Pandemonium: Modern Supernatural Creatures

Started by PANMO Staff, September 19, 2021, 04:21:26 PM



Your world is what you make of it— your destiny, who you will become— built on your choices. This is our reality, our Pandemonium.

The supernatural creatures lurking in our own world have long been hidden from mortals, in their own realms, Heaven... Hell... and even those in between. Or even playing as human in the mortal realm itself. Yet, catalysts of chaos have set a sinister plot slowly in motion. A dark curse enacted, creating an artifact and a cursed being bound to it, that decimated the fae realm and made it unlivable. Such a horror wouldn't escape the attention of powerful demons, and so war is being waged in the shadows... angels against demons, good against evil... to keep this same fate from befalling Earth and those innocents unaware of the creatures that live amongst them and of their unnatural capabilities. No one is safe if the worst comes to pass.

So, will you play a part in the supernatural happenings of Los Angeles' magical hub? Will you run?—will you hide?— will you fight? What is your part to play in this world of secrets and intrigue?

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