Shoutbox History
RUNE says: Busy busy busy!
Scout says: I am very tired
Lomari says: How's everyone's October treating them?
RUNE says: You too SC! Have a great weekend everyone!
Spacecowboy says: Hope everyone has a great weekend!
Monty says: Okay...Thanks
RUNE says: Subaccount mod is broke, but we have someone fixing it. Have to log in manually for now. If you don't have a password for a character account we can retrieve it for you. In the meantime, I posted under Monty for you.
Rolemancer says: How do you get to your sub-account?
RUNE says: More shout testing
Scout says: Scout Test!
RUNE says: I'm talking to you.
Lomari says: Where are we going? :D
RUNE says: These are the things we can do without. Come on.
noseatbelts says: Shout. Shout. Let it all out.
Axe says: Boop
Lomari says: Shout Test
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