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The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep6 - Lights, Camera, Action!
November 22, 2021, 08:39:52 AM
"I'm gonna go see if they've got a shovel or somethin'," Mattie said before leaving. Tabby watched her go, still hitting at the snow on the mule with her hat. Her lips puckered in concern and her brows knit in the middle. As she disappeared inside, Viktor appeared.

"Rian! Tabby! Get inside and put your hands in front of that fire before you both get frostbite, for goodness sake!" he ordered. Tabby giggled softly and stopped batting at the snow uselessly. She pulled her hat back on, yelping and shuddering as the cold snow touched her scalp and the melted frost slid down the back of her neck.

"Fine... preacher's orders. C'mon, Tabs." Rian invited. Still smiling, happy to see that they'd all come out of things more or less intact, she wrapped her arms around one of Rian's and walked back into the house. She'd deal with being cold later. The state of her crew came first.

"I have no idea if we're running late for that new job but I feel like we need to hurry?" Rian asked and she nodded her chin downward.

"Feels that way," she noted, agreeing. She knew no one was kicking them out, and could wager that their next job wasn't entirely time sensitive, but they probably all felt like they needed to run. They were feeling a little better this morning but Barnaby's exit was hot on their heels and if they stayed too long they might have to think about it again. Best to keep on moving. At least, for now.

Tabby put her hands out in front of the fire and took a deep breath of the warm air coiling out from the hearth. "He'll be back," she said to the flames, her jaw clenching shut for a few seconds.

Once the doctor had gathered herself, she stood straight and wiped her hands off on the sides of her clothes.

"I'll wake Arlo and then we can get going," she told Rian, leaning down to hug him before she left him to his cortex.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Lights, Camera, Action!
October 14, 2021, 01:59:48 PM
"Perfect! I'll see you soon, Captain Carpenter! Ah what a perfect name!"

"Is that our new job man?" Tabby asked from behind and to side of Rian's right elbow, having been standing there silently for who knew how long. She pulled her gloves off, a pair of pretty pink knit things they'd bought the day before, and started putting them onto Rian's chilly hands.

Unlike yesterday, she was ready for the snow now, all thanks to Arlo and Viktor. She had on a pair of bright baby blue pants underneath a thick pink wool coat, her hair bundled up and stuffed inside a white snow hat with a puff on top. The fuzzy white rim of her boots were all that were visible above the top layer of snow. "He seems nice," she decided, once she'd been able to get the gloves on him almost all the way.

"Are we leaving soon?" Tabby asked, stomping through the snow with her arms spread out and steps unnecessarily wide as she struggled in the unfamiliar terrain. Once she was close enough to the mule, the doctor pulled off her hat and used it to hit snow off the vehicle as best as she could, her platinum curls frizzed and puffy from the chill air.

She seemed to be handling things well, if her typically cheery demeaner was any indication, although what lay bubbling under the surface of the pink veneer was largely unknown. With Tabby, she spent so much time helping others and observing them and their behavior that her own inner workings remained a mystery.
Darling Asides / Re: The Healer and the Honcho
September 21, 2021, 10:13:58 AM
"Let's get them boxes secured so they don't tumble. Trick, you and Hardy make do with that," the Captain ordered. Tabitha smiled brightly and looked down at the scanner in her hand. Hopefully she'd done this right and the ship's crew wouldn't suffer due to her inexperience. She wasn't exactly sure why she was scanning the boxes, but it was fun all the same.

Another gentleman entered the cargo hold and the doctor turned her head to stare curiously up at the man. Her smile faltered and turned to concern as she took in his 'not all there' expression and surly attitude. She set the scanner down, picked up the basket of apples, and headed in his direction.

"Good. Was worried there's a mutiny afoot. G'on then, fuck off and leave me be," he said, just as she arrived. Putting the basket on onto the nearest crate, she smiled up at him winningly.

"Good afternoon, sir, lovely day, isn't it? My name's Tabitha, I'm your temporary neighbor! Would you like some fresh apples?" she asked, all the while tilting her head and looking up into his face. "And maybe some tea?" she asked in a soft, kind tone of voice, reaching to set her hands on his arm but pausing an inch or so from touching him, waiting to get the go ahead or be told to similarly 'fuck off'.

"Yooo!! Let's BUILD A FORT IN HERE FOR REAL GUYS! We can get snacks and camp in here tonight it'll be hella chill guys!" Despite her desire to turn on her heel and join in on the fort building, she stayed by the elderly man's side and beamed at him, offering him the warmth of her sunny disposition. He looked at her, but she wasn't sure he actually saw her standing there. With a concerned pout, Tabby took a breath and shook off the visible worry, replacing it with another smile. "Let's get you back to your room," she offered, somehow managing to swiftly turn him right back around without much fuss. She and the elderly gentleman disappeared back the way he'd come.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Lights, Camera, Action!
September 13, 2021, 04:14:10 PM
"I am so sorry, my children. How can I help you? What can I do?" Tabitha felt the warmth of a mother's love in that hug, even if it wasn't her own mother. Her shoulders relaxed and she closed her eyes, accepting the affection and letting her be the lighthouse that kept these two lifeboats heading back to shore.

"Wǒmen huì zuò shénme? Wǒmen rúhé ràng zìjǐ chóngxīn biàn dé wánzhěng?" Viktor asked, and the doctor's eyes opened. She looked Viktor's face over, then craned her neck to peer in the direction of the kitchen where Mattie and Rian had escaped. She turned her gaze in Arlo's direction when he dislodged his hand from hers to straighten the place settings. Her brows furrowed a little. They were wounded. And she was a doctor.

Clearing her throat, Tabitha leaned forward to nuzzle her nose against Viktor's mother's before she slipped free of the hug and took a breath so deep she nearly coughed it back out. Her fist lifted and lowered into the palm of her other hand, her eyes wiped dry with the back of said fist soon after. There was no time for wallowing, her crew needed healing.

"So, er... sheep sound nice," Arlo said sheepishly and she took that line of conversation and grabbed it as tightly as she could. Her own pain and concern and anxieties were pushed into the back of her mind as hard as possible, to be dealt with when she was alone. "You know, soft little lambs and whatnot," he added. Tabitha nodded firmly.

"Yes!" she exclaimed, turning to look back at Viktor and his mother, before she knelt down by his chair and reached out to grab both of his hands in hers. "Sheep do sound nice. Our Rian is acting Captain, how exciting!" she began, offering the shepherd her brightest smile. "And we have a new job! We can do this job and make some money and when Barnaby comes home, he'll be so proud of us," she added, her brows twitching with uncertainty once before she shook it off. Literally. She brought his hands toward her face, rested the backs of them on her forehead, then stood again and put her hands on her hips a la Peter Pan.

"Mister Arlo, aren't you a writer? Won't it be fun to spend some time with a fellow lit...erator? You can share stories and see each other's work!" she told him, hopping forward to stand between the kitchen and the dining room, "It'll be okay! We can take care of the Darling while he's away," she told the group, her jaw clenched and eyes wide, hoping they would be on board.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Lights, Camera, Action!
August 05, 2021, 11:15:54 AM
When they'd returned to Viktor's home, Tabby had become timid, wanting very much to impress the shepherd's mother for a reason that was unknown to her. She wanted most people to like her, but she didn't usually have to worry about that being the case. But when it came to parents, she'd developed anxiety about the whole thing. Perhaps it was because of Barnaby's parents...

Shaking her head fiercely, the doctor hauled her bags inside and stomped her feet at the door to get any snow off them before she could drag the wet into their home.

There was only a few minutes between that the their crew meeting, whereupon she set her bags down by the door with her shoes and walked in with a nervous smile. Maybe Barnaby would cheer her up, the sight of him reminding her that his parents were still around in the son they left behind.

Her gaze scanned the group. Rian. Mattie. Arlo. Viktor. Herself. She squinted. One more time. Tabby. Viktor. Arlo. Mattie. Rian. That didn't seem right. A ball of knots formed in her belly. RianMattieArloViktorTabby. They were definitely incomplete.

"So... Uh.... Barnaby left." Rian explained, answering her question before she could ask it. She didn't understand this answer. Where could he go? The Darling was his home. This was where he belonged. He was their Captain. He didn't even say goodbye?

She looked up at Viktor, confusion and hurt plain as day on her face. Taby hadn't had a chance to make sure he had enough vitamins for a vacation. Did he have enough clothing? Enough money for food? She made a soft noise of distress through her nose and looked down at the floor, her hands grasping at her stomach to still the anxious storm thundering about in her gut.

A vacation... you came back from those, right? So maybe when he'd had enough time to think on things, he'd  come right back, right? He hadn't abandoned her... right?

"I got a wave 'bout a job from that purple belly ex of his..." his words came in fuzzy and she looked back up at him, gaze refocusing on his face and brows knit. A job? At this time? During this crisis?

"I figure after I fix us and our kind hosts some pork chops we can get underway...we've got a minute ourselves to just breath and ... Yeah... " The doctor watched him head into the kitchen, then looked around at those gathered again, her gaze settling heavily on Mattie. "Did he say where he was going?" she asked the other woman, her voice coming out as a squeak. She cleared her throat. In an effort to keep herself from bruising the skin beneath where she was wringing her shirt fabric, Tabitha lowered her hands, taking Viktor's in one and Arlo's in the other, having to scrounge around for a moment to find it.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
July 16, 2021, 11:24:31 AM
Town Squad

"I may be in need of a few other essentials. And perhaps we should see if the galley is in want of any other sundries..." Arlo noted, and Tabby nodded slowly to herself. She could probably pick up some more crafting supplies, replenish what they'd used up in the med bay, namely bandages and the basic triage equipment, and maybe a rabbit. To have, not to cook.

"Do you recall if Mr. Carpenter mentioned anything about what he may need to prepare the pork?" the fancy gentleman asked. She tapped her index finger against her chin, thinking on it. She was sure Rian would appreciate some herbs, or fresh vegetable. Potatoes went well with pork, didn't they?

"We'll go to The Market for anything for the galley as well as other sundries..." Viktor assured them, and she made a mental note to find some nice cooking supplies for their resident chef. Maybe she could even find something they could have for dessert.

"Uh... New Dunsmuir, '06 ... And Mayton Prep before that," Arlo answered, her mind having the unique ability to hop back onto that train of thought almost immediately, then stop at the next station labeled Family Dinner without suffering from topic whiplash.

"Plus Mom wants me to pick up a few things for Sunday dinner....To which you are all invited! And by 'invited', I mean you all have to come or Ma might just die of disappointment in not meeting you."

"Potatos, some herbs, maybe some dessert!" she listed, answering Arlo's question about supplies without saying that's what she was doing. "We should get a rabbit, or seeds for the garden! And where is New Dunsmir? Did you enjoy Mayton Prep? Do you have lots of friends from there?" she turned to look up at their Sheppherd as they approached and entered the town, "Should we dress fancy for dinner?" she asked, looking down at her clothing, "I want to impress your Mama," she explained, smiling brightly up at the both of them.
"Oh!" Tabitha gasped, reaching out half way as though with the intention of cradling Rian's assaulted head in her hands. She paused her movement and looked back at the screen and the simulation, not wanting to disturb him when he'd finally gotten the ship upright. When they finally landed, she clapped her hands together once and stood up, hopping in place a couple times, "You did it!" she exclaimed.

"Gāisǐ de! You guys should start charging," he told them, clearly excited himself. She threw her arms around the side of his neck and nuzzled her nose against his cheek for a brief moment. "One cupcake please!" she requested as her payment for such beneficial piloting classes. Tabitha laughed musically and looked at the screen again, then turned her head to smile up at Mattie. It looked like her method had helped Rian after all. But that didn't mean she'd be adding it to her own repertoire.

"We should tell the Captain, he'll be so thrilled!" she said, releasing her hold on Rian and sitting back down in the co-pilot's seat.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
June 29, 2021, 02:15:27 PM
"Only bad pigs! We promise!" Rian assured her and she stared at him with a thoughtful pout, her hand grasping Arlo's and her attention locked once again on the cook and their new friend. She supposed if they were out there saving the babies from Evil Pigs, then it was alright.

"Sure... We'll leave the upstandin' ones alone," Mattie confirmed and her smile returned. She was practically glowing. There was no inkling that she'd picked up on there being any sarcasm, however, the eye-roll was easier to spot. The doctor's eyes widened, brows furrowed and tilted upward, and her mouth opened in surprise. Her stomach churned. She was about to timidly call out to Mattie to ask if she was feeling poorly when Arlo yanked his hand away from her.

Tabitha almost toppled over into the snow, a surprised squeak escaping her while her arms windmilled to keep her upright. His elbow came into view, offered to her so kindly, and she grasped it carefully, smiling up at the man and laughing a little. "Thank you!" she said, glad he'd been so quick to offer her assistance when he'd seen her near to falling over.

By the time she had been straightened out, Barnaby was offering them a "Ya'll be good. See ya." and they were heading out, both groups moving in opposite directions. Her head stayed craned around to watch their Captain as he walked away, something awful chewing at her insides. Why did he sound so... something? Had she hurt his and Mattie's feelings? 

Town Squad

"So, where did you go to medical school?" Arlo asked, pulling her attention away from what was behind, back toward what was before her. "Medical school?" she asked, looking up at him innocently. Then, she shook her head and laughed a little, "No medical school. Apprenticeships though! Sort of a family business, I think," she added.

Viktor's arrival split the two apart and she giggled as he put his arm around them, her head tilting to the side to bump against the shepherd's chest. "To Talbot's first. For coats!" he announced.

Coats! That's right, she'd almost forgotten. Her hands slipped into the pockets of the over-sized, borrowed jacket and her fingertips bumped against something scratchy. Vitamins! She'd forgotten to give Barnaby the little satchel of the supplements she's prepared for him that he'd need for the rest of their shore-leave (which she'd figured would be a week or so) before they'd split up.

As she was turning to look back the way she'd come, she spotted a shuttle flying over head. She wondered idly where its pilot was heading, whether or not he had someone he was going home to, or if he was out on his own adventure like they were. She chewed on her lower lip and took her hand from her pocket, patting it and the bag inside. "I'll give them to him tonight, at dinner," she told Arlo and Viktor, who had not been a part of her internal realization. "What about you, Mister Arlo? What kind of schools did you go to?" she asked.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
June 25, 2021, 01:26:28 PM
Tabitha's hands lifted as the mule slid and slipped all over the ice, guided by Viktor's expertise. "Everyone, put your hands in the air!" she encouraged, laughing giddily as they were rocked side to side in the cramped confines of the back seat. She was pressed against Arlo's side, then Rian's, while they rolled through the snow.

When the vehicle finally came to a halt, and those in the back seat scrambled to get out, Tabitha stayed behind with Viktor for a couple of moments. She scooted toward the edge of her seat, then scrambled between the middle to flop into the passenger seat, half upside down. Tabby rolled to the side to get in the chair the right way, then, she set her hand on Viktor's shoulder and offered him a smile.

"I like seeing you have fun," she told him warmly, "We should do more of it. And I think our family seeing this side of you will help with morale too," she added, nodding a little and reaching up to smooth out his hair. "I'm excited to see your home," she told him, looking out the front window and nodding her chin downward before finally slipping out of the mule and into the snow with the others.

"Who's with me for grocery duty?"

"Preacher mentioned some folks havin' trouble with feral hogs... we could get some good meat out of it. Won't have to make do with that... artifical venison."

Tabitha looked between them, her eyes as puppy-wide as they could get. " could find one that's died of natural causes?" she asked, pouting in Rian's direction. "Or you could bring some back with us and we can take care of them on the ship and give them a good life and /then/ wait until they've died of natural causes?" she asked, clasping her hands in front of her heart and staring up at the 'cook'.

Her attention was diverted, luckily for Rian, by Arlo's abrupt arrival in front of her. Tabby tilted her head curiously.  "Coats. Shall we?" he asked. Her pout melted back into a warm smile and she lowered her hands. "A coat would be great!" she agreed, laughing kindly and reaching down to take one of his hands.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
June 01, 2021, 09:34:00 AM
"Yeah, that'd be nice. I think there's still hydroponics installed... we tore out Hardy's wacky weeds but tubes're still there," the Captain assured her, which had been exactly what she'd been hoping for. The doctor turned her head to look toward the hatch Hardy had shown her ages ago. She hoped she remembered how to open it. With another smile, Tabby looked out toward the snowy landscape once more.

"Beautiful sight isn't it? A white wonderland. Home is always a sight for sore eyes," Viktor noted as he joined her. Her smile brightened all the more and she hooked her arm around his, leaning her cheek against his bicep and nodding. "We should make snowmen of the crew," she suggested, laughing musically, the sound filled to the brim with excitement.

"Let's get you a good coat that fits while we're here. It won't let in so much of the harsh wind and keep you warmer," he added and she couldn't help but look down at the borrowed coat. She loved it, as she loved all gifts given to her, but he was right in his assumption that it wasn't keeping out much of the cold.

"Thank you. I'll be sure to—" Arlo began and she turned to smile up at him as well, happy to see him mingling with the crew. Her head tilted to the side like a curious puppy when he clamped down on the rest of the sentence, his cough furrowing her brows in concern. Maybe he was getting sick? Going out into the cold wouldn't be wise if that were the case. She slipped free of the shepherd and began moving in Arlo's direction when Barnaby spoke up again.

"We's all just standing here like lumps, let's get off this boat!" he exclaimed, leading the way out into the snow, followed surprisingly closely by the fancy gentleman. Tabby's extended hand lowered and she stared after them quizzically. They seemed... like their glow was dimmed. A worried noise slipped through her nose, her hand lowering to slip into Viktor's. "I think maybe our flock is in need of tending," she told him with a knowing frown. After a moment for them to contemplate their needed next steps, Tabby continued with the holy man off the ship and into the snow.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
April 30, 2021, 09:29:26 AM
She had been hovering around the crew a little more than usual after they'd eaten, checking on Arlo's nose, making sure Barnaby had taken his vitamins and offering him multiple varieties of stress medicine and herbs (some of them learned from a prior mechanic that had once worked on the Darling). She checked on Rian's healing gun wounds, made sure Viktor's long since healed bump on his head hadn't somehow returned just to vex her, and tried to slip baggies of cookies into Mattie's hands.

Now, Tabitha stood at the entrance to the ship's cargo hold, staring out at the snowy landscape and holding an old tattered bag filled with a couple day's worth of clothing and some crafting supplies. Honestly, it was mostly crafting supplies. She was bundled up in the coat the vanished mechanic had lent her, her wild mass of curls blowing over her face as the chill winter's air coiled into the ribcage of their ship, chilling the metal body.

Over one shoulder, she'd put together another bag filled with some quick and easy medical supplies and herbal remedies, just in case they needed some quick treatment. The fact that she'd been useless when they'd needed her during the away mission had apparently had an effect on her, despite her cheery demeaner.

The doctor shook her head wildly, trying to clear her mind of any dark lingering thoughts. Like Viktor has suggested at meal time, she'd pick up some of the supplies for the garden while she was here, although she hadn't asked the Captain yet if she could do it. No time like the present!

"Captain, would it be alright if Viktor and I built a small garden in one of the unused portions of the cargo hold? It wouldn't be too much, just enough for some herbs and vegetables for meals, and I think it would be great for moral," she asked, rocking back and forth on the heels of her feet and staring at Barnaby with wide eyes and a hopeful smile, her brows up so high they might have disappeared beneath her hairline if they moved any further upward.
"Tell you the truth, I ain't really one to judge how you're doing, seein' as I don't recall ever not ruttin' up the landing..."

Tabitha stared up at Mattie with wide eyes and a bright smile, happy to see her interacting with the crew and eating the offered cookies. They were all becoming the best of friends, she was sure. Her attention was pulled back to the simulation at the sound of thunder and charged metal. Her hands clasped together and she wiggled excitedly in her seat, her smile hidden behind her hands as they pressed against her lips.

Then the ship was upside down! Sort of. 

"Ahhh..... Okay..."

"This will be a fun way to land!" she assured Rian, lowering her hands and offering him a reassuring nod of her head. Tabby lifted her hand to trace little circles in the air with her index finger. "What happens when the saddle on a horse slips around and goes all upside down? You can tighten it, of course, but if it's slipped because one side weighs too much or too little, you can readjust the weight or add weight to the other side so it evens back out!" she suggested, having absolutely no idea how this related to engines, but absolutely certain that somehow it did.

She made another circle with her index finger, "So let's flip the saddle back into place!" she encouraged!
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
April 01, 2021, 12:23:30 PM
"That smells heavenly! I think I could eat a whole deer by myself." He gave a side-look to Tabitha who looked back up at him with a curious tilt of her head. Luckily for him, she didn't seem to connect his hyperbole with the soup sitting in their galley.

Her attention shifted to the Captain, her lips parting to say something, although upon seeing his faraway look she closed her mouth once more. Her brows furrowed, hands grasping at the fabric of her clothing, lips puckered in concern.  "Oh, dear," he finally said. "It's uhh... artificial Venison..." Rian quickly noted. She moved around the table and wrapped her arms around his whole head, pressing his eat against her chest so he was forced to listen to her heartbeat. One hand gently patted the top of his head, her eyes closed and chin nodding up and down slowly. "There, there, Captain," she muttered, the sentiment entirely genuine.

"Any leads on our next gig? Finger's crossed it's a milk run. I dare to dream," Rian asked. A milk run would be splendid. She'd be more than happy to visit a rancher and his cows somewhere. She loved the way their eyes seemed to take up their whole face, and how dainty their long eyelashes made them look. Her expression brightened at the idea. That was when her gaze fell upon their fancy guest, Arlo and her eyes widened. She released the Captain's head and rushed around to the gentleman, her hands reaching up to grab his cheeks. "Why are you bleeding?" she asked him, genuinely confused and concerned. One hand lowered to reach into her pocket, a hankie pulled out and brought to his nose.
"Sorry...I thought... nevermind. Didn't mean to interrupt nothin'. I'll leave."

Tabby turned her head toward the door, eyes wide with surprise, but smile bright with genuine joy. She was happy to have so many of her crew in one place at one time, and even more happy that Mattie had come seeking them out. Well, she knew she wasn't seeking Tabby out, but making connections was a good thing! She hoped Rian made the newcomer feel more at home than she seemed to be able to do.

"Figure you two are the perfect people to train me to fly. Tabby can pump the room full of all that lovey-dovey positivity and be the carrot, Mattie can be the stick. And by stick I mean she can just literally hit me with a stick if I crash one more ruttin' time."

The medic's smile broadened and she picked up the second cup of hot tea from the tray before extending it out toward Mattie with a welcoming smile. "There's cookies too," she whispered conspiratorially, pointing with her free hand down at the tray as though pretending someone might see them who wasn't supposed to. Placing the cup into Mattie's hands and cupping them around the mugs surface, she scooted aside to give Mattie room to sit beside her on the co-pilot's chair if she so desired.

"Oooo, a storm," Tabby whispered, giggling to herself and once more putting her feet on the edge of the seat so she could wrap her arms around her legs, thighs against her stomach. She tried not to say too much, allowing Rian to concentrate without her babbling on in the background. Her chin settled on her knees and she smiled out at the windscreen, having full faith in their chef.
The Darling Cockpit

"Treat her like she's alive," came Tabitha's voice from the door to the cockpit. She'd been drawn here by the long string of cursing that followed each of Rian's failed attempts. "That's what the Captain does," she clarified. She had a tray in her hands, atop of which rested two mismatched mugs filled with tea and honey, some cookies on a smaller plate beside them.

Her attention moved to the simulated fiery death and her warm smile broadened. "Have you spent much time on horseback?" she asked him curiously, standing now to his left and offering him the tray, and thus, a cup of tea. "I think, piloting must be like riding a horse. You aim most of the time, probably, and you guide them in one direction or another, but aren't they alive? Inside, they know what to do and how to do it, and if you trust them to make the right decisions, you both get where you're wanting to go, most likely," she wagered, her eyes alight with the full power of her smile. "Maybe it's like that," she concluded.

The doctor set down the tray on a less button heavy portion of the console, a now free hand reaching out to gently pat Rian on the head. "I believe in you." With that, she moved around the center console and sat in the second seat, her feet lifting to settle on the edge of the chair and her arms wrapping around her shins, her thighs pressed tightly against her chest. She smiled at him again, "Let's try again," Tabby encouraged.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
January 25, 2021, 08:49:24 AM
Location: Med-Bay

Once their patient was gone, the darling's cargo doors had been closed up (the echo of which moved through the ship like a satisfied purr), and the captain's account had been properly compensated for this mission (including the 'double payment' their Mister Potter had promised), the ship itself seemed far warmer and at ease than it had just a few minutes before. Tabby began moving to the door of the med-bay, eager to get another cup of cocoa, when Viktor's hand on her shoulder stopped her.

The bubbly doctor turned to look up at their preacher with wide, curious eyes, her brows aloft in question. "Miss Tabitha...what would you think about spending some time and teaching me a bit about your skills here? ..." With every word, Tabby's eyes lit up and her expression became more and more excited. When he'd finished, she clasped her hands together and popped up onto her tip toes.

"Oh! I'd love to!" she exclaimed, giggling happily and wrapping her arms around the shepherd's waist, her face burying itself enthusiastically against his chest. Tabby pulled her face away and grinned up at him with the light of a sun, "I know you'll be absolutely amazing at it, you're a natural, after all!" she assured him, releasing his torso and taking his hand. She tugged him warmly out of the med-bay toward the tantalizing smell of food and drink, still talking along the way, "I was thinking we should try something hands on, for the crew's moral? Maybe a puppy? Or put a little herb garden somewhere in the cargo hold so they can work with some earth while we're in the black? Or we could all knit a giant blanket, a crew blanket. I just think everyone could use a little cheering up," she noted, looking up at him and beaming.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
November 12, 2020, 10:14:22 AM
Location: Cargo Bay

Hearing a commotion down in the cargo hold, Tabitha and her new friend Mustache (whose name she had learned was Leonard) made their way from where they had holed up in the galley down to meet the group below. Her eyes lit up at the sight of them, and she reached out to tug at Leonard's sleeve excitedly, "Oh! They're back! Isn't that wonderful!" she exclaimed. The moustachio'd stranger nodded a little, looking dazed or confused. "Uh, yep?" he answered.

"Tabby. See what you can do with Mr. Potter, wouldja? He ain't feelin' so hot - Get it?" The doctor handed Leonard her cup and bounded down the rest of the way to where the Captain was giving orders. She threw her arms around him and placed a large, long kiss on his cheek, burrowing her lips into the side of his face. "Welcome home!" she greeted, releasing him from her hold so she could hurry to the Mule and check on Mr. Potter. Seeing his condition, she grimaced a little and looked at Viktor, Mattie, and Arlo for some more information. Already, the doctor in her had kicked in and she reached out to start manually pulling the man from the vehicle, grunting and huffing with effort.

Once he was out, with or without help from the crew by the mule, she pointed in Leonard and Bowler Hat's direction. "Please help me carry him to the med bay! I can get him stabilized, at least," she ordered, her voice more firm than usual but still light and pleasant. Bowler Hat crossed his arms over his chest and pushed off the box he'd been sitting on.

"Our security hurdles aside, I reckon y'all can ensure payment for our services rendered given Mister Potter's present state and previous treachery?"

"Yeah, nothing's changed except some wasted time," he assured Rian, leaving the assisting of the doctor up to poor Leonard. "Once your doctor's got him stable, we'll bring our crew over to cart him to our ship. We have facilities on board that... well, we'll get it done proper," he continued, cutting himself off to keep from telling them too much about the intricacies of their operation.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
August 26, 2020, 10:06:24 AM
The Home Team

Tabitha wriggled into the over-sized winter coat, a hand-me-down from her older brother, thankful for Rian's help. It had never fit her, but she had no mind to purchase a new one. This one still smelled like home if she really got her face up into it and sniffed hard enough. She wrestled with the sleeves, pushing them out of the way so she could zip up, the uncharacteristically earth-toned garment swallowing her whole.

"I think you're just excited to get out in the snow, aren't you?" She turned to watch Rian as he began lacing up his boots, her own feet slipping into fuzzy booties, these one a more predictable pink. He wasn't wrong. Any opportunity to go play out in the wilderness was more than enough to keep this spacer happy. She didn't mind being off-world for long periods of time, as long as she had her crew, and they let her out to play on the off chance that they did land anywhere for longer than a few minutes.

"My wife was the same way about snow. We only got one or two snow-storms the whole time we -- she was like a kid again. Never thought I'd be making snow-men in the yard as an adult but there I was...Záluànwúzhāng... anyway. I hate the snow...Let's get the fleas off our dog..."

She pulled on her gloves and nibbled on her lower lip thoughtfully before setting a pink yarn covered hand on Rian's arm, "Hey, thank you for telling me about her," she told him in a warm, gentle whisper, her expression encouraging and thankful. Facing him all the more, Tabby set both of her hands on his cheeks again to make sure he was looking down at her directly, "She'd be proud of you, Rian. You're a great friend, and an amazing member of this team. I'm thankful that you got to join our family," she added, nodding to confirm her own words and hopefully cement them as truth in his mind. Lowering her hands to free him from her emotional grasp, she backed up a step and smiled brightly. "Let's get to those fleas," she agreed, turning and skipping out of the room. She stopped mid skip and waited for him to follow, remembering she wasn't supposed to leave his sight or he'd kick her butt. The thought made her giggle aloud.

When he'd joined, they made their way back down to the cargo bay doors, peeking in rooms on the way to see if they could find their wayward mechanic: Alas, they had no luck. Standing at the doors controls, Tabby wiggled in excitement and pulled her hood on over her curls, which hid most of her now beneath the fur trim of her coat. "Ready when you are, mister man!" she said, saluting him and grinning sweetly.
The Darling IC / Re: S1:Ep5 - Life from Red Clay
August 20, 2020, 10:35:30 AM
The Home-Team

"So... Help me brainstorm dinner for when the mule gets back with everybody...We've got carrots, one sweet onion, four pounds of protein mash, a half box of angel hair pasta, and... a stick of butter... So far my ideas are to... eat Riggs when we find him."

Tabby smiled warmly and set a hand on Rian's upper arm, "Hey, let's make a plan," she offered. She knew how much having a structured plan put him at ease. "If there's something on the ship, let's go take it off! You said Riggs found it so how about I crawl up and get it and you watch over me to make sure I don't slip or anything else? Easy peasy! I bet the dock folk would let us borrow something to help me get to the right spot, they seemed nice."

With that, she reached up to push her mess of light curls into one spot atop her head, procured a pencil from their winding masses, and somewhat secured the coils in place. As she rolled up her sleeves, the doctor cleared her throat and then remembered it was awful cold outside. "Oh, I should put on a jacket first..." She wiggled her bare toes against the metal ground of the cargo bay, "And probably some shoes!" Tabitha laughed softly. "Once we find the thing on the ship, we'll go find our mechanic! Maybe we should get new jobs as detectives!"
The Home Team

"We's just gotta be careful is all, Tabby... We should talk to Riggs about the bug he found on Darling. I don't care much for being followed like this..."

Tabitha paused a moment to look back at Rian, lips pursed as she chewed thoughtfully on the inside of her cheek. She released his hand and reached up to slowly run the tip of her index finger down his forehead and over the bridge of his nose. Then, she repeated the motion. Like calming a rabbit or a hound dog.

"Did anyone check the outside of the Darling yet? If Mister Riggs found something, then he can tell us where to look on the ship's hull and we can make sure for ourselves if something's there or if something's not. I bet that will feel a lot better than guessing and fretting ourselves into a tizzy. It's always good to get a second opinion," she suggested, lowering her hand and tilting her head to the side.

Her hands then went to the sides of his arms, rubbing them up and down to rub some warmth back into his body and to shake away the stress, although she was more or less just jostling him slightly, maybe to get him to focus on the here and now and on the physical world. "Let's go find our new Mechanic, and then crawl on the ship! And if there's something out there, we can take it off and put it on a cat and-" she made shooing gestures with her hands, smiling up at him. "Everything's gonna be just fine!"
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