart from her sister, and dedicated her time to academia at the cost of other areas of her life. And yet, even as she graduated with honors, got into a prestigious medical school and met her strapping future husband, she never felt like she quite measured up.

The seeds of Dimitra's problematic relationship with alcohol were planted in medical school, but it didn't blossom into full-blown addiction until her career began to take off and the demands of the job -- and her self-imposed pressure to excel at it -- started to take a toll on her. As she began to stretch herself too thin, her marriage was the first thing to fall apart; her career followed suit a few years later after a patient she was operating on perished. While losing patients is unfortunately not unheard of in a surgeon's line of work, the follow-up investigation uncovered Dimitra's alcohol abuse, which was believed to have contributed to the death. After an excruciating legal process and minor media circus, Dimitra was ultimately able to avoid jail time, but lost her job, license and reputation.

Dimitra's family was supportive of her throughout the whole ordeal which, bizarrely enough, chagrined her more than it comforted her. Adora, now a successful stylist on Londinium, offered her a job at her salon to help her get back on her feet, and Dimitra begrudgingly accepted because she didn't have any other options. For a while she attended rehab and tried to enjoy her new, mentally unstimulating job working for her picture perfect sister who still had her life together. Suffice it to say, it was sheer torture, and so one day Dimitra just up and left, severing all ties with her friends and family.

She eventually wound up on SS Iscariot and just kind of generally floundered about until one day Lil' Sebastian, ever the enterprising businessman, approached her. He offered her a new identity and the opportunity to continue practicing her trade on the down-low in exchange for working for him and patching up his goons and associates. It was clearly a deal with the devil, but Dimitra took it anyway; starting over as Moira Chambers felt a lot easier than going back home and trying to pick up the pieces that were left of Dimitra Lee, even if it meant rubbing shoulders with career criminals. She's still inclined to believe so, although it's starting to require more mental gymnastics as time goes by.

Skills and Strengths:  Trained doctor, with a specialization in trauma surgery. Strong stomach and nerves of steel. Pretty good at cutting and styling hair and facial hair, although not as experienced as she claims on her fake resume. Has an artistic streak and is a decent painter.
Weaknesses:  No ship-related knowledge or skills. No combat skills. Socially awkward. High-functioning alcoholic. Shaky self-esteem. Depression, probably.

In Play / Rory Mayfield
September 17, 2019, 12:10:50 pm
Rory Mayfield
Age:  Almost 17
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Boy scout
Secondary Occupation:  Baby boy. Baby.

Appearance:  Rory is not physically imposing. He's below average height with a slender build, although he's in a good shape from all the outdoorsy activities he's spent a better part of his life engaging in. He keeps his chestnut hair neatly combed and dresses more like a tiny adult at a business casual event than your average teenager (the boy loves his sweater vests). He has the big brown eyes and relentlessly earnest demeanor of a golden retriever puppy.
Faceclaim:  Tom Holland

Initial Personality:  Depending on who you ask, Rory is either a nice young man who seems mature for his age, or a complete dweeb. He has a lot of trivia rattling inside his brain, some of it more useful than the rest, and he will talk your ear off if given the opportunity. He is very concerned with making a good first impression, and it's pretty obvious he tries hard. Like, just tries hard in general. He also comes across as a bit of a goody-two-shoes, which makes his presence on a bounty hunting vessel all the more baffling.
Underlying Personality:  Rory hasn't got a smug bone in his body. He has a genuine love for learning, and whatever tryhard vibes he may give off stem from a desire to prove himself worthy and useful, not exceptional; he's doesn't have the self-esteem to entertain the thought of being the best at anything. He works hard and excels at many things, but is very modest and even oblivious about it. He craves attention and validation from the adults he looks up to and can get clingy because of it. Rory is a people pleaser in general and shirks from conflict -- except the kind that involves blazing guns and daring heroics, which he is drawn least in theory.

Known History:  Full name: Rory Mason Mayfield
Date of birth: May 9, 2502
Place of birth: Bernadette.
Parents: Marion Mayfield and Mason Miller. The latter is identified in Rory's birth records by name only, as in there is no way to connect the record to any specific Mason Miller.

Rory joined the Allied Star Scouts at age 8 and has been in their ranks ever since. His performance has been stellar (pun not intended).
Other History:  Somewhere at the turn of the 25th and 26th century, one Marion Mayfield left her cushy middle class life on the Core behind to find adventure on the Border. What she found instead was a brief but passionate fling with one Mason Miller, which culminated in her discovering she was pregnant after he was already out of the picture. She chose to keep the baby and gave him Mason as a middle name, but as far as she was concerned, that was all the involvement his father would have in his life. Instead, Marion opted to return to her home world and raise the child on her own (with a little unwanted-but-ultimately-needed help from her parents).

As a young child, Rory was bubbly in the company of his mother and grandparents, but withdrawn when it came to social contacts outside home, preferring to spend his time with books and his family instead of his contemporaries. Marion enrolled him in the Allied Star Scouts hoping that it would bring the boy out of his shell, and Rory ended up loving it; the hobby gave his life structure and provided him with goals to work towards. He even made a couple of friends among his fellow scouts, although back at school, he focused on his studies instead of fostering an active social life.

Although Marion was an all-around good mother, Rory grew up feeling like he was missing out on something by not having a stable father figure or extended family (on account of Marion being an only child). As he entered his teens, he thought about his parentage more and more frequently and, as the hormone-filled hell known as high school got increasingly miserable, began entertaining thoughts of leaving everything behind and starting a new life by his father's side.

Rory enlisted the aid of his somewhat more criminally inclined best friend and, after lots and lots of detective work based on the crumbs of information he'd gotten out of his mother over the years, the two of them finally managed to track down the correct Mason Miller. It turned out that not only was Rory's father ex-military, he apparently had a criminal record, and was now working for a bounty hunting firm -- and a family business, at that. Rory's brain was immediately flooded with romanticized images of explosions and gunfights and big damn heroics, punctuated by all those moments of father-son-bonding that he never got to experience growing up. Hell, maybe some of Mason's cool would rub off on him, and at the end of his stint with the Millers, he could return home as a new and improved Rory, a Rory who would not get pushed around and called nasty names. He packed his bags, left his mother a note telling her not to worry about him, and stole into the night, off to what he imagined would be the adventure of a lifetime. He wasn't wrong, exactly...

Skills and Strengths:  Rory's been in the Star Scouts since he was 8 and has the skillset to match: wilderness survival, first aid, the basic ins and outs of space-faring, knot-tying, you name it. He is good student and well-read for his age, a hard worker with a good head on his shoulders, and an all-around quick learner. Pretty fast runner, too.
Weaknesses:  For all his survival training, Rory hasn't been in any actual life or death situations, and has led a very coddled existence touring the Core and the occasional safe border world. All his space travel related knowledge is theoretical; he can't actually pilot a ship or fix its engine. Nor can he fire a gun. As a matter of fact, he has no combat skills whatsoever. Rory may be a smart kid, but a kid nonetheless, and he lacks life experience and self-esteem. He's a pushover and his insecurities would be easy to manipulate for someone monstrous enough to attempt such a thing.

Census / List of characters by homeworld
August 06, 2019, 08:08:22 am
So I started compiling this list of player characters sorted by the worlds they were born and/or raised on and figured I'd share it. I started this out of pure curiosity to see how different homeworlds are represented among our cast of characters, but it might be useful for those looking for characters to have shared history with.

If you don't see your character here but are eager to have them included, it would be really helpful if you responded to this post with their home world and a link to their app! Also please feel free to point out any mistakes or elaborate on a character I've listed under "unknown", these are based on quick skims of the applications so I may have overlooked stuff.

The planets and moons are grouped by system and arranged alphabetically.

Inactive characters in italics.














Fiddler's Green



Three Hills



New Melbourne


St. Albans










(apps in which the P.O.B. is left intentionally vague or I am too dumb to work it out)

Odette Crew / Pele Kesher
February 04, 2019, 08:08:47 am
Pele Kesher

Age:  30
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Grifter/Ringer
Secondary Occupation:  "Retired" companion

Appearance:  Pele used to be a registered companion, and her demeanor still shows traces of that special brand of charm and poise which can only be achieved through years of training. When it comes to her personal style, however, she has traded the flowing companion gowns for form-fitting pants and tops, and keeps her hairstyle natural. She likes to have freedom of movement in her clothes, but always puts a lot of effort into her appearance and makes sure to look good even when she's dressing down. Just because things are about to turn ugly doesn't mean she has to.
Faceclaim:  Gugu Mbatha-Raw

Initial Personality:  Pele can be completely irresistible at the flick of a switch - after all, it's what she went to school for. These days she can't be bothered with keeping her companion charm turned on all the time, so her real personality has the chance to shine more. She's a natural social butterfly, but highly opinionated and armed with a sharp tongue. She's happy to mingle and flirt with people who get on her good side, but she doesn't take crap from anybody and hates losing an argument. She's also as core-bred as they come: highly sophisticated, with a tendency to snobbery.
Underlying Personality:  Pele's temper runs hot, but most of her tantrums blow over just as quickly as they begin. As a former companion, she's good at reading people, but that doesn't mean she's good at taking their feelings into account. She could be a good listener if she wanted to, it just that she resents having spent her youth pleasing others, and thinks it's high time she focuses on herself. Pele never got to go through the usual teenage motions of rebellion and self-discovery, and is only now getting around to that. She secretly worries about aging and finding her place in a verse that has so far only valued her for her feminine charms, but she's much too proud to reveal this vulnerable side to anybody.

Known History:  Born on November 26th, 2488 on Sihnon.
Parents: Bernard and Aurora Kesher.
No siblings.

Those familiar with Sihnon's upper class circles may have heard Pele's name come up. The Kesher family are old money and prominent patrons of the local companion house. It should come as no surprise, then, that their only daughter Pele pursued a career as a registered companion herself. More surprising is the fact that she left the guild in 2512 for reasons unknown.

After that, Pele moved to Londinum, where she became a fixture in high society events. She proceeded to date several wealthy men, most of them considerably older than her. She eventually got engaged to notorious multimillionaire Cecil Soavi, who is rumored to have connections to the crime world and allegedly owes his fortune to illegal endeavors. He has never actually been convicted of anything; whether this is because he's skilled at covering his tracks, or simply generously bribing the feds to turn a blind eye to his activities, changes depending on who's telling the story.

Other History:  Pele grew up in a gilded cage. Her parents were socialites who were too preoccupied with networking and fancy parties to spend time with their daughter. They were, however, more than willing to pile exceedingly high expectations on her shoulders. Since the Keshers were patrons of the local companion house, it made sense to send their daughter to be raised by them, and so Pele started her companion training at a young age. There were times when she yearned for a more carefree lifestyle, but she pulled through because of her sheer stubbornness and, well - the sad fact was that she didn't have any real ambitions or dreams of her own, so she might as well do what her parents thought was the best for her.

After graduation, Pele spent some time in the local companion house before boarding Ianthea, a companion ship which traveled between the core worlds. She was good at her job... until the day she just decided she'd had enough of it. While Pele herself would tell you she retired out of her free will, the truth is that she was quietly kicked out of the Guild after a fellow crew member caught her stealing from a client - and it wasn't her first time doing it, either. Even though she only has herself to blame for being blacklisted, Pele harbors bad blood towards the Guild to this day.

When the Companion's Guild disowned Pele, so did her parents, but she couldn't care less about the family fortune at this point. She had already set her eyes on the new prize: rich gentlemen looking for some arm candy to accompany them to fancy events. She had numerous romantic entanglements over the following years, all of them short-lived, until she met Cecil Soavi. There was genuine chemistry and even affection between the two, and their fling blossomed into a proper relationship, culminating in an engagement.

What they said about Soavi's business operations was true: he did, indeed, have many ties to the criminal underworld. Pele didn't mind initially; in fact, she found it exciting. However, she eventually realized she didn't want to get tangled up in his dirty business, especially since she was often sidelined and expected to look pretty while her husband-to-be called all the shots. If she was going to be bad, she wanted to be bad on her own terms, and so one day she packed her belongings and took off without a word - but not before helping herself to a hefty alimony from Cecil's bank account.

In hindsight, that last move probably wasn't such a good idea.

Skills and Strengths:  Pele went through companion training, and has the skillset to match. She excelled in physical activities, her favorites being archery and fencing. She also performed well in arts, choosing to specialize in the erhu as her musical instrumental. Academics were her weakest area, but she did well enough to pass the high bar set by the Guild. It should be noted that many of her skills are a little rusty, since she hasn't practiced her trade in years. The art of seduction, however, is pretty much hard-wired into her system, as is the psychological insight that a companion possesses.
Weaknesses:  Pele is no fighter outside of a formal fencing duel with clear rules. Spaceships and their inner workings are a (deeply uncompelling) mystery to her. While she's generally good at assessing people, she's prejudiced against rim worlders and people of low social standing, which can color her judgment of them. Aside from her brush with organized crime through her fiancé Cecil, she's led a very cushy life and isn't wholly prepared for the dangers that await in the black. Combine that with her impulsive, risk-seeking behavior, and you've quite the volatile cocktail in your hands.

Not in Play / Caden Wan
September 19, 2018, 10:43:45 am

Name: Caden Wan
Age:  30
Gender:  Male

Occupation:  Writer
Secondary:  Millionaire heir

Appearance:  Caden stands at 6'2", tall and slim, with dark brown hair and light green eyes. He has refined features and a soft, flawless complexion that immediately betrays the fact that he's as core-bred as they come and hasn't done an honest day's work in his life. He's very pale, sometimes to the point of looking unwell. He puts great care in his appearance and wears expensive cologne, and his dress sense is that of casual elegance: the man loves his suits and vests, but he may roll up his shirt sleeves or leave the top buttons unbuttoned. Sometimes he dons a paper umbrella when he has to spend a long period of time out in the sun.
PlayBy Name:Matthew Goode
Equipment:  • Top of the line laptop and datapad
• Medication
• Painkillers
• Cigarettes
• .25 pocket pistol
• Books
• Oil-paper umbrella
• Clothes, toiletries, other personal junk

Initial Personality:  Caden is something of a modern-day dandy, stylish and nonchalant. He seems to operate on two basic modes: completely disinterested or vaguely amused. He floats above the lesser beings around him, observing his surroundings with what appears to be a patronizing curiosity. He's very deliberate with his words and has a dry sense of humor which he uses to keep other people at an arm's length. He can, however, also be very charming when he wants to. He has a history of womanizing and decadence, and while he's calmed down from his wilder days, old habits die hard.
Underlying Personality:  Caden is a man who's lived his life like there's no tomorrow, only to find that it might be all too true in his case: he's been diagnosed with an incurable disease that severely cuts down his life expectancy even when properly treated. He keeps this illness a secret. He's decided it's best for everyone if he doesn't get too attached to other people and merely observes the world from the sidelines without taking an active part in it - which is easier said than done. He gets lonely, but would rather not admit it to himself, let alone others. He likes to play up his haughty rich boy persona in order to get a rise out of other people and gauge their reactions, but in reality he's well aware of what an incredibly privileged life he's led. He enjoys reading, philosophizing and writing, but is very critical of his own work.

Known History:  Born Caden Wan III on Londinium, October 31st, 2488.
Parents: Caden Wan Jr. and Isla Wan (née Driscoll)
He has two younger siblings, the fraternal twins Alistair and Aster, born in 2494.

Caden Wan III was born the heir to the Wan Luxury Hotels empire, founded by his grandfather Caden Wan Sr. It was initially based on Londinium, but the chain now has firm footing on other core worlds as well, and Unification has opened even more new expansion opportunities, allowing them to start building hotels on select border worlds. The company's stocks have been on the rise over the past decade, and business is doing better than ever.

None of this is thanks to Caden Wan III himself, who's only ever been known for his wild parties and scandalous affairs. He's made a name for himself as the black sheep of the family, and the Londinium tabloids love - or love to hate, in some cases - him for that. It's a well known fact in the business circles that his younger siblings, Alistair and Aster Wan, are the ones actually running the Wan Luxury Hotels with their father. Caden is the heir in name only, and perhaps in the amount of expendable income he has in his hands.

In 2515 he unexpectedly got engaged to soprano and socialite Sonia Deriviere, whom he had been dating for a little over a year, and a little less than a year later the couple called the wedding off just as suddenly as they'd announced it. The reason behind their separation was never officially disclosed to the press. Rumored reasons ranged from a dispute over the Wan family fortune to speculations of Caden's sexuality.

Soon after the incident, Caden stopped giving interviews and gradually shrunk away from the public eye. Eventually the tabloids forgot about him, finding other, fresher celebrities to focus on.

Other History:  Caden has always been a disappointment to his parents. Then again, their expectations were set incredibly high from the word go, and even as a child Caden was never quite able to fulfill all of them. It wasn't for lack of trying, at least not initially. By his late teens, however, he was rapidly losing interest in pleasing his family. He grew rebellious, indulging in a decadent lifestyle that shocked his parents, but titillated the public. While the younger, more business-oriented twins started taking more and more responsibility for the hotel chain, the official heir was squandering his share of the family fortune into extravagant parties, booze and women.

Things changed when Caden was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that hadn't manifested until his mid-twenties. The progression of the illness could be slowed down with medication, but it was clear he wasn't going to live to a ripe old age. The diagnosis sent Caden into a shock, but also made him reflect on his lifestyle so far. He broke off his engagement to Sonia, an engagement that had been a bit of a sham in the first place, a result of pressure from his parents and environment.

The Wan family pride was wounded by their eldest son's malady, which they saw as a blemish on the otherwise pristine image they'd built of the Wan bloodline. His parents and siblings did all in their power to sweep the matter under the carpet and not let the press get a whiff of it, and Caden didn't object: he had no intention of using his condition to gain fame, which would only be based on pity or schadenfreude anyway. Instead, he retreated from the spotlight, suddenly disgusted with himself and the way he'd been spending his youth.

After getting over his worst bout of depression and making a truce with his situation, Caden decided to set out into the black and see the verse - not the verse he knew, which was occupied by rich socialites, but the Rim, where people struggled and suffered and faced real hardships. He wishes to write about his travels and the things he witnesses and dreams of eventually publishing said writings and leaving his mark on the world.

Skills:  Caden's parents gave him an upbringing fit for a well-bred core gentleman, including academics, fencing and horseback riding. He's familiar with core etiquette and knows his way around fancy balls and parties. He's also an all-around smooth talker and his charisma can work wonders on certain people. His family is well-connected on the core, although not all of their acquaintances are fond of Caden in particular. He can handle a gun and has done some target practice, but is no gunslinger material. He's a writer, but how good of a one remains to be seen. Last but not least, he's filthy rich.

Weaknesses:  Because of his illness, Caden is physically rather frail. Despite his medication, he suffers from an assortment of symptoms, most prominently fatigue, weakness and photosensitivity; excessive sun exposure can cause his symptoms to flare up. It doesn't help matters that he's a smoker. His illness works in flares and remissions: on some days he feels better than on others. He's not familiar with ships and generally lacks a skill set that would be directly useful in the black. He can come across as conceited and condescending, sometimes on accident, sometimes on purpose to provoke people for his amusement. Either way it doesn't make him the most endearing personality to deal with. He's a complete tourist on the rim and doesn't have any actual experience with how things work out there.

Not in Play / Shepherd Paul Nightingale
September 19, 2018, 07:54:05 am

Name: Paul Nightingale
Age:  27
Gender:  Male

Occupation:  Shepherd
Secondary:  Backup medic (not fully qualified)

Appearance:  Paul has curly brown hair and warm, green eyes. He is tall and lanky, and despite being well into his twenties, something about his demeanor gives him the awkward air of a teenager who's just beginning to feel comfortable in his own skin. He doesn't take pride in his looks but makes an effort to be at least presentable: his clothes are worn and patched, indicating that he comes from a humble background, but they are always clean and tidy.
PlayBy Name:Ben Whishaw
Equipment:  Paul travels light; clothes, toothbrush, a journal, the bare essentials. His most valuable possession is his Bible, dog-eared and bursting with bookmarks.

Initial Personality:  Shepherd Paul Nightingale is a man on a mission, and that mission is to bring God's love to the forlorn outcasts of the verse. Being young and inexperienced, he lacks that tranquil wisdom you often find in older men of the cloth, but his calm and soft-spoken demeanor suggests he's on the right track. Paul can be a little awkward around new people, but he quickly reveals himself to be friendly and warm, with a sense of humor that can be surprisingly snappy. He gives off the impression of not being quite prepared for how exciting things can get in the black.
Underlying Personality:  Because of his sheltered upbringing and mellow nature, it's easy to mistake Paul for more naive than he actually is. In truth he is well aware that not everybody in the verse operates in good faith like he does, but he tries to believe the best of people and refrain from passing judgment. He carries a lot of guilt with him over how things turned out with his brother, and is trying to make amends for it by being as helpful as possible to his fellow man. Sometimes he worries he's not good enough, that he might not deserve to carry the mantle of a shepherd after all. Paul is genuinely compassionate, but has trouble coping with the darkness that lurks in the hearts of all people, including his own.

Known History:  Paul was born on February 25th, 2492, in Rooster's Crossing, Three Hills. He's the son of Begbie Colt and Rose Nightingale; the latter passed away in 2508. He has a twin brother called John.

Him and his brother were taken in by the local order of shepherds after their mother passed away. Paul went on to join them and has spent most of his adult life in the monastery, so there aren't many records about what he's been up to.

John Nightingale, on the other hand, has a criminal record: he is wanted by the Alliance for robbing an allied cargo vessel carrying supplies to a budding settlement in the rim. He's also been implicated in illegal scavenging and smuggling activity. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Other History:  Paul and his twin brother were born and raised in a small settlement called Rooster's Crossing on Three Hills. Although technically Paul was the little brother, being born minutes after John, he always felt like the more mature and level-headed of the two. Their father was a spacer who got engaged to their mother and then promptly disappeared before the children were born, leaving her to raise two sons on her own. It wasn't easy, but Rose Nightingale was supported by the rest of the community, including the small order of shepherds living in a nearby monastery, an order that had lived in the Crossing for decades and helped build the community.

Unification War hit Rooster's Crossing hard. Not because of bombs - the town saw no battle - but because of the scarcity of resources coming in. Medicine was especially hard to come by, with a lot of it going to the Independent fronts. When the boys were sixteen years old, their mother succumbed to tuberculosis after a long period of steady decline in her health. After her death, the local order of shepherds took the boys under their wing. Paul soon found solace in their teachings and grow to love their new home within the monastery walls; for John, however, it was the beginning of a downward spiral. He couldn't adjust to the pious rules of the order, and viewed Paul's acceptance of them as a betrayal. When the Unification War ended, Paul stayed in the monastery to become a shepherd himself, while John left to seek his destiny elsewhere.

The already tense relationship between the brothers declined further over the following years. John was away a lot, making his living in the black, but he visited their home town regularly to drop off supplies. Eventually Paul started to have suspicions that the goods may not have been acquired entirely legally. To ease his mind, he tried to put the community's well-being first, telling himself that life for the people of Rooster's Crossing would be so much harder without the extra resources delivered by John, and that you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. On top of that, he knew John was a difficult person to deal with and hated being told what to do.

It wasn't until John's disappearance that Paul realized it had been a mistake to turn a blind eye his shady activities. After a particularly sour encounter between the twins, John took off as usual, but missed his next planetside visit. And the next. And the next. First Paul grew worried, then he started to blame himself - could he have guided his brother to a better path if he hadn't let himself become so estranged from him?

Paul couldn't stay put after that. He decided to become a wandering shepherd and travel from planet to planet, spreading the words that helped him get through a tough time in his life. He's also hoping to find out what happened to his brother, but it's going to take all his faith and a whole lot of luck - it's a big verse, after all.

Skills:  • Good listener, good at comforting and giving absolution
• Knowledge of the scriptures as followed by his order
• The patience of a saint
• Beautiful singing voice
• First aid skills, basic treatment of the most common injuries and ailments on the rim; looking after his mother made him realize the importance of knowing how to take care of the sick
• Can cook an edible and dare I say tasty meal with meager rations, and generally enjoys domestic chores
Weaknesses:  • Is a pacifist; does not know how to shoot a gun or use his fists, and isn't interested in learning
• Knows nothing about ships other than that the engine keeps them flying somehow and that the pilot has an awful lot of buttons and switches to keep track of
• Bad with technology; the shepherds at the monastery led a very old-fashioned life
• Has spent his entire life on one planet and is not used to the life of a space cowboy
• While he's not completely naive per se, he has a habit of ignoring red flags and bad gut feelings in order to give people the benefit of the doubt

The Revenge Crew / Joakim Soong
August 04, 2018, 09:27:21 am
Joakim "Jo" Soong

Age:  29
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Tech specialist

Appearance:  Standing at 5'8", Joakim is pretty average in size and build alike, with an unassuming air about him. He's not somebody you'd pick out in a crowd, and that's the way he likes it. He dresses in plain, nondescript clothes, mostly t-shirts, jeans and the like, no flashy fashion statements. He has messy black hair and a kind, boyish face that struggles to grow facial hair.
Faceclaim:  Steven Yeun

Initial Personality:  Upon first meeting Jo comes across as a mild-mannered young man, somewhat reserved in a way that suggests shyness rather than deliberate secretiveness. He avoids conflict and direct confrontation with strangers and frequently uses humor to maneuver within tense social situations, to varying success. He has strong anti-Alliance views which he doesn't flaunt as haphazardly as some bleeding-heart browncoats do, but they do usually come up sooner rather than later.
Underlying Personality:  When Jo gets more comfortable around somebody, he reveals himself to be a sincere, even charming individual. He may be guarded with strangers, but he's quite upfront with his friends and crewmates; he's one of those people who are genuinely honest for the sake of openness instead of using it as an excuse to be rude. He's very intelligent and takes pride in his technological expertise, but sometimes feels self-conscious over the fact that he has so little (=zero) combat experience compared to the merry band of miscreants he finds himself in. While he's generally even-tempered, he can get pretty intense and overbearing about certain subjects he feels passionately about, namely the Alliance and their crimes. He means well but has a self-righteous streak.

Known History:  Joakim Eustace Soong was born on January 8th, 2489, on Beaumonde. He is the only child of factory workers Scott and Arra Soong.

In 2515, his parents were killed in a factory accident along with seven other workers. The deaths were determined to be caused by the employees' failure to follow safety regulations, and the factory owners were absolved of all responsibility.

Later, data suggesting the factory's safety precautions had been grossly out of date surfaced, but nothing major came out of it.

Joakim enrolled in school for computer engineering in 2513. He dropped out two years into his studies without receiving his degree. He has no military record.

He is wanted for questioning by the Interpol for suspected ties to cybercrime activity.
Other History:  Joakim's parents always wanted a big family. Unfortunately, his birth was a difficult one and left his mother unable to have any more children, and so the Soongs settled for smothering their only son with as much love and attention as possible. You could even say they spoiled him, if they'd had enough expendable income to spoil him with.

The Soongs did begin socking away money from their meager income early on in order to ensure that Joakim would be able to get an education and follow his dreams, which revolved around working with technology in some capacity. Of course, Joakim also did his own part by taking whatever jobs were available, including working at a scrap yard. He was eventually able to enroll in school for engineering -- it wasn't a very prestigious school by any means, but a degree was a degree, an opportunity to climb a step or two higher on the social ladder. He did well in his studies and even entered into a serious relationship. His life seemed to be on the right track.

Then his parents were killed in an accident at the factory, and Joakim went on a downward spiral. He didn't believe the official story about the workers neglecting safety regulations for one second. He tried to persuade the Interpol to investigate the matter, but they were unmoved by his lack of concrete evidence of any shady ongoings -- and so he took matters into his own hands. What began as dogging the company representatives like an intrepid reporter soon escalated into hacking into their classified records and correspondence. Uncovering the truth about the accident became a full-blown obsession for Joakim. Unable to focus on his studies, let alone pay for them, he dropped out of school. His girlfriend wasn't too happy about it, and took off soon after.

Joakim remained resilient and eventually discovered that it was the company that had cut corners, creating an unsafe work environment which ultimately led to the accident. The higher-ups were covering their own asses by making the victims into scapegoats. Joakim leaked the information in hopes of drawing the feds' attention and bringing forth some kind of change. All that happened was that a handful of the victims' family members got up in arms, but didn't have the strength or resources to see it through and were soon silenced. The feds, on the other hand, were corrupt and didn't care to waste their time on something as minor as a handful of low-class citizens kicking the bucket while greasing the wheels of capitalism.

Joakim's family had sided with the Alliance during the war because they'd believed their influence would provide stability and a safety net for their citizens. Now he was faced with a bitter reality: their administration valued the reputation of the rich over the lives of the poor. As a last-ditch effort to do something to right the wrong, Jo stole money from the company's accounts and redistributed it to the victims' families. Then he got the hell out of Beaumonde before the feds put two and two together and came knocking on his door.

Joakim has been increasingly against the Alliance and their way of running things ever since. When the Miranda broadcast hit the waves, he had no trouble believing it to be true.

Skills and Strengths:  • Knows technology inside and out; can hack his way around cortex security measures as well as modify gadgets to suit his own purposes
• Theoretical understanding of how a ship's engine works, some limited experience poking around one from his scrapyard days
• Basic first aid skills (he figured they might come in handy, hasn't had much practice in the field)
• Patient and resilient when learning new skills
Weaknesses:  • No combat experience, not with weapons nor with fists
• Not a pilot
• No medical knowledge beyond the aforementioned basic first aid skills
• Mild social anxiety and agoraphobia; he starts getting paranoid if he has to spend prolonged periods of time in a public place
• Prone to (metaphoric) tunnel vision

RP Opportunities / Prologue buddies?
May 09, 2018, 07:06:46 am
Would anybody be interested in a prologue with Mattie or Briar? I don't really have any super concrete ideas, but I'd be down for some fun character/backstory building. :)

Briar's been doing lots of odd jobs in the past five years or so, many of them shady in nature. Maybe she could've been involved with some petty criminals? Bonus points if the job they were working on together went south somehow. I'd also be down for something set further back, when she was teenager on Shu Fu, before her arrest in 2513.

Mattie could've also had an encounter with someone a couple of years back. Or very recently; there's a small gap in her timeline between Gryphon going out of commission and her joining her current ship.

These are very general ideas. If you're interested and think our timelines would fit together please send me a wave!

Just as a heads-up, since a lot of the current prologue threads seem to get multiple posts a day, I won't be able to keep up such a rapid-fire pace. But I'll do my best to respond diligently.
In Play / Briar Williams
April 23, 2018, 04:03:49 am
Played by: Scout

Age:  26

Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Pilot

Secondary Occupation:  Mechanic

Appearance:  Briar is what you might call a hot mess: her demeanor is coltish, her wardrobe consists mainly of t-shirts in various stages of falling apart, and her dirty-blonde mane of hair is never quite under control, yet what she lacks in elegance she makes up for in natural down-to-earth charm. She has cute, delicate features, with big green eyes and a smile that lights up the room. Her (somewhat deceptively) innocent appearance has gotten her out of trouble more than once, but that's rarely due to the purposeful employment of feminine wiles. She just has one of those faces, y'know?

Faceclaim:  Elizabeth Olsen

Initial Personality:  Briar comes across as a very laid-back individual, responding to life's setbacks with a shrug and a good-natured wisecrack. She's friendly and easygoing, although she has a habit of letting her mouth run away with her and take the conversation to places it perhaps shouldn't go. Some people might label her as a ditz based on first impressions, but she's not stupid, just scatterbrained and lacking in certain life skills.

Underlying Personality:  Briar has a heart of gold. While she's no stranger to criminal activity and is generally fine with bending and breaking Alliance regulations, she would never do anything that could hurt "the little guy". Despite being a warm and sociable person, she struggles with forming lasting relationships with other people. In fact, she's not the best at making long-term plans in general, and seems to have a gambler's blind faith in good luck eventually bailing her out of trouble despite evidence to the contrary. Part of her devil-may care attitude is genuine optimism, but there is a dash of denial mixed in. She likes the idea of building a more stable life for herself, she just doesn't know where to even begin, and so defaults to winging it.

Known History:  Briar was born on June 21, 2493, on Hera. Her mother, Suzanna Williams, is a prostitute, while her father's identity is unknown. Somewhere around 2504 she was supposedly adopted by a Captain Alais Bailey, owner of a Shu Fu class transport called Juneau. No official paperwork for this adoption exits, however.

In 2512, the crew of Juneau were arrested for smuggling. Briar received a relatively easy sentence due to her young age, low position in the chain of command, and the shady circumstances under which she ended up in captain Bailey's care. She spent about a year on a penal colony on Muir and was released in 2513.

Other History:  Briar spent her formative years in a whorehouse, raised by her mother, never knowing her father. As a child she would make up stories about him, imagining herself as the child of a scandalous magistrate, or a dangerous bounty hunter, or perhaps a dashing con artist with a secret heart of gold. The truth was probably something a lot less exciting.

The brothel wasn't the greatest place to grow up in, but it wasn't the worst. Sure, she was exposed to some ugly sides of humanity at a very early age, but on the other hand, there was a strong sense of kinship among the workers, and her mother showered her with love on a daily basis. Still, as Briar neared puberty, it became clear to Suzanna that she didn't want her daughter to be forced to lead the same life she'd become trapped in; she wanted her to have options, a chance at making her own destiny. She made a painful decision and gave Briar up to a space faring friend of hers in an unofficial adoption deal. Briar was eleven years old at the time, and completely devastated by having to leave her home and family behind.

At first, Briar was mostly used as a distraction or cover story by the crew; as it turns out, certain business dealings go over a lot more smoothly if you have a cute little girl around to endear your clients. However, Briar was a clever and curious child, and as the initial shock over the change of scenery gave way to intrigue, she started to study the trade of the people around her as an apprentice. By her late teens she was trusted to take the wheel every now and then and could fix the occasional hiccup in the ship's engines.

War made life harder. The crew didn't want to actively pick sides in the conflict, although they suspected an Alliance victory would complicate their job in the long run. This turned out to be true: Juneau was eventually caught by the feds in the middle of a smuggling job. The ship was decommissioned and the crew was arrested. Briar got the shortest sentence out of the lot, which meant that once she walked free, she had no friends to reunite with. She couldn't exactly put her life on hold while she waited out their sentences, and so she had no choice but to try to pick up the pieces on her own.

Never having had to look out for herself before, Briar had a difficult time finding a steady position on a ship. She took on a few shady jobs to get quick cash, and when some of those jobs went south and resulted in her not getting paid, she had to resort to borrowing money from various small-time crooks in order to make ends meet. And then she discovered gambling. What she failed to discover was that gambling never solves financial problems.

So started the spiral that would define Briar's adult life: scattered jobs here and there, bad investments, gambling, owing money to the kinds of people you really didn't want to owe money to. She's tried extra hard to clean up her act as of late, but hasn't had much luck so far.

Skills and Strengths:  • Spent her teenage years on a ship and is therefore in her element in the black
• Can pilot small-size aircraft and knows what makes them tick
• Can play the guitar and has a pleasant singing voice, though not on the level of properly trained musicians
• Knows how to shoot a gun

Weaknesses:  • Does not know how to shoot a gun very accurately; her firearm skills are rudimentary
• Not a fighter in general
• First aid skills limited to "apply pressure and pray for the bleeding to stop"
• No formal education
• Disorganized, lacks foresight
• Has a bit of a gambling problem and is bad with money in general

The Darling Crew / Temperance "Mattie" Rooney
March 14, 2018, 05:12:08 am
Temperance "Mattie" Rooney
Player: Scout

Age:  22
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Gunhand
Secondary Occupation:  Crewman
Requested Ship:  Any
Appearance:  With her sun-kissed skin, tousled blonde hair, and a face that still retains a hint of baby fat, Mattie looks like your average farm girl, but walks with the swagger of a hardened cowboy. At 5'9", she's on the tall side, a fact only emphasized by the assertive way she carries herself. She's not a fan of frills and bows, and prefers clothing that is practical and tomboyish. Her tough, closed-off demeanor can make her seem difficult to approach, but she's got a very sweet smile (when she shows it).
Face Claim:  Jennifer Lawrence

Initial Personality:  Mattie's straightforward, for better and for worse: she speaks her mind and isn't in the habit of sugar-coating her opinions, however harsh they may be. She's a bit of a grump and when she does show a sense of humor, it tends to veer on the snarky side. She seems to be very confident in her skills as a gunslinger and can get cocky around people she perceives to be less tough than her. As an embittered browncoat and a sworn enemy of the Alliance, Mattie's particularly suspicious and condescending of core folk. She's also stubborn as a mutt, and it's hell of an uphill slog trying to change her mind about anything she feels strongly about.
Underlying Personality:  Mattie figures that if she hadn't been so adamant about standing her ground years ago, today she'd be just another farmer's wife with a brood of kids that she never wanted in the first place. That's why she's so scared to compromise: if she gives up on even one small part of herself, who knows what will be the next thing to go? She believes that the people who are truly worth being friends with will stick with her even if she doesn't coddle them, hence the brutal honesty. She builds a lot of walls, but is fiercely loyal to the people who manage to slip into her inner circle. Even though she may initially appear to have an inflated sense of her skills with guns, she recognizes when people are more experienced than her and tends to respect and look up to older mercenaries.

Known History:  Full name: Temperance Matilda Rooney
Date of birth: August 13th, 2496
Place of birth: Lilac, moon of New Canaan, Blue Sun system
Parents: Robert and Lenora Rooney.
Has five siblings: one older brother, three younger brothers, and one younger sister.

Her father fought for the independents in the Unification War. He was discharged in 2510 after sustaining a head injury that left him with permanent brain damage.
Other History:  Mattie was born the second oldest child and the oldest daughter in her family. 'Temperance' is what folks called her back then; it was only after she left home that she started going by 'Mattie' exclusively. Her parents were farmers on the Rim and their farm wasn't much to look at, so her childhood was spent in poverty, fighting for her parents' attention against her ever increasing number of brothers and sister.

When the war broke out, Mattie and her siblings were just children, too young to take part in the war effort. Their mother thought it would be best for the family to stay away from the entire ordeal; their father, however, joined the independent troops against her wishes. In his absence, the oldest children were forced to grow up fast and help their mother run the farm.

During this dark time Mattie made friends with Georgie, a mechanic's son three years her senior. The two quickly became inseparable. Mattie found that it was easier to talk to Georgie than any member of her own family; he seemed to understand her like nobody else did. Mattie often wished she could've fought in the war alongside her father, and on her 11th birthday, Georgie gave her his old bb gun so she could pretend to shoot purple bellies for the independent cause. Mattie was overjoyed with the present. Soon she was spending every bit of free time she had practicing her marksmanship. Mattie's mother didn't much approve of her daughter's new hobby, but let it slide because shooting empty whiskey bottles in the backyard seemed to be the only thing that cheered the increasingly sullen girl up.

Mattie's father came back from the war with a brain injury. This combined with his PTSD meant he was never quite the same again. The Alliance's victory hit Mattie hard: she had truly believed in the browncoats' cause with all the wide-eyed conviction of a child. Now the big bad dragon her father had failed to slay was starting to extend its tyranny to her home world. She tried to secretly continue her shooting practice with her father's service rifle, but her mother put a stop to that.

Since the farm had hit rough times during the war, and Mattie's father could no longer work as hard as he used to, the Rooneys were faced with a dilemma: they simply had more children than they could possibly feed. The sooner they became someone else's problem the better, and so, when Mattie was only 16 years old, Lenora Rooney made plans to marry her off to a local farmer's son.

Mattie, of course, would have none of it. She wasn't quite sure what she wanted out of life, but she most definitely knew that it did not involve becoming somebody's child bride and getting stuck on Lilac forever. When she heard that Georgie had recently gotten a job on a ship, she begged him to take her with him. She had noticed that he was developing romantic feelings for her, and told herself that she was falling in love with him as well and wanted to elope. She has since then accepted the fact that she was merely desperate to run away and used him as a stepping stone. To this day, taking advantage of her best friend - her only friend, really - and ruining their relationship in the process remains Mattie's biggest regret in life.

Georgie successfully talked his employers into letting Mattie board the ship, despite her not appearing to have any marketable skills. He tried to teach her a mechanic's trade, but she found it too difficult and frustrating. Her success with piloting was only marginally better. It wasn't until one of the gunhands let her practice shooting with his rifle that her hidden talent was discovered: she had the makings of a markswoman.

The gunhand took Mattie as his apprentice. This was when her relationship with Georgie started to rapidly come apart: he didn't like the direction she was changing, and had caught onto the fact that she didn't really care for him the same way he cared for her. Once the tension between the two started affecting the entire crew dynamic, it was Mattie who agreed to leave.

Young and confident in her abilities, Mattie began pursuing a career as a mercenary. It was difficult for someone of her age and background to get people take her seriously, and she spent a fair amount of time stuck planetside, but she persisted out of sheer stubborness. Eventually she started getting work, sometimes mentored by older and more experienced gunhands who were charmed by her spirit and willing to pass on their trade. She was nineteen years old when she killed her first man, and she has never forgotten how that made her feel: shocked, but at the same time morbidly elated, like she'd finally discovered that part of herself that she'd been looking for all these years. The life of a mercenary filled her with an intoxicating feeling of power, and being involved in all sorts of activities of questionable legality behind the Alliance's back felt like getting revenge for the war and all the misery that came with it.

Mattie hasn't been back home or had any contact with her family since she left them six years ago. With the increasing number of reaver attacks on the Rim, she's not sure if she even has a family to come home to anymore. She pretends she doesn't care, but it's slowly eating away at her.

Skills and Strengths:  Mattie's single greatest passion and talent is guns. She has a natural knack for marksmanship and is a great shot with a rifle. She's working on improving her hand with smaller guns as well. She can hold her own in a brawl against an opponent her own size, particularly thanks to her quick reflexes. As someone who's always had to get by with very little, she's resourceful and hard-nosed with a few survival tricks up her sleeve. She can operate mules and similar land vehicles.
Weaknesses:  Despite her efforts, Mattie has never really been able to grasp the mechanics of a ship's engine: there are just too many moving parts and too much technical mumbo jumbo for her to wrap her head around. Same goes for piloting. As a rim-worlder, she's used to a very simple way of life, and struggles with fancy core customs and, to an extent, core technology. She hasn't received much schooling, and considers anything more complicated than basic reading and writing skills a waste of her time. She's not a people person and her attitude problem has been known to get her (and occasionally her crew) into trouble.
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