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Phoenix OOC / Re: Phoenix Company OOC
November 10, 2019, 08:03:29 pm
Howdy folks! With Lomari on break I'll be taking over the narrations here on Phoenix Company for a bit. I understand everyone's eager to get the ball rolling and I am as well.  Tojo had posted some directions for the crew and a rough description of his idea for a job: something nice and simple to give the crew a little shot in the arm and get them solidified as a unit by hook or by crook. We'll see how that unfolds. ;)

Quote from: Travis Chao on November 05, 2019, 12:01:22 pmTHE BOUNTY JOB

Quote from: Travis ChaoThe little cabin/trading post is out on a trail in the jungle. It's sort of a stopping place used by those getting deep in the bush. Not a very reputable place, but even out there they got a code of sorts, like no stealing from the innkeeper and such.

There are six identified bounty jumpers. Non-defined other than not hard boiled killers.

Everyone will have been dropped off in the dark.

Plan is to have Mylena, Minato and Jax approach at first light, calling to the cabin acting as though not to surprise them. They can take whatever cover you think best, though the Mylena missionary bit sounds good.

Travis and Luke will have worked their way up close to the cabin prior to that. Luke up close to rush in the front or a side door, Travis away from the main door with pistol and rifle.  Once they get hopefully a few of them to come out, they take them with the required "BOUND BY LAW" strike quick with the non-lethal.

Can Minato make a taser, or purchase on the skyplex?

Luke and Travis move quickly hoping all will surrender. Declan swoops through the trees all intimidating like the marines are landing.

I would figure they would have talked it out the night before and purchased any needed clothing, gadgets and strap ties to secure the prisoners.

Keep it simple and we can just jump to it when we finish RP on the shuttle. NARR-Lomari is standing by to make us all look like big damn heroes.

Of course if you want to discuss in character, I'm good with that. And Travis, as I, are open to options, improvements and complete change in tactics.

Quote from: Travis Chao on November 07, 2019, 10:08:15 amAny chance of sending Minato some information from his tech searches on the criminals?
Give him some inputs to make.

Or the pilots on the landing bit. It is a dense area? Or not?

But yes. Looking for some hooks to get them more involved all across the crew.

I'll have Travis put the plan out there for them again, but so far little comment. I hope we'll get more this time.

Now that it's getting down to the potentially shootin' part'a'things.

I'd like to address some of the questions here right quick.

Minato strikes me as the type of individual to have browsed the in 'Verse equivalent of the Anarchist's Cookbook from time to time (Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, Raithfire). Given his background and experience, and assuming he's as familiar with hardware as he is data handling and software, I think he could get a functioning taser together if Dizzy helps him acquire or 'borrow' a few parts around or from Ruby. Here's links to a couple videos that can help with RPing that out:

I believe I can come up with some quick NPC profiles and send them Raithfire's way for Minato's search results.

The jungle is dense, with the best spot for landing without giving away their position being about 4 klicks out from the trading post. This will require a couple of miles walking, though there is a rough road used by rolling mules and wagons that carry supplies back and forth on occasion. No accounting for a midnight mule rider or what threats might lurk in the thick brush just off the trail...

In regards to proper attire, gadgets, and strap-ties, don't be too presumptive of what folk might or might not have on them. Check out what the Narration section of the Rules and Regulations says about the consequences of "bad RP" to see why. Not that anyone should find this hopeless. Just squeeze that gray matter. Mylena has black "work" uniforms and a protective vest. JAXhas a ballistic mesh vest and aged brown leather ought to pass as near to black in the jungle. Can't speak to Luke's attire as the fella appears to go shirtless much of the time, ha. Minato's like to be as prepared for the job as Travis, where attire's concerned. Everyone's assumed to have all their equipment with them, and that goes for Dizzy as well. Perhaps she's got some zip ties or rigging harnesses that might apply to binding to wrists? 'Course, there's bound to be some freight straps in the cargo bay...

A little note from the regular narrator before I wrap...

Quote from: Lomari on November 06, 2019, 07:21:15 amHi there! Narrator here!

Just a quick reminder that most of the above is considered how Travis and crew would like the mission to go. :)

Who knows how it will actually happen when we get there and I begin the narration process. Anything could happen!

Please feel free (and I'm highly encouraging this) to RP the plan-making and job-delegating.

Gonna echo Lomari's words here, particularly considering I've no intention of doing anything she wouldn't in regards to narrations. I'd suggest that Travis lay out his rough plan and everyone get a word in over the next couple of days real time before the crew heads out IC. Using the suggestions laid down here by Tojo and myself ought to get everyone where they want to be, but no job's without it's own little surprises. ;)

Anyone's got any questions, reckon you can post 'em up here, shoot me a PM, or hit me up on the Discord.
GuideBook / Re: A Note on Interacting With Site Staff
November 08, 2019, 07:15:38 am
While this topic was posted in 2012 and the site's Staff team has changed considerably over the years, it should be noted that we find this guideline as relevant as ever. That stated, the staff here at FS strive to be as open and approachable as possible and we feel these points are mostly for interacting with Site Staff as authority figures - ie. making a request, notifying an Admin or Mod of an ongoing problem, responding to an Admin or Mod's PM regarding violation of a site rule, etc.

This shouldn't be considered a guide to "proper etiquette" when it comes to casual conversation in the shout box, OOC or General Discussion areas, or Discord, where the general rule is simply one where common courtesy and common sense lead to healthy and happy conversation.
GuideBook / Re: State of the 'Verse
November 04, 2019, 04:11:19 pm

The following is for the interest of players and the aid of narrators. It should not all be considered IC knowledge.

3rd QUARTER 2519

As details of the Miranda Signal are more widely accepted on the Border planets as matters of fact, anti-Alliance and pro-Independent sentiments fester and boil. Things finally come to a fever pitch as a coordinated bombing attack committed by the extremist Independent terrorist outfit known as The Dust Devils rock the Newhall city of Heraklion, a rich and vibrant water-farming community heavily relied upon by the Union of Allied Planets as central to terraforming efforts. Whispers of a shadowy conspiracy funding the attack and widespread dissent abound...

With the terraforming of P/2028(White Sun)10 "Rubicon" completed, all Core Planets have been officially colonized. The milestone occassion is celebrated in the Core and by UAP loyalists across the 'Verse.

The UAP's "Miranda Affirmation" project has been initiated. I.A.V. Unification is commissioned to serve as the project's base of operations. Details of the project's purpose are classified at this time.

A call has been sent out for colonists with harsh environment experience and military background to assist with exploration and construction. Assignments considered extremely hazardous.

Terraforming of S/2180(Miranda)01 "Caliban" resumed. Fast-tracked, utilizing new techniques pioneered at Ita. Tentative completion set for 2530. The Alliance is commissioning a great number of transports to assist in the supply of an unprecedented amount of resources chartered for the effort.
GuideBook / Re: State of the 'Verse
November 04, 2019, 04:11:02 pm

If you have never seen Firefly or Serenity here is a bit of the history of the 'Verse so you can understand our current setting.  Most of this was taken from the Serenity RPG Firefly Roleplaying Guide. The bits in quotations " " are direct quotes from the History section in the Guide.

The year is 2518 and a long time ago we abandoned Earth that Was.  We depleted its resources and just grew so large as a race that the planet and system could no longer sustain us even though we had terraformed the Earths Moon and Mars.  So we left in great ships called 'Arks' to a new system that had been found amongst the stars.  "At least one full generation was born, lived, and died without ever leaving the huge, contained ships that crawled through the black. Naturally, some folk expected to encounter alien life, but the only signals on the scanner were the natural static of the stars. So far as we know, mankind is alone in the 'Verse."  Some lost hope and some Arks were lost in the transition, "but for every person that lost hope there were hundreds there to keep it alive" till finally we reached the new system.  However even though we had reached the system the terraforming process still takes decades.

"The first two planets terraformed and settled were Londinum and Sihnon, and they became the center of culture and business throughout the system. The governments of these two planets took an enlightened view of civilization. They worked to maintain order, but also encouraged diversity of language, ethnicity, religion, and expression of thought."  However you know that saying the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  " Mankind is restless, always looking to find greener pastures somewhere else. Pioneers left the crowded cities and traveled out to the most newly terraformed worlds, hoping to build a better life for themselves.
As mankind spread out, he brought with him his usual miseries: greed, corruption, crime. Disagreement over resources, trade, and political influence led to general unrest among the planets."

And so the Alliance was formed, a unified government that would keep the peace and set up regulations, 'cause if you control a person from cradle to grave then surely you can make that persons life better, safer and more secure.  Of course when there is power to be had there is always those that want to grab it for themselves no matter the cost.  And also with more control comes the opportunity to meddle and 'make things better' through alternative and often secretive means.

"But the Alliance had another problem. They feared their core citizens were going to be corrupted by the bad seeds who lived on the wrong side of the 'Verse. The worlds on the Border and the Rim were self-governing, outside the limits of Alliance control. Each world had its own set of laws and rules that suited its own particular needs. Folk living on these frontier planets had been forced to be self-reliant in order to survive, and they had come to be free-thinkers who saw no need for a lot of government meddling. The Alliance considered such independence a threat to civilization. (They also considered that a lot of valuable resources and real estate were outside their control!) For the benefit of all people in the 'Verse, the Alliance decided that every planet in the system should come under Alliance rule, whether its people
wanted it or not."

This led to the Unification War.  The Alliance had been surprised when the border and rim worlds were not so eager to fall under the Alliance rule with the opportunity of 'bettering themselves' and instead came at them with weapons determined to fight for their independence.  What followed was five years of brutality and bloodshed. The battle "that brought about the end of the war, was fought on the planet Hera in Serenity Valley. This battle raged on for seven weeks before the Independent High Command surrendered. Even then, some of the Browncoats continued to fight on for two weeks after that. Those soldiers who continued to fight even after being ordered to lay down arms were captured and tried for war crimes.  Ultimately, the Alliance released the soldiers and officers as a peaceful gesture to those outer planets now under its rule. Some look upon those who fought in the Battle of Serenity as criminals. Others see them as big, damn heroes.

Since the battles were mostly fought on the Border and the Rim, the Core planets escaped unscathed. To this day, many outer planets still bear terrible scars. Shadow was effectively destroyed, and it remains uninhabitable seven years later. Major cities on Athens were bombed. Several key land battles were fought on Persephone. Moons that had no strategic value, such as Whitefall and Jiangyin, were untouched, but they still suffered as a result of the disruption of trade. Supplies had been hard
to get as it was, and the war made it harder. Almost every person living on those planets saw their homes leveled, their businesses fall into ruin, their loved ones killed or maimed--all in the name of making their lives better.  Small wonder folk are still bitter."

So now we come to today. "Life in the 'Verse has returned to normal-- leastways on the surface. In truth, no one has forgotten and few have forgiven."  In reality the Alliance still only has main control of the Core planets though occasionally the do like to show their military prowess around the border and rim worlds.  While those in the Core live a life of luxury those on the Rim still struggle to get by.  If you can get a ship you can get work in transport and a couple of guns will help you keep the ship.  Just be wary of the Alliance and the Reavers as you go about your business.
Since we've got quite a few ships going and given the way certain things have developed here over the past several months, I feel that it's helpful - particularly toward the end of site-wide plots and ship crossovers - to establish a consistent timeline for all of our ships. Given it's our most recent addition, I've been working on plotting actions and events out using the foundation of the Phoenix Company as as our "jumping on" point. Courtesan presents a special case as it was established at a time when Empress was likely to be shelved and the Marty Miller character will be formally exiting to Courtesan after Empress Episode 1.

This will be considered a work in progress (WIP) until recognized by as many parties as wish to weigh in on the matter. Beginning early 2020, the plan is move on officially to First Quarter 2520 so all ships are on a consistent timeline. There is no intention to keep the FS 'Verse calendar consistently 500 years ahead of our own real world Gregorian calendar, we're just estimating that in 8 weeks time most episodes will be at a good place to close and early in a new real world year after the holiday season has ended is a good time to "start fresh".

Ship/DayDay 1Day 2Day 3Day 4Day 5Day 6Day 7Day 8Day 9
The Darling Darling Episode 2
Empress A Shipful of Dollars
D.S.S. Iscariot Iscariot Episode 1 Iscariot Episode 2
Odette Depart Newhall (Wushu: Repossesion Mambo - Newhall) Travel to Bellerophon* (Wushu: Repossesion Mambo - Wedding Crashers) Travel to Bellerophon* Travel to Bellerophon* Travel to Bellerophon* Arrive on Bellerophon* (Wushu: Wedding Crashers Cont'd) Events of the Eve of the Ainsworth Wedding Travel to Iscariot Arrive at Iscariot (SS Iscariot - Episode 2)
Phoenix Company Jax departs Newhall for Jyiangin (JAX - Love on the Rocks) Travel to Jyiangin Travel to Jyiangin Travel to Jyiangin Travel to Jyiangin Arrival at Jyiangin Travel to Greenleaf Station Phoenix Company arrive at Greenleaf Station Phoenix Company Episode 0: "Reborn in Fire"
Revenge Revenge Episode 2
The Courtesan N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

* - Assuming optimal orbital conditions between Bellerophon and Newhall, what is generally considered an 8 to 10 day trip is reduced to 6 days at average pulse drive speeds for an engine similar to that of a Firefly's; further reduced to 4 days at Full Burn speeds.
Introductions / Re: So happy to find Serenity again!
October 17, 2019, 01:02:24 pm
Hey there! Welcome back to the community!

You're going to see a lot of new faces but plenty of familiar ones as well. It's great to see someone return!

Unfortunately, anything prior to 2011 was corrupted and lost while the site was under previous ownership.

If you have any questions about where the currently active ships are at, or if I can help you fill in the blanks between then and now just let me know!
General Discussion / Re: Hobbies and Such
October 16, 2019, 01:10:07 am
Quote from: Buttongirl on September 18, 2019, 05:57:25 amWow, I almost feel weird replying cuz no one else has but I'm new so why not...

I love to write in my free time, and read.  I'm a huge comic book/gamer nerd (used to own a comic book game store once upon a time), love anything related to the beach, am a cake decorator and love to cook. Oh, and I kind of like this show called Firefly that was on TV once upon a was kind of nifty.

What was your experience running a comic/game shop like? It's been a low key day dream of mine, but I don't see it ever happening. Maybe when I'm in a more populated area it'll be different. We'll see.

What got you into cake decorating? Your favorite aspect of it? Do you like baking in general or more of the creative and artistic aspect of it all?
Absences / Moving.
October 15, 2019, 04:51:07 pm
I'll be spending the next two weeks moving. I'll continue to work on subaccounts, post, etc. as I can.

I've also deleted Discord from my phone and computer, so if you need to contact me for anything please message PM me here.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep3 - A Tale of Darling-Do
October 12, 2019, 08:00:10 am
After a longing glance at the doorway outside the Med Bay, Barnaby looked around the corridor and had to shake away the ghosts of he and his brother laughing as children playing at a game of tag. Pappy hated all that commotion in the "workin' areas" but Francine would often remind him to let the boys have as much of a childhood as they could in the Black. The idea of losing his family home stung deeper than any of the extended family Barnaby drew together on the ship might ever understand, but he also couldn't bring himself to commit to the kind of activity Rian suggested. "Can't have that. No sir." Pappy's voice echoed in Barney's mind, bringing the steel of Jeremiah Goodweather to his son's near to misting eyes. With a deep breath to regain his composure, Captain Goodweather took one purposeful step after another for a hanging, handheld communicator that still managed to reek of cigarillos even after all these years. "This is your Captain speakin'. Y'all that can stand up or hain't preventin' anyone from standin' best get to the galley right quick. Fixin' to have ourselves a little family meetin', 'n' we're like to have some guests."

And so Barnaby was able to lay out the details of his plan: Riot and Arlo were to prep the cockpit and prepare to intercept the turbo train; it was suggested that Viktor, following a crash course in machine operation, might maintain his pacifist leanings by operating the boom crane Darling utilized to lift heavy cargo into it's central hold; for his own part, Barnaby would join Abernathy and his boys once the ship had a hold of the turbo train car they intended to drop into. For some of those gathered around who were new to the ship, this seemed an awkward place to be planning a heist. For those that gathered here nightly for family dinner, it bordered on sacrilege. Still, they followed through with each of the Captain's orders as he accompanied his words with a knowing wink to Riot or reassuring nod to Viktor. Clearly Goodweather had something else up his sleeve, but as Viktor made his way to the cargo hold, Riot and Thackery headed for the cockpit, and Bandit looked up expectantly for table scraps, no one but Barnaby was any the wiser. Downright confused, more like.

After the crew departed, Captain Goodweather invited Abernathy and his men to make themselves at home in the Galley before excusing himself to make his final rounds to check in on the crew and fill them in on the reality of his ploy. If Barnaby hadn't been so preoccupied with maintaining his own morals and the safety and livelihoods of his own crew, he might've considered for a moment that there was a bit more in common between himself and Patrick O'Doyle than he'd ever care to admit.
There's an error preventing users from creating new accounts that we're working very hard to address.

Existing players can continue to post as new, approved characters on their OOC accounts.

If you are new to us, please hop on our discord so we know you're interested! It'd be a great opportunity for us to get to know you and your character ideas while we're addressing some technical difficulties.

Happy to announce that this issue has been resolved and we are currently hard at work regarding the Subaccounts issue. For now, please feel free to register your new characters with a unique e-mail address as before.

Subaccounts is a mod made for version 1.1 of SMF in 2009 and hasn't seen support from its author since 2011. It also doesn't allow for alterations and modifications of its coding to be circulated in any form, and therefore any easy fixes based on its structure are very difficult to find. In fact, the most highly suggested means of making it work for newer versions of SMF is to install everything manually which is going to take some time on my part. Compatible mods that can be auto-installed simply parse and edit the necessary code, but manual installation means going into each and every file that would be edited and doing it by hand with fingers crossed that nothing gets broken in the meantime. I can't really give a fair estimation of when this process will be complete, but like every problem we've run into before I will continue to do everything I can to make it happen.

Thanks for flying with us,
- The FS Admin Team
Wushu IC / Re: The Repossession Mambo: Wedding Crashers
October 03, 2019, 11:28:33 am




Amorru Reyes called out for 'the Duchess', her eyes locking on him in the endless second before they fluttered and abruptly shut. Charity Vornbach's lacy frills, dark chocolate curls, and layers of silk bounced as they hit the cold floor, shifting limply like an unwanted and discarded bouquet might quiver from the impact of falling to the dirt. Seething and incapable or unwilling to restrain himself, Amorru abandoned what common sense he was rumored to possess and drove the blade he pressed against Charles Ainsworth's kidney into the senior swindler and charlatan's shoulder instead. Ainsworth's philandering grandson dropped his sidearm, choosing instead to focus on the appearance of King's expertly aimed knife within his own face. Blood poured from the man's right eye, though his hands kept most of the maiming hidden.



The shot fired from Johnathan Mercer ricocheted off the gun in the floor before Sherrie could get to it. The shell lodged itself into the side of a nearby shuttle. Mercer leveled his aim on her and shifted momentarily between her and Charles, though the intended groom seemed more preoccupied with trying to remove the knife in his back.

"I'm sorry!" Amorru whispered as he rushed to Charity's side. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Though injured himself, Akhsar King joined Amorru in lifting Charity's prone form and moving her toward the back of their intended means of egress - a short-range luxury shuttle capable of reaching the nearest planet or sky plex so long as the objects in space stayed true to their known orbital patterns.

Johnathan Mercer kept his gun trained and watched all three members of the Ainsworth family while inside the shuttle Grace Halladay called for more room for herself and Charity. Grace's triage experience and knowledge of anatomy told her King's wounds weren't nearly as life-threatening whereas Charity's life essence stained bright crimson through the fabric of Amorru's half-cape accessory. Looking first at the mess he made, Amorru steeled his glare on Grace as accusation and prideful fury filled his jade eyes.

"Patch her up right, 'Doc'. It'll be good of you to do something useful for once." Amorru spat vengeful, unprovoked vitriol at his former flame and set at the controls. He blinked in disbelief at the blood on his garish cape, grabbed the onboard communicator and called out over the pleasure shuttle's external speaker system. "Anyone lookin' at leavin' best find themselves on board now-ish!" A shadow filled the open rear entrance, staring at the rest of the crew in near as much shock and surprise as they offered in kind; Octavia Wynn blinked as Amorru squinted back at her. Then a final noise shook everyone in the hangar.


Elsewhere on Bellerophon, Sean Finnegan held a blade against a delivery pilot's throat as a cargo shuttle plodded across the desert in Wushu's general direction. Recognizing the ship was surrounded by short range shuttles Sionnach knew to be the same style employed by the enforcers of the Moda Tong, the thief knew a decision had to be made. Jesse Walker looked at Sean as if very much regretting her uncharacteristic action when the opportunity to participate in a little light burglary in exchange for a lift off planet presented itself. An intervention absolutely no one in the situation prayed for occurred when Amorru Reyes' voice crackled across the comms array Sean wore with a warning. "Sean... Artemis... Any of yez... If you planned to meet up at Wushu and try to fix it... Don't bother. Its surrounded... For what it's worth to anyone... I know I really buggered this one up. King and Charity are hurt, we lost our ship, and worst of all... We never even got paid. So I'm sayin' ta Hell with Wushu, and ta Hell with the ruttin' Tong. Dunno 'bout the lot of yez. But I'm making for Iscariot."

While we're excited about the changes and learning to adapt to a fresher system, it can be a little frustrating when it seems like something doesn't work the way it used to. In most cases it does still work, just requires clicking in a different place or manually enabling a new option which used to require a mod. To that end, we'll be making a repository in this thread of some new questions popping up and an answer once we have one.

If you have any questions, or a fix you found to something that's been bugging you and hasn't been brought up yet, just submit that by replying to the thread using the code below.

[CODE*][B][U]ASK QUESTION HERE[/U][/B][/CODE*] (Remove asterisks and anything between these parentheses)

How do I switch subaccounts?
We're working on the old subaccounts mod, but in the meantime just logout of your OOC account and into the character account. It seems that most of the time these passwords are the same as the OOC account, but in the event that it is not and you do not know the password you can just PM an Admin and we will get the password to you as soon as we can. If you find yourself waiting and need to post for now, just post on your OOC account and an admin or moderator will modify it to be posted under the character account when they send your password.

Why's my avatar gone and how do I fix it?
It seems linked Avatars got wiped. It may only be avatars linking to http:// sites as the forum - being https:// - does not like mixed links like that, but this is unconfirmed at this time. Uploaded avatars seem to be fine. To relink your avatar, click the profile name in upper left and go to Forum Profile. This will take you to your profile editor.

Why am I no longer notified of threads I follow?
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How can I see the full site on Mobile?
To see the full site on mobile you have to ask for the desktop version and then turn your phone to landscape.
Bugs/Technical Support / Re: Change in reply look
September 20, 2019, 07:11:29 am
Please refer to this post. Hoping to have a resolution over my weekend, which is Sunday and Monday.
Announcements / Re: Cleaning House 2019
September 20, 2019, 07:08:25 am
I have verified that much of the forum and even the server's toolkit and resources are varying degrees of out of date and I am in the process of updating things as I go. This is going to take a while, so I am echoing other users' suggestion of utilizing a word processing program or other utility such as Word or Google Docs in order to author your IC posts for copying/pasting for the time being.

I apologize for the ongoing issues, but in addition to this workaround simply pressing 'enter' after you've copied/pasted your post will bring the wide panel back to where you can view all the buttons.
Wushu IC / Re: The Repossession Mambo: Wedding Crashers
September 16, 2019, 07:20:39 am


The situation grew tense for Amorru, Grace, and Sean as they were led to what the interim Captain suggested must have been an exclusive VIP area, though he couldn't for the life of him determine why Sean or Grace were invited. Amorru's spirits soon turned south as the trio arrived in an office presenting itself in a manner similar to a spaceport security detention center. Amorru's feet set themselves instinctively into a backpedal, but before he could get away their escort cut into them with a scathing tone that reminded the blade enthusiast of his own noble father's hellfire and brimstone reprimands.

The trio's attention was directed toward Jesse Walker, a skilled computer systems breaker apparently less skilled at not getting caught, who Mercer mistook as being part of the crew's plan. Mercer proceeded to lay out a plan more detailed than anything anyone on Wushu's crew offered up, though Amorru missed most of it as his emerald eyes scanned the brown-eyed brunette up and down as if sizing her up in more ways than one. Though Amorru attempted to interject his own opinions multiple times, Mercer pressed through without skipping a beat as he ignored Amorru's every interruption. Eventually the pilot resorted to raising his hand like a schoolchild, but remained unnoticed. The impromptu meeting adjourned as quickly and unquestionably as it began, but Amorru wasn't entirely sure he understood the older man correctly and suggested he stay with Jesse. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately for Jesse Walker depending on how she favored the pilot, Grace insisted Amorru was going to get the doctor out of all the trouble he kept dragging her into and more or less hauled him by the ear toward the direction of the estate's infirmary.


Charity seemed absolutely bewildered that a sharply dressed man she erroneously identified as the butler approached her with a bit too much information regarding Ainsworth's grandson, but King kept as keen an ear on his charge's conversation as possible. When he noticed Sherrie noticing Mercer, the acquisitions expert offered a well-timed joke that got the couple laughing together with him. Once Sherrie directed her attention back to Charity, Mercer was gone.


Grace and Amorru arrived at the suites dedicated toward providing medical attention to both guests and staff of the Ainsworth estate, first in silence, then in rising frustration, as Amorru presented an act much like an offensive parody of Sean's previous subterfuge. Nearly breaking into a full shouting match as Amorru insisted he "was totally pulling this off way better than Flannigan" the former couple finally managed to make their way into a conversation with the estate's medical staff without incident. Uncomfortable for many reasons, the least of which included lying to a fellow medical professional, Grace stammered her way through her request for the required pharmaceutical and dosage necessary to treat Amorru's myriad of personal issues.

Unfortunately the doctor became suspicious of Grace's mannerisms, prompting Amorru to slug him under the chin as hard as possible, sending the man sprawling into the supply cabinet from which he'd appropriated the dosage. Unsure which syringe and vial he actually needed, Amorru snagged something that looked right, assured Grace that he'd "Got it!" and proceeded to make noises like a wild animal as he herded her toward the guest rooms.


On the way back to the party, Amorru reached up and activated his comms unit. As much as he hated having Sean in his ear even when the Moda Tong informant wasn't putting on a show, he couldn't deny it's practically in times like this. "Sean! Get Jessica to the guest shuttle bay and the two of you boost us a long-range shuttle! Even if it's a luxury model, it might have the samophlange or whatever Art needs to fix the ship! I don't know what else that old coot's plannin', but I intend for us to be headed in the general direction of away just as soon as we can." Amorru then turned his attention to Grace again. "Awright, luv. I've gotta get my luggage. You tell our porcelain grease monkey it's time to bake biscuits, then grab what you can carry in your bag and we'll shove off!"

The pair froze as they made to round the corner into their hallway, a half-nude, lithe and long-limbed form rushing toward them with both hands carrying standard-issue service pistols and someone's security lanyard hanging around their neck. Their uncovered torso shimmered in a sheen of fine sweat as they puckered their lips in a kiss at the bewildered pair and shuffled past them before rushing off in the opposite direction. Amorru looked stunned as he watched the leggy stranger disappear down the corridor. "... Was that Bolin Babylon? Wow..." Amorru looked on starstruck as Grace rolled her eyes, then the two pressed themselves flat against a wall as they heard more footsteps running towards them. Very shortly after, two of Mercer's security personnel were upon them. Both guards in various states of undress and with lipstick smeared on their cheeks and collars, they jammed the push-to-talk buttons on their two-way communicators and yelled frantic instructions about a security breach and requiring assistance with the matter in the guest suites. Amorru smirked at Grace. "Huh. How's that for a bit of a break? Y'know, I'm starting to think this is really gonna work, after all."

...Twenty Minutes Later...


"This isn't working!" Amorru yelled at Jonathan Mercer, as if the veteran cat herder possessed no perceptive abilities whatsoever. Amorru and Mercer both had weapons drawn on Charles Ainsworth as they had his arms pinned behind his back. Amorru pressed the point of a dagger square against Ainsworth's left kidney, forgetting all about the exact purpose of their mission, as Mercer held a small pistol into the senior gentleman's sagging neck meat. To the onlookers included in the plan and those just hoping to make it away from Bellerophon in one piece, this appeared extremely counter-productive and decidedly unplanned. But then again, so too had been Ainsworth's wayward grandson's sudden appearance and subsequent taking of Charity for a hostage.

Things seemed like they were headed in the right direction when Amorru and Grace re-entered the Observatory. Captain Reyes took advantage of the security kerfuffle by claiming an abundant handful of the future Mrs. Ainsworth's buttocks, insisting that she have one more go with a real man before spending her life climbing on top of a man who looked half a corpse. Charles Ainsworth insisted that looks were often very deceiving and insisted that Mr. Mercer direct the brazen stranger to the shuttle bays so that he might defend his lady's honor himself. Everything seemed to be going fine, with the rest of Ainsworth's security forces attending to the emergency situation in the guest suites. Sherrie looked on excitedly as Ainsworth and Amorru squared up and engaged in fisticuffs. Amorru left his guard open in an attempt to give himself the opportunity to stick Charles with the syringe in his hand, but the older gentleman's punch proved more stout than expected and Amorru dropped the dose on the floor after stumbling into King in a temporary daze.

Unable to relocate the syringe, Amorru said "Sod it" and unsheathed the short blade from the back of his belt. Ainsworth stepped back, instructing Jonathan to "Shoot this little bastard and be done with it!" Mercer instead snatched Charles from behind, set his gun under the man's jaw, and insisted they all go for a pleasant little ride. Unfortunately for all the excitement, nobody noticed when Charles's philandering grandson took Charity by the arm and pressed a gun into her stomach. The tension in the shuttle bay grew thick enough to choke the lot of them to death as Amorru licked at the sweat dripping over his lip. "So if it's all the same to the lot of ya... I don't think I ought to be Captain anymore."
Wushu / Re: WUSHU
September 15, 2019, 04:51:32 pm
Quote from: Helena Cain on September 11, 2019, 08:57:46 am
Update as of 9/11/19

Jono detains the rest of the crew with Jesse causing the plan to go awry. Wushu's crew is forced to escape, Wushu get's damaged in the process. They steal Ainsworth's shuttle and make their way to Iscariot where they recoup and decide who's staying and who's going.  Ainsworth is killed by his blushing and mildly homicidal wife via poison. With Jax's location unknown however the Moda Tong have no need or hold over the crew of Wushu, leaving them free to do as they please.


Quote from: RUNE on February 25, 2019, 01:13:06 pm
- Amy and Grace are captured by agents working on Bodwyn's behalf
- The pair are locked in a transport freezer or otherwise low key tortured and hauled toward Persephone
- During their capture, they finally hash out what happened between them and rely on one another to survive ("Love Stories" aside)
- They escape, but Grace is injured in the process and has to coach Amy through doctoring her up
- Bodwyn finally comes for Amy himself, leaving Amorru to abandon the crew and go back to Persephone
- Amy decides to just be an adult and accept his role as head of House Duschane
- Estrella is the acting Head of the House following their father's death and mother's subsequent illness, and she secretly kinda wants Amorru executed before his 30th birthday so he can't enact his majority rights and unseat her
- Wushu arrives at Persephone looking for their wayward Captain (thanks to Charity's discovery of the Academy emblem on the hilt of his sword from)
- Estrella makes nice and invites the crew to stay on the Duschane grounds as her guests, finds a surprisingly formidable opponent in Charity during a "friendly" round of The Lying Game 
- Mama Duschane's doctor is a slippery ta ma de name Tom Phelps, and something just ain't sitting right with Grace
- Surprise! Estrella reveals the big event she's been planning for Amy is his execution
- Swashbuckling and shenanigans ensue

Hoping this subplot can be worked into any future plans, adjusting as needed for whether Scoro stays on with Grace or not.
Bugs/Technical Support / Re: Aid in adding photos
September 15, 2019, 02:35:05 pm
By the time I saw this, the application already had a photo in it. Did you get everything sorted out like you wanted?
On hold / Francis Ramsay St. Michael
September 15, 2019, 11:23:49 am
Francis Ramsay "Frank the Tank" St. Michael

Age:  39
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Spacer
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Certified Powerloader Operator
Equipment:  Federal Powerloader License, coveralls, worn boots, back brace, carpal tunnel gloves, bottle of extra strength anti-inflammatory medication, case of cold brewskis, a modified .357 Magnum, and what co-workers believe is the same cigar he just keeps chewing.

Appearance:  Middle aged, stocky build, somewhat out of shape. Looks like he might've been an athlete once, but preferred lifting 12 oz weights if you know what I mean.
Faceclaim:  Mike Hagerty

Initial Personality:  Gruff, somewhat entitled blue collar type who always believes his age and experience is more valuable than any newbies to the crew fresh out of technical training courses despite the fact that he's never learned to do much more than operate a power loader. Is afraid of change.
Underlying Personality:  Is also afraid of dogs.

Known History:  Won't confirm whether or not he graduated high school, but loves to tell the story about how he totally banged three chicks at the same time.
Other History:  Didn't do either of those things, but has had two failed marriages and most of his pay goes to alimony.

Skills and Strengths:  Runs a powerloader like nobody's business. Does the same with his mouth. Claims to have killed a guy, but who knows?
Weaknesses:  Deathly afraid of dogs due to being bit by one as a kid, but always leaves out the part where he was throwing fire crackers at it. Isn't very smart, or confident, despite putting on a gruff act. Has more health issues from his sedentary career choice and otherwise terrible personal decisions than he wants to admit, and is always looking for a way to be compensated for what he claims are "work-related" conditions. The most the company has ponied up is a donut seat.

Wushu OOC / Re: I have PART of a plan!
September 10, 2019, 03:39:47 am
Quote from: Sionnach001 on September 10, 2019, 03:15:45 am
Sean's got some pretty specialized gear in his stuff on Wushu but it might be interesting to see how he operates without if for awhile until he can get replacements.

I'm reasonably sure whatever he'd be missing he can replace on Iscariot Station.

Whoever's interested in signing up with the new ship, please check here and state your interest in joining the new crew. It's at 2/5 currently and needs 5/5 to be officially approved.

Once that's done, we'll wrap this up. SC pointing out that nearly a year's passed in the time Wushu's advanced four days in story really tells me we ought to call it.
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