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Empress Asides / Ring-A-Ding Ding
August 10, 2019, 12:58:37 PM
(Picks up after this post and the pre-time skip part of this thread)

Pele's scheme had failed and her mark had slipped right through her fingers. So what was she doing still sitting at this dingy table? Waiting for Marty to return so she could resume charming the money out of his pockets? Likely story. If stepping away from her presence for a moment didn't sober him up, the way his karaoke-crooning friend had leered at her led her to believe he was going to be making fun of him for falling into her trap as soon as they were out of earshot.

No, she was sitting here because she had nowhere else to go. The whiskey and cola she'd turned her nose up at felt suddenly very appealing, and she took a long swig of the drink, not longer caring about looking attractive and ladylike while doing so. She then rummaged through her purse, her fingers brushing against the cool metal of her discarded engagement ring before finding and pulling out her datapad.

She flipped through various channels for Londinium news and gossip, looking for reports of her sudden disappearance. She found nothing; the discussion seemed to be dominated by a story about opera starlet Sonia Deriviere who had a surprise baby on the way. What an inane expression. How could a baby be a surprise? Making one was hardly a subtle operation.

As she continued to browse, her irritation at the vapidity clogging up channels gave way to concern. Cecil was a cold bastard, but he wasn't completely heartless, not when it came to her. If he actually thought something bad had happened to her, he would go to the Feds, and the news would inevitably leak to the media and into the Cortex. The fact there was nothing suggested Cecil knew her disappearance had been no accident, which could be bad. Very bad.

Pele was suddenly seized by a strong urge to get moving. Maybe she could charm some buffoon of a captain to give her a free ride... somewhere. Anywhere. As long as she didn't have to stay in the same place for too long. She shoved the datapad in her purse and downed the rest of her whiskey and cola in one gulp. The dull burn covered by layers of cheap soda did little to calm her nerves.
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