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Age:  40
Gender:  Male

Primary Occupation:  "Account Executive"
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Criminal Enforcer

Appearance:  Tall and thin, he has a sort of mildly irritating, if slightly handsome face that goes from stoic obscurity to rubber-faced madness in a snap. He keeps his hair short and his face shaved, and Lil Sebastian likes him to wear a suit and glasses "Makes you look like you got a brain, kid" though Francis prefers neither. "Out of the office" you'll see him in a hooded sweatshirt and comfortable, yet functional pants and shoes.
Faceclaim:  Bill Hader

Initial Personality:  Quiet and unassuming, he seems a bit of an odd egg. Like someone who is trying really hard to make sure you know that he understands and empathizes with your feelings, but is really bad at it. He gets exasperated easily and annoyed often, but is often unintentionally very funny. He can be sweet, but seems to struggle with doing so on purpose. Also, it's Francis, never Frank.
Underlying Personality:  To classify Charles simply as a psychopath would ignore the trauma and life history that has led him to where he is now. However, does he have difficulty empathizing with and expressing emotions? Yes. Does he view the murders (among other crimes) he has committed for Lil Sebastian with a practical and forthright understanding that he knew they were wrong and still did them? Yes. Has he begun to question what that means for his soul and does he want more to life than being a thug for hire? Yeah, kinda.

Known History:  Born: 2478. Londinium.
Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Academic records: St. Gerolamo's School for Orphaned Boys 2478-2495
Occupational Record: No official records
Military Record: 2495. Enlisted Alliance Marine Corps.
Injured in the Line of Duty and Honorably Discharged 2501 with full Pension and Honors of a Gunnery Sergeant.
Criminal Record: No records.
Arrest Record: No records.
Other History:  Growing up in an orphanage isn't all that bad when you decide from a young age you don't care about being adopted, which Francis never did. He had everything at St Ger's; food, a place to sleep, and all the Catholic guilt and shame he could want. Once he turned 17 and the Nuns were finished with him, it was suggested to him that he join the military and Francis didn't see any reason not to.

Via aptitude tests, he was placed with the Marines, and through training he found he was naturally a hell of a shot. He had never held a gun before an instructor handed him a long rifle and told him to aim down range at the target. The retort scared the heck out of him, but his aim was true. From then he trained as a sniper, and excelled at close quarters combat as well; everything needed for... an infantryman. Despite receiving high marks in all aptitude tests he failed the personality test each time he was brought up for promotion. But he wasn't overly ambitious. They fed him. They gave him a place to sleep. And they paid him. What more did he need?

During one of the skirmishes that preempted the Unification War, he was injured in a mortar blast and discharged with full honors, he prefers not to go into how he was injured but suffice it to say he had to use a donut through physical therapy. He was injured in other ways, though. Less obvious ways. First and foremost, he no longer had a place to sleep or a steady source of food. There was a small pension but with the war raging on he didn't expect that to last forever.

He found himself aimless and lost on the Iscariot Space Station, where he ran afoul of Lil Sebastian's crew. They cornered him and demanded everything in his pockets. Called it taxes. His training and instincts kicked in and soon the three men were all dead and Francis had blood on his hands. Lil Sebastian wasn't angry, though. He was impressed and saw potential in the young man. Potential to exploit.

But Francis wasn't picky. He didn't mind the work and LS paid him, fed him, and gave him a place to stay on the station. He became what LS called an "Account Manager", which really just meant Francis ran collections for all of the stations criminal enterprises, and carried out enforcement of Sebastian's policies. You know, he hurt people when he was told to. And sometimes he killed them.

He's done that for the last fifteen years and lately, well, something has just felt off about the whole thing. Francis can't put his finger on it, but he's felt a sort of pull away from LS. He's tried to get LS to send him on jobs off of the station and each time he wonders if this is the time he'll come back. But, he always does. After all, where else would he sleep?

Skills and Strengths:  Expertly trained by the best in the 'Verse to shoot and kill his enemies, he's more than capable with any gun you put in his hand. He's highly proficient with a long gun and is deadly up to 954 meters (his personal record). He's is also trained to kill with sharp and blunt weapons, and hand to hand combat. He's generally handy and self sufficient, though doesn't particularly excel at anything other than killing and taking orders. He's also a surprisingly good dancer.
Weaknesses:  His specialized life skills are just that; highly specific. He can sort of drive land vehicles and knows how to turn a wrench, but hasn't learned the finer ins and outs of piloting or mechanicking. He doesn't know anything more advanced than Combat First Aid, which is really only useful if you need to stop someone bleeding to death. He also has some sort of undiagnosed personality disorder, but aside from interpersonal relationships and having empathy for the crimes he committed, it doesn't really affect his day to day life.

Francis Church

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A suit and tie, that despite making him feel well-dressed and fancy, really makes him look uncomfortable, so he tends to drift towards more casual wear. A satchel (not a purse) that contains his toiletries and personal items, of which there aren't many. A SIG-Sauer P220 Sport he carries in a shoulder holster under his jacket. He also has an Alliance issue Heckler & Koch MP5K-PDW (sans stock), an Intratec TEC-9, and a Blaser R93 LRS2 Sniper rifle which he hides in a customized guitar case (that also has a bass guitar in it, which he is teaching himself to play) as well as ammo for all of the above. As one of Lil Sebastian's ledgermen, he also carries a personal Cortex device with, you guessed it, ledgers and contacts for LS's criminal enterprises.
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Francis Church

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