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Revenge IC / Re: Episode 4: The Siege of Echo Valley
November 29, 2021, 02:33:05 PM
"Hmph, not bad," Izak mused. Melody shot him a look, although it wasn't clear what the look was saying. Honestly, she wasn't sure what she was trying to convey with the glower she launched in his direction. He wasn't wrong, after all. It hadn't been bad. But that only served to annoy her all the more.

"I know you're going to hate this response but that information is related to one or more open investigations..." the lawman started telling her. With an obvious roll of her eyes, Mel tuned him out. It was likely something more or less along the lines of, 'That's Classified.' Classified, her ass. She'd had plenty of experience with sneaking out information that bull headed military men thought was 'classified,' and she'd do it again if she felt like it. Hell, all of their intel had been gained from 'classified' information, from the initial location of this ship, to the shipping lanes and ship manifests they'd be entering and disrupting.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Breen's arrival. Her blue gaze widened, then immediately narrowed. She made a point of looking from his face, down to his 'undergarments' and back again, her jaw clenched and the vein in her forehead thrumming visibly.

"I've dispatched a few of my subordinates to help clean up..."

"How generous," she returned, her tone flat and her attention back on the monitor. She reached up to grab the handheld for the comms system, but paused at the Marshal's next words.

"I'm going to overlook the origins of your ship for now. Just keep an eye on Breene for me for a bit."

She had to take a moment, then, to keep from opening fire on her own video display and telling Izak to figure out a way to get those weapons back online so she could open fire on his miserable little boat. Not only had he vaguely threatened them, or at least insinuated that he knew about the 'origins' of their ship and was magnanimousy choosing not to arrest them oon the spot (yet), but he'd also dumped the Breene boy with them as a ransom demand. He hadn't said it outright, but to her it was clear what he'd implied.

"Keep the idiot and we won't lock you all up for grand theft auto."

"I smell shit. Does anyone else smell shit?" Holger asked, and Mel was glad to have him on the bridge with her at a time like this. She nodded as he spoke, clearly agreeing with his observation of such a smell.

"Ah, there it is. I found the shit, even through the cortex I can smell your stink, Pig. Melody. Why are we talking to this Pig?"

"I don't rightly know," she answered, putting her hands on the edge of the console and offering the Marshal her prettiest smile, although the sight of it on her face was more than a little disturbing.

"Thank you for your assistance, Pig Officer. We are just so happy to have had your assistance in this matter, and greatly look forward to you leaving again. Your discretion is super appreciated, and we will look after this upstanding joy of a man for you," she said with a smile, her teeth gritting, her tone entirely disingenuous. 

"William Breene. Do not tell me you work with this Purple-belly Pig."

Her smile dropped and she flipped off the screen before cutting the connection. "No, he works for me, now," she told Holger. Finally done with the conversation with Johnny Law, Mel picked up the handheld for the ship systems and sighed.

"Doctor, you've got another patient. Breene's ass is falling off," she told the other woman. Putting the handheld back into its place, Mel leaned back in her chair as far as it would go and rubbed her face with her hands.

"Status report?" she asked the room. "Izak, how's the ship? Can she move? Or shoot? Breene..." Her hands lowered from her face and she turned her chair around to eye the new addition to her crew. "Get down to the Med Bay and see if Jo is up and about enough to find me a mechanic on this god forsaken hunk of dirt, and then stay ten feet away from me for the rest of the day," she ordered between a clenched jaw.

"Did we make any money from this? Holger, I threw Alan somewhere in the ship, would you mind hunting him down and making sure we get paid? I won't be specific about the 'how'." 
Revenge IC / Re: Episode 4: The Siege of Echo Valley
October 12, 2021, 09:37:06 AM
"Good afternoon, Captain. I heard a rumor there was something of a 'kerfuffle' as our mutual associate put it... What are those? Helicopters?" Melody shrugged. She wasn't up to date on what the townsfolk were calling their rickety sky cages.

"Look what I found, Melody!" The Captain turned her head to look at where Holger was in the doorway, her gaze lowering from the giant's face to the giant's gun. She nodded a little and watched him totter off, eager to find some violence.

"Crickey you've got a steampunk militia up your arses don't you?" Turning back to the screen, she shrugged again, her jaw clenched tightly and her brows furrowed. He still hadn't really gotten to the point of the call, yet. She figured he was who Breene meant when he said he'd called the cops, but she was also sitting in a stolen Alliance vessel and wasn't sure if this was them getting pinched while also being under attack. She hoped the scrub job Jo did on the vessel would keep them out of the hot seat.

There was an explosion from outside the ship somewhere and Mel looked out through the front view ports, simultaneously checking their proximity sensors and grinding her teeth. She didn't think that was their ship and there were no alerts sounding on the console, so it must have been whatever Holger had run off to do.

"Bear with me for a moment...BRACE!" Splitting her attention between the man on the screen, the view from out the ship's windows, and the sensors laid out before her, Melody watched them ram their ship into the attacking shuttle. The crease in the center of her brows smoothed out and her shoulders relaxed by a full inch. She stood up and leaned over the helm, watching the enemy ship limp off and crash somewhere in the distance. "Hmm," Mel muttered in muted appreciation.

"Well now that's out of the way we can finally have a conversation, Captain. Where's my confidential informant?" Mel sat back down with a heavy puff of air, her arms crossing over her chest before one hand rose to rub over her face.

"I'm assuming Breene is said 'confidential informant'," she wagered, her face still covered, fingers now pinching the bridge of her nose. "Well, we got options. Could be he's outside, turned to soup, or he's heading back into the ship and will be up on the bridge to annoy me any moment now," she told him, craning her head to look at Jo's station behind her and the security camera feeds.

She'd left the bottom hatch open for Breene to sneak in, so she checked that feed first. Then she eyed the cargo ramp feed where she could see Holger at the end of the ramp looking mighty pleased with himself. "Don't think you really answered my question. To what do we owe the pleasure of your appearance? Didn't think the welfare of confidential informants was this important, for a Marshal to show up and..." she gestured vaguely at the situation, eyeing him again through the screen.
Revenge IC / Re: Episode 4: The Siege of Echo Valley
August 31, 2021, 10:01:49 AM
Melody had flittered between helping Breene and co with the explosive setup, and staying positioned between Missy, Jo, and the smoking entryway back up into the house.

"You guys go for the ship! I'll handle the Russos," Breene instructed. She did not care what he'd be doing and had mostly already forgotten who the Russos were. The bulk of her mental synapses were focused on getting her crew back into the ship and getting out of here. And then getting paid. At mostly the same time that Breene was gesturing toward Jo, Melody was nudging Holger and gesturing toward the downed techie, both of them having the same idea. "You grab him and I'll shepherd everyone else between us to the ship," she told him, nodding and frowning up at the giant.

"Three... two... Nobody get mad, I called the cops! Let's go!!!"

"Oh, gorramit," she cursed, reaching down to grab Missy's upper arm and then the back of Alex/Alan's shirt, she waited for Holger to grab Jo before shoving them along behind the brute of a man, staying in the back to make sure no one could grab her people from behind. "Off we go, left foot, right foot, stay close to Holger, that's it," she encouraged gruffly, her expression tight and severe.

When they'd cleared the burning building, one hand over her mouth and her eyes narrowed, she pulled the two non combatants to a halt as the bullets peppered the ground by their feet. She contemplated shoving them back inside, which was still on fire and not the best plan. However, Breene's quick 'thinking' and diversionary tactics tossed that clean out of her mind. "Okay, hup hup, keep going," she shouted to them over the sound of the shuttle, flames, and the gyro machines.

Pushing the group up the ramp, she only released Missy and Alex/Adam/Alan when they'd rounded the corner and gotten out of the line of fire. She stumbled as the 'canon' went off, but righted herself and carried on. "Holger! Take Jo to the med-bay, Missy, you head that way too. Once you're done with that, Holger, see about getting the weapons from the armory and helping direct Breene back to the ship, if he's alive. Izak, see if you can get on the turrets and get any of them working, I need a diagnostic on the state of our weaponry! Jo, run a check on... oh wait, yeah, uh... as you were!" she ordered before turning and heading up to the bridge.

Melody's hands ran over the console with the ease gained from years of practice and no  small measure of a natural affinity for ships. She closed the main cargo doors but opened the smaller hatch on the underbelly for Breene to come through if he wasn't swiss cheese, a red light flashing by the small entrance for him to see. The ship grumbled and then roared to life as she powered it on, disgust registering across her face at the chaos of the ship's proximity sensors.

A beeping and blinking at the comms caught her eye and she grimaced. He hadn't been kidding about calling the cops...


"Uhm...Maybe if I just ignore that no one will notice..." she muttered to herself before leaning forward to accept the hail, her knuckle flipping the switch to turn on the video feed. "Marshal," she greeted dryly, ignoring the explosions and chaos that was very likely coming across the call, "Captain of the Revenge, Mel, speaking. To what do we owe the pleasure of this hail?" she added, frowning deeply at the screen and the person on the other side.
First, Izak lost control.

Melody moved to grab him, but Holger got to him first. Probably for the best, really. She would have been less likely to give him a hug and pep talk. Her answer might have involved cuffs or zip ties and putting him in the corner until he could behave. In the Navy, when you were stuck on a small vessel, sometimes in shuttles meant for one, someone going off their rocker was incredibly dangerous and had to be dealt with swiftly and without mercy. Otherwise, the mission would fail and everyone else would fall with them. Of course, this wasn't the Navy, and Holger had more experience dealing with ground troops who'd gotten lost in the heat of battle, so she did nothing.

Then, Jo fainted.

Her move to rush to Izak shifted as she hurried to the techie's side, the Captain looking like she was trying to herd cats. A noise of overwhelmed frustration gurgled in her throat, her hands settling on Jo's shoulders to keep him from slumping too far to one side or the other.

Oh, and Holger was wounded?

Melody took a deep breath. Then another. And then a third. Why wasn't this helping? Her eyes closed tightly and she held her breath instead, listening to the pounding of her heart in her ears and letting that relax her. She let the air our on an exhale and looked around slowly. Melody still didn't know what the Welsh thing was about, but Alan seemed suddenly concerned about them using the chimney as a canon and she stopped trying to figure it out.

"I need a distraction so I can get to the ship. We just don't have enough fire power and lighting the house on fire was a real shiny idea but it wasn't an offensive attack and once the house burns down they'll just have to pick through the rubble, find us here with nowhere to go, and then fill us with holes. If I can get back to the ship, Izak and I can get the turrets going and get this stupid situation sorted. I can also try again to reach out to them on Revenge's comms. Can your 'use the chimney as a canon' idea get me to the ship? Between a canon and fire, I'm willing to make that run if you think it'll work," she said to the room, looking at Holger first, then Breene, and finally Izak.

"If the Revenge's pirates stop shooting, we will wait for you to leave. Auto gyros stay. No more negotiation."

Melody raised her brows at the radio, then turned her head to offer Alan a mildly impressed nod. This was alright with her. At this point, getting out of here with her crew intact was her top priority. She'd get the money from Alan or the Doctor's estate later, one way or another later. She held the mic in her hand and took a deep breath to start issuing cease fire and evacuation orders, but she didn't get much further than that.

"Arright we're done playin' here. If that bitch aint burnin' and I don't see that Irish stain on the universe's ass with ten holes, I'mma be the one who irradiates your babies!"

Ew? Her expression soured and she looked at the radio again, her jaw clenched tightly. Several deep breaths lifted and lowered her shoulders before she turned to stare in Breene's direction. She scratched at her neck idly, the vein in her forehead almost visible from where he was all the way across the room. The sound of much higher caliber and far more familiar gunfire made her flinch and put the mic back on the table. She reached out to push Alan, then stopped when none of the fire entered the cabin. Melody maeuvered toward where Breene was so she could peek out the window again. Her eyes widened. They were firing on their own. "La shi..." With a half yell, half snarl, Melody reached out to hit Breene in the side of the head, her hands settling on his shoulders as she shook him back and forth, trying everything in her power not to bite his nose off.

"You shouldn't have thrown in with the Mick, Revenge! That boat's gonna look REAL good with the name 'Russo' on it. Let's party, bitch."

She growled, shoved Breene away from her, and turned to crawl back toward the radio and Alan, reaching him just as the fire started raining down on the cabin. Melody picked up the microphone and shouted out a final, "Nǐ huì bì zuǐ ma? Nǐ māmā shì yītóu lǘ, nǐ bàba shì yī zhǐ wú máozhū hóu. Wǒ xīwàng nǐ sǐ yú qìchē huǒzāi. Wǒ yào bǎ nǐ de gēbó chě xiàlái, bǎ tāmen tuī dào nǐ de pìgu shàng. If you touch my ship I will use your spleen as toothpaste!" before slamming the receiver down and shoving Alan as hard as she could toward the basement door, spotting Holger between it and them. "Back! Down! Now!" she yelled, not bothering to check and see if Breene was behind her. She was mostly alright with him getting killed. It would only be a little oopsie, and one she could live with.
Mel watched the three of them sprint down the hall and into the basement, her eyes wide and jaw clenched. Only when they all disappeared below did she let out a breath and return her attention to the matter at hand. Jo and Missy were safe-ish now  and had made it down below in mostly one piece. She could now refocus her attention to getting them out of this situation.

Her head whipped up at the war cry of the Doctor and just like Breene, she made a futile attempt to grab at him when he slipped out of the man's range. "Wait!" she called out, not daring to go with him out the door and hunkering back down again in surprise. Wide eyes watched the red mist coil around his torso before he dropped and she slammed the door shut again, her hands flat on its surface. She could have used that distraction to get to the ship. But he hadn't told anyone it was a distraction until he was already busy distracting. Mel  was visibly shaking now, her back to the others, her hands balled up in fists. Her head turned and she shot Alan's closet and Breene a venomous glare, clearly trying her damndest not to punch one of them.

She made her way to where the Doctor had been pacing between the windows and peeked up and out of the corner of one of them, getting the smallest snippet of the sky into view. "Alex!" she shouted, completely getting his name wrong. "Elaborate on why the Russo's were able to get local support at such a damn large scale," she yelled at him, looking around the room and spotting the Doctor's radio equipment.

Alan took a moment to respond.

"Umm... It's Alan but uhh... Doctor August isn't exactly on 'borrow a cup of sugar' terms with the neighbors..."

The junior professor wasn't quite aware of how horribly things had gone with his bosses' attempt at using magic, or an ill advised diversion yet.

"Neither of us speak great Korean and the locals have been squatting on the University's property out here for years. Somebody got it in their head we're using radio waves to make their children sick, to drive them out... but really Doctor August is out here because nobody else at the University save myself wanted to work with him."

She crawled over to the table and peeked over its edge to begin fiddling with the radio. Her hand settled on the knob and she flipped the machine on, slowly turning it to to the right and listening to the static, waiting to hear any voices. With as much air 'craft' as they had, they'd likely have to be in contact with each other to prevent any accidental collisions.

Alan poked his head out of the closet. Melody turned her head to catch his gaze. If looks could kill.

"Tune it to 85.6 on the dial... that's the frequency range they usually talk to each other in those auto-gyros with..."*

He then retreated back into his fortress of solitude. Again, Mel began to visibly tremble with the amount of effort it was taking to not rip him out of the closet. Instead, she picked up a handful of pens and highlighters and lobbed them angrily in Breene's direction. Then, she got back to work, turning the dial carefully to get to the right frequency. When it was set, she picked up the mic and cleared her throat before holding down the transmit button.

"This is Mel Turner, Captain of the Revenge, requesting parlay," she announced.

*Alan/Alex narration provided by HumanHyperbole
Revenge IC / Re: Episode 4: The Siege of Echo Valley
April 28, 2021, 09:52:23 AM
"Yes, that's where the research equipment is," Jo answered, and Mel looked at him with what could have been considered some kind of pride at his quick response in such a stressful situation. Of course, on her face, it simply looked like the most marginal raising of her brows and the smallest twitch of the corner of her lips.

"A basement would not be a good idea... Basements do not have ways out. What we need is a way out," Holger countered, and she sighed heavily. He was right, of course. She needed to get to the ship and hop on the turrets. A few seconds of some rapid return fire would clear this right up.

"Do you have a way out?" Holger asked their host and she looked in the doctors' directions, waiting for them to inform them that they had some kind of secret tunnel carved out just for this very eventuality. The doctor didn't seem to be that great at making friends, after all, and she was sure his...eccentricity, had been the core of problems before...

"Not to state the obvious, but they probably want the chip," Jo murmured as he leaned towards her. "Or the research. Or both. Just an, uh, educated guess." Mel nodded, tensing noticeably with each bullet that made its way into their hideout, her arms still held out slightly to keep her chicks under the safety of her wings. "I hate these chips," she muttered, eyeing what she could see of Breene from his bathtub bunker. She hated him too. Just a little.

"You know the chip's background best. Anyone after it who could get here this fast?" Missy asked, Mel's chest puffing out just slightly. Even their reluctant doctor was actively looking for information or solutions. Maybe the blonde wasn't so bad. Well, she was bad, yes...even Mel couldn't pretend she wasn't. But maybe she wasn't so bad. Maybe...

"It's the Russos! No idea how he recruited the locals! The whole county would have to hate the professor's guts for some reason!" Her gaze slid over to the doctor again, now that Breene had joined them in the main room. Sort of. She could think of a few reasons why locals might not be fond of this professor. She had only known him for a day or so and she wasn't very fond of him. Then again, she supposed she liked him better than Breene. But that was very swiftly changing. Soon, they'd be tied. In any case, knowing who was after them didn't matter so much to her as how they'd get out of this situation. She'd deal with the who once they were safe.

"...I suggest we charge Breene double for the circus he's unwittingly walked us into..." Mel nodded curtly at Izak's suggestion, once more staring daggers in Breene's direction. "Third, we have access to enough stuff in here to make some fun surprises for them, if anyone is willing to lend me a hand." Leaning back a little, at the expense of Jo and Missy who were nestled behind her, she crossed her arms over her chest and frowned in thought.

"If we can get me to the ship somehow, I can start shooting these buzzards out of the sky. Otherwise, I'm at a loss. Ground tactics aren't my thing. All I can think of is to let them use up their ammo and then have them bottleneck at the door and take them out there," she returned. "But I'd feel better if we got Jo and the Doctor to the basement. Just while we sort this out," she offered, looking at Holger, and then the two behind her.
Revenge IC / Re: Episode 4: The Siege of Echo Valley
March 16, 2021, 02:02:15 PM
"Well, this is fun."

Melody crouched next to an overturned table pressed against the back of a couch with her side arm drawn, her free arm idly keeping Missy and Jo huddled together like a mother hen protecting its brood. Of course, she'd never have seen it like that, but an argument could have been made for such a visual. The pilot sighed heavily and looked around, listening to the cacophony outside and taking stock of their current situation. Two hours of this. While it was tedious and grated on the nerves, it did tell them that the attacking forces were more keen on a ranged victory than they were at getting into a dog fight or tussling up close. For now.

"Any ideas? This is your territory," she asked, looking over in Holger's direction and raising her brows. Mel was a pilot, she dropped bombs, fought other aircraft, and ferried his sort here and there. This sitting in a trench, hiding behind a barricade, and waiting for the opportune moment to strike...this was all Holger's wheel house. Going outside seemed like a big no-no, but waiting for them to shoot the lodge into a poor excuse for cover didn't seem ideal either. And their constant barrage was keeping her from getting to the Revenge and Her guns.

Melody, Holger, Breene, and Izak. She knew they could handle themselves in this situation. But it wasn't just them. The doctor and Jo were stuck in here as well. Alex and the other one... well those two she didn't find herself caring much about, if she was honest, but her non-fighters did matter to her and she needed to either get them to safety or get to work on making the outside a little less hostile. "Oi, do you have a basement?" she asked Doctor August.
Revenge IC / Re: Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors
February 01, 2021, 08:55:25 AM
Melody eyed the food laid out for them, dubious (like most of her crew) about the safety of the meal, but also not wanting to look a gift horse in the mouth. She was pretty sure they were in need of picking up food for the Revenge that extended past the strictly regimented Alliance food already on board. They'd refueled and refilled the water tanks back on Iscariot, but had been in a bit of a hurry getting away from the station and food hadn't been technically 'needed' back then.

"Want me to take some back to the ship for testing?" Missy asked Jo, and the Captain grinned, moving into line to shovel some eggs onto her own plate, "Better not," she replied. "Sometimes, ignorance is bliss," Melody clarified, grinning and nabbing a piece of toast to use as a vessel in bringing the eggs from the plate to her mouth. Her gaze scanned the room again, mentally taking a head count for likely the fourth or fifth time before sighing and deciding their mechanic was either a ghost, melted into the ship, or they left him behind somewhere. Oops...

"Good morning to all of you too. Took you all long enough to get here, you all did remember you bailed on me in the cabin last night right?" Izak noted between bites of food.

"Everyone slept in the cabin except Missy and me. And maybe the mechanic. And the cat. No one bailed on you," she told him idly, shoving a toast covered chunk of egg into her mouth and eyeing him sternly as she chewed. She wasn't fond of dramatics, although she noted that lately her life was filled with nothing but dramatics. Her expression soured at that thought.

"Can I grab a cup of that too before we run out? It'll be a long day and.... can ANYONE else hear that buzzing?"

Melody stopped chewing and set her plate down slowly, listening to the sound coming from outside. Her shoulders stiffened and she shot Holger a look before hurrying to a window and peering out at the sky. She swallowed hard, coughing a little as some of the egg and toast scraped hard against the sides of her throat. "Holger," she warned, glancing toward their ship and then back up at the sky and wondering if they could get to the Revenge in time. Being a part of the Alliance Navy, anything 'buzzing' and moving with any kind of formation (without loud honking typically accompanying geese) was a clear sign of danger. "Who's armed?" she asked sternly, still watching the skies.
Revenge IC / Re: Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors
December 15, 2020, 08:22:28 AM
Mel looked up as Missy emerged from deeper in the ship, somehow looking fully rested and completely put together. The pilot squinted at her suspiciously. How did she do that? With a shake of her head, she gestured out toward the cabin, then followed the doctor down the ramp, the door shutting behind them with a loud thud.

When she arrived at the building, Mel let Missy go in first before taking a couple of seconds to stand alone outside, her gaze scanning the horizon before taking one last glance back toward their ship. Her ship? Their ship. Her hands slid over her face, rubbing at it with a frustrated grumble. Keep the Doctor company, let him do whatever he needed to make the space calculations do...something... then get their pay and head out. Go back out  into the black where things made sense and find another job to keep them swimming. Isa was better at this part than she was. Keeping her crew together, making sure everyone felt they had a voice, finding tasks that were worth while. Her hands lowered from her face and she sighed. Then, she composed herself and entered.

Inside, her crew seemed to be getting along, the whole bundle of cats eating breakfast with their new friends. This gave her momentary pause. Was she supposed to feed their cat? It always seemed happy and healthy and its belly was plump...was it getting into the food on its own? Was she a terrible pet owner? Was she even a pet owner? Where the hell had the mechanic gone?

Clearing her throat to clear her thoughts, Mel sat down and pinched the bridge of her nose, eyeing each member of her crew one by one to gather a general gist of how they looked this morning. None of them seemed like the Doctor had done anything uncivilized to them...

Revenge IC / Re: Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors
December 01, 2020, 08:39:42 AM
The clouds looked beautiful from up here, the trails of fluff floating behind the wings of the Foxbat as it cut through the cotton ball peaks. Melody watched the sun rise through the front window, hands resting calmly on the controls, a smile on her lips and no tension in her shoulders. She banked left, dipping and diving through the cumulous like a whale breaching the waves. Why had she ever gotten out of her ship in the first place? This was clearly the place to be.


Fire licked up the sides of the ship, smoke filled the cockpit and she choked on its toxins. The sound of air slicing by the sides of the ship, the view of the ground approaching rapidly. It was snowing.


She stood atop her ship, waving smoke away and coughing, her throat dry and irritated and her eyes watering. A twig cracked behind her. She turned. There was a man in the distance. She could hear her own breathing, heavy and exhausted. And then, he opened his mouth to speak, a rifle pointed in her direction.

"Breakfast babies! Come get your eggs 'n bac-y! Don't make your father tell you twice!!!"

"Wh..." The ex-Alliance pilot sat up slowly, her body creaking and aching as she tried to maneuver out of the Revenge's pilot seat. She'd fallen asleep guarding the ship. Some guard she was. Her brows furrowed and she whipped around, suddenly alert and looking for the voice of the insane man they'd been visiting. He wasn't here. So how had she heard him and when did they get a dog? A dog? Melody rubbed her eyes, clearly still waking up, if the mind fog was any indication. But no, there it was again. A distinct panting. It was coming over the ship's comms system. It clicked and her eyes rolled. Someone was sleeping on their comms unit...

Another sigh. "Shit," she muttered, standing straight and setting her hands on her lower back as she stretched, wincing at just how many times her spine popped. She took approximately five minutes to brush her hair, wash her face, and brush her teeth before heading to the exit ramp and opening up The Revenge. Then, she stared out at the cabin with a grimace. She reached out to the comms button for the ship-wide system, "If anyone else slept here last night, head to the cargo bay. Apparently there's breakfast outside..." she muttered into the receiver.
Revenge IC / Re: Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors
October 26, 2020, 12:22:49 PM
After the translation from their tech specialist, Melody nodded her chin down a little to indicate that she probably understood what was happening, her arms crossed tight over her chest to close her off from the strangers before her. She was grumpy already and just getting grumpier. And maybe she was a little hangry too.

"I can have the credits transferred to you the second we complete our first test of the system." Not now? They already got the items, why did they need to wait longer to get the payment? Their ship needed some mild repairs after that altercation with the Attkinson, and they needed money to pay for those.

"But... can you just do us a solid and help keep an eye on the place while me and Doctor August do math (...) Doctor August claims to have been a Paladin in a past life but I don't think it really applies,"
the pajama-man added.

"I'll be expecting further pay for our troubles,"
she reminded him. "We were couriers, and now you want us to be bodyguards. I'm sure you, with your big brain, are pretty aware of that costin' extra." She told him sterly, which wasn't a 'No.'

"If you and Doctor August need an extra hand, I'd be happy to help-- I mean, I technically do know how to hold a gun, but I reckon I'm better at math, even if this exact kind of thing is a little out of my ballpark..." Jo offered, and Mel looked at him with mild and very hidden pride. He was a member of her crew and despite his quit and seemingly meek demeanor (except when he was yelling at her), here he was offering up his help in an unknown and probably dangerous situation. She reached out to pat his shoulder awkwardly before crossing her arms again.

"Hey guys... elephant in the room.. ughhh... Sorry we only had the chance to grab the one chip. Things got extra stupid when I found out my old boss made a side deal with the Russos. I hadn't shot him, the Russos were gonna kill us all. We wouldn't have any chips if you guys didn't come save my ass, so thank you..." She rolled her eyes so hard she felt like she might fall backward. She wouldn't have saved his ass if it hadn't been for Jo's championing of the man. She still didn't like him, not one bit. But Jo had been sort of right, during their bridge conversation, so she was trying her hardest not to lunge at Breene and pull his nose off. Instead, she offered him a toothy smile that looked more like a wolverine bearing its fangs than it did a proper 'your welcome' sort of gesture.

"No!" he yelled at the insane doctor shaman before heading back that direction, and she let the 'smile' drop back into a frown. "Missy, go make sure Holger doesn't take drugs," she asked, although this time, when she eyed the doctor, it was a lot less polite than her request from before. "Captain's...Orders," she said, separating the words out as though reciting an ancient spell or words of power. "Please and thank you."

"Cabin's clear, there's a secondary storage room labeled hazardous materials, but nothing else stands out." Izak reported once he'd returned to them and Mel nodded her chin down once in thanks. "As long as no one licks it..." she muttered, eyeing Holger and Co. from the ship's cargo ramp.
Revenge IC / Re: Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors
September 28, 2020, 09:42:21 AM
"On, it," Izak answered, with no sass whatsoever. Mel's brows rose and she stared after him. Hey, maybe there was something to the whole 'polite' nonsense. Not that she planned on getting to soft and amiable. Still... her snapped back to Missy, who was staring at her with raised brows. 

"I don't know! Just make sure he doesn't...put his head in the fire? Or knock himself out? I don't know! You're the doctor!" she explained in exasperation, gesturing wildly in Holger's direction.

"I'm Jo, the tech guy...Perhaps we could discuss the details of the project while Doctor August finishes his... ritual."

"Oh thank god, I'm so relieved to have another colleague that isn't halfway to the Mushroom Kingdom."

"I think you guys have this covered..."

No, they didn't have it covered. But of course he was going to leave them be while going off to enjoy himself at their expense. Her brows furrowed and she eyed him suspiciously. Maybe she could convince Missy to push him in the embers...

"...There's a ceremony to the old space gods or something going on! Stop pretending you don't have those puppies under there!..." Her eyes slowly lowered to his legs as the pants were discarded. Why. One side of her nose scrunched up, her lips parted, and her brows furrowed. Holger, Breene, and their contact were now all semi-clothed and dancing around the embers of the bonfire, which she imagined might just flare back to life with their enthusiasm.

"Captain, you'll want to hear this too..." came the assistant's voice. She slowly tore her gaze off the horror show that was her life, leveling an unamused glower in his direction and crossing her arms over her chest. "So! We already know where all our stars and planets are relative to each other... Once the test run is done, we publish the specs for free and I hope the book deal is worth it in five years. Also prizes. We could win SO MANY PRIZES!"

Her eyes had glazed over almost entirely during the long-winded presentation, and she turned her head toward Jo as though sleepwalking. Help. Space garbage and prizes. She would rather have been standing by the fire with the crazies, if she was honest. "Well...that's..." she commented, trailing off before reaching any appropriate adjectives. "So, who will be paying for this chip?" she asked him, eyes regaining some of their clarity.
Vengeful Asides / Re: Brooding and Bonding?
September 18, 2020, 11:03:40 AM
Melody stared out the front view port, watching the stars shimmering impossibly far away as they moved through the blackness of space. She looked down at the console array, uncrossing her arms just long enough to calibrate a setting before she sat back again. If Mel could 'pout,' this is what it would look like.

"The way I see it, he's a turncoat. And I seem to recall there being more than one of those on this ship," Jo began, and her mouth opened to snap back something in correction, then clamped closed as he continued. "Maybe you never murdered your crew mates, but you are going pretty hard against the faction that raised you up to where you are now." Again, she inhaled to argue, turning her chair around to face him, and again he moved right along, her mouth closing once more. "And they deserve it, and I respect you for it, and I trust that you're doing it for the right reasons. And yes, I'm willing to give Breene some fraction of the same benefit of the doubt." He must have known she was about to explode at him for offering a strange murderer his trust, because before she could move or begin her protest, he emphasized his meaning. "A fraction but it's more than nothing."

Her jaw clenched and released several times, and she narrowed her eyes as she considered how to react to everything he'd said. In truth, this was the most he'd said to her in general, at least in one breath. And perhaps, this was also the most honest he'd been with her. She had to weigh that against how obnoxious it was that he was right and how much she wanted to unplug his computer and send him to bed without supper...

"If you're really punching him in the face for my sake, please don't. If he ends up shiving me in my sleep you can stand over my bleeding body and tell me 'I told you so' as many times as you'd like," he informed her, the edge in his voice raising her brow in surprised curiosity. Finally, the tension drained from her shoulders and she slapped her hands against her face, rubbing it harshly and letting out a guttural groan of defeat.

"Fine!" she said behind her hand, voice muffled. Finally, Melody uncovered her face and let her hands fall to her lap with a heavy slapping sound, as though she hadn't bothered to regulate their fall at all. And she hadn't. "I will try to be more 'civil'," she agreed, rolling her eyes a little before glaring at him. "But understand, Jo. I don't want to have to say, 'I told you so.' That would bring me no joy. I'm not trusting him, not even an ounce. But I'm trusting you. So...there, trust has happened, I'm a good Captain, and we're...good...?" she finished, standing and putting her hands on her hips, then sliding them into her pockets, and finally, letting them rest at her sides, not knowing what the rutt to do with them. Her frown deepened.
Revenge IC / Re: Episode Three: Charitable Endeavors
September 11, 2020, 08:29:09 AM

The glow of the fire was visible through the view port, which had her concerned. If what they were doing required any form of stealth or discretion, that had gone right out the window. And that wasn't even touching on the subject of all the other little dots of light they passed on their way to their destination... She didn't like this. Or that, she added to herself, shooting a glare in Breene's direction as he sullied the co-pilot's controls with his grubby hands. Now, she had no proof that they were grubby, it was just a gut feeling. Her disgusted sneer deepened. He hadn't done himself any favors in earning her trust by immediately and without hesitation plopping himself down in her seat, and she'd be filing that away for later. Mel tended to hold grudges.


Melody stood on the ramp with her arms crossed over her chest and a deepening frown pulling at her lips. She stared at the wild man running up to them from his bonfire, baby blues taking in the face paint, the pupils, the mess. A small, 'huh', registered from the woman. It made sense that this creature was friends with Breene...

"You're early Breene! I needed to finish the ritual before we run the algorithm!"

"...You guys must be the Revenge! Please tell me you were able to get the chips."

Melody shot Breene a look. "We were able to retrieve...some of said chips. What will you be doing with them?" she asked. She had to ask. Despite what Breene had implied, this situation wasn't good for the doubtful. Her arms crossed over her chest and she stared at the painted man and his pajama partner. Her body was tense, coiled, ready to lash out should it become necessary. She's taken the chips away from the mutineer on their ship and given them, instead, to Jo. Either to look over if he felt so inclined, or just to keep them safe. She didn't want their guest somehow leaving them behind with their payload. Now, she'd insisted he'd come along not only to hold onto the chips, but to be her interpreter, should the brainy contacts get technical with her.


She rocked forward onto the balls of her feet as Holger rushed off, some part of her wanting nothing more than to follow and not deal with the mess Isa had left her. But, a larger part of her pulled her back, flattening her feet and grounding her to the Revenge's ramp as though she were a magnet held against its metal. "Missy, please..." she began, looking over at the blonde with what could have been interpreted as a desperate, helpless plea. A hand pulled free of her crossed arms and she gestured toward where the red giant was stripping. The man was still recovering from a concussion, and of all of her crew, he was the one she cared the most about. She didn't want his brain melting out of his ears. If that was a thing that could happen.

The Captain turned her head to eye Izak, then gestured toward the bonfire and the home beyond it, "Would you be so kind as to go secure that?" she asked him, attempting politeness despite the irritated growl at the base of her throat. She did not like this situation one bit, but out of the rest of the crew, this ex-Alliance soldier was one of the better suited to make sure no one was lying in wait for them inside the house/lodge.
"Someone come up here and relieve me and I'll see what I can make, Melody, if you want to eat I stashed a snack bar on my station in the bridge before this job; autopilot is still running," came Izak's voice over the comms. Briefly, her gaze met Breene's, which seemed to annoy her on a ceullular level that they seemed to be sharing a similar thought. How dare he think the way she thought and have a vaguely similar experience as she had when it came to flying. With a glare that'd wither plants, Mel turned to the comm unit and pressed the button.

"Izak, I don't want your mystery snack packet. You're not in a dingy motel anymore, there's a ruttin' kitchen," she reminded him, rolling her eyes and rubbing her temples. "And just come down here. It's called 'auto-pilot' for a reason. It's automatic. I hope you haven't been up there watching it this whole ruttin' time. In case you forgot, the ship will alert me if we get close to anything or veer of course with a handy dandy klaxon. Did living off backwater alcohol during your cushy retirement make you forget how a damn ship works?" she snapped.

She could admit, in a small part of her mind, that she was taking out some of her annoyance about their newest guest on the ex-Alliance man she'd gone 'head to head' with on previous fun-time adventures back when she was with Isa. But that was a lot of personal reflection she wasn't planning on dealing with at the moment. With a clenching of her jaw, she released the comms button and rolled her eyes.

"You know, I really can't advise this much drinking while you're still recovering," the doctor piped up. Melody flinched away from where the woman was sitting, eyes wide and arms ready to grab a weapon. Had she been there this whole time? She'd been so intent upon scolding Izak for wasting his own time (and asking her to go waste hers) that she hadn't even noticed the good Doctor chatting with Holger and Breene about the sanitation (or lacktherof) of Holger's methods. She was like a god-damned tiny ninja...

"...Spend time the camps for 'illegal combatants' and you'll get a whole mess of weird habits. I only just stopped checking the toilets for booby traps..."

Mel moved past the lot of them to reach into one of the cabinets to the right of the freezer Breene had stolen the vegetables from. She rummaged around a bit, cursing to herself, until she found the plain chrome container she was looking for. Sweet, sweet, generic pain-killers. The kind that lacked a label and worked wonders. From her time on this ship, she remembered the crew storing them here and was only a little surprised to see that that hadn't changed. Why change a good thing, she supposed.

In any case, Mel pushed the canister against Breene's chest and stared at him sternly, "Maybe don't stop checking just yet," she warned, then smiled, which might have been more unsettling than her usual expression. The smile dropped and the pilot turned to join Missy at the table. "What's the full plan for today, oh honorable guest?" she asked sarcastically, venom dripping from her words. 
"William Breene! Come help me shit!" Holger's voice echoed down the hallway.

Melody stopped walking abruptly on her way to the galley, her body frozen at the top of the stairs that led from the bunks on the lower deck to the main deck where everything (and maybe everyone) was. The pilot thought long and hard about turning around and going back to bed. There was no Breene back in the safety of her room. A groan of resigned defeat escaped her before she resumed her course, hands pushed into the pockets of her black cargo pants. She'd just have to get this over with.

Unlike some of the members of the crew, Mel had chosen not to get plastered and after a few sips of jet fuel and a super enjoyable conversation with Jo, she'd punched in their next coordinates, made sure nothing would crash their ship during the 'night', and gone to bed like a good soldier. Her mood soured as she rounded the corner to enter the kitchen and saw Breene overseeing Holger's morning coffee making. Her eyes lowered to the whole process and she grimaced before shaking her head and grabbing a handful of mugs from one of the cabinets. "Anyone know how to cook?" she asked, her stomach making an awful grumbling noise. Still, compared to those who'd partied last night, she was looking pretty peppy. She knew she needed to go check on the bridge and make sure they were still on course, but her stomach demanded a sacrifice.

"How's your head?" she asked Holger, setting the cups down near where he was working on coffee and eyeing him cautiously. A concussion was no joke, and based on the fact that neither Holger or Breene appeared to be shitting, or assisting each other in the process, she could wager that maybe his noggin was still a little scrambled.
Vengeful Asides / Re: Brooding and Bonding?
August 18, 2020, 11:43:52 AM
"How are my feelings... about what? Breene? I wouldn't trust him with my life, but I trust him enough to consider him an ally. Which makes his face a no-punch zone for me."

Melody rolled her eyes and slunk down in her seat, arms firmly crossed over her chest as she glared in the tech specialist's direction. "You shouldn't," she muttered, brows furrowed deeply.

"Don't get me wrong, I can think of a few people I'd like to punch in the face myself, but it's a very short and carefully curated list and doesn't include anyone I'd ever cooperate with, even temporarily."

Finally, Mel stood up, her hands shoved into her pockets. She eyed Jo, then looked around at the bridge, and finally settled her gaze on his face again. Although she was standing, she didn't make any move to enter his personal safety bubble. "You shouldn't trust him, and I'll tell you why," she began, tilting her head to the side and looking down at where he was sitting. "He just killed the majority of his own crew. People he knew, people he worked with, over a differing of opinion. He doesn't know us. He hasn't worked with us. You think killing us won't be easy for him, should our opinions begin to differ?" she asked, raising a brow.

"As the Captain, or whatever I am, of this ship, it's my job to keep my crew safe. And unlike him, I can boast that I've never murdered my crew-mates. So if punching him in the face to remind him that we're not pushovers keeps you," she pointed a finger at him, "and the little doctor alive and off his radar, then you bet your ass I'm going to punch him as many times as it takes. We have to work with him, for now, but he's not our friend and he's not our ally. He's not your ally. And I have no doubt in my mind that if he decides this isn't going the way he wants, he'll have no problem cutting your throat in your sleep," Melody explained, lowering her hand and shoving it back into her pocket. Punching him reminded him that A) she was in charge, B) she didn't trust him, and C) if he was going to hurt anyone on the ship, it would be her. That kept her crew alive. 

With a grunt, the pilot sat back down in her seat and turned it around, putting her back to him as she frowned at the controls. "I might be less...subtle than you'd like, but I'm not a beast or an idiot. I have reasons for what I do, even if you might not understand what they are. I just need you to trust me, a little..."
Vengeful Asides / Re: Brooding and Bonding?
August 17, 2020, 02:26:50 PM
"I just wanted to do some maintenance on the system, you know, make sure everything's up to date... Also I'm not big on alcoholic benders. I'm boring like that," he explained. She grunted in response and stared back at him when he turned to appraise her sobriety. He was right, of course. With their ship having been previously owned by the "goody-two-shoes" Alliance, it was probably riddled with common back door entrances for people like Jo. It didn't hurt to have him look it over every so often to make sure their own system couldn't be drilled into the way the Atkinson's had been. Still, she rolled her eyes at the thought of the Atkinson's mutineer.

"Looks like you decided to skip the train to Head-Splitting Hangover Town, too," he said, regaining her attention. "I trust Holger and Breene are getting along like two boozy peas in a pod."

"I don't know why," she admitted, reaching out to pet the cat idly and getting a one-eyed scowl from the beast in the process before it went back to sleep. "Holger is big and loud but he's honorable. I'd trust him with my life. Again. On purpose, this time. But the new guy is just..." she lifted her hands, waved them about, and struggled to find a mean enough word for what she thought Breene was. Disloyal? Skeevy? Conniving? Dangerous? Disgrace? "...just..." she made a motion above her head like she was illustrating his hair style, "...he's..." It was about at this point that she gave up and sighed, staring across the way at Jo. "Whatever he is, I don't trust him enough to get drunk. Not while he's sitting on our ship with his grubby arm and penchant for violence," she explained, which was a little silly considering Melody also had quite the penchant for violence.

"You uh..." she began, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at him. Then, she crossed her leg, uncrossed it, crossed it the other way, and cleared her throat a second time. " are your feelings?" Mel finally asked, looking pained.
Vengeful Asides / Brooding and Bonding?
August 17, 2020, 10:33:41 AM
Having liberated the cat from Breene's sticky grip, taken a couple shots of the pallet destroying hooch their missing mechanic had worked up, and punched their new guest in his handsome face after being hit on, the pilot decided to leave them to their devices and hide out on the bridge. Rasputin laid in her arms, eyeing everything they passed with measured disgust and disdain, an expression that matched the incessantly annoyed scowl pulling at Melody's lips.

Her steps echoed as she moved up the stairs, a heavy sigh lifting and lowering tense shoulders, the cat looking up at her for her to explain why she'd dared to breathe on him. She didn't have an answer, so he hopped out of her arms and walked himself onto the bridge. "Captain on Deck," she announced softly, grinning a little, thinking the bridge would be empty. As she passed the threshold, Jo caught her eye and her mouth clamped shut, a soft pink working across her cheeks. Maybe he hadn't heard her. She narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously before walking on and sitting heavily down onto her chair. She sighed again. Then cleared her throat. And finally spun her chair around to eye the tech specialist.

"You left in a hurry," she noted, referring to him quickly departing they galley the moment their 'meeting' had come to a close. The cat found himself a warm panel on the pilot's workstation and curled up, falling asleep instantaneously.
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