S1: Ep2 - War Hawks

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Some of her glow had returned. Things were going perfectly according to plan. The Captain faltered a moment, suddenly suspicious of their good fortune. Then, she paused completely and frowned at herself. Since when was she the kind to look a gift horse in the mouth? Space was changing her. With a shake of her head that shook her perfect chocolate curls, she dismissed the worry and forced herself to move forward again. This was going to turn out just fine.

As the group entered the lounge, Charity's dark eyes found where King was sitting to the right hand side of the main seat, a smile rising unbidden to her lips. She met his gaze for a moment, then averted it quickly to hide the blush that crept up her neck. A hand rose to cover her lips and she faked a gentle cough.

"We can't airlock the diminutive prick. I already asked," Mister Cooper told the gathered crew members. Charity frowned a little. That option wasn't completely off the table.

"Thank you all for coming. As your leader..." Francis winked at Charity. She smiled back at him and nodded, as though she were in on this ruse. While he talked, she moved around the group to sit gracefully at the head of the table, clearly putting herself in the Captain's seat, King positioned to her right. She looked around the room and gestured toward a chair at the table once she made eye contact with their Doctor.

"I feel it is my duty to tell you that we're going to arrive back to Iscariot soon. We'll meet with Sebastian then. And, um... this was my idea... and...Captain?"

With that, the Captain smiled graciously and gestured to her left for him to sit as she stood. A bejeweled hand ran over the front of her embroidered dress, smoothing the fabric out carefully, her rings and bracelets glimmering and jingling in her typical display of wealth and fashion.

"As Francis mentioned, we will be docking with Iscariot shortly. Upon doing so, Francis, King, and I will be meeting with our sponsor, Mister Sebastian. We will inform him of our great success, all in thanks to the presence of our friend Francis, and impart upon him the importance of a change in our typical cargo," she began, starting with the bare bones and basic facts of the situation.

Then, her shoulders relaxed a little and she gave the room's occupants a soft smile of apology. "I will speak frankly. We transported drugs. Something I and a number of the crew are not keen on doing again and something we will be remedying before the end of the day. I know for some of you, this was not what you were expecting, this ship, this crew, this job, but I am thankful that you are here, nonetheless. And I invite each and every one of you to stay on with us, should you feel so inclined. We will need all of your skills and expertise going forward," she told them plainly.

"The floor is open, now. Please don't hesitate to tell me your grievances and worries and suggestions for our future," she said, extending a hand toward them before finally sitting back down and letting out a breath.
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Akhsar King

The Doc was the first one to arrive. "Mister King." Jed said. "Doc." King replied. After pouring himself some coffee Jed moved around next to King and looked at the medical boot on Kings foot. "I think we can get that boot off before we dock if you can refrain from any long distance walkabouts... I suggest a cane though, take the full weight off it when you can." King made face. A cane? He didnt need a cane! Jed had taken a few steps towards the couch, and King was about to reply when the Doc continued. "Might be useful given the station's restrictions. I can write you a note." He said with a chuckle. King blinked, and a sly smile spread across his face. "You know what? That is an excellent idea, Doc! A good strong cane, made of something solid. Metal or wood, not that cheap plastic stuff." No guns allowed just meant that King would have to adapt to stay sufficiently armed.

Next into the room was Cooper, who offered greetings. "Hey, Coop." King said, returning the mans nod. Cooper took a seat and paused for a moment before speaking again. "We can't airlock the diminutive prick. I already asked." King snorted. "Yeah, I didn't even bother floating that idea. It certainly would be simpler though..." He said casually to the fellow soldier, as if they were discussing the weather, and not the idea of killing a man via the hard vacuum of space. King noticed Coop looking around and made an easy deduction. "Coffee?" King indicated the pot on the table. "There's a darker roast brewing over there." He finished, indicating the coffee maker.

Just then the rest of the crew entered the lounge. As Charity entered, her eyes met Kings, and a warm lopsided smile spread across his face. She smiled back at him, and then broke eye contact to cough. King looked around the room and softly cleared his throat, his expression returning to neutral. Meeting time. He raised an eyebrow when Francis was the first to speak. "Thank you all for coming. As your leader... I feel it is my duty to tell you that we're going to arrive back to Iscariot soon. We'll meet with Sebastian then. And, um... this was my idea... and... Captain?" He coughed. King grinned to himself as Charity took over and addressed the crew. He watched the faces of his crew mates as Charity spoke, judging their reactions, especially when she confirmed the fact that they had transported narcotics.

"The floor is open, now. Please don't hesitate to tell me your grievances and worries and suggestions for our future," Charity finished, taking her seat. King leaned back in his chair and waited, looking to whoever spoke up first.
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Cooper Brown

"Yeah sounds 'arright to me."

The Aussie accented nomad took in a sharp inhale through his nose almost as if to punctuate his statement. The former special operator also was a mechanic, and he had a chance of being relied on here for his engineering skill more than his close-quarters fighting abilities. Sebastian wanted to employ him as yet another sharp edge in his knife drawer. No offense to Francis. Like a housecat that had stayed too long indoors, he barely would know what to do with freedom if he managed to fly the coop.

But maybe this was the chance. Cooper, forcing himself to speak more than a few sentences at a time:

"I can keep an eye on the ship. Sebastian's crew shouldn't think anything of me lurkin' about. Anything goes south, I'm here to get the engines warmed up."

He offered himself up to stay in a semi-vulnerable position. But if everything went to plan, there was nothing to worry about. Probably. If things got really bad he could leave a few booby traps in the engine room. Somebody gets the start-up sequence wrong and one of the VTOL engines explodes. Easy as pie. Though, if he had gleaned anything about his new leader, is that she might object a little to him lethally booby-trapping her ship. Best not tell her.

Pele Kesher

Pele should have been relieved to get the intruders out of her inner sanctum, especially the mechanic and his greasy work shoes, and she was -- for a moment. Until the meeting got underway and she was reminded of her real problems.

"As your leader... I feel it is my duty to tell you that we're going to arrive back to Iscariot soon..."

Iscariot. Her stomach turned. She'd tried very hard not to think about the fact that she might have to step foot on the station again, but now it was all she could think about, to the extent that she pretty much tuned out the rest of the meeting, including Charity's speech which was undoubtedly very eloquent and assertive and inspiring. Good for her; she could take care of Little Sebastian by herself. Pele had bigger fish to fry.

Whatever had happened Johnny after he'd attacked her? Did Cecil know she'd been spotted on Iscariot? Would there be a boatload of other hired crooks waiting to get the jump on her if she showed her face on the station?

"I can keep an eye on the ship. Sebastian's crew shouldn't think anything of me lurkin' about. Anything goes south, I'm here to get the engines warmed up."

"I would also prefer to stay on the ship, if that's alright." She let out a soft, joyless chuckle, as if her nerves were getting the best of her. "I'm sorry, I know it's silly, but... my last visit to the station left quite a bad taste in my mouth."

There. No need to overthink it. Most of the crew was under the impression she'd been attacked by a random thug; that was reason enough for her to be apprehensive. She cast an imploring look at Francis, the only person who knew there was something even more serious afoot... and also the person who seemed to be under the impression he was in charge.

Jedikiah Rembo

As Captain Charity indicated Jedikiah took a seat at the table. He sat straight and relaxed, feet on the floor and hands in his lap. As always relaxed yet ready, at peace yet attentive.

The adventure had been a disaster in risk, there was no doubt. Their success had been luck and skill over surprise and unpreparedness. These thoughts passed through his head as the Captain finished and others spoke.

At a break in the comments he rose and offered a bow to Charity. "I would be delighted and honored to remain as part of your crew Captain. If it is alright I would take a couple hours on the station. To retrieve the rest of my belongings and visit a few students."

"As for our adventure with Odette, the matter of the cargo requires no apology. I've travelled a bit in my few years," a slight smile. "A Captain gets her ship and crew a job, they get the job done, they get paid. Often the legalities and moralities will be difficult to know in full."

He then looked at Francis, "Good intentions however do not provide necessary preparations. Hopefully any future employer, same or otherwise, will see fit to ensure the risks and dangers are understood. It would be beneficial if the honorable representative, if we should be so fortunate to have such qualified representation of any the same or future employer, would be able to ensure a, . . " Jed looked around, "a more situational awareness of our opportunities."

Rembo tossed his head back with a little chuckle as he sat down, "So, thank you for your fellowship to date and the pompous senior advice is concluded."
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Odette Crew

Francis waited for Jed to finish speaking and found himself lost at what the man was saying. "What?" He said, involuntarily. He blinked. Can't let them know he was confused. "I mean, right. Of course. Honor and representation. Got it." It had been a long day. "So, if there's nothing else, let's um... dismiss. Dismissed. You're all dismissed." A very official looking gesture later and the meeting was over.

Taking the controls once again, Coop was greeted by a hail from the station that directed them back to the secret dock from whence they had embarked. Once they landed, Cooper would man the fort, Pele would stay in her room (presumably, unless she wanted to either get to know the Nomadic Mechanic or snoop in other bunks). The others would depart, Darius included though his destination was very different from the larger group. He'd be heading straight to the medbay to undergo observation while he healed from his wounds.

Landing went smooth as their interim pilot seemed to be good at what he did. Surely he'd prefer not to be behind the yoke, maybe a new pilot would present themselves while they were away.

On the platform, waiting for them, was A Man in a suit very similar to the ones that Lil Sebastian had always made Francis wear. In fact, it was exactly like those suits. He gave them a big smile. "Welcome back, Mr Sebastian is expecting you. I am Jairaj, but you can call me Roger. That is what Mr. Sebastian has decided to call me. If you'll follow me..." He gestured them to the elevator.

Francis narrowed his eyes on the man. Who the hell was he?

[Velocity (and Chips) enter from: Iscariot S1: Ep6 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered."]

Velocity and Chips

Subtle music crackled out of the one working speaker left in this lift, the tune familiar but lost to memory. The Stranger stood awkwardly, hands clasped at his belt, and hummed along wordlessly.  "This song reminds me of my nan." The lift chimed that they were at the appropriate level, and he ushered them out without any context for his outburst, to a familiar location Velocity was at not long ago. Lil Sebastian's. Before they could get much closer, a system wide alert broadcast in all directions.


Eyes wide, the man took off at a run towards Lil Sebastian's, seemingly forgetting that Velocity was even there. Her friend, Chips, quickly dropped her hand and ran the other direction. "Sorry! If I get pinched, it'll be big trouble for me! Good luck! Come see me next time!" he called cheerily, waving and smiling warmly. Then, he turned tail and ran for the nearest bulkhead, which pulled aside for a Chips-sized hatch, hidden in the steel. It slammed closed behind him and Velocity was alone.


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"Yeah sounds 'arright to me," Mister Cooper agreed. Charity let out a breath, the knot in her stomach slowly untangling herself. She set a hand over her belly to ease the feeling. "I can keep an eye on the ship..." he continued and the Captain nodded her head in agreement. It would be best to have a quick getaway ready just in case Little Sebastian wasn't too keen on changing the plan based on their demands. Of course, that would technically be stealing, but she could send him the money to buy the ship once they were well out of Iscariot's orbit.

"I would also prefer to stay on the ship, if that's alright..." Pele informed them. Charity's brows rose a little, and a smile tugged at one corner of her lips. That meant she was going to stay. Again, the Captain nodded in approval of the request. It made sense for her to stay behind, she just wasn't sure why it made sense yet. Charity would have stayed behind if she could. Alas...

"I would be delighted and honored to remain as part of your crew Captain. If it is alright I would take a couple hours on the station. To retrieve the rest of my belongings and visit a few students," Jed confirmed and inquired. Again, she felt another loop of the knot in her stomach pull free, a deep breath lifting and lowering her shoulders. She turned her head just slightly to smile in King's direction. This was going a lot better than she had anticipated. She nodded for a third time. "Have your cortex unit on hand, so that we can call you back quickly, should we need to make an...expeditious exit," she requested.

Once everyone had said their piece, she stood up and clasped her hands together in front of her chest, her smile bright and warm. "I can't express how grateful I am to have you on board," she told them, settling her gaze on them one at a time. "Well! Let's get to it, then!" 

Odette Crew- Away Team

"Welcome back, Mr Sebastian is expecting you. I am Jairaj, but you can call me Roger. That is what Mr. Sebastian has decided to call me. If you'll follow me..." He gestured them to the elevator. Charity frowned at the gentleman, her hands clasped in front of her lap and her jaw tight. She'd pulled on a wool cape over the red and gold embroidered dress, as well as a pair of patching gloves, additional jewelry, and pinned the front of her hair back with an ornate gold hairpin. She needed to look as impressive and imposing as possible. This was her equivalent of armor. She looked at her crew, well at those gathered with her on the ramp and not still inside, and nodded her chin curtly before following Mister Sebastian's new man.

"Would it be alright if I called you Jairaj, instead?" she asked him, offering a polite smile and gentle tilt of her head. She didn't like that Mister Sebastian made a habit of misnaming his staff, but she didn't think today was the day to bring that up.
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Akhsar King

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With the meeting concluded, king realized that he would not have time to procure a cane before they actually met with Sebastian. So he did what anyone would do, first he raided the med-bay for a normal cane, and then headed to the machine shop to... modify it. It took him most of their remaining flight time, but he successfully replaced the hollow, light, medical style cane with what was basically just a length of steel pipe with a rubber foot on one end, and a bent, rubber covered handle on the other. It wasn't the prettiest thing ever, but it would do the job. He spent a few minutes taking practice swings with it, and a few more practicing walking with it. Once he was satisfied, he headed to join the rest of the away team as the readied to depart.


Odette Crew- Away Team

Kings eyebrows rose when he saw what could only be described as Francis's replacement. He wondered briefly is this would serve them by driving a bigger wedge between Sebastian and Francis, or if it would hinder them by making Francis jealous and eager to please his boss. King leaned in close to Francis. "Who the hell is this guy, eh?" He said, just loud enough for Francis to hear, and then cane-walked his way after Charity and Jairaj towards the elevator. "Would it be alright if I called you Jairaj, instead?" Charity asked their new guide. "What is it with your boss and changing peoples names? Its not like Jairaj is hard to pronounce or something. Pay must be pretty good for you to put up with that." King said casually, a note of genuine curiosity in his voice as he fell in step just behind and to Charity's right.
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"This song reminds me of my nan."

"Your nan?" Velocity queried, caught off guard by the statement and struggling to grasp the context. Before there was time for any response, the atmosphere was rent by the blare of the announcement speakers.


Velocity let out a small cry of fright at the intensity of the sound but it was minor compared to the effect that the words had on her. Suddenly she was back in the war, on a station that was under attack by the Alliance. The common responses to a stressful situation are commonly noted as "flight" or "fight" but it misses out "fright" and, caught on a station, away from a ship that no longer existed, away from the only place where she excelled, being the cockpit, Velocity froze, eyes wide, and her skin an even whiter shade of pale.

It had happened then, too but Bonnie had been with her. Bonnie had got her back to the ship and, in her proper place at the flight controls, Velocity had got them, and many more, away to safety.

This time there was no Bonnie.

But there was Chips and for a moment, a tiny thought, so small as to be almost undetectable, suggested that he might save her.

"Sorry! If I get pinched, it'll be big trouble for me! Good luck! Come see me next time!"

With that he was gone.

With him went the last known hope of Velocity reaching some semblance of safety. Frozen in place, her precious violin in its usual place on her back, and with no real control over her extremities, her bag slipped from her grasp and fell to the deck.

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Characters: Beth

Jedikiah Rembo

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Odette Crew- Away Team

Jedikiah followed behind the others with Darius Black on a stretcher. The seemingly secret docking bay didn't serve a purpose as far as Jedikiah could tell. How hard was it to get goods on a space station consisting of various levels of corruption. That was the point of the station wasn't it? It was called Iscariot.

It was probably status, even in the darker corners of the verse, and while not exactly a geographic corner, Iscariot struck him as just that. It was what had brought him, a chance to teach and interact with those of on the dark side of the wide gray line.

He moved forward as introductions were made. "Jairaj." A bow. The man said that was his name, what someone else; just another layer of the required homage that must be payed to 'mister' Sebastian. This was more and more interesting. "Would you direct me to the medical facilities? One of our crew had an accident."

There was no point in calling attention to the man on the stretcher. And the request for direction was sincere. Even a few days on the station had left Jedikiah with a strained understanding of where lay what and what was beyond it. The secret base aspect only made it more so.

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Odette Crew- Away team

Jairaj stared at Charity with a wide, unsettling smile. "No." His hand, which never stopped gesturing towards the elevator, seemed to be shouting at them to hurry up. "If you please." The smile continued as he watched them all load up.

"Sure thing, Rog'." Francis said with a smirk, and didn't like how vindictive he felt. Was he... jealous? "Doc, med bay is off the hub. Upper deck." A challenge. A glove across the cheek. A line in the sand.

Jairaj, still with that smile, barely blinked. "Surely you mean Recovery. On the middle deck. Your good Doctor Rembo has obviously done a fantastic job patching up Mr. Black. The Station Med Staff will be able to take over for him from there."

Francis had meant that. He entered the elevator, shoulders slumped.

Once everyone was loaded up, Jairaj activated the lift and took them to their respective destinations.


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Odette Crew- Away Team

"No," the man answered, zero hesitation or thought put into her question beyond the denial. Did he enjoy being called something else? Did he find some kind of joy in relying on someone else to make his decisions for him? She had heard of people like that. Charity lifted a hand to settle the pad of her index finger against her chin in thought. She wasn't too knowledgeable about the whole thing, but she knew she'd heard the men back home talking amongst themselves about something similar to this.

"If you please," he instructed, her gaze lowering as she followed his direction and got into the lift, finger still prodding at her chin as she looked through her memories for the term she was looking for.

"What is it with your boss and changing peoples names?...Pay must be pretty good for you to put up with that."

That was a part of it, she thought. Something about demeaning relationships being fulfilling for some kinds of folk. But it was more than that. He was likely being paid, but the way he seemed to take this situation seriously, as though it were who he was and not just what he did made it seem more than a job. She was fairly certain that she was right about this. Her brows furrowed, lips puckering slightly. What was it called?

There was some conversation about where to take the lawman they'd nearly gotten killed, a power struggle that ended in Francis' loss, and some awkward silence on the way up, but Charity was still lost in thought. Suddenly, she gasped and smiled brightly, her finger lifting from her chin to point upward, perhaps at her revelation. "A Dominant and Submissive relationship!" she exclaimed, eyes bright.

The lift doors opened.

The sound of people in panic filled the elevator and Charity flinched at the sudden rush of noise and movement. Her hand lowered and she took a subconscious step closer to King, her lips pursed in a straight line and a frown creasing the skin between her brows. Just outside their tube, people were running about in absolute chaos, shops were slamming shut and boarding up their entryways. She looked in 'Roger's' direction.
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Cooper Brown

Odette Home Team - Engine Room

Cooper Brown was trying to be patient. He took a breath and thought for a moment. He pressed his elbow up against the compressor as he tried to plug in a cable just within reach while turning a socket wrench to fasten in the whole new compressor housing. But his elbow wasn't working well as a 3rd arm, the whole thing fell out again and he fell back onto the steel bulkhead.

The series of Kurdish swears he unleashed was loud and unusually poetic. A few moments later Cooper was back on his feet but not in a better mood. He took a moment, tried to meditate, thought about drinking a bottle of scotch, suppressed the feeling, then decided to go for a walk. The walk brought him back round in a loop, to the engine room sooner than he thought. Deep in a stress-fog he resolved to alleviate himself of his primary stressor. Not having a third arm.

That desire for an extra appendage brought him to Pele's doorway once again. Last time she'd chased him away with haste, so normally he'd just give her the space she obviously desired. But he was in a little bit of a bind, given they were now the only people on the ship. He hesitated for a moment before knocking. Three quick taps. He stepped back a bit. If she was going to shove him out again, he wanted to be ready to back away of his own accord.

Waiting for her to open the door he remained stone-faced. He was expecting her to be annoyed, and to refuse to help him outright. Mostly just hoping she wouldn't immediately spray him with disinfectant. When the steel door finally swung open, his left eye twitched ever so slightly, waiting for the spray of aerosolized bleach. None arriving, he greeted his shipmate.

"G'day. Apologies for intruding. May I ask you a favor?"

Jedikiah Rembo

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Odette Crew - Away Team

Jedikiah didn't see it as throwing a bone so much as keeping one's crew close. Henchman Francis of Mr. Sebastian did seem to have some notion of being that. Crew that is.

And besides there was a point of if Darius Black was ready for recovery. In either case - neither Francis or their new acquaintance had understood Jedikiah's inquiry, or ignored it. Jed was familiar with the hub and the medical location, it was getting there from wherever they were at the moment.

With a slight lean Jed whispered to Francis, "I'm with you Mister Francis. Might be better for him to go through the med-surge before recovery." That didn't exactly correct the power play, but perhaps soothed a ruffled feather. And then the doors opened and the station situation revealed itself.

Dr. Rembo waited to follow the lead of the Captain but as she leaned toward Mr. King he took the opportunity allowed to move Darius Black on the hover stretcher out of the elevator and along an adjacent wall. Medical Bay or Recovery Center didn't really matter at this point. The patient needed to go there.

But as to what was going on, was venturing further into the station a good idea? People scampered like they feared for their lives. It seemed like some sort of potential decompression panic. Baring a command otherwise he moved slowly along the wall looking for something to get his bearings and being on his way.
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Pele Kesher

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Odette Crew – Home Team

Pele turned the engagement ring in her hands. Despite her earlier assertion that she'd flush it down a toilet the next chance she got, it was still with her, its diamond like a five carat scab she picked at when she had nothing better to do. Under the sterile lightning of her cabin, it looked oddly tacky, not at all like the luxurious piece Cecil had slipped into her finger all those months ago. Now she couldn't help but wonder why she'd accepted it in the first place, knowing full well its true cost -- not the monetary price, but the one measured in blood and broken fingers.

The knock on the door startled Pele out of her brooding, but she stopped any paranoid ideation in its tracks. The mechanic was on board with her. She'd seen the quick work he made of Johnny's kneecaps. Surely any unwelcome intruders would receive a similar welcome. She slipped the ring back into its box and quickly hid it in her lingerie drawer before opening the door.

"G'day. Apologies for intruding. May I ask you a favor?"

"That depends on what you want." She leaned one arm on the door frame and placed the other hand on her hip. The whiff of tension underneath his stoic demeanor did not go unnoticed by the former companion. Good. He should know to tread lightly when approaching her... although if she was being perfectly honest, she welcomed the distraction right now. But he didn't need to know that.

Akhsar King

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Odette Crew- Away Team

"No. If you please." "Roger" said, still gesturing to the elevator and pointedly ignoring Kings question. King shrugged and followed Charity, taking his usual position to her right. Francis and Roger had a very short verbal duel, which Francis lost soundly. King almost felt sorry for the man. Being replaced was never a good feeling. Even if your boss was a low life like Sebastian.

The elevator ride was mostly silent, but mercifully short. Charity, who'd been lost in thought for the last couple minutes gasped, seemly coming to a revelation. "A Dominant and Submissive relationship!" King let out a short bark of laughter, then gave "Roger" another sizing up look. He was about to say something antagonizing and quippy when the elevator came to a stop and the doors opened to the sounds of panic and rapid movement.

Charity took a step towards King at the same instant that he took and step forward and to the left, putting himself between her and any possible threat. His grip on his cane tightened in anticipation of eminent violence as his eyes and ears strained to locate the source of the people's fear. "You having a party you forgot to tell us about, Jairaj?" He said, threat clearly communicated by his tone.
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Odette Crew- Away Team

Charity frowned, a hand resting on the back of King's arm, just in case he needed to yank her out of harms way. She wanted to make that sort of thing as easy as possible. When nothing jumped into the lift to attack them or blow them up, her shoulders relaxed a little. "I don't recall them being this panicked the last time we were here, but perhaps this is normal?" she murmured to her companions. Her frown deepened as she watched Jed walk into the fray with the unconscious lawman.

"Be careful!" she called out to him, "And come right back once you're finished checking on things!" she ordered, politely. She'd had no problem with him wandering about before, but now that she'd seen the state of the station, she'd changed her mind.

Their guide shot them an unamused look before leading them out of the lift and in the direction of Little Sebastian's pawn shop. Thanks to the general aura and facial expression of her bodyguard and XO, coupled with the reputation of their guide and his employer, the throngs of panicked individuals parted like the red sea before them. That is, until they nearly crashed into the tall lanky woman standing prone in the middle of the walkway. The group gave her a second or two to move out of the way, but still she didn't budge. Could she not see them?

Clearing her throat delicately, Charity moved to King's side and reached out a hand to gently tap the pads of her fingers against Velocity's forearm. "Dear, you are taking up the walking space here," she told her with an apologetic smile. "Are you quite alright? You look a little pale, and perhaps a little..." she trailed off, not sure of the polite way to inform someone that they seemed to be checked out. The Captain glanced over at 'Roger' and then up in King's direction, before finally surveying the chaos around them.

A noise of worry slipped out of the debutante and she furrowed her brows. This was none of her business. This was none of her business. "Darn it all," she finally cursed at herself before sliding her hand down to take the taller woman's into her own. "Well, let's at least get you out of the walkway, yes? Come on," she murmured, a little exasperated with herself. As she tugged Velocity into the safety of their group, she gestured at the woman's bag and hoped King would pick it up if 'Roger' refused.

**Mild narration with permission from noseatbelts
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Jedikiah Rembo

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Odette Crew - Away Team

After getting his bearings Jedikiah decided that hallways and the current confusion of the station were not best navigated in his current location. As Captain Vornbach gathered another new face into her entourage Jed retreated with Darius Black on hover stretcher to the elevator.

Others crowded in. Unsure if he would be able to access the hub he waited. A formal professional looking woman entered the hub location on the control keyboard and scanned an I.D. In three stops there was no one on the elevator except Jed, his patient and the nervous third person that had entered in the hub as destination.

The doors opened and the woman hurried out first showing Identification. She indicated Jedikiah, probably that he had jumped the ride. Two guards stopped him with the stretcher halfway out the door.

"I'm Doctor Jedikiah Rembo and this is my patient Darius Black, form Alliance Military and Lawman."
After some shuffling around the door and moving to the side Jedikiah finished explaining his escorting the injured Black to Medical. Identifications, his and Lawman Black's had been presented. Darius's weapons were examined in the storage area under the patient, already broken down and taken apart.

The senior guard nodded and the junior escorted them to the Medical Recovery Bay. As they waited to be greeted by some medical triage he made small talk with the Junior Guard, "Anything in the hustle and bustle of the rest of the station to be concerned?"
Yang Style Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu
 - And Medical Practitioner

Odette Crew - Away Team

Such was the depth of her fuge that the fingers tapping on her arm didn't register and even the admonishment, "Dear, you are taking up the walking space here," drew no response from Velocity.

"Are you quite alright? You look a little pale, and perhaps a little..."

"Darn it all,"

"Well, let's at least get you out of the walkway, yes? Come on," The words didn't register, nor did the tone and timbre of the voice but the urgency did, an urgency that Bonnie had employed from time to time in an environment not too dissimilar.

It was enough to tip Velocity over the edge of reality onto the slippery slope of self delusion.

"Bonnie?" Velocity asked querulously. "I thought...." she started to say but stopped as her mind tricked her into believing that perhaps it had just been a nightmare, something that had never happened. She clung desperately to that sudden, unreasonable thought; "Bonnie!" she asserted.

For a moment she truely believed that it was her late wife whose hand had found hers. For a little longer, despite the slight wrongness of the feel of the woman's hand that enclosed hers, she didn't want to believe that it could be anyone but her Bonnie. For longer still, her subconscious continued to fight to perpetuate the delusion, forced her to keep her eyes averted from the woman beside her and even when that woman moved forward enough that she entered Velocity's peripheral vision, it was her subconscious that focused on even the most tenuous similarities between her and Bonnie to keep the delusion alive.

It was a delusion but, in the circumstances a useful one, one that allowed her to respond to the pressure and obediently allow herself to be drawn into Charity's protection.

Player: Clare
Characters: Beth


Lil Sebastian's - Away Team - Charity and Co.

The rush of people running from the invisible threat of Law Enforcement quickly died away and the corridor was suddenly very quiet as Charity collected Velocity, both the person and the rate of change with respect to her location. Jairaj/Roger scurried past them to make sure he was leading the way to Lil Sebastian's pawn shop, snapping his fingers for whoever was at the door to hold it open for them. Jai-Roger smiled and nodded at each as they entered the shop, chuckling at King's comment. "Very good, sir. Mr. Sebastian is waiting for you all inside."

Medical Recovery - Away Team - Jed

The Junior Guard looked at Jed sideways, fresh-faced and wide-eyed, he leaned in as if to share a secret. "I don't think so. It's my first week, so I haven't been here during a raid but the radio operator told me to hold my position so I don't know what's going on." He seemed to listen at his ear piece and gave Jed a look like 'wish me luck' and went back out the way they came.

A triage nurse appeared, older and tired, holding an old cortex pad wrapped in a heavy protective case. It looked as if the thing had been handled a lot, so this must be the one they hand to patients. In fact, that's exactly what it was, because that's what she did to Jed. "Here. Fill this out for your friend. Bring it up to the counter when you're done." And she left without waiting to see if Jed had any questions.

Jed was alone with forms to fill out. There was no counter in sight.

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