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Rio Torvik aka Riot
Player: Axe

Age:  31
Gender:  Female

Primary Occupation:  Mechanic
Secondary Occupation (optional):  Security

Appearance:  Riot is of average height at 5 feet 7 inches. She has green eyes and sun kissed brown hair. She has an athletic build, lithe and slender. She moves with a light step, and the ease and surefootedness of a wolf. Her clothing prioritizes comfort and practicality over fashion. In spite of the fact that she showers daily, sometimes twice daily, her appearance is quite often dirty with a serious case of engine room hair. Such is the life of a mechanic. However she does clean up very, very well.

Faceclaim:  Lauren Cohan

Initial Personality:  Riot is snarky, fierce, and not in the least afraid to tell you what she really thinks of you. She has sharp edges that can take quite a while to wear down. She has a fire to her, and if you start out on her bad side you will know it. Riot doesn't mind throwing the first punch, or the second, or the fourth, or the last.

Underlying Personality:  Riot is fiercely loyal to and protective of her friends. She has gotten into more than a few bar brawls defending a friend, or a friends honor.

She is equally at home in a crowded bar, a nightclub, the solitude of an empty engine room, or out in the countryside.

Riots softer side only really shows itself after she gets to know you and really starts thinking of you as a friend, but once she does she is exceedingly kind, helpful, and caring.

She is a lonely soul, and a hopeless romantic who's never had a relationship last more than a year.

Known History:  Search: Rio Torvik aka Riot
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Rio Torvik
Born: March 1st, 2487, Beylix
Mother / Father: Rosa Kelly / Roland Torvik
Siblings: Tom Torvik (deceased), Erik Torvik, Gunnar Torvik (deceased)
Military Service: Suspected Independent
Government Service: None
Occupation: Mechanic

Other History:  Rio was the last of 4 children born to Rosa and Roland Torvik. Her older brothers were Tom, who was only 7 years older than her, Erik, who was 8 years older, and Gunnar, who was the eldest and 12 years her senior. As the youngest she was not only showered with love and affection, but also mercilessly tortured (albeit in a good natured way) by her siblings, and she tortured them in return. She loved them all dearly.

Much of her free time in her early years was spent in either the garage, or at her father's scrap yard. She loved machinery. She loved taking things apart, putting things back together, but most of all fixing things. What's more is she was great at it. Her father said she had the ear for it.

On her 16th birthday her brothers took her camping up in the forests an hour or so outside of town, and told her that they wouldn't always be around, and that she needed to learn to protect herself. Rio, now mostly called Riot (a nickname started by her brothers), readily agreed and they started that very day. Her brothers taught her survival skills, how to shoot, how to hunt, how to clean and dress a kill, and lastly all they could about self-defense, hand to hand combat, and knife fighting. And they knew quite a fair amount since two of them had already been soldiers for some years, and the third had been a cop nearly as long.

It was also around this time that she really started to get interested in boys (and girls, as it turned out). She became mildly infatuated with the idea of love, and dated quite a lot of people throughout the course of her late teens, and most of her twenties. None of her relationships ever lasted though. It wasn't (usually) the fault of either party; they just always ended up not really being a good match.

The reason for her brother's sudden insistence on making sure she was self-sufficient became apparent a couple years later with the start of the Unification War. Everyone in her family was pro-independent. All three of her brothers joined up almost immediately. Riot wanted to join up too, but her brothers made her swear that she wouldn't.

She found ways around that though. She started helping smuggle parts and supplies to the Browncoats. Which, while much safer than the meat grinder that was the frontlines on every contested planet, smuggling was still pretty high up there on the danger scale. They were stopped several times, and ended up in firefights more than once. It was in these fights that Riot killed for the first time.

Over those 5 long years she heard from her brothers off and on, but only saw each of them once, all on different occasions near the middle of the war. By this time they were battle hardened veterans, much harder men than she remembered. The end of the war finally came at the battle of Serenity Valley, and after weeks of waiting for news, Erik finally got a message through to the family. Both Tom and Gunnar had been killed during the battle, and Erik had been seriously wounded, almost dying himself in the hell of the battles aftermath.

After the war Riot and Erik returned home for a time, but both found that life on Beylix on the edge of the wilderness couldn't sustain them anymore. They'd both seen to much during the war, and become too accustomed to constantly being on the move. So after roughly a year, Erik headed back out into the black, followed a few months later by Riot.

Skills and Strengths:  A mechanic: Riot has that rare gift where it's almost like ships kinda talk to her. She also spent much of her early years in and around her father's scrap yard, tinkering with things, stripping and rebuilding engines, etc. She is an extremely skilled mechanic and has a very extensive knowledge of hardware and software in relation to star-ships.

A fighter: Thanks to her brothers, who taught her most of what she knows, Riot is quite a good fighter. From bar brawling, to military style martial arts, to knife fighting, she is a good one to have in your corner in a fight.

A shooter: Riots brothers also taught her to shoot everything from little .22 pistols all the way up to .308 hunting rifles, and just about everything in between. She's a crack shot with her .357 revolver, and with her customized rifle from the war.

A outdoors-woman: Riot knows how to move quietly and stealthily out in the wilds, how to hunt, and how to trap. She also knows how to clean, dress, and skin a kill. She is also very good with animals.

A survivor: The final thing her brothers hammered into her skull were survival skills. They taught her how to live off the land, how to find shelter, how to hunt, etc. Everything she would need to survive out in the wilds if she ever needed to.

A smuggler: Riot spent a large part of the Unification War helping smuggle parts and supplies to the Browncoats. After the war she continued smuggling on and off over the years. She's pretty good at it, knows good places to install hidden compartments, signs to look for if someone is about to change the deal on you, and how to lie straight faced to the feds.

A cook: While certainly no gourmet chef, Riot is a pretty damn good cook.

A child of several languages: Riot is fluent in English, Chinese, Norwegian, and can get by in Spanish.

Weaknesses:  Not a pilot: Riot has never flown anything in her life, not even a shuttle.
Not a doctor: While Riot does know a little more than the average person about remedies and how to treat wounds she does not have any higher medical knowledge.
Not a hacker: While she is very well versed with software when it comes to ships systems, she is definitely no hacker. If you need to get through a door without physically overriding it, she aint your girl. She can use the cortext as well as the average person, but has no knowledge of how to hack anything.
Not a scholar: Riot has no formal education beyond highschool. Everything she has learned past that point has been from her father, brothers, experience, or tutorials on the cortex.
Riot can come off as blunt, aggressive, and abrasive, which has gotten her into trouble (and more than a few fights) on occasion. She is a lonely person, who has trouble making real meaningful connections with people. She also has trouble sleeping without background noise, which sometimes gets bad enough that she abandons her bunk and sleeps in the engine room.



Mechanics tools, ship interface equipment, a modded combat rifle she acquired during the war, a hunting rifle, a .357 revolver, a more modern automatic pistol with a front grip and a suppressor, various knives and a couple hatchets, an assortment of camping and hiking gear, personal effects and clothing, pocket cortex terminal.

Riot also has a three and a half year old dog (probably more than half wolf) named Bandit, who she raised and trained from a puppy. Bandit is female, and a big dog, the top of her head raising a little over 3 feet high. Bandit is very well trained, and just a big sweetheart unless someone acts threateningly to her "pack", or if Riot gives her an attack command.


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