Hercules Holliday

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Age:  39
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Smuggler
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Gun-hand
Tertiary Occupation (optional):  Screw-Up
Equipment:  He's got a collection of stuff going, none of it lasts very long, or holds much material value other than that of their design; he's not sentimental. He'll likely be seen looking pretty damn good and armed with a side arm and, if he hasn't lost it, a backup piece hidden somewhere on his body.

Appearance:  Tall. Fit. Blond. With a smile that will charm the pants off of you, sometimes literally. He's got some tattoos and scars that remind him of bad decisions and eyes that sparkle with future ones. Always in a suit that looks slept in or a designer jacket with frayed edges, Hercules Holliday doesn't take care of his things. He avoids wearing the glasses the doctor told him would help him shoot better, and sunglasses when he's indoors.
Faceclaim:  Ryan Gosling

Initial Personality:  Confident and mischievous, Holliday knows how to get what he wants with a well placed flirt or canny bribe. He's a doer, a getter, a faker, and a shaker. He's spent most of his life dodging the law or working for them; whatever paid better. He's the guy you call when you need something done.
Underlying Personality:  That's all mostly bullsh*t. Holliday- and it's always Holliday, he hates his given name- is a perpetual screw up. Sure, he comes out ahead more times than not but that's luck more than anything. He drowns his failure in recreational drugs and alcohol, sex with strangers, and running from his problems. But the important thing to remember is that he does - usually - get the job done.

Known History: 
Born: 2480. Ezra
Parents: Father, Hephaestus Holliday (Deceased). Mother, Jeanie May Holliday.
Siblings: Hiram 2471, Helen 2475, Homer 2478, Hippolyta 2479.

Academic records:
(No official childhood records.)
2503 Enrolled Osiris Police Academy (never served)

Occupational Record:
-2497 Deputized by Sheriff Henrietta Jackson. (Ezra)
-2499 Deputized by Marshall Ozzy Woo. (Ezra)
-2499 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Crewhand
-2501 Beylix Reclamation Ltd. - Laborer (Beylix)
-2502 Linder Steele Works - Laborer (Athens)
-2502 AA Security Consultants - Contractor (Bellerophon)
-2504 The La La Club - Security (Osiris)
-2505 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Chief of Security
-2508 Transport Ship - The Hard Count - Owner/Captain
-2509 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Crewhand
-2511 AA Security Consultants - Asst. Manager (Bellerophon)
-2512 Transport Ship - 八十八 (the 88) - Security
-2515 Holliday Ranch - Laborer (Ezra)
-2516 Deputized by Sheriff Henrietta Jackson. (Ezra)
-2517 Transport Ship - The Nevermore - Chief of Security

Military Record:
-2503 Enlists Alliance Military (never served)

Criminal Record:
-2495 Criminal Mischief. (Sentenced to time served) - Ezra
-2499 Wanted for Murder. (Charges dropped) - Ezra
-2505 Drunk and Disorderly. Arson. (Bail posted. Never arraigned. Warrant outstanding.) - Osiris
-2509 Drunk and Disorderly. Destruction of property. Resisting Arrest. (Bail posted. Never arraigned. Warrant waived.) - Ariel
-2513 Wanted for questioning regarding smuggling and pirate activity regarding the Transport Ship 八十八 (the 88)
-2514 Detained for smuggling and pirate activity regarding the Transport Ship 八十八 (the 88). No charges filed.
-2519 Drunk and Disorderly. (Bail posted. Never arraigned. Warrant Outstanding.) - Athens.

Other History:  Born the youngest son of Heph and Jeanie May Holliday, owners and purveyors of the Holliday Ranch, Hercules, as he hates to be called, was always just trying to keep up with his brothers and sisters. They were a tough lot, the Hollidays, used to life of wrangling cattle and tending crops; working the odd salvage job as it came along. And everyone helped. But as he grew up, the youngest Holliday found that most of the work was already done by the time he was tall enough to do it. And so a work ethic was developed of making a lot out of a little. His eyes were starward, anyhow, and making sure he knew how to ride a horse, fix a tractor, and plow a field were the least of his concerns. Stories in magazines of folks out making adventures on the rim of the 'verse kept him busy at night.

At the age of 16, nearly 17, he was deputized with his brothers and father to help track down a rustler's ring. Knowing the land and the ways of cattle and the people who ran them, the Hollidays made short work of the brigands and young Holliday killed his first man. He got a taste for the work, not so much the killing, and developed a strong working relationship with Sheriff Henrietta Jackson as second-in-command for the sleepy jurisdiction. But there wasn't much crime in their area, and as he was already getting jumpy, Jackson put in a recommendation with the Marshall of Ezra, which would expand Holliday's chances of seeing some action. "Be careful what you wish for" comes to mind.

Marshal Ozzy Woo had a reputation of being a tough sonofabitch. And that reputation was well earned. He taught Holliday the finer aspects of shooting and chasing down a suspect. Talking to and convincing informants to turn on their boss. Chasing a lead and a skirt. For six-months Holliday was mentored by the infamous Marshal Woo and, though Woo and Holliday had a contentious relationship, he truly felt like he was learning the skills that would cover him the rest of his life. This was true, in part, but not quite the way that Holliday thought. Marshal Woo was gunned down in his bed in the middle of the night. Holliday, in the next room over, didn't catch the killer before they left and when there were no more leads to follow, they asked him why he didn't stop his mentor's death. Why he wasn't killed also. Official charges were drafted after reports of their bickering came to light, Woo's demands clashing with Holliday's carefree attitude. There was no evidence for it, but Holliday knew when to get. There was nothing left for him on Ezra.

He signed up with the first ship that would take him - The Nevermore. Captained by Annabelle Li, a young woman who'd just taken over the family transport business from her parents, pitied Holliday when she found him at the bottom of a bottle. So she let him move boxes, turn a wrench, swab the decks, and keep an eye on the blinky lights in the cockpit. Over the next two years he learned how to space from her and slowly and strongly fell in love. Annabelle rebuffed his advances, citing rules about captain and crew relations, that he was "nothing but trouble", and countless other excuses. But in truth, she just wasn't that into him. Two years of rejection and Holliday had enough. He left the ship and began taking whatever job would hire him. He used his back and shoulders and hands and drank at night to forget that nobody needed him around. Osiris Police and the Alliance Military both rejected him. He drank as often as he watched the door for a bar called the La La Club. He was miserable and drowning. After a few years of that, and falling asleep with a cigarette and burning down his apartment complex, he asked Annabelle for a second chance.

As luck would have it, she was expanding the family business outside of the Georgia system and going 'Verse wide with transport. And she needed a Chief of Security. Three more years of adventures with a girl who didn't love him back. But this time he conquered it with a, mostly, clear head. They were successful as an enterprise and, somehow, Holliday just knew it couldn't last forever. Annabelle met a man, fell in love her own damn self, and got married. Holliday was happy for her, but miserable.

So, he entered into a deal with an associate, Peregrin Kapur, to buy and start his own ship. Loosely associated with the Nevermore, picking up the jobs Annabelle couldn't take, and creating a mini-fleet of transport and cargo vessels. There would still be adventure and excitement and Holliday wouldn't have to look at Annabelle anymore. It was perfect. Except that it wasn't. The ship, he named The Hard Count - a gambling term for cheating when the odds, namely security, is stacked against you - never left dry dock. The financing that Kapur had promised him fell through and Holliday lost his savings on his tough gamble. He went back to work for The Nevermore within a year.

He quickly grew restless and didn't stay there long. He got a job with a security firm he had worked with years before on Bellerophon, this time as an assistant manager. This consisted of him wearing a brightly colored uniform and installing security systems for rich people. It didn't take long for the job to wear on him, and as soon as he knew enough about it to think he could get away with it, Holliday made a deal to start robbing the folks he was supposed to be protecting. He made friends with an outlaw ship called 八十八 (the 88), captained by Makoto Nagano, and arranged more than a few heists in their and his favor. When the heat got too hot, he joined their crew officially and found himself on the wrong end of the law for a number of years. They eventually got caught, or more accurately, Holliday got himself caught and made a deal with the Feds to clear his name and keep him out of jail. Of course, that meant turning on the 88.

It was time to lay low for a spell. Recollect himself and clear his head. So he went back to Ezra to help out on the farm. His father was getting older (they found out later he was dying of an undiagnosed lung affliction) and his eldest sister, Helen, asked for his help. He wasn't any good at the work and hadn't done it in twenty years and didn't much care for it, but he learned quick enough and he was glad to help. It didn't take long for him to seek out trouble, however, and while in town one night got himself deputized by his old employer, Sheriff Henrietta Jackson. They rounded up some bad guys, gave them the short drop and sudden stop, and Jackson offered the badge and the jurisdiction to Holliday to keep. He considered it for half an hour before booking passage with the next transport, that just so happened to be the Nevermore. Annabelle and her family, she had two little ones by this point, were glad to have him back as Chief of Security and he was happy there, for a time.

But Hercules Holliday never stays satisfied for long. He now does some light smuggling based out of Iscariot Space Station, getting things for folks who need things. He lives in a shitty room above a noodle shop and mostly keeps to himself and out of Lil Sebastian's way.

Skills and Strengths:  Despite his youthful appearance, Holliday has gone back and forth across the 'verse more than a few times and has over twenty years experience doing so. He's done every job that you can think of, but none of them well enough to have made a career out of it. The one thing he seems to be the best at is getting into trouble, and then out of it again. Shooting he knows how to do, just ask the folks who lost gunfights with him. He can fly to a passable amount, and knows how a wrench and a spanner work; but anything more detailed would be best left to professionals. He's treated various wounds on himself successfully, and others less so. And as a young semi-retired outlaw and lawman, he knows the law and how to use it, and has contacts on both sides he utilizes in his smuggling.
Weaknesses:  He's a loser, to be blunt. There's some sort of unnatural stink of misfortune that lingers over him. He's never been able to figure out the math of having a life he wants to keep. Self-sabotage, pride, impulsiveness, greed, apathy; these are his sins. Also, as mentioned above, he's not particularly great at anything. He can fly, but that's mostly in space where there's less stuff to hit. His medical skills are laughable. He can do the act of mechanicking but couldn't tell you how a system functions other than whether it's on or off or why he's turning that bolt you asked him to. He's also not exactly a coward, but won't hesitate to save himself at the expense of others.


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