The Remnant Project: Non-Canon RWBY AU

Started by TRP Staff, October 10, 2021, 10:53:20 AM

TRP Staff

The Remnant Project is set twenty-five years after the Great War in an AU timeline and is focused primarily on the capital city of Mistral and all those who inhabit it. The site has a progression system that is designed to last through years of user play and will attempt to deliver on the fantasy of starting off weak and progressing into a legitimate hero with a list of significant accomplishments worthy of someone with that title by way of seasonal site events that shape the setting around the characters in permanent ways.

• A world that your characters change through periodic events that unlock new abilities, areas, and technology for the entire site on successful completion.
• Post-Great War, Kingdom of Mistral focused setting with no canons, no rank claims, no maidens, and no God interference.
• Long term progression system designed to provide enough character upgrades to last years of OOC time, designed with exponential experience costs and gradual power curve so that even the front-runners are never untouchable.
• Points of Light type world with sparse human settlements in the vast wilderness resisting every day the periodic hordes of monsters, or Grimm, that are attracted to negative emotion.
• So divergent from canon that no prior RWBY knowledge is needed to play

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