Billy Breene

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Age:  35
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  Outlaw
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Spacer

Appearance:  Billy is bigger than most of his brothers, though not necessarily taller. Like most of the Breene's, he's boyishly handsome but there's a vapidity to his expression that, instead of charming, he comes off as goofy and harmless. Like a puppy you want to rescue. He wears his hair short, it gets too curly if left alone for too long, and a beard out of laziness. He dresses the part of the outlaw, low slung gun on his hip, rogueish vests, practical half button long sleeve thermal shirts and a wide brimmed hat complete the look. He also has a bright red leather trench coat that he thinks looks really cool, but his siblings all made fun of it, so he usually leaves it at home.
Faceclaim:  Chris Pratt

Initial Personality:  Billy is a big dopey golden retriever with delusions of outlaw fame. In fact, when you meet him, it can be hard to believe that he's wanted on several planets for robbery. Impossible to comprehend that he's killed a dozen men, though if he told you they had it coming you might believe him. He is earnest, when he's not trying to avoid suspicion or act the rogue, and sweet when he isn't pointing a gun at you.
Underlying Personality:  All of the decision making skills went to his fraternal twin, Will. In a lot of ways, what you see with Billy is what you get. Big, dopey, good natured. However, there's a side to him that is contrary to that demeanor. In his pursuit of being a desperado, Billy has had to do unthinkable, terrible things. Things he would never admit to his family, though they all know. It's unclear even to himself why he has such a fascination with being infamous. Some childhood insecurities, proving that he's better at being bad than anyone else in his family, perhaps. There's some demons there. Couple that with a devil-may-care facade and you got yourself a hard drinker, a risk taker, and, often, a problem child. 

Known History: 
Born: 2484. New Dublin - Ariel
Parents: Father, William Breene. Mother, Tessa Breene (née Macklin).
Siblings: William "Willy" 2479. William "Willem" 2480. William "Will" 2484 (Fraternal Twin). Sloane 2492.
Academic records:
(No official childhood records.)
-2502 A William Breene with the same DOB is listed as enrolling at Ariel University but this is likely his twin brother. Several entries in his public record should likewise be credited to his brother, but are included here for the sake of completion. Such entries are noted with *

Occupational Record:
-2502 Cargo Ship - The Scarecrow - Crew Hand
2505 Cargo Ship - The Bobby Sands - Crew Hand
-2506 Recruited to Union of Allied Planets Federal Investigation Bureau*
-2512 Promoted to Assistant Special Agent in Charge - Union of Allied Planets Federal Investigation Bureau*
-2515 Celtic Republic Shipping - Laborer -  New Dublin, Ariel
-2515  Demoted and reassigned - Union of Allied Planets Federal Investigation Bureau*
Last whereabouts unknown
Military Record:
Criminal Record:
-2495 Criminal Mischief. (Sentenced to time served) - New Dublin, Ariel
-2496 Criminal Mischief. (Sentenced to time served) - New Dublin, Ariel
-2503 Wanted for Robbery. Six Counts. - Greenleaf
-2503 Wanted for Robbery. Three Counts. - St Albans
-2504 Wanted for Robbery, one count. Murder. Two Counts. - Jiangyinn
-2505 Wanted for questioning in regard to the Murders of the crew of Cargo Ship The Scarecrow. Five Counts.
-2510 Wanted for questioning in regard to the Murder of Rodrigo Montana.
-2515 Arrested for Robbery, Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Resisting Arrest, Conspiracy to Commit Murder, Interfering with a Federal Investigation, Fraud, Assaulting a Federal Agent. Charges lowered to misdemeanor robbery. Sentenced to five years. Fled on bail.
Considered armed and extremely dangerous.

Other History:  William "Billy" Breene and his twin brother William "Will" were born within twelve hours of each other, one on a Sunday and one on a Monday; their mother refuses to tell them which was first. Growing up with a twin can be a strange thing, but at least you always have another person there by your side to share your experiences. Trouble can come, however, when the twins couldn't be more different. Billy was big and slow at learning, but sweet and loving. Will was smaller (taking after his mother's family) and more independent. Oil and water, the two brothers were, each tending to follow separate sibling factions. Billy took after his eldest brother, Willy, and they took to causing trouble from a young age. Stories of Earth-That-Was outlaws (and present day ones, too, on the Cortex Feed) filled young Billy's eyes with stars and, when he was old enough, he caught signed up with a ship that had made the news not six months prior to them landing near the docks where the Breene family business headquartered.

The Scarecrow, as it was called, was captained by Egon Rook, outlaw of some renown who took a shine to young Billy Breene. The next few years were filled with adventures, none of them wholesome, but in that time Billy interacted with his family less and less. He could feel his separation from them grow as his conscience shrank. There was no mistaking what kind of ship Captain Rook had with the Scarecrow. Outlaws, Murderers, Thieves the lot of them. And Billy Breene was well on his way to joining their ranks. Not a year later he got his first ping after the Scarecrow hit six banks on Greenleaf in six weeks. Billy still claims it as some sort of record. The crew tried it again on St. Albans but didn't reckon on winter cutting them off at three. Their luck was pressed the next year on Jiangyinn. They were ill prepared for this venture and while they had never been shy about the prospect of killing anyone who got in their way, any professional knows that one doesn't need to pull a trigger to get what they want. Trigger happy security got in their way and Billy got his first two kills in their hasty attempt to getaway.

The crew fell apart soon after. Captain Rook demanded they try again, maybe a different system. And some of the outlaws felt the same. Some of them, Billy included, thought the heat was too high. Better to lay low for a spell. Words were exchanged. Bullets followed, and Billy was the only one who managed to get out unscathed. After that he went back home for the first time in three years. He crewed on his da's ship, The Bobby Sands, for a while, until his past caught up with him. Five years he laid low, living the spacer's life, doing everything right. He dated girls, earned an honest paycheck, even talked about taking over one of the family ships. His outlaw life was well and truly behind him.

But on a routine cargo haul, he happened to meet up with an old comrade from his Scarecrow days. Rodrigo Montana had been what someone might call a friend. Friendly, at the least. A sort of older-brother figure to Billy. But in the confrontation of the crews, he had taken the captain's side and meeting again all these years later, Billy found that Rodrigo had not forgotten their past disagreement. After a lengthy confrontation, Rodrigo was dead and Billy went back on the run. Why not, after all? You can take a man out of the bad, but you can't take the bad out of a man. At least, that's what he told himself as he drank himself to sleep.

Taking up mercenary work, Billy did jobs to pay for booze, a place to sleep, maybe a companion if it was a big job. But no long standing contracts. No friends. No family. It came to a head another five years later, while attempting a bank job with a bunch of amateurs, Billy found out his brother Will, now a Federal Agent, had been tasked with bringing him in. Will, being good at his job, found Billy and his crew almost immediately and what resulted was one for the history books. Billy was charged with a laundry list of crimes, in addition to his previous warrants, and was looking at a lifetime in prison. But his brother pulled some strings and saw that Billy's charges were lessened, and helped him skip bail. When Billy asked why Will, with whom he had never really gotten along and had chosen wholly different career paths, was doing this, Will only said. "You're my brother."

After that, Billy hasn't quite known what to do with himself. He's worked odd jobs, often under assumed names, and tries to stay out of trouble, often unsuccessfully. He's often not working for nice people, and he still uses his guns more often than he would like. He doesn't get home as much as he should. But he hasn't robbed any banks. And that's something.

Skills and Strengths:  Born and bred a spacer, Billy can handle most duties on a ship. He's fair in the cockpit, knows how a wrench works, the works. He prefers to use other skills he's picked up outside of a ship; shooting, stealing, riding, escaping; though he's trying to do less of that these days. He's also a middling to fair at card tricks and gambling games. And he very rarely cheats.
Weaknesses:  He never quite took to the spacing life like his family would have preferred. His piloting is shaky, at best; and he's really pretty useless in the engine room if no one is showing him what to do. He's head strong and cocksure and critical, planned thought was never his forte. Or, put another way, he's kind of dumb. He has a rap sheet a mile long and outstanding warrants on his head. He's also not really as good at magic as he thinks he is.


Equipment:  Twin custom single action revolvers that he calls the Solidarity Sisters, Susanne and Sheila. One he wears in a quick draw rig on his right hip. The other he wears cross-draw. Anything else he might be carrying is situational, and he tends to travel light. A pack of worn playing cards that he uses to, poorly, practice magic tricks.


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