The Wyatt

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Ship Name:The Wyatt

Ship Design: TBD

Your Characters Role on Board: TBD/Narrator

Style of Ship: Alliance Federal Marshals

Role play style: Heavy action/adventure

Style of Narration: Fully narrated with NPCs

Noah MacArthur is a newly minted Federal Marshall, a veteran of black ops he's turned a crisis of conscience into a new career in law enforcement and he sure knows how to pick his assignments. A backwater moon has been bought up by a single company that openly controls the local government and police. Allegations that their indentured workforce has turned into flat-out slavery has a defensive Alliance central government trying to keep another situation from boiling over. The crew of the Wyatt must ensure the safety of federal investigators and their witnesses and try and stop a second Civil War from breaking out on top of everything else.


Captain:Noah MacArthur (HumanHyperbole)
XO:Genevive LeBlanc (Lomari)
Deputy Marshal:Jack Dekker (Axe)
Deputy Marshal:Travis Chao (Tojoyama)
Deputy Marshal:OPEN
Marshal Intern:Rory Mayfield (Scout)


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I would like to put up my character Jack Dekker, former Alliance Military, Scout Sniper, Outdoors-man, Field-Medic, Conspiracy Theory enthusiast, and avid knitter.

I am currently in the process of tweaking/editing his app/history, so some things on there will change, but yeah. Not XO material, at least not for a while. So probably just a regular deputy martial. Team medic maybe? Or one of the team sneaks, marksmen, or sniper over-watchers? Or any of the above depending on the situation.
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I'd like to put in my hat for either XO or Gunhand, with Genevieve LeBlanc. She is an Infiltration Specialist, so honestly whatever crew title fits. 
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Travis Chao

And I'll toss one of my hats for Deputy Marshal with Travis Chao.

But not my new shiny black one, the one without any bullet holes, one of the others.

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