Cooper Brown

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Cooper Brown

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Cooper Angus Brown

Age:  Forty Two

Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Mechanic

Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gunhand

Appearance:  Cooper wears his years visibly, but the wear and tear suits him. His hands carry the calluses of a man who's been taking engines apart since he could walk. The war didn't leave him with too many scars you can see, he luckily came out near un-scathed. His hair is brown, but in his youth it looked closer to blond, but the more time he spent indoors the sun-bleaching faded.

Just under six feet tall, and of a moderate build, it's not immediately his stature that can intimidate, rather the longaway stare behind his eyes. Eyes that have seen a great deal of violence, fighting to be held back from resurfacing. There is a sort of awkward brutish handsomeness to him despite his somewhat "haunted" aura.

Faceclaim:  Joel Edgerton

Initial Personality:  He's typically reserved, and even hides his natural accent, taking on a New Melbourne accent he acquired back during the war. He is also polite and deferential to a fault. He'd rather absorb a little embarrassment than get into a scrap that'll risk his pi gu. He isn't a natural with people, but when it comes to machines, he's ten times more confident than he is with conversation.

One thing that people will quickly pick up on is that he refuses alcohol and is cagey as to why he abstains. He gets all the buzz he needs from a fresh cup of coffee and a book these days.

Underlying Personality:  Brown's steely blue eyes can also convey a sort of awkward brutish charm and his years in space and the war have him chock full of riveting tales of heroism and tragedy. He doesn't like to dominate the group but prefers to be part of a team, and the clarity of having orders to follow is a welcome thing to him.

And despite his being banished from the Golden Trail, he still honors their religious practices. He keeps a few unexotic looking pieces of the ship he was born on, but they're kept in something of a shrine, surrounded by incense and candles. It isn't unusual for a crew member to catch him simply standing silently in front of the shrine for long periods at a time.

But when pushed far enough, or if his crew is in danger, those well worn hands will break bone and those peaceful blue eyes will take on another character. His careful and methodical nature as a mechanic gives way to ape-like brutality and ferocity. His culture considers crews and family to be one and the same thing, so anyone who serves at his side, even if he personally detests them, he affords them all of the loyalty that comes with blood.

Known History:  -Born aboard the Queen Victoria to the Brown Clan. No parents are listed, as the Golden Trail adherents don't believe in the traditional nuclear family. Instead they raise children collectively, towards specific goals within each clan. The Brown clan were devoted to the restoration and improvement of the Vic's engines.

-Cooper is formally banished after declaring his intention to set foot on terraformed ground, the gravest sin in their culture. He reports for training and by years' end was transferred to the 3rd Requisition Task Force.

-The 3rd Task force is dissolved after being decimated by enemy forces, official records of Brown's military service end.

- Cooper is arrested for possession of explosives, but his public defender was able to get the charges dismissed arguing as a mechanic only had the base chemicals and could have been using them to synthesize fuel. But Brown's file is flagged for possible extremist ties.

- Brown begins doing contractor work as a mechanic for various vessels including The St David, the Gertrude, and for a brief time with a private security firm. Current records indicate he is unemployed and a resident of Iscariot station.

Other History:  Cooper Brown grew up in a nomadic group of Spacers that have been living in the black, they claim, since humanity arrived in his patch of space. Story goes the "Golden Trail" stayed in their generation ships, some went off looking for a prophetic homeland that requires no terraforming. Other stayed, orbiting the outer worlds and trying to repair and improve their vessels for the great journey across the stars. The Queen Victoria is the last of those ships he was told, and from the moment he could grip a screw-driver, he and everyone in his family's purpose was to maintain and improve their mothership. It would be his destiny to help them finally achieve FTL.

That was until he got into his teens and started to grasp the physics problems with cracking FTL, and his faith started to crack. Then came the war. Many of their supply and trade ships were destroyed alongside anything else bringing useful supplies to anyone in the rim. When his older brother died on one of those supply ships. He took on a blood debt until his vengeance could be extracted.

Perhaps naively, he hoped this would save him from banishment when he informed the family elders. They immediately stuffed him in an escape pod and shot him towards the closest planet under Browncoat control. He was quickly identified as former Golden Trail by  his peculiar speech and was "volun-told" to join a special task force that would be trying to commandeer Alliance ships. But, the war turned ugly too fast by the time he got out of training.

Fast forward a few years and Cooper's the last man from his outfit alive, and bouncing from unit to unit, helping design and build fortifications and even jury rigging APCs and ambulances out of whatever vehicles were around and had a half working engine. The orders came to surrender and Cooper didn't quite like the idea of having to find a 3rd cause to devote his life to, and went underground. For a couple years he ran with a group of former soldiers and even a few crooks. They extracted every bit of pain from the Alliance they could. They destroyed equipment, sabotaged, and maybe even the odd assasination here and there.

But like any extremist group, things got out of hand quickly. As the violence increased, Coop fell deep into the bottle and despair. Finally he'd had enough, and he left. He took the first job he could find, on a cruiser carrying a bunch of Shepherds. It was a sixteen month long journey through every rock they could find, and not a single drop of booze, on the ship, and rarely a sight of trouble.

While the Shepherds failed in converting him, they did succeed in reverting him to his Golden Trail religion. He once again had his relics of the ship out, and started meditating again. Ever since he's been taking on different yearly contracts with different ships and trying to stay out of trouble, and avoid members of Golden Trail who might just as quickly ignore him as they might gut him.

Skills and Strengths:  Mechanic / Born Spacer - Cooper practically bleeds rocket fuel. Raised in the trade, he can fix just about anything if he's got the right parts, and even then he'll often just try and cobble something together himself rather than use the part designed by a committee back in the core. He also knows the basics of how to work the flight controls but isn't a very confident or particularly well trained pilot. But if he needs to take the shuttle someplace it's no big deal.
Soldier - Specialist Brown wasn't a super soldier, but he was run through much tougher training than the average soldier, and his time as a partisan. He thrives the most in close quarters combat where he can be effective with a pistol, or his trusty hammer.

Weaknesses:  He's not particularly good with first aid, or giving even basic medical attention. Even though he's tried to tell himself it's just like fixing a squishy bleeding engine, he can't really stop himself from getting all nervous and sweaty. If you're counting on him to patch you up, you're better off asking for a preacher.

Being an outcast from the Golden Trail, any adherents to their faith must immediately shun and exclude him. That means never trying to trade with their ships or even going near their booths at the shops in space stations. Members of his clan might even try and kill him given the chance as his transgressions dishonor them still.


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