William "Willy" Breene

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William Breene

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William "Willy" Declan Breene Jr

Age:  Forty
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Gunhand
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Pilot
Equipment:  One compactable submachine gun with a red dot sight. Two .38 caliber pistols.
One collapsible steel baton. One prosthetic left arm with removable skin facsimile(dishwasher safe).

Appearance:  Standing six foot two, he's fairly tall but not quite imposing. His boyish good looks remain, despite the multiplying gray hairs in his stubble and hair. Befitting his last name, he's of mostly celtic extraction and it shows in his inability to tan beyond "very white". He's got an easy smile but it always comes with a hint of deviousness, like he's thinking about how he trained the cat to poop in your shoes. He sports a couple of shrapnel scars on his left side, leading up to his left arm, which was amputated just below the shoulder.

William wears a 1-1 prosthetic that at least at first glance, looks like a normal arm, save where it joins his shoulder. This creates a visible seam where his arm literally plugs in. He's known to walk around the ship without the "skin facsimile" on and while it looks robotic without the covering, it lends him no advantage beyond that of a man whose arm needs to come off when he takes a shower. Though he can pull his arm off and use it to pick things up off shelves he can't reach which is very convenient.
Faceclaim:  Ryan Reynolds

Initial Personality:  Breene is a near compulsive joker. It's hard to get through any interaction with him without being at the receiving end of some kind of joke, ironic musing, or some other form of wise-crack-ery. Admittedly a defense mechanism, it's also one of his best assets. It can also be very annoying. Or endearing. Sometimes both. The single armed man would tell you laughing in the face of death can be just enough of an edge when you need it.

He is a former browncoat partisan so he is generally pretty icy to anyone who's affiliated with the alliance if not outright hostile but he's made a few exceptions. He had been trying to live straight and narrow these past couple years, and tried to keep his impulses in check, but he's not always terribly successful in that endeavor. Breene is known for a lot of things but self control isn't one of them.
Underlying Personality:  William is a product of his unique family life. Born to the black, raised on a cargo-hauler with a veritable gaggle of similarly named siblings, he set the standard for how to stand out in the family. When he had to compete with the other siblings for attention, his jokes got goofier, more frequent, his overall personality more bombastic with time.

While he talks the talk of a sarcastic nihilist, he's a man of deeply held principles. Something he got from his father, or perhaps their celtic heritage. The Breenes aren't one to moralize or even be that compliant with the law, but they have a strict code of honor and at least try to demand of their kin a sort of begrudging benevolence. This urge led Breene to joining the war after it was already over, and his stubborn adherence to the doomed resistance gave him most of the baggage he still carries with him to this day.

Willy would never admit it but he's a man dying to have a cause again. The time spent in jail hasn't broken him, rather it has been trying to find his way again that's reminded him just how lost he's truly been. While the one armed man is never going to submit to life living under the Alliance's thumb, and just keeps telling everyone all he wants is a paycheck, and a bunk. But that's a god-damn lie.

The celtic pilot and ex-con has a surprising capacity for leadership. While he tries to avoid situations of leadership, when bullets start flying, and all the lights start blinking red on the ship's display, he will be the perversely grinning face of calm. Maybe he's run out of things to be scared of, or just doesn't give a damn anymore, the one armed gunslinger can get the job done.

Known History:  - Born to William Breene and Tessa Breene on their cargo-ship the Bobby Sands
- Completes the Alliance basic learning comprehension exam, a sort of SAT for home-school children of the Alliance.
- Arrested for public indecency (Arrest records note he was found passed out in a dumpster by one of the more popular clubs on Ariel)
- Arrest warrant issued: Providing aid or comfort to the Enemies of the Grand Anglo-Sino Alliance
- Arrest: Providing material aid or comfort to enemies of the State during a time of war, arms trafficking, and ten counts of aiding acts of terror. Found guilty on charges of arms trafficking, sentenced to six years imprisonment and two years of "inpatient psychiatric guidance".
- Released from Alliance custody, Breene begins five year probation. Graduates from the Sihnon technical rehabilitation academy, hired by Bovine Beauty Inc to ferry cattle to a processing facility on Greenleaf.
- Promoted to Pilot - suspended for unauthorized cargo transportation (Smuggling on the job)
- Terminated from Bovine Beauty - Hired as security consultant by Argos Inc (A holding company owned by the Miller family trust)
- Hired by Atlas Secure Shipping as a pilot.
- Promoted to XO of the Atkinson for Atlas Secure Shipping
- Docked six weeks pay for delaying a delivery to render aid to a stranded vessel.
- Breene is critically injured during a strong-arm robbery of the Atkinson, his left arm is completely lost, financing his reconstructive surgery and prosthesis through a Medical lending company. Debt has only been partially repaid according to records.
- Terminated from Atlas Secure Shipping for "Security Procedure Violations"

Other History: 
William Breene was born forty years ago during a two week trip from Ariel and Shadow on the flagship of his family shipping fleet: The Bobby Sands. Dad, also named William Breene, had some interesting ideas about continuing on the Celtic identity in these modern times. While William isn't the most Irish name in the family, all the men in the family were named some variation of William Breene for a millenia (according to him) and the Gaelic spewing son of a bitch wasn't going to abandon that tradition anytime soon.

The family was big and even though they had half a dozen ships flying under their green white and orange flag, they still were somehow practically bumping into each other constantly on the ships they called home. Willy as he became known amongst the family and friends who needed to differentiate between all the Williams, was often the center of attention due to his gregarious and humorous nature.

Though his father's stubborn political side, or maybe just the stubborn side really showed through once he got into his teen years. Forbidden from joining the Independent cause, he stayed out of the conflict until it was over. But Pa never said anything about joining the cause after it had already been defeated. The Alliance had already been knocking on their door for daring to continue delivering basic non military supplies to independent planets during the conflict, and by the time Willy was helping smuggle bombs for the partisans still fighting, the Breene family had been fined down to just one ship of their original fleet: The Bobby Sands.

Technically a citizen of the Alliance, severe punishments were threatened when he was caught smuggling plastic explosives onto Hela. William stubbornly refused to give up who he was smuggling the weapons for on planet, and after about a year of holding, the charges finally were thrown down just for smuggling, as they couldn't prove beyond a reasonable doubt he was aiding Browncoat extremists. Little known to them smuggling had only become part of his long resume with the underground.

With his family a bit peeved at him for getting locked up and sullying the Breene name, William tried to get back on track, but had trouble staying on the rails. The school for ex cons was a lot like high school from old Earth vids, mixed with a grungy prison film, but after he got that cheap looking diploma, he got a special asterisk on his file that made it slightly less difficult to find a job as a convicted bomb smuggler.

Jobs being scarce with the family business, he took any job he could get. Flying frozen bovine by-products to a cosmetics facility, even doing contract work flying and gunning for the Miller family's Alliance friendly security firm. He consoled himself for making money off the Alliance by stealing from them and cutting corners every opportunity he got. Eventually he'd gotten enough experience to be hired by Atlas Secure Shipping, a company that specialized in moving sensitive, dangerous, or classified materials around the universe. It was during a cargo-transfer for the company that his crew came under attack by a gang affiliated with the Russo organization. A grenade exploding next to him meant six weeks in the hospital, and one massive bill for the prosthetic he needed to return to work.

For Willy it was a decent gig, and a better grift. At first just to pay off his bills, he tipped off some people ready to pay for info about where some of the ships might be going. Maybe arranging a few "encounters with pirates" that were really just a way for him and the crew to run a side business selling military grade electronics and components, and occasionally weapons to those with the coin to buy 'em. But greed can become a poisonous thing, and Breene was one the few to make it off the ship in one piece, given he was already missing that arm.

Skills and Strengths:  Employee Evaluation: William Declan Breene - Miller Total Security ltd
Firearms proficiency: The subject claimed to have no pre-existing knowledge of firearms prior to their evaluation and inquired "which end the little rocks come out of", before shooting an 8.7/10 on their pistol accuracy test, then a 7.9 with an SMG, and an 8.1 with a rifle. Subject wouldn't explain their prior experience with firearms but against our best instincts he is certified for field operations.
Employee Evaluation: Atlas Secure Shipping Inc
Pilot evaluation: Subject arrived ten minutes late, and was visibly hung over and refused to remove his sunglasses. After coaxing him with a cup of coffee and an aspirin, the trainee was able to score a 7.4 on his takeoff/landing evaluations, then a flat 8/10 on his emergency landing simulation. Recommended for co-pilot duty during their probationary period, and increased drug/alcohol screening.
Weaknesses:  Miller Total Security Disciplinary memo: William Declan Breene:

Agent is accused of selling counterfeit coffee beans to a local resident of Beaumonde. When questioned on the matter, the agent at first only responded in nonsensical sounds. Psychological evaluation == Subject struggles with authority being imposed on him, and with any they are delegated. Shows a willful and innate intolerance towards taking matters seriously, even those of grave consequence. Recommendation: Bi-weekly counseling and provisional revocation of security clearance. May treat the lives of those under his authority with a dangerous level of dispassion or recklessness.
Physical evaluation: Agent Breene is in excellent condition save for his amputated left arm. The x211 model prosthesis he employs is top of the line for base-level limb replacement but can be hampered with by strong enough electromagnetic interference. Agent's prior criminal record bars him from any defense enhancements in his artificial limb.

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